One Hour Compo - Round 725 (OHC725)

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Sep 01, 2022 Arcana
  1. color bars
  2. Match My Frequency
  3. rewind

D John keeps outdoing himself with production quality work

DDRKirby and coolgreen apple with some really solid work though too.

Also enjoyed TVG and MisaelK and Dex and cotMM and obscene

Sep 01, 2022 coolgreenapple
  1. Match My Frequency
  2. color bars
  3. Test Patterns
    JH Sounds

Lyra- awesome story, cool sound design, feel better soon!

DarkShadow - amazing synth bass sound

cotmm - eerie, beautiful, pulsing/breathing soundscape. excellent sound design

Meistr - very nice synth melodies, kind of evoking a sense of longing. awesome pads & drums!

Dex - very groovy noise intro. love the delay on the lead synth. cool development throughout the track!

Treyt - processing on the scary voice is on point, I was sufficiently terrified. super heavy guitars are lovely.

DDRKirby - this just oozes vibes. perfect for the theme and perfect for my ears. last bit with the soaring synth made me very happy.

Barley - super cool guitar ostinato, chords are so HEAVY! vocals are epic

mcmiag - oh so TASTY. could just vibe to this for hours and get lost. then the LAST part. awesome journey

handknit - cool guitar/synth sound combined with the heavy drums and droning high synth sound create a really cool/unnerving vibe

DJohn - super cool track! vocal melody is on point, harmonies are gorgeous, and the chorus is perfect. sounds like the police with a new singer

Ethan (nice name btw) - intro with the noise ties in the theme nicely. heavy synth bass gives me life. the intro transitioning into an almost dnb type deal just makes me wanna get weird in the club (in a really good way)

Arcana - love the evolution of the little synth, modular is COOL. cool autotune vox, super catchy! lyrics are really cool and thought provoking.

obscene - love that short decay synth and the slow fade in of the percussion. big synth melody slappeth

TVG - what a journey, love the surprise remix of the jeopardy theme and THEN going back into the track. amazing. the heavy bassline gives me life, then the sudden gabber into end credits song...what a beautiful trip.

misael.k - lovin that e piano!


JH - thank you for this. love the syncopation on the chorus, super cool & catchy. super mario world synth in the background makes me very happy. da-de-da's are epic. amazing sense of melody!

Sep 02, 2022 JH Sounds
  1. [Disturbing] Listen at your own risk - The Voice Behind The Sta
  2. Scheduled Programming
  3. Love Your Lies

Something something The Outer Limits

Sep 08, 2022 Misael.K
  1. Match My Frequency
  2. color bars
  3. Test Patterns
    JH Sounds

Lots of lovely entries!

DDRKirby(ISQ): just awesome.

DJohn: is this on the radio? damn.

JH Sounds: catch catchy song.

awesum: coolgreenapple, DarkShadow, DDRKirby(ISQ), Dex, DJohn, ethansight, JH Sounds, Lyra_183, Meistr, obScene, TheVideoGamer, Treyt.
good: Arcana, Barley, cotmm68030, handknit, mcmiagblackmanisgod.

Sep 08, 2022 cotmm68030
  1. Love Your Lies
  2. color bars
  3. Off Transmission

colorful feedback

Sep 08, 2022 TheVideoGamer
  1. Nonsense
  2. Match My Frequency
  3. color bars

All comment replies are on Discord. I'm voting this on a Thursday at around 0:40, so this one might be rushed i'm sorry. I could have done it earlier, but i was out for a couple of days, as well as very busy, so i did the best i could. Enjoy anyways!

TheVideoGamer - I'll keep this simple, as i have entries to review, but basically it's a collage of sounds, designed to paint a story of a computer crashing, then exploding. Homer narrates the emotion, and Spanish Flea plays at the just, because. The start of the piece is all original music, to really make it seem like there was musical effort in this. Yeah it's static T.V in the image, but the idea is more or less the same right?

