One Hour Compo - Round 683 (OHC683)

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Nov 11, 2021 adibabidan
  1. Not the Victorious Ending We Wanted
  2. Perception
  3. Contain the Celestial

obScene - Breath of the wild meets interstellar??????????? Goosebumps. Love the strings, the rhythm is super satisfying, big big fan.

DJohn - Great vibes! I feel like I'd see someone slow-motion falling into the sphere as the music video to this song.

Souperion - This was my favorite ambient piece on the list! Very nice choice of instruments and layering.

Nov 11, 2021 Dex
  1. Dyson Fragmentation
  2. Dyson Sphere
  3. Not the Victorious Ending We Wanted


Nov 11, 2021 Koekepan
  1. Contain the Celestial
  2. Disillusioned
  3. The Collapse
So tough. But thematic consistency won out again. Well done, Souperion.
Nov 12, 2021 JH Sounds
  1. Iron Ore
  2. Wrapped in a Sphere of Steel
  3. Perception

Big round things

Nov 17, 2021 TheVideoGamer
  1. Disillusioned
  2. Not the Victorious Ending We Wanted
  3. Dyson Fragmentation

@CotMM - Pretty much lol.

@Souperion - I guess...repetition legitimises?

@JH Sounds - I didn't even know what it was until a reversed image searched it. I didn't think this was a common name lol.

@CotMM - Pretty much haha.

@Souperion - Everything i make sounds like it came from the PS1 haha.

@Misael.K - Were talking 1999-2001 BT for sure. Before he went all Film Score and Ambient on us.

@Arcana - I mean surely looping isn't something seen as Sacrilege.

@Misael.K - It is the truth right? Starla must have picked the smallest most pixelated images from Google, lol.

@Souperion - As far as i'm aware if 6 minutes or under means what it means, then my entries are perfectly acceptable. Also i just cut it and fade it out if necessary.

@CotMM - Or you could just cut it. Nobody cares about abrupt ends (Well i do a bit, but nobody needs to see that lol) Or you can cap your DAW to automatically end at 6:00, that's also a good idea.

@Misael.K - Yep.

@JH Sounds - I didn't even know what one was until I Reversed the image lol.

@Misael.K - Why thank you.

@CotMM - All DnB is Ape Escape lol.

@Misael.K - I guess i know a lot of DnB tracks that sound like Ape Escape haha.

@Arcana - It definately belongs in the PS1 era. I always seem to make tracks that seem like it belongs in a PS game.

@CotMM - Breaks are good for fibre, make sure you use plenty of them lol.

@Souperion - Gotta have good beats for that protein XD.

@CotMM - I hold you personally responsible for the laugh riot i got out of that comment. In seriousness though, it sort of went like this:

"Oh looks like i'm at 5:40, best begin to end the piece, don't wanna summon the OHC gods now do i, and get banished to an deserted island" - Me

@Atmospherium - All bangers begin with the number 6.

@Koekepan - It's happened to all of us really lol.

@CotMM - BPM is 190. That tells you all you need to know.

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words!

Now then...

TheVideoGamer - This track as you can tell is a DnB track, made out the usual faring's that i do. Or in the sense a common style or theme from other entries i've done. It's nothing unique, but it is fitting to the theme and rather nice to listen to. Basically we have 2 drum layers. A break and a programmed beat. A thick bassline mostly a looped ostinato that is more of a anchor for the low end, than a developed bassline. The rest is pad chords (Which are quite rich in texture to enhance the ambience), small arps that come and go, rich 303 synths and reverbed bells playing unstructured melody ideas. I really like it a lot, but on the basis it sounds good. It's not much different from other DnB tracks i've done on here.

Lyra_183 - Always first lol. Great wind sound, really adds to the effect, very spooky. Really makes it a highlight. Your voice is very quiet today, i assume it's an effect. Good job!

DarkShadow - DarkShadow going full bass on us. Very interesting filtering today, very deep pulses. Super acidic and dubstep like. Very experimental and crazy, and honestly i don't know if the beats can cope with that amount of distortion and phasing, but it was cool. Good job!

animatrix1490 - Submitting in itself no matter the user is always an achievement in itself. The idea is cool, but it's far from the worst entry you've done. I actually really like the idea, even if it's repetitive and noisy. Good job!

Souperion - Space Ambient! As expected for this theme. Really beautiful chords and reverb, very spacious. I like entries like these, where there's no bass or drums, but a free flowing arrangement with a nice simple melody and chords. The whole thing is very good, i love the way it flows, it's beautiful. Very interesting to add eastern instruments to a space theme, that's not something i expect in this theme, but yet it works very well actually. Well done!

cotmm68030 - More beautiful ambience. Lovely chords and pad sounds, very nice attack on it. The lyrics were unexpected, i assumed this was going to be a long instrumental, but i have no issues, your voice still sounds very lovely. Really like how the lyrics integrate with the pads, the pads just sound so beautiful. Really i love the synth sounds in this a lot, it's amazing sound design (And the beat part of the whole thing). Well done!

Barley - Great guitar tones, it's very deep and crisp, i like it a lot. The effects on the guitar are so clean. Your playing has improved a lot, since i first met you on compo. I still think the drums are quiet, which i don't know if this is intentional, but it feel if your trying to sell me a rock tune, then this is key. But the deep bass notes are very cool though, and i love the effects. Good job!

Atmospherium - OOF already hitting me with the metal guitars. So thick and deep it rattles in my headphones. The drums are super powerful, really liking the time signature changes. Is it meant to be 7/4? It's like Math Metal became mainstream compo music lol. Super into the rhythms here, and the mix is soooo good. Like i've never heard metal this clean before, in compo. I kind of feel this is setting me up for lyrics, yet all i really hear is instrumental playing. That's not a criticism, just me pointing out my expectations. Awesome composition though, Amazing work!

kboldskeep - Very windy, feels like theres a lot of cool things going on in space. Very short i must say, and not much to really say about, it's very interesting, but kind of odd. Maybe it's not my cup of tea, or maybe i can't find a direction it's taking me. Lovely idea though, good job!

Koekepan - I assume this is your theme, where i would expect to hear 5 minute minimalistic ambience, and to a degree i was right lol. I love your minimalism tracks, the developments are great, and it's super fitting to themes like this. I like it when it goes well, otherwise it becomes too...simple. This one is not simple though, and features some lovely chord playing on some very nice synth work. Nice idea to slowly introduce rhythm, it really makes the developments satisfying. The whole thing was super enjoyable, well done!

Misael.K - Very peaceful EP vibes, lots of decay, feels like a mix between Minecraft music and maybe Vangelis. Loving that melody, feels like a melody Misael would definately have come up with. Especially with the intense vibrato. The chords are quite deep, kind of feels like it was meant for space. Loving the whole thing, the synth chords that come in really make it magical, super awesome melodies. Incredible work!

adibabidan - Intriguing triplet usage. Very much feels like an automated sequence, with a lot of cool chords going on in the arp. Great synth effects, feels very much like it's a rockship going into full power. Nice piano at the end, although i will admit it does need a bit of reverb in the sound. Reverb piano is the best piano. The whole thing is very cool, but it feels like it's missing a lot of things. Maybe a clap and some hi-hats. Maybe some chords and thicker harmony, but i know an hour isn't a lot of time. I think it just needs more for me, it sounds very simple, but very nice. Good job!

Wassup Thunder - Ah Mega Man! A classic soundfont. I'm kind of curious as to why you don't have your equipment this week? Is this a different computer while yours is for repair? I'm seem to be confused. Especially if you have accessed to music making programs and a soundfont. Something's going on lol. Anyways, super into the composition, you've really used the soundfont extremely well, very catchy. Well done!

Dex - Light guitar vibes, almost sounds like country. The last genre i expect for this theme, but i'm open to anything lol. Great guitar playing, very peaceful, perfectly fitting for some spring grassland. This theme is completely leftfield for it, like it just doesn't seem fitting at all lol. It's super lovely sure, but this is not what i'm expecting in relation to the theme. I also feel like it needs lyrics, that would totally be something. I was close to giving you the awesome category, but the fact it's out of theme, was putting me off, sorry. Good job though!

DJohn - Very nice plucks on the guitar. This definately feels like a Justin Timberlake like song, minus the DnB genre. To be fair your voice does feel like it's comparable to Timberlake. The track feels like the start of something to me. The drums are conflicting. One is playing hip-hop while the other is a DnB break, so i'm getting 2 in one. The guitar part is a little too repetitive for my taste, especially of this length, and the track ends abruptly. The voice is killer though, still an incredible singer! Good job though!

Arcana - Really nice brass work, your voice fits super well into the brass melody. You've improved soo much since i've first invested into your work, the strings in this are beautiful. I love the chords, and the right amount of tension. Interesting harmonisation in the brass in the second half. Get's a little dissonant for my taste. The strings were awesome, but the brass had a little moment of unusal chromatic. Love the last part, drums are perfectly mixed, and the bassline is very deep. Very short section, almost feels like you ran out of time, because this could be longer. Arguably the best mixed Arcana track to date. Nothing was loud or annoying, apart from a weird harmonisation in the middle, that i don't understand. Well done!

JH Sounds - Nice title lol. Really nice synth work in this one, really feel that space funk vibes in this track. Your lyric writing is super strong in this. I also feel it's really nicely mixed, especially for a GarageBand project. I can't mix well on GarageBand...anyways, well done!

obScene - Oof that violin motif reminds me of Shostakovich and i don't know why. Love the piano and string combo, you always such lovely cinematic writing, i love it. The chords in this one especially are good, it's very full of nice 7th's and suspensions. Super into the mallet sounds too, it's very lovely and well paced, and a lot of awesome melodies. Awesome work!

Top 3 - Misael.K, obScene, Atmospherium

I was having a hard time organising my top 3, so these can go in any order really, they were all soo good. It just happens that on this day, i choose this order.

If i had more options, these 2 entries would also be on the list:



Awesome - Souperion, cotmm68030, Atmospherium, Koekepan, Misael.K, Wassup Thunder, Arcana, JH Sounds, obScene.

Needs Work - Lyra_183, DarkShadow, animatrix1490, Barley, kboldskeep, adibabidan, Dex, DJohn.

Nov 18, 2021 cotmm68030
  1. Over Budget and Behind Schedule
  2. Dyson Fragmentation
  3. Dyson Sphere

For as much dyson as there was, there was also thankfully not any sucking this week.

Nov 18, 2021 Misael.K
  1. The Collapse
  2. Not the Victorious Ending We Wanted
  3. the worlds erased

adibabidan: perfect representation of the theme. Great job!

obScene: an emotional piece on catastrophe.

cotmm68030: while there's some pitchy parts in the vocals, most of it was awesome.

TheVideoGamer: massive Soichi Terada vibes.

DJohn: super tight but I don't feel the theme here.

awesum: adibabidan, Atmospherium, cotmm68030, DarkShadow, Dex, DJohn, obScene, TheVideoGamer.
good: animatrix1490, Arcana, Barley, JH Sounds, koboldskeep, Koekepan, Lyra_183, Souperion, Wassup Thunder.

Nov 18, 2021 Suzumebachi
  1. Not the Victorious Ending We Wanted
  2. Over Budget and Behind Schedule
  3. the worlds erased

excellent dyson sphere week everybody! great job!