One Hour Compo - Round 763 (OHC763)

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May 25, 2023 Koekepan
  1. Wassup, Memories?
    Wassup Thunder
  2. The Photo Album
  3. Collage Timeline
Wassup Thunder produced a very atmospheric, nostalgic track.

Nukage brought the heat, as always.
May 25, 2023 JH Sounds
  1. picture perfect pair
  2. Traveler
  3. Time Dance

It's dance time

May 25, 2023 Arcana
  1. The Photo Album
  2. faded images
  3. Drum Collage (Around The World in 80 Beats)

nice week of music!

May 30, 2023 voider.
  1. Collage
  2. Drum Collage (Around The World in 80 Beats)
  3. Collage Timeline
  1. There is no doubt that the style of the Collage is my favorite.
  2. Although I can't know the Drum Collage But it's really a cool things.
  3. The music I made isn‘t good enough.But it let me get much progress.
  1. faded images
  2. Bleah
  3. Memory of You. (Burning)

Jun 01, 2023 NickC
  1. Collage
  2. picture perfect pair
  3. Where Memories Lay

Jun 01, 2023 Misael.K
  1. Collage of Instruments
  2. Collage
  3. memory lane

Dex: great representation of the theme, interesting chords!

DDRKirby(ISQ): beautiful piece.

NickC: your entries fill me with determination <3.

awesum: Arcana, coloradoweeks, DDRKirby(ISQ), Dex, ethansight, JH Sounds, NickC, Treyt, voider..
good: A2Z, cotmm68030, DarkShadow, Koekepan, Lyra_183, nukage, Souperion, THEGREATDESTROYER22, TheVideoGamer, Wassup Thunder.

Jun 01, 2023 ethansight
  1. Traveler
  2. At the Fotomat
    JH Sounds
  3. Collage

1 MisaelK - Aaahhh this is amazing! Love the pad sweeps, the swingy beat, and the spacey vocals!

2 JH Sounds - This is wonderful elevator photomat lobby music, wouldn't even mind being stuck here for awhile!

3 DDRKirby - Veery relaxing journey through the picture stories. Comes together beautifully in the end, lovely. 

4 Treyt - Suuper happy melody, like the laid-back beat that comes in. Wish the bass was more present!

5 Nukage - This is a jam, super tight guitars + drums, and those growls are insane!

DarkShadow - Intense dark memories

Souperion - Lovely pipe melody, with nice harmonies too

DESTROYER - Spooky ambiance, feel like I'm in an abandoned factory

Voider - Favorite sound is the muted vibrato lead, and like the tempo change

Cotmm - Interesting concept, totally fits the theme. Got a nice collection of brooding polaroids! 

TheVideoGamer - Like how you leaned into the techno vibe, really makes me wonder what these pictures would be! Steel drum mvp

Wassup Thunder - A peaceful lullaby to be the glue for passing memories of distant creations, I like it

Koekepan - Apparently something mysterious and hazy

NickC - These are clearly a collection of all the happy goofy pictures :) Love the bridge with the deep pulsing bass

A2Z - Seems like a content reflection, peaceful vacations and happy memories

Coloradoweeks - Bouncy and peppy... fun and slightly melancholy lyrics 

Dex - Like how each instrument is it's own picture! Fun collage like the idea

Arcana - Nice uplifting melody, and a cheery beat to back it up

Jun 01, 2023 cotmm68030
  1. The Photo Album
  2. Collage
  3. Future Victims

look at this photograph

Jun 01, 2023 TheVideoGamer
  1. Collage
  2. Pictured Existence
  3. The Photo Album

@JH Sounds - Boom Tiss

@Misael.K - Hats off kind of has a double meaning lol

@Wassup Thunder - lol

@CotMM - I'd also say more than 80 drum sounds haha. I didn't even use them all, because i only had 6 minutes to play with lol.

@NickC - More like 80mph lol

@Misael.K - Boots and Cats and Boots and Cats and Boots and Cats and Boots and Cats and Boots and Cats and Boots and Cats and Boots...

@CotMM - Classic meme, never gets old lol

@Arcana - Depends on how you interpret it haha. Never thought of it this way....

@Everyone - Always with the relevant funny gifs lol. These are too perfect...

@Wassup Thunder - Was wondering when this was gonna show up lol

@Misael.K - Hardcore could also work too haha.

@NickC - Go for it! There is actually some cool beats in this, so it's definately not as weird as you might think. 

@Misael.K - I live recorded me click on some stuff. Such production....

@CotMM - Is that really...his stage name? Wrestling can be weird....

@Misael.K - "One Note. Donk." - Paul McCartney

@CotMM - That's....the Rubber Johnny video. I got confused for a second.

@Misael.K - That's what Delay does to you...

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words!

Now then...

TheVideoGamer - This track is at it's most simplest....a drum jam. I initially wanted to do a different assortment of ideas each based on a country with their culture's music. So for 30 seconds we would be in Spain, and then in another 30 seconds Turkey, of course all fused with my signature electronica. However the idea fell after 30 minutes, because one it required me to research the genres thus wasting time, two i had to find the right instruments which involved a lot of googling, three i might not even get it right and probably make some people confused, and lastly four, i would have had to find a way to make good transitions between each of the sections. Obviously this was a big fail, and so i started over. Instead of making something else as elaborate, i decided to keep it simple, hence why this comes in. Now the theme is Photo Collage, and Collage is an image made up of different parts, usually smaller images or cut-outs of images. It's like sampling. Your taking snippets of tracks to form a whole. In my case it's a drum collage brought together by fusing rhythms from drum sounds to make a sort of collage. Besides the processing on the sounds, there's no melody in this, as it's the drums that propel the groove along. It is a very simple track, so taste is heavily personal here. I just live recorded some drums to Audacity for crying out loud, not the most elaborate track. Could be too repetitive or too experimental. At the end of the day, music is subjective and this description is too long, so i'll just say glad you like it anyways!

EmeraldArcana - Interesting to start with Arcana instead of Lyra or CotMM as we normally do. So apparently you are going to perform this life, am i correct? I'm not sure, because i've not heard of this. Now you've made a real entry below, so this wasn't made for compo am i correct in assuming? I don't want to be rude, but if it's not made in compo, would this be appropriate to share? I've been yelled at this before, so this to me seems...cheating. Everything is lovely though, i dig the chord progression in this, it's kind of catchy. The sad thing, is the vocals are completely destroying every ounce of instrument. It's very loud in comparison. But this might be a live thing, who knows. Still though it was very fun, good job!

Lyra_183 - It's perfectly understandable if your voice breaks. It's very natural. I'm not an expert in singing, so i can only go from what i am listening to, and what i heard sounded completely normal to me. The only thing i will say is that there are moments where you sing too close to the mic, and too far. Maybe it might just be me, who knows. You could be moving in time to the music. Other than that though, i love your singing, and you make some lovely melodies in this. Good job!

DarkShadow - That is one thiccc bassline. I don't even know why i said that, do i even know who i am listening to lol. The kicks are quite insane in this. It's like you've just started to listening to speed metal or something haha. It's quite hectic, even with it's nice melody, and has quite the intense saw bass in this. It's fun, but sadly not for me. Good job though!

Souperion - I thought you've made quite a few Celtic music? Do you specifically mean Scottish Bagpipe music? Because this sounds exactly like what this is. And to me it's extremely accurate. You have the drone, and the melody down to a T. The string work is very pretty too, it's quite a lovely mix between happy and peaceful, but also has a bit of a tribal village feel. The melodies are lovely in this, you really did your research. Honestly you really went very far to make sure you were accurately making the genres you are listening to. It's just a lovely well mixed piece too. Awesome work!

THEGREATDESTROYER22 - So were not going on holiday. Instead were going to be locked in a room where an evil demon is about to chop my head off. Perfect vacation plans there lol. This is quite the deep rumbly drone. It sounds like a recording of fan slowed down quite a bit. The drums are really cool, not in your face, and sounds like light background taps. There isn't really much melody in this, as the full emphasis is on the drone. I understand this is a sound design piece, and i do like the soft subtle changes it goes through, however i do feel i'm missing something. Doesn't have to be a melody, but a little something that amplifies the tension and really makes me feel like someone is ready to pounce on me at any moment. Still though i get your idea, it's a very fun and very lovely idea with some killer sound design. That ending made me lol. Good job!

Treyt - Happy chords weee. Very uplifting and sounds like some kids anime it's lovely. That melody is very cute, super theme fitting. Love how you build up the drums into this quite punchy breakbeat like groove. It's just a shame that when it does, you keep it for like 10 seconds and then boom it ends. This is what's sad sometimes with some OHC entries. The best bit is always at the end, which is for a lot of people the time to end the piece. So my favourite part lasts for like 10 seconds and then boom, a sudden fade out or ending. It makes sense, considering i'm only listening to 1 full minute of material (Bang on as well). The whole thing is lovely, but if it was me, the intro could be shorted by 10 seconds in favour for a repeat of the ending/last part. Look maybe i'm being too pedantic but the whole argument here is that it's way too short lol. Sorry dude, it's gonna have to be a good job for this reason. Still, great work though!

Voider - Welcome new guy! I see DDRKirby must have sent you. Or at least it was DDRKirby that inspired you to join compo. I can see the chiptune similarities. The big difference being that DDR likes to build it up to a sort of drop. In this case you are mostly doing different sections using a 707 kit mixed with a retro NES VST. So there's sections rather than build-ups and drops. The 2nd half was quite the contrast and very sudden. There wasn't really a transition into that section. You just give it to us without rhyme or reason. The only thing i would say especially if you want to sound more like DDRKirby, i would include a more varied melody. The melody at the moment sounds more like an ostinato/riff. DDRKirby is known for his quite expressive melodies, that feature a wide range of long and short notes. In this case it sounds more closer to techno, with it's techno inspired riff's. That doesn't make it bad by the way, it's more so what suggestions to take if you want to sound more like DDRKirby. Mixing touches might also play a role in here, to stop some of the peaking in the drums, but this one is probably a bit more on the minor side. I've rambled on a bit, so i'll just say this is a lovely idea, with a really sick chord progression in the 2nd half. Good job!

cotmm68030 - Stealing my idea eh? I should sue you haha. Only joking, you can do what you want. I mean i didn't trademark it. If anything i'd be super flattered if my entry makes an appearance lol. Ok so far i've not found anything from previous OHC's. Which is kind of annoying as i make a point of frequently listening to past entries as general day to day music listening, because some of you guys actually make some amazing tunes. The rhythms are very sus, sounds like it belongs to you or someone else. In terms of taking prior entries, you've done a miles better job. Mine was more literal in that you could clearly tell it's a sample, but despite that nobody still got who the artist was lol. I guess it's still too hard. In terms of an actually piece of music, it's very nerve-racking. You took the theme of collage seriously in this, there is a lot of super sick sound design, and a spooky almost blurry soundscape. It's very creative and is done exceptionally well. It's great use of the theme, well done!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - That is one pretty piano line. Only DDR could come up with something this beautiful. Obviously quite happy, and really fits that vacation adventure. Lots of really cool seasons in the chords that i absolutely dig. Even tops it off with a lovely eastern inspired flute. That chords are amazing, especially with the way you have it slide in pitch to it's desired note. It's different. For some reason the lack of a full on punchy beat I normally think i'm going to get a DnB beat or a Downtempo beat or something, but instead i'm getting more....tribal beats (Remember i'm typing this as i'm listening, so anything i don't hear will likely come later in the piece. In this case the thick punchy beat does come in later, both in breakbeat form, and in the form of an 80's synthwave beat. It's quite unusual to have 2 genres in different sections, i really dig it. It does not make the piece worse, if anything it makes it probably a bit better) It works super well. I mean really...the whole thing is super pretty and wholesome, you've done an amazing job! So good it's on the top spot, incredible work!

Wassup Thunder - Very nice electric piano melodies here, quite chill and has some happy overtones to the sound. It's very different from your usual and i love it. Apparently it's a medley of different pieces you've made, and i can tell, because it's got a mixture of heavy Symphony rock followed by calm string pieces. It does make it a bit weird i have to say. To have the jarring rock that's in a completely different key, clash with the E Major Electric Piano melody. The piano melody is quite repetitive too, so i do feel a little strained in parts. For something out of your comfort zone, and something more...innovative it was really nice as an idea. Just needs a bit more refinement. Good job!

Koekepan - Interesting title lol. Nice percs and drums, quite techno like. Feels like were in a live set, but of course chances are, it's sunvox. Nice FM bassline in this, very funky. Chords are quite dramatic too, sounds like strings, but it's more of a synth. It feels like a slow developer, with stuff being added every 5 bars or so. Or maybe 10. It's not new synths that are being added, but new melody layers on the same synth, to create textures, it's super nice. Don't know if this is what i consider to be a Photo Collage, but it's a nice composition on it's own. The bass pads are a bit...weird in the mix, but they are not too obtrusive. I do really like the dynamics in this, you're transforming something light into something really heavy. It is on the minimal side, however this is minimalism done right, as you keep adding new stuff, regardless of how subtle it is. It's very catchy, and worth the almost 5 minute runtime. It was lovely, all i have to say. Awesome work!

Nukage - Nice clap sounds here, very spacious! The drop was unexpected, but damn it was hard. You are surprisingly amazing at metal, wow. It's got a lovely melody, even in the autotuned vocals, and the breakdowns were lovely. The changes were crazy, and the fills were fire. Even with it's metal, it sounds very much like a summer vibe. Nothing else to say, it's awesome. Enough for the 3rd spot, amazing work!

NickC - Pretty guitar licks. Sounds like a mixture of summer vibes and spring. The synth lead was an unusual choice, but then again it's very rare for you to make punk rock. The piano lines were pretty crunchy, nearly made it a bit on the loud side, but the whole track has some seriously sick melodies, especially with the cool synth licks. Some notes seem out of place, a classic NickC staple. Really the only thing i would do, is maybe change the synth lead, and cut out some of the sharpness in the piano lines, but despite that it was lovely. So i'll give you this one. There was more to like than dislike. Well done!

A2Z - Sweet 7th chords. My weakness. I so regret not doing a happy chill piece, but my ideas were failing me sigh. Loving the arps in this, super calming, beat is very nice and tight. Loving the pads, amazing additions, turns it from a nice simple calming piece into something super ethereal. Loved it. The 2nd half was very unexpected, and i'm absolutely all for it. Amazing chord changes, very trippy and weird, but all worth while. Nothing bad really, it's just an amazing piece. So amazing it's on the 2nd spot! Incredible work!

Ethansight - Cute synths, such a classic Ethansight progression. Super adventurous and child like. I was absolutely not expecting Psy-trance for this, quite leftfield. The bass is quite intense, but it's mixed pretty nicely. Melodies were super sick, i missed this harmony. It's only a minute and 28 seconds, but it really packs a punch. Awesome melodies, lovely ending, it's just the Ethansight i know. Welcome back dude, i loved this. Awesome work!

Coloradoweeks - Straight into the house beats. No time to waste. Quite crunchy, i don't know if this is intentional, but man this really packs some bass in my headphones. The vocals are....wait why am i even saying this. Every week you blow me away with your singing. I love the effects in this, especially the vocoder effects towards the end. I'm struggling to process the mix, it's quite intense. But the melodies and vocals are incredible, so i don't know. Thought about it, and i ended up giving it to you. Awesome work!

Dex - Ooh Dex bringing out the seasonings for this! These are some sweet chords! Wow you must have studied some harmony textbook, there is a lot of great chord changes here. Nice melody, really sounds like an organic synth, goes great with the bass and drums. It does need some refinement, not in the mix, but in the different sections, it sounds a little abrupt in each changes. But it was super pretty, and has a lot of lovely melodies. Well done!

Arcana - I'm gonna be a bit of a drag, but this is 4 minutes. Both of your submissions combined make 7 minutes. I get it, i'm a snitch, but if were enforcing the rules, it means you've got to as well. I've been yelled at quite a few times, so i'm sorry. Anyways on to your entry, the chords in this are amazing. I know you can make some pretty chords, but this is especially pretty. It's quite ethereal in parts. I just love complex chords and hazy harmony. The drums and basslines make this more dancey, which is fine, but i would probably go for more ambient parts. Still doesn't change how good this is. The only criticism i have honestly, is the vocals can be a little out of tune in parts. Maybe it's a tuning thing who knows. Honestly this is well worthy of a vote, but because you broke the 6 minute barrier, my snobbiness unfortunately makes this a well done entry, than a voting entry. That and the detuned vocals. Lovely work though!

Misael.K - Wooow that is a lovely chord progression and groove. I know you are known for that normally, but this is especially groovy. I love the vocal mix in this, it's pretty nicely balanced. Especially for a more crooner style. Amazing chords and synths. It's perhaps a bit too hot overall, but i am known to nitpick so take it as an opinion. The ending feels a bit incomplete, or maybe the vocals stopped who knows. Long story short, none of the bad parts lost it's overall quality. It was still awesome, awesome work!

JH Sounds - JH bringing it's classic chord progression. Great vibes, loving the organ melodies. Super tight. Just a ton of fun, well done!

Top 3 - DDRKirby(ISQ), A2Z, Nukage

Souperion (Beautiful Celtic vibes!)

Koekepan (Awesome techno like vibes!)

Coloradoweeks (The amazing vocals and melodies were really why i want to put it on, but the mix is quite crunchy)

Arcana (I would absolutely have loved this on, but alas you broke 7 minutes with both of your entries, and i feel it's a bit unfair, sorry.)

Misael.K (Another contender for the list, it's soo good!

Ethansight (Man this was also soo good!)

Awesome - Souperion, cotmm68030, DDRKirby(ISQ), Koekepan, Nukage, NickC, A2Z, Coloradoweeks, Dex, Arcana, Misael.K, JH Sounds.

Needs Work - EmeraldArcana, Lyra_183, DarkShadow, THEGREATDESTROYER22, Treyt, voider, Wassup Thunder.