ThaTaskmasta - For those who enjoy a little Spanish Flea in their lives right? lol.


Lyra_183 - Ok this was actually awesome, very creative and had a lot of Horror Movie like aesthetics to it. Hope you get better, this was enough for the awesome category, well done!

DarkShadow - When the waveform is loud, you know it's DarkShadow lol. In all honesty, this is actually really dope, i love the electro influences here. One of your strong ones for sure, well done!

cotmm68030 - Your signature deep textures is here. Love the fade ins and outs, as well as the occasionally bass impact here and there. Very atmospheric and dark, it was lovely, well done!

Meistr - I don't often hear Dubstep where the kick and snare are on the same beat. That's unusual to me. Not as aggressive as Dubstep or Future Bass, almost like a tamer version of it, however i can't deny it had a lot of cool grooves. It was very fun to vibe to, well done!

Dex - I personally don't like the main melody sound, it's a bit harsh. The composition itself is lovely, but it feels weirdly uneven mix wise for some reason, and that's what sadly makes it a good job, i'm sorry.

Treyt - The disturbing voice sounds makes this one hell of a composition, more good than bad. I love the drums, really makes the whole thing of an EBM like piece. Great beats and synths, sort of fitting to the theme for me. Guitar work added something special to this. Well done!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - Love the combination of Synthwave driving music and 8-bit NES sounds, it's pretty great. Melody work is awesome as usual, you make such lovely mixes. Amazing work!

Barley - Waveform is super quiet, the guitar is a bit buried in the mix, and the vocal is powerful but centre forward. Lovely idea however, but good job!

mcmiagblackmanisgod - For all the memery here, the sample choice is very weirdly chill and the drums are tight. I'm upvoting this for the lul's mostly, not so much the music. Well done!

handknit - Intro is tight, and guitar melody was really funky, my favourite part for sure. Some other synth/melody parts feel out of tune for some reason, took me out the moment, but the rest was fire though. Has potential, good job!

DJohn - Holy dam, that is one awesome groove! Man i was vibing hard! Singing is awesome as always. Nothing else to say, it was amazing, awesome work!

Ethansight - Intro is a little too long personally, unless you were going for an Error type theme, which in that case all is forgiven. The second half is banging, lots of amazing dubstep like synths and cool chords. Bassline could do with a switchup, it's just playing the E note throughout, but it was banging nonetheless. Good job!

coolgreenapple - Sweet Uke and Synth leads. Guitar work is really heroic sounding, it's great. I wasn't expecting a synth to work as a bassline, but man it Nothing else to say, well done!

Arcana - Modular let's goooo. Autotune is a little funky (In a sadly negative way), but the grooves were amazing. The detune is sooo...weird it's hard to tell what melody is what lol. Maybe this is demented modular haha. Mix is great, enjoyed it super well, it just has a lot of potential for work to be done i'm afraid. Good job though!

obScene - These are some cool synths, almost like guitar wakka's. Synth lead is super weirdly cool, and i love the occasional strings that come in. Really adds the cinematic touches i've come to associate with you. Great mix, well done!

Misael.K - You call this nonsense, i call this funky! That is some really cool melodies right there, lead reminds me a little of a Theremin. The grooves are actually not weird at all, but more like DnB. This is some tight chords, incredible work!

JH Sounds - Classic JH production, featuring those unexpected chord changes i always find in your pieces. Lyric writing is a ton of fun, well done!

Top 3 - Misael.K, DDRKirby(ISQ), DJohn

This top 3 could change if i gave this the proper due to actually listen to, but as of now this is what i was feeling.

These 2 also felt like they could be on the list:



Awesome - Lyra_183, DarkShadow, cotmm68030, Meistr, Treyt, DDRKirby(ISQ), mcmiagblackmanisgod, DJohn, coolgreenapple, obScene, Misael.K, JH Sounds.

Needs Work - Dex, Barley, Handknit, Ethansight, Arcana.