303rd 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS303)

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Jan 20, 2020 TheVideoGamer
  1. i dont know what house means
  2. Alone
  3. Obligatory Size Joke
Another great week as always!

TheVideoGamer - For some strange reason, when doing this theme i had hit some kind of wall. My idea was to go small, but i didn't want to do Minimal Techno even though it kind of work. Then i tried to mix small with cute, and it didn't really work. In the end, i refined the cuteness into something chill. So i though, why not a quick beat tape? It makes sense since each track is short at roughly a minute, making use of the word small. The Each beat has a basic idea, of a sample looped to around 100bpm mixed with dense drums. Each beat has some form of filter and swing on it, so it can filter in when needed, and so it has a groove. All the other beats pretty much follow the same formula, with the addition of a bass in Beat 2. That's about it really.

Ok then...

Antik - Great house! Very soothing, but has a nice bounce to it. The percussion is pretty epic, and the sample you used it quite legendary! The chords work really well i love this dude!

UrinalPooper - The time signature changes are pretty awesome. The lyrics are so satisfying. They flow so nicely with the 3/4 signature! That guitar tone is pretty awesome too, i enjoyed this dude! Well done!

Vaiaphraim - Dude, i don't know why you say you don't like this! You can attempt anything, and it can sound good. I love the chords, they are awesome! The melody is amazing too. I suppose if you want to make it, "club ready", then get better beats, but only if this was for the club. As a whole, i love this, even the drums!

AkiaDaGreat - The one thing that sold me was the lyrics. The lyrical content is quite honestly the best of all your lyrics. It flows extremely nicely, and works well with the nice tight beats. Amazing work!

Timv - I have no words. This is absolutely incredible. That's all i gotta say. MAKE MORE OF THIS DNB MADNESS IT'S SOOO GOOOD!!!

r05537G - My man, i know you mean well, but the wonky feel get's a bit much in some of yours, like this one. Ever tried just 4 on the floor? Great attempt, but i got lost, sorry...

Lukeloww - I really enjoyed this. The guitar is pretty sick, and works wonders to the beat. Works especially well towards the second half, when it get's developed. Amazing work dude!

Awesome - Antik, UrinalPooper, Vaiaphraim, AkiaDaGreat, Timv, r05537G, Lukeloww