One Hour Compo - Round 768 (OHC768)

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Jun 29, 2023 christopian
  1. Greedy Goldie
  2. Awaken the Wrath of the Deep
  3. Dragon

Jun 29, 2023 Arcana
  1. dragon dictation
  2. yours for the taking
  3. Fortress of Solitude

Metal is like the name of the game today. nice

Jun 29, 2023 JH Sounds
  1. Awaken the Wrath of the Deep
  2. The Precious Things
  3. Dragon on the Gold

Jul 05, 2023 TheVideoGamer
  1. Dragon
  2. Gold Is Uncomfortable To Sit On
  3. Greedy Goldie

@Misael.K - Not even before the track begins we have the memes lol

@Wassup Thunders - Despite what you might believe, Dragons are never usually friendly.

@Misael.K - How to make a track cinematic without really trying? Just stick an orch hit on it lol.

@Coloradoweeks - Haha you knew! Perfect GIF.

@Misael.K - Lol that's hilarious. I was actually inspired by GMO for my track. I'll link the reference track in the discord.

@CotMM - Bring on the gabber gif's!

@Misael.K - SANIC!

@Wassup Thunder - And of course, the ol' reliable meme. I AM THE GOD OF CLASSIC MEMES!

@Arcana - NOISE, AAAHHH!!!

@Coloradoweeks - Perfect running music. You run to this, and not within 10 minutes you pass out lol.

@JH Sounds - The dragon decided there was no quiet. Only loud and louder lol

@Misael.K - Damn i shoulda have cut the fade out and made a pause instead. Stupid compo and it's deadline!

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words!

Now then....

TheVideoGamer - This track is based on a final battle scenario, where you are defeating some kind of boss. The track is gabber obviously, but i tried to incorporate an aggressive cinematic edge to it. As stated above i was inspired by Indonesia's own GMO. It's Gabber combined with a bit of a hard trance edge and traditional Indonesian sounds fused in a modern synth style. The Traditional aspects mostly come in the harmony and the rhythmical aspects. Not necessarily the instruments. This was not deliberate, as i had a lot of problems. My go to VST kept bugging on me, causing me to restart FL Studio like 4 times. It got to the point where i had to continue without it, which ate at least 20 minutes of my time. At this rate i needed to get something down, and so my last track became my go to. My goal was simple. Fast pounding drums, on top of heavy rhythmical tribal percussion, on top of a looped powerful stab melody on Orch hits. The melody is very simple mostly on quarter notes, but the order of the notes changes as you listen, causing some slight variations. Most of the beats sort of get harder as you listen, ignoring the brief respite for the climatic ending. Think of it as a drum fitness program lol. No 6 minutes, as i had lost 20 minutes, and i spend a while perfecting the drums and the percussion for this, as i needed to make sure it wasn't insanely loud. All in all, it's actually a really cool idea, that could be expanded upon. Yes it's not everyone's cup of tea, but it is something unique i could try and polish. Thanks all!

THEGREATDESTROYER - Sorry mate, i'm not trying to be a party pooper, but the folks at ThaSauce don't take kindly to a 6 minute and 30 second track. I've been dealt with that on multiple occasions. It's not so much i don't like it. It's rather they have the 6 minute rule for a reason, even if they were not as strict 3-4 years ago. Sorry about that. As for the track, it's very atmospheric and dark, with a lot of smooth textures. The drums are quite immediate, and very aggressive in the context, but things get a little smoothed out when the bassline and synth work come in. At the moment the drums are the primary source, and everything else is taking a massive backseat. I would lower the volume of the drums a little, or add some more melody ideas to really compliment the drums, because they are a little loud for my taste. I do like how you introduce a more heavy synth line towards the middle, making the drums even less in your face, but for the most part they are there. Basically i feel like the atmospheric parts aren't allowed to shine because the drums are in the way. So if you smoothed the drums out, then everything else would compliment it. But that's just me. I still loved the idea though, don't take it the wrong way. Potential is what it has, good job!

