One Hour Compo - Round 747 (OHC747)

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Feb 02, 2023 Koekepan
  1. coach
  2. Takeoff Tension
  3. Mile High Club
Colorado did the one that was a cool song about a typical flight experience. It was well sung, too.

NickC captured a lot of people's other main experience, and nukage drove it home with passion.
Feb 08, 2023 TheVideoGamer
  1. Lets Fly Away
  2. New Destination
  3. he thought, "well isn't this nice"

@CotMM - I don't think mine has it, so you're good lol.

@Misael.K - This.

@Suzums - I should have used more of the B section in hindsight, but oh well...

@Suzums - Thanks, i like using unique chords in my tracks.

@Misael.K - I did mention in my description that i might have overdone the sidechaining, so it's ok if this is a problem to any of you guys. I ran out of time for mixing, as i was quickly making an ending.

@Arcana - I mean sometimes we all overdo it lol. Yeah your comment is basically the same haha.

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words! I was expecting a little more replies, but turned out not to be the case. Sometimes a track no matter how simple or lengthy, can just give you nothing to say. Thanks anyways!

Now then...

TheVideoGamer - As i said in my description this is an 80's type beat, with a lot of 16th note sequences, a vibrant yet looped melody, a B section with a choir and a solo melody, and a Motown sample because...i needed a texture change, and i didn't want to use the same synths again. The beat is mostly a 4 on the floor vibe, and the melodies are quite....uplifting in a way. The ending is unfortunately a bit too repetitive, but i needed a way to end it, and i ran out of time to do a proper on. I just rushed in an ending. So the piece is around 4:00, but it ends in 1 minute. I also mentioned, and to a degree still think i might have overdone the sidechain. As also with the ending, i left little time to mix, because doing the sidechain took up a bit of work, as well as getting the right melodies down. It was definately needed, but not as aggressive as this. Oh well, glad you liked it nonetheless!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - Early start les goo. At least since you finished 30 minutes before, you still had a chance to gear it towards the theme, otherwise you are sharing non OHC material. I got shit on for doing this, so let's hope nobody makes the same mistake lol. The chiptune melodies are lovely, and the chords are super adventurous. Didn't know this was for a Rhythm Game. This is super funky, perfect for some future cartoony game. Well done...oh wait were not done lol. 2 beats in one, now that came as a surprise. The 2nd beat really goes hard with the jazzy chords! I dig it a lot, it's pretty awesome. I feel this should have been one track at 2 minutes, rather than 2 beats in 2 minutes, as i felt when i got into the groove, the piece was done, and or were moving onto the next. I need time to process the beat, before you tell me were done. This is different if this was VGM, however the sounds present make it closer to listening music as such, not game music. This paragraph is already insanely long, so i'll just say there's a lot more to like than dislike. Well done!

cotmm68030 - Nice title lol. You know when listening to your pieces, it always feel like i'm listening to a 2 minute piece, not a 6 minute piece. Because it goes by so quickly, i feel like i need more. This is why i always say i could listen to this for 10 minutes, because it's soo drifty but unerving at the same time. Now this is actually to me more closer to a Brain Eno styled track in the sense there is more of a traditional melody structure, however the sounds are so low, it get masked in a lot more texture, than full on melody and chords. In this case, it's a lovely thing. It really makes for a more laidback listen. The slow developments using warm melodies, were just beautiful and relaxing in all of the textures. Just lovely. Choosing between you and Coloradoweeks was a challenge, both are amazing, however yours was more theme accurate, so in the end i was swayed towards you for the 3rd spot. Amazing work nonetheless!

Souperion - Woo that is one nice melody. The glides really make it for some reason. Sounds like were in the Scottish Highlands, but with a bit of a war drama feel thrown in. Fitting for airplanes? Well in my opinion, no. But the melodies are super fire, and the drum work is very tribal sounding. Perfect for a Scottish village. Mixing touches can be benefited here, but that's probably to make it a little more realistic and enhance the atmosphere. Doesn't change my opinion on the piece, still lovely, well done!

DarkShadow - Sorry dude, the waveform speaks for itself....

Hemophiliac - I don't think i've heard you. You must be new. Had to play yours a few times, very little to digest here. Super funky, perfect funk rock vibes, and sweet organ, but i can't really judge 30 seconds of music, sorry. Good job though!

Koekepan - Haha i love the voice. It's very Barry White sounding. I dig the drums and bass in this, just slightly slower than Techno, but faster than RnB. This is probably not ideal when the parents are home XD. I guess i'm not used to R-Rated OHC tracks lol. You know i'm reminded of that Quagmire sketch in Family Guy, where he roleplay's as a pilot flying a plane, whilst he makes out with a girl lol. The music itself is good, but the voice really takes the cake in this one. I can't give it an awesome vote, simply by the fact i didn't connect with the music, because the voices were distracting, but i did enjoy it as a whole. Good job!

Handknit - Ooh happy notