385th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS385)

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Aug 18, 2021 TheVideoGamer
  1. When everything just stops
  2. Philo Sophie Muta Need Me
  3. all is love, love is all, vegan cheese sucks - Socrates

Hey guys, you obviously know I�m away for 9 days, hence the GarageBand project. But I can vote, albeit on mobile and a bit rough. But this Compo doesn�t give me a lot to say anyways, especially since nearly every track is so awesome. Still though, let me run down it all.

TheVideoGamer - Tried to make a Hardcore track with a mystical ambience underlying it all. Philosophical if you will lol. Totally not inspired by DJ Gizmo haha. The track is more of the minimalistic variety, but I�m working on GarageBand and I was trying to be creative. The track while really good needs a bit of work. The percussion is very quiet in contrast to the kick. I don�t really like mixing on my Phone, but I don�t really have a choice, as it�s my only DAW. Anyways, have a good one!

Observer11 - I love this, the eclectic mix of styles is really cool. I was expecting pure house, but got a breakbeat instead. The loops are so good. The only downer is the drums are very loud, and there is a really long tail at the end. Still sounds great though. Good job!

Vaiaphraim - You can never have enough channels I always say lol. Really lovely composition, such a master at catchy melodies. Very nice sound design from you. The only thing I wish you could have done, is utilise more of the PCM channel, as it only takes up about 10-20 seconds of the whole track, and to me personally sounds better than the FM drums here. (Not that it�s bad, I just personally prefer it, because it�s fuller and exciting.) Can get close to loudness at the end, but all in all, the good outweighs the bad, lovely work! Well done!

Nukage - Already sounds just like Nukage lol. Amazing cinematic sounds, and hard hitting Dubs n Wubs. Nothing really to say, it�s just executed perfectly. Awesome work!

Harvey - Kind of minimalistic in parts, which i really like. Very juicy synths, great sound design. Drums are a little quiet for me, but the rest is really nice. Very happy sounding. Good job!

UrinalPooper - What the hell are these lyrics saying lol. Your mixing has improved twofold since I first heard you. The mixing is amazing. The guitar playing is also amazing. Awesome work!

Jose - Sorry dude, this is very loud, to the point of clipping. Good effort though!

Djohn - Seriously you voice is out of this world, you must have sung professionally or something. It�s so soothing to the ears. The guitar is beautiful and works well with the track, funky as hell. There is also a hidden tail, with a bonus at the end, but I can tune it out if needed. This is just�excellent work!

lukeloww - Ok no guitar, all electronic? This is a Luke I�m not usually familiar with, but I love it nonetheless. Very minimal techno like. Polyrhythms are a lovely touch. Makes you think of all sorts of things. The ambient chords at the end was the perfect icing on the cake, why did you end it so early, I want more!! All jokes aside awesome work! You guys just kill it every week!

Antik - What a sample dude, you must be YouTubing some pretty specific terms to get samples this good. The whole beat is excellently compressed, and that sample�.omg. Awesome work!

Teenagebeard - That vocal harmonisation. You guys just kill it!!!!! Your voice is always amazing. Awesome funky swing vibes. Just�.awesome work!!

Entoen - And of course this is incredible. The vibes, the pretty chords. I just can�t even�you guys are always so good. The vocals are soo good, I can�t even say anything, it�s so pretty. Incredible work!

exubeat - Another track that is unfortunately loud, also to the point where it clips. (However I can�t tell if it�s intentional or not, it�s very loud though) But I do like the trap vibes provided, good effort though!

Top 3 - Entoen, Djohn, Antik

Awesome - Vaiaphraim, Nukage, UrinalPooper, Djohn, lukeloww, Antik, Teenagebeard, Entoen.

Needs Work - Observer11, Harvey, Jose, Exubeat.