DarkShadow - DarkShadow going all soundfont on us lol. It reminds me of....Mega Man? I do like the chords in this, it's quite funky. I also love how it's very tonal to say it's a DarkShadow entry, minus the ending lol. It get's a little too...sporadic towards the end, i feel you started off pretty chill, and then decided to go a little crazy. Perhaps a bit too crazy. Sorry dude, good job though!

cotmm68030 - Ooh i feel like there is some granular stuff in this piece, it's actually pretty cool. The track is very reverb heavy, which i like a lot. It almost sounds like a battle siren or some other horn. Very chill to say it's mainly sound design, this is the kind of stuff that can be sustained for quite sometime based on the soft but subtle texture changes that happen throughout. I can detect a kind of chord progression in this, even if it's very deep and soaked in sound design. Honestly i actually love this, there is a lot of cool moments thrown in throughout the whole 6 minutes, including some nice pitch warping. I could probably listen to this for 10 minutes, and forget about it before realizing it's over. It's kind of...relaxing. Definately voting worthy, awesome work!

Souperion - Nice guitar and string combo, were really feeling the RPG shop vibe. Even got a lovely bagpipe melody to boot. Embracing the Celtic. That flute melody is pretty lovely actually, really adds to the theme. Really great dynamic shifts even despite the quiet waveform. I think the violin melody was a little dry, but that's more nitpicky. Honestly this was lovely, i enjoyed it a lot. Well done!

Koekepan - Deep minimal plucks invade our ears. They have a lot of decay in them, it's pretty nice. It almost feels like it's been triggered at random, rather than structured into a full on melody. There's probably 5 bell sounds, all playing at different intervals. Some parts almost make chord progression with each layer, it's interesting. What makes this a very interesting piece, is how you add another sound in each minute of listening, making it more and more of a thick intricate texture. Honestly this was really nice, definately voting worthy, awesome work!

Meistr - Nice piano melody and pad combo. Didn't even give me a chance to write up on it, because the orchestrations were immediate! The orchestral parts were also way too short! Just as i was about to write up about it, the piece ends! This is not a long piece at all lol. Then again writing a review of a 48 second piece isn't easy. I'm shocked there's 27 instruments in this, because i can only detect at max 7 lol. The orchestra parts are nicely articulated, for all it's worth this is a lovely piece, with a really nice melodic part, i just wish it wasn't so short, and i was mentally prepared to the buildup. Maybe you could include some kind of secondary part that complements the intro to create even more hype, and maybe a breakdown at the end before the finish, so i know when the piece ends. Basically this is too short for me to get anything down, and i feel there is scope for refinement here. Sorry dude, but good job!

Wassup Thunder - A lot of orchestral works this week. But then i am not surprised when the theme is of a literal dragon lol. This is quite an intense piece, where there's a lot of fighting for the front. However that is just me, and i am aware people think differently. The melodies and chords though are lovely, and it has a lot of really cool articulations in this. Especially some of the pitch bends. It's quite epic, with a lot of chords and intense drum syncopations. Personally the main issue i have is that it's too....intense. I was feeling tired at the ending, because of the intense nonstop loud orchestrations. I get it, it's fitting for the theme, but you could maybe slow it down and add a few dynamics to make it awesome. That ending is WTF lol. I still enjoyed it though, a lot of fun, good job!

Treyt - No time to waste, straight into the drop! Already loving them acid like synths and the faint guitar melody. Even has the dragon roar for good effect. The drop (If there is one lol, it just goes straight in without warning) is pretty amazing, and has a lot of great chords and synth sounds. I feel the dragon roars took me a little out of the moment, but it's not overkill, so that's good. I mean if you want to take it further, then maybe an intro and a build-up, but honestly as of now i actually liked it a lot. More to like than dislike, well done!

Coloradoweeks - Damn Colorado going metal? This is hyping me up a lot. That guitar sounds very dirty, and clearly live. Headbanging like crazy. I do feel you are trying to compensate for the loud guitar by increasing the gain on the vocals are a little, however at the same time the guitar is pretty front and centre, so obviously you can't let the vocals just sit in the background. I mean aside from the very small nitpicks, and sudden end lol, everything was actually pretty awesome, so really none of these hold true in regards to my overall opinion. It was pretty epic, absolutely gutted it can't be on the list, but alas i can only choose 3! Amazing work!

Barley - That guitar is actually a little funky, i like it a lot. The synth embellishments are actually really cool, it sort of adds a nice electronic flair to the whole thing. The drums are a little quiet in this, but not to the point where it's unidentifiable. Your voice is soo smooth in this, i love it. There is so many cool time signature changes i like it a lot. This one was hard, because on the surface it's a lovely guitar almost folk like piece, but i did notice the vocals were perhaps a bit too quiet, and by the end it was close to getting to the stage where it might be a little too repetitive, but you have to remember taste is personal. However i tended to find more enjoyment in the sort of space folk vibes in the piece. At the end, i found more to like and dislike, so i popped you on the awesome section, although just barely. Well done!

Starla - Lots of really nice synth keys here. It sounds like some space bell or something. The piano is lovely in this, although i must say i do miss your vocals, maybe because the track is calling them, especially in this style. That drum beat is absolutely fire though (Although perhaps a little loud in comparison to the rest of the sounds), i dig this a lot! I feel the vocals would make this amazing, even though everything else is still fire. Good job!

Misael.K - Smoooth. Loving that thick electric piano styled sound. That distorted sine melody is also lovely too. There is like 2 tracks in one here, it's pretty crazy. One in 4/4 and one in a delayed 3/4. The chord changes are epic, i absolutely love them. The track is lovely and smooth, and has a lot of really nice melody ideas. The 2nd drum layer is a little off-putting personally, but i am aware it adds more of a syncopation to the rhythm, so i actually can tolerate it. The track is just lovely, them chord changes are gorgeous. So gorgeous in fact, it was enough for me to pick you for the 2nd spot! Incredible work!

BrandonS - Ahh a veteran OHC user, that i've yet to be acquainted with. First time listening to your work. Really liking the drums and bass in this. Very classic funk sounds. Really liking the electric piano, adds a lot of smoothness to the sound. The vocals were surprisingly unexpected, because i assumed some lead solo melody, but no full on vocals. And they are awesome, you are actually an amazing singer. I think there is a talk box in this? I really love the chord changes at the end, this was super tight and funky, so disappointed it couldn't be on the list, but i can only choose 3. Amazing work!

Arcana - Great piano and string combo. Lots of lovely 7th chords, that gets turned into a more minor key later on. Lots of really interesting epic orchestral parts. The piano is super ethereal in parts, i love it, that is a chord progression that you need to explore more. The vocals are really great, although some parts of the autotune personally seemed off, but this might be a taste thing. I love the DnB part, and wished it was a little longer, lots of great grooves. It has a lot of potential i will say, they're a lot of parts i actually liked in this a lot. Good job!

Nukage - Already starting with a lovely intro! I love the synths and reverse piano, it's quite 80's in parts. The metal wasn't expected, but not out of the blue. Drop is insanely hard, and really matches the synth work super well. Although it doesn't sound compressed, i think you might have slammed the limiter too hard, because of the waveform's loudness and the contrast between the loud and soft parts. The mix is still banging though, and the melodies are sick. This was lovely, awesome work!

obScene - It's been ages dude, since i last heard you. Where have you been? This is some really thick piano stabs, and very spooky string noises. Half horror movie like, half medieval battle kind of music. The piano almost acts as like a drum, alongside the textured pads and strings. I really liked the sudden changed into a new section, because it still keeps the piano, but adds more drums, and maintains a nice very softly blown flute/recorder sound. Yes it's unexpected, but i think for this style it works super well. There is very little in terms of melodies, as majority is all textures and articulations, which is actually pretty amazing for an orchestral type setting. The chords at the ending were inviting, until you do the classic obScene of just stopping without a single ending lol. Still though with all my ramblings, i loved this, super unique and has a lot of catchy moments. I was so enamoured by this entry, that i gave it the top spot. Incredible work dude!

Ethansight - Lots of square blips and bloops. Loving that vibrato usage. Really liking the chord changes in this, it sounds like video game music in a lovely way. Loving the slow build up in this, it turns it from something light into something quite heavy and thick. The drums do take a while to get in, but when they do it's pretty satisfying. The drums aren't as loud as i thought they were gonna be, but it's still nicely mixed. The rhythm of the chords change in this section, and we hear some lovely solo melody noodles. The main melody is catchy, and there is nothing that is boring. It all goes through a lot of cool changes for it's runtime. Long story short, i love this, so much that it was the third spot. Amazing work!

Christopian - Intense strings and pads, although the strings sound more like synthesizers than orchestral strings. Drums are pretty epic, this is a full on Hans Zimmer styled piece, with lots of intense synth melodies, and very thick orchestral drums. Prehaps a little too thick, but i am aware this is an Orchestral piece, especially Film Music style, so the drums do matter. The melodies in this one are a little blurred out by the drums and the arps, however i'm not 100 percent sure you intended for there to be a melody so i'm not concerned at all. This one was lovely, great ideas, well done!

JH Sounds - Starting out with the intense piano, almost sounds like it had distortion, but i'm not 100 percent sure. It might be the Pianoteq or it might be Logic Pro. You always pull a fast one sometimes. The drums are interesting, as it sounds like drumsticks being hit than a full drum kit. It might be me. The piano and string combo was lovely though, as a solo piano piece kind of thing, it's pretty great, even with all of it's titbits i still enjoyed this one, and really liked the piano work. Well done!

Top 3 - obScene, Misael.K, Ethansight.

This was the hardest one yet. So many fantastic entries, but ultimately it was a combination of theme relevancy and personal enjoyment that sort of decided my final 3. It was very hard let me tell you. These 3 could have kind of gone in any order, but it was ultimately obScene that was the most theme accurate of them all.

These entries were amazing and deserved a place on the top. Like really deserved a place, these were incredible:


Koekepan (This one was deserving to be on the list)

Coloradoweeks (Man i loved this one so much, shame it can't be on the list!)

BrandonS (Your voice is amazing, this was a lovely entry. Shame it can't be on!)


Awesome - cotmm68030, Souperion, Koekepan, Treyt, Coloradoweeks, Barley, Misael.K, BrandonS, Nukage, obScene, Ethansight, Christopian, JH Sounds.

Needs Work - THEGREATDESTROYER22, DarkShadow, Meistr, Wassup Thunder, Starla, Arcana.

Jul 05, 2023 ethansight
  1. Awaken the Wrath of the Deep
  2. Fortress of Solitude
  3. Gold Is Uncomfortable To Sit On

THEGREATDESTROYER - A plodding war march type beat

DarkShadow - Some slappy brassy treasure

cotmm - Loong sleep for the scaley

Souperion - Very medieval, a tale of woe

Koekepan - Dusty, shiny plucks in the somber treasure chamber

Meister - The grand assembly, lots of energy

Wassup Thunder - The percussion adds a big ambiance, like the falling synthy effect

1 Treyt - Woah. Big snare big beat! Like all the bass modulation, sounds almost like strumming

coloradoweeks - Heavy war ballad

Barley - Like this, an arpy contemplative allegory

Starla - Impending dragon inflation aaaaa

3 Misael.K - Shakey beat, I like your gold stack

BrandonS - Like the drum variations, very crip mix and the progression moves nicely! Great vocals too, hope you can grab a coin eventually!

Arcana - Wow! Big intro, autotuned vox, and then the dnb beat! Really fun, wish the bass had more presence would fill it all out!

nukage - Angsty dragon mood, chugs and the double kicks is a very hard combo

obScene - Ooo sneeeking into the dragon's lair trying not to disturb a single gold coin to upset the BEAST

2 christopian - Super huge! The mix is very sizzly, the massive battle is underway and fire is flames are flying everywhere!

JH Sounds - Trepid journeys deep into the shadowey lair

TheVideoGamer - Dropped right into the middle of the EPIC BATTLE FINALE. Very hardstyle, very orchestra hit and much action and of course, roaring

Jul 06, 2023 cotmm68030
  1. My Gold buys me no Love
  2. dragon dictation
  3. Scale and Brimstone
    JH Sounds

solid gold.

Jul 06, 2023 Misael.K
  1. yours for the taking
  2. Dragon
  3. Fortress of Solitude

colorado weeks: when I get Silent Hill vibes, I must vote.

obScene: a lot of tension with mystery.

christopian: tight and epic.

awesum: BrandonS, christopian, coloradoweeks, ethansight, JH Sounds, Koekepan, nukage, obScene.
good: Arcana, Barley, cotmm68030, DarkShadow, Meistr, Souperion, starla, THEGREATDESTROYER22, TheVideoGamer, Treyt, Wassup Thunder.