One Hour Compo - Round 799 (OHC799)

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Feb 01, 2024 Arcana
  1. Man vs Machine
  2. sErVeR_R4V3.mp3
  3. Aethernet Conflux


Feb 02, 2024 TheVideoGamer
  1. Reboot In Ten Minutes
  2. falling apart
  3. the things we sacrifice in the name of progress

All comments replied to on Discord, onto the voting!

TheVideoGamer - I won't explain this, because i did barely anything music wise. Beat block was huge this week, so i ended up with this. It's an old project, that i spruced up for 25 minutes of my time (As the rest was trying to come up with a damn idea). People laugh at the 6 minute length, but truthfully it was 5:20 originally, so it actually isn't as funny as you might think lol. The only thing i've done is added some reverb, some distortion, and a couple of more sounds to give it a bit of a thicker texture. That's it, nothing really was done. I do like it don't get me wrong, it's very cool, but there was barely anything music wise being done. I just feel like i wasn't in my element this week, so hopefully i put in more effort next week and make some good music, and not this half-assed crap. Oh well, at least i submitted, to be more optimistic. Glad you listened to it!

Lyra_183 - Holy hell you went way too hard to the gain here, i'm sorry. This is beyond clipping, it's actively harming my headphones lol. The singing is lovely don't get me wrong, but i really had to turn it down before it got worse, i'm really sorry. Good job though!

DarkShadow - Damm DarkShadow creeping into 3 minute territories. Won't be long before we hear a full 5 minute gabber fest haha. This sounds like a commodore malfunctioning it's pretty cool. It definately has all the SID without any of the square waves. I do like this, it's pretty experimental, and even though there isn't a strictly defined melody, the buzzing sounds give it a bit of theme relevancy. Stereo panning is sick too! It's not something i'd be willing to listen to for quite some time, i feel like towards the end i get a bit tired from the nonstop buzzing, but it's the one track from you, were i really appreciate the experimentation here. It's going out of the box here, it's super unique. Good job!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - I'm transported to the 90's again. It even has the classic 90's vox, and the rave stabs that i know and love. Loving those phased synths, it's got that retro vibe (With a fair few trance elements thrown in for good measure), i'd see this fitting a modern Tempest 2000 OST (Top tier soundtrack). So many vocal samples and risers, and sections in general. For 2 minutes you feed me so much musical ideas, i'm like struggling to remember one section after the next lol. The vocal parts are insane lol, how many vocal samples did you use for this one track omg XD. I mean the track is awesome, but damn slow down i can't keep up with this much music in such short amount of time. Still though, this was absolutely sick, and i loved it either way. Definately worthy of a vote, awesome work!

cotmm68030 - Good to see you return to 6 minutes dude. Loving the pad chords here, it feels like we have a bit of an electronic undertone to the whole thing, whilst i am riding some sick chill chords. It's sad that i have to listen to bangers like this, whilst my entry was half assed. The chords are super mystical, it feel like i'm in space. The kick is screaming that this is gonna be a dance vibe, and yet it never comes. We even have the sidechained reese, and free flowing pads, so i don't see why it can't be a dance track. In terms of the composition itself it's beautiful, the pads make me want to just relax. Despite the dance nature, i just want to relax to this for some reason. It's a little weird hearing an EDM undertone despite the very chill sound design, but that's what i love, these weird juxtapositions like that. Honestly it's just one of those kind of "Oh wow this is really different, i like it" kind of tracks, and this is why i'm gonna give you the awesome ranking. In fact, not i'll one up it and give you the third place vote it was soo good. Amazing work!

LillyMeadows - Oh this is a short one, but nonetheless not every track needs to be my length lol. Perhaps a bit too short for my liking, i have this thing where if the track length is extremely short, i get very little music to digest. It's basically how can i review a track if there's little to no substance. It doesn't make it bad, it just means i don't have much to say. Compared to the previous tracks i've heard from you, this is the most different i must say. Largely because it has a very pretty melody, and a tight beat. Yes the industrial beat is kind of a signature from you, but in the context of something cold and chill, it does seem quite different. Yeah the melody is great and the drums are great, but i feel it's the start of an epic adventure. I feel by the time i get to the end, i just get the impression that this is only the intro, so i kind of feel longing for more. Still though, the vibe was really dope, and i dig that chord/arp progression, so there is definately a lot of potential. Good job!

Xanthos - It's been a while, how are you holding up. Those are some sick synth chords, lots of oldschool inspiration in this. Glad to see your signature drums in this. You have a habit of having over 50 drum sounds in one track lol. Which is not a bad thing at all, every sample counts. I love the bitcrushed effects here, lots of great texture changes. The melody is a bit on the mild side, i feel the drums and chords are taking centre stage (In fact it's not even the chords at all, the drums are really in your face). When the kick came in i was actually...surprised. Out of all the stuff you've been feeding, a straight techno kick was the last thing on my mind, so my face definately changed when it came in. The kick is very in your face, in comparison to the rest, but it's not too loud. No my only real complaint in my opinion is that this is very repetitive. The synth chords are consistent throughout, which is totally fine (My music is much more repetitive than this sometimes lol. I don't always know what i'm doing.) but i feel like we could change up the rhythm of the synth chords, or add a different key change, to keep it from being the same loop throughout. My favourite part of the track though was the effects, i just loved the bitcrush in this. It's definately a lot of fun, good job!

Arcana - That's a funky synth man, super juicy. Those drums are definately Arcana. This live performance Arcana is probably my favourite Arcana from you. The chords are kind of following the A=432 tuning. The vocals are pretty awesome in this, coherent, and the melodies are great. The vocal volume is a bit much, but in terms of the mixing, it just goes so well with the drums. I also dig the chords in this. Is it my favourite from you? Maybe not, however i was struggling to find any potential problems here, the track is just seriously very good! Minus the loud vocals at parts, it's all in tune, the mixing is not loud or annoying, it's just seriously dope stuff! Well done!

A2Z - Hey don't be stealing my job now! Everyone knows i am the resident Gabber producer here lol. Jokes aside it's not something i was expecting, and honestly not something done so well. The kick is huge, and the vibe is definately for a 90's rave or something. The only thing i don't like, is that the melodies, whilst awesome, fail to match up the intensity of the kick, so i am getting blasted by a lot of kick, and not so much melody. Also i was a bit confused by the ending, there was like a 20bpm tempo shift? It results in a bit of a weird ending, that i'm not sure about. Definately mixing potential here, especially so we don't overblow the kick resulting in the rest being completely crushed. Any critiques here are not for the genre, but for the overall mixing. Still though, this was an admirable attempt here. Anyone who at least attempts gabber, gets immediate points from me (I'm not a gabber fanboy, i just like the music that's all lol). Anyways, good job!

Dex - Punk Rock Dex is back! Those chords are really cool, it's not a standard progression at all, it's really sick! The melody is fire, albeit mildly quiet, although in the 2nd half, it does get a tiny bit loud, so it's a weird dynamic thing i suppose. I love the strings in this, it adds such a cinematic feel to an electronic theme. The track itself is sick, lots of great guitar tones. Honestly i can't think of anything else to say, there is potential here, but i think the track itself is still deserving of it's awesome rating. Well done!

BJKMenu - Synth Rock? That arp is going wild, and the melody is trying to sound like some insane Jazz trumpet solo. It's super fast, final boss music from a Pokemon game, mixed with some great chords. The only problem i have, is that it's very hard to follow along. I cannot stop to isolate a particularly catchy thing, because it just moves soo fast, with little room for dynamics. The melody is all over the place and so loose, and the arps get weird towards the end. It's just a really funky piece, that is quite...hectic. I sense a bassline in this, but it's mixed in a way that it sounds very hollow. Still though i absolutely dig this fun idea, lots of potential to be had, don't be discouraged, good job!

NickC - Woah i love these chords! This is my kind of progression, except i'd be sampling it, not reviewing it haha. Seriously i want more of this, the chords are amazing! Not sure about the guitar, kind of took me out of it a little, however it does add a charm to the track, so not entirely forgettable. The strings really do bridge a cool contrast to the intense electronic elements. The drums feel like they're playing some kind of quarter note thing, but it's getting masked by the rest of the stuff, so the results just sound like background rumble. If you kept it to just synths, honestly i would immediately be voting for this (Maybe even the top spot), because the chords and arps are just *chefs kiss*. But the guitar, whilst it's not gonna prevent me from giving this an awesome rating, i do feel maybe it could have worked better a synth, or more of a background layer, so it's not as harsh. However i absolutely still love this a lot, so either way, and even though i have my slight critiques of the guitar, it was still soo amazing i placed you on the 2nd spot. Incredible work!

Misael.K - More funky chords! That is one sick groove, i feel like were in the Disco era of 1978. This is one hell of a syncopated progression, and that bassline seals the deal. Not my first thought for the theme, but damn it's definately got me back into Saturday Night Fever mode. The speed up is pretty hectic also, we feel like were going all over the place. The DnB part was also amazing too, and unexpected. This track will not sit still, so many wonderful sections, of varying tempo's, and the chords are amazing. So many cool seasonings, this has definately inspired me, to do some stuff. I just wish it didn't end so abruptly, the vibe was amazing. In fact it was so amazing i immediately placed it on the top spot, incredible work!

Top 3 - Misael.K, NickC, cotmm68030.

DDRKirby(ISQ) is also worthy of a vote.

Awesome - DDRKirby(ISQ), cotmm68030, Arcana, Dex, NickC, Misael.K.

Needs Work - Lyra_183, DarkShadow, LillyMeadows, Xanthos, A2Z, BJKMenu.

Feb 07, 2024 Xanthos
  1. Man vs Machine
  2. sErVeR_R4V3.mp3
  3. Reboot In Ten Minutes

Dex - The connection between the theme and this track is lost on me in my limited perception =P but damn if it wasn't just a straight-up kickass, feelgood song. Very well-composed, got the whole band and then some within an hour, nice work! Love the energy, could be a good shonen anime opening!

DDRK - Great blend of the theme and 90's-2000's EDM goodness! As always, love the depth and quality of sound too. Your songs are always so polished, fantastic work! Very invigorating sound!

Misael - Energetic track, very much hits the computer-related theme in my book. Love when that dial is turned up halfway through, into some solid drum n' bass territory. Nice accompanying synths as well.

Great work all, looking forward to the big 800 next week!

Feb 08, 2024 NickC
  1. sErVeR_R4V3.mp3
  2. the things we sacrifice in the name of progress
  3. Man vs Machine

Feb 08, 2024 Misael.K
  1. Server Breakdown
  2. Man vs Machine
  3. sErVeR_R4V3.mp3

DarkShadow: intense beep boops with cool effects.

Dex: I like how this paints an adventure. Nice job!

DDRKirby(ISQ): super fun.

awesum: cotmm68030, DarkShadow, DDRKirby(ISQ), Dex, NickC, Xanthos.
good: A2Z, Arcana, bjkmenu, LillyMeadows, Lyra_183, TheVideoGamer.