One Hour Compo - Round 718 (OHC718)

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Jul 14, 2022 coloradoweeks
  1. Volution (Part 1)
  2. nowhere in nature
  3. Infinite Bliss

great job everybody! :)

Jul 14, 2022 Arcana
  1. Fractals
  2. inner
  3. nowhere in nature

A lot of really cool tracks but these ones spoke to me like in an interesting way.

Jul 14, 2022 Dex
  1. Fractal Frenzy OST
  2. Orders of Funky
  3. Mr Mandel

Jul 15, 2022 TheVideoGamer
  1. inner
  2. Fractal Ocean
  3. Orders of Funky


@Misael.K - I'm in a Arpy Mood today lol

@Dex - No 6/8 lol

@obScene - Well it does kind of feel like a shuffle groove, that's sort of what 6/8 is, or at least what i notated it as. It's a bit of a weird one, based on the fact it uses a 4 on the floor styled kick. Time Signatures can be fun :)

@Dex - It is a weird one for sure. I notated it as 6/8, so that's the time signature that i kind of feel like going with lol.

@Misael.K - That is correct lol. None of you guys are wrong, it's just the nature of time signatures.

@Coloradoweeks - The slowdown effects weren't actually meant to be like that initially. It was just a random idea that popped into my head, that i really happen to like.

@Suzums - Analogy lead. That's an actual word lol

@Coloradoweeks - Moggy leads make me happy too :)

@Coloradoweeks - I'd just call it a solo melody if i were me lol

@Suzums - You forgot analog-ed lol.

@Suzums - Thanks, i think they add something unique to the track.

@Misael.K - Meow Meow Meow Meow

@A2Z - Musically curious, now that's a sentence if i've ever heard one. I like that lol.

@obScene - My track had a bit of an self esteem boost reading that comment lol

@A2Z - Scratch my chin? Uh....what? lol

@DDRKirby - Nope, it's just a normal piece this week lol.

@MIsael.K - Don't get your hopes up lol, it's just a normal piece this week.


@Suzums - Mostly a Delay and a Reverb.

@Misael.K - Yep my first entry was a little underwhelming, so i made another one. (Plus 3:42 from me would be a little weird lol)

@Misael.K - Nah this is just regular good ol' fashioned 4/4.

@Suzums - Gotta keep within the theme lol.

@Eva - Thanks very much, how kind :)

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words!

Now then...

TheVideoGamer - This track began life as a simple G Major chord with all of the spices and seasonings to make it very weird and calming. Almost like a G Major 7 Sus 2. I then added some heavy flange and phaser effects to really make it weird, which i did to 2 other layers. For a while i really liked how it sounded, but when i stuck a kickdrum on it, for one thing the kick was too intense, and i had to balance out the lack of a punch, vs too much punch, but also there wasn't any rhythmical movement, or any cool exciting things going on. It was a single chord and a kickdrum. The modulations i did, just didn't make it exciting, so that's when i ended up exploring some arps. But not just your standard 4/4 arps, rather 6/8 arps. Just to make it more.....funky if you will. I then finished off the piece, by swapping out the chords for 7th chords (Not Major 7th's, but regular 7th's), and did some cool chord modulations throughout. The last set of ideas was the tempo changes, to bring that unexpected twist to an already unusual idea, and a long melodic solo using a lead synth. I like what i've done here, i hope you do too.

ThaTaskmasta - The first piece i felt was underwhelming (Not just because it was short, but also i didn't feel like there was enough mileage with that piece, so i did another one). Also my target of 5-6 mins wouldn't be reached otherwise XD. This one is just more of the arp and tempo changes explored previously, but this time it's more melodic, and emotional sounding, and features a DnB style beat, than a simple kickdrum. Piano lines close out the fadeout. Both are extremely solid, and given the time, this one could be expanded into a 5-6 minute piece. Thanks all!

Ethansight - Some cool blips and blops here. Some very cool chords, definately not expecting the direction for the chords. It's pretty beautiful actually. Sounds like it was premade, because i don't often hear you first, if anything this is the first time i've heard you first. It sounds very much like a great start, the idea is definately there. The one problem i have is that it sounds a little unmixed, some of the synths are a little harsh. Also the way i hear it, you are implying a beat, yet i don't hear one. A beat would really take this over the edge. The chords and melody were awesome, so i would have love to put this in the Well Done category, but the problems alas are too big to ignore. Good job though!

DarkShadow - That's a mighty untz you have there. Has those DarkShadow like chords i come to familiarize myself with. Not my favourite from you personally, but i liked the sounds. Good job!

Lyra_183 - Written lyrics les goo. I'm impressed at the writing level in this. Like this is some really good lyrics, you make a talented songwriter. Would love to see a beat to this, good job!

InedibleTrout - Ooh these are some super experimental sounds. I can hear your voice and it's harmonies, it's really cool. It's got a weird hint of jazz to the sound. I'm not a fan of the 808 rim abuse, can be a little grating personally. The pauses before each vocal loop was interesting, but sadly a bit too long. Idea has a lot of potential though, it was great. Good job!

obScene - Random keys? This sounds very melodic and beautiful. Then again has obScene ever made a dissonant piece? I love the industrial nature of this one. Almost like Doom but with a lot more melody ideas. Normally you do Industrial in the context of cinematic music. Like an orchestra with an industrial sheen to the sound, but in this one it sounds like it's the opposite. Industrial sounds with an orchestral sheen to the mix. The melodies were awesome as always, and the drums sort of remind me of Dubstep for some reason (Which was really great) The whole thing was extremely epic, amazing work!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - Ooh soundtrack! Not sure how you managed to condense an OST to 4 minutes, but here we are. This must mean each piece is like 30 seconds lol. I guess i'll do what i did last time and go through each one:

Surfing the Complex Plane [Stage Select]

Ooh so this is all from Kirby soundfonts. This sounds very tropical in nature, with a cool almost pan flute vibe. It's hard to review this when they all go by so fast lol. Nice one!

Fractal Frenzy! [Battle Theme]

Very gritty sounding. Definately has the battle sound. Really cool melody sound. Very cool mystical sounds. Funky.

Endless Spiral [Boss Cutscene]

A cutscene for the boss? No wonder it's so short lol. I like how clean the sounds are, and the panflute melody is strong as ever. Great strings.

Chaotic Recursion [Danger Theme]

Sounds like a speedup version from the last theme. Very frantic. I like the sounds in this one, very jazzy and funky. Bass slaps hard.

See You Again [Results Screen]

And the happy theme to close it all off. Definately has the makings of a results screen, regardless of how short it is.

Yeah it is a bit on the short side (In terms of each track), but honestly it sounded great. Awesome work!

A2Z - Wooow this is some really cool sound design. Chord work was intricate, and very ethereal. Kind of something i'd probably do. The drum grooves were super tight, this is pretty awesome. Then again i'm a sucker for beautiful ambient melodies. Wish it wasn't a minute, it was awesome. In fact no it was beyond awesome, it was enough for the 2nd spot. Incredible work!

Ashka - I mean the first chord man. I don't want it to be bias, but man it actually immediately hit me without even properly analysing it. I'm not joking, this is just....extremely beautiful. HOW DO YOU DO IT!!??? WHY ARE YOU JUST INCREDIBLE EVERY TIME!!! The melodies are beyond outstanding, the mix is soo good. The way you have the mix nailed. This is not even bias, i'm not even doing this because i know you, or i'm you're friend. I'm doing this as a genuine reaction. You are just sooo freaking talented!!

Dex - Loving the reverb on these drums. The piano lines are pretty too, very spring sounding. Love how you speed it up on each instance. It goes from something calm to something practically impossible to play lol. This one made me laugh more than it did rock out, but that's a good thing. Melodies were super strong to say it's a goofy piece. Well done!

Misael.K - Is this the 1 minute compo? Minus around 4 entries, the rest are all 1 minute or under lol. No wonder this part is so short lol. Even shorter than some of the short parties we have on here, and they usually have about 10 or less entries. Anyways, to the music! I really like the phased brass sound, it goes great with the drums. The main lead melody is super funky, and the mixing is very nice. Chord work was super fire, this was just lovely. Nothing stuck out to me, it was just great. Awesome work!

Coloradoweeks - 45 seconds lol, this is getting too extreme. Next it will be 10 second compo haha. The piano work in this is beautiful and moody. Drum work is very funky and vibey, it goes great with the soft piano. Vocal chops were weird, wasn't expecting that direction. The piece stops for no reason. Did you have a faulty render? The piece is way too short for me, and the chops are a tad bit loud in the beginning. Sorry. Good job though!

Arcana - Is this your piano piece? It's nice to see stripped down music like this. Almost like you're filling in for DJohn. Vocals are a very distorted for my liking. But it doesn't sound too loud surprisingly, so i don't know. Chords were lovely, so much potential here for refinement. Melody was interesting, if not in time with the chords. Again it's all potential. Good job!

Eva - Woow these are some cool chords. Your voice is super clean in this, it's got some great phrasing. Again like the others it's extremely short so there's not enough substance for me to comment or vote on. I do factor in the length when voting for these tracks. Still though, it was pretty great, i enjoyed this ditty. Good job!

Top 3 - Ashka, A2Z, obScene.

I'm sorry if these are predictable lol.

DDRKirby(ISQ) and Misael.K also deserves to be on the list.

Awesome - obScene, DDRKirby(ISQ), A2Z, Ashka, Dex, Misael.K.

Needs Work - Ethansight, DarkShadow, Lyra_183, InedibleTrout, Coloradoweeks, Arcana, Eva.

Jul 21, 2022 Misael.K
  1. Fractals
  2. inner
  3. Volution (Part 2)

Dex: the fractalest.

ashka: quite fractal.

ThaTaskmasta: fractal.

awesum: A2Z, Arcana, ashka, coloradoweeks, DarkShadow, DDRKirby(ISQ), Dex, ethansight, obScene, ThaTaskmasta, TheVideoGamer.
good: eva, InedibleTrout, Lyra_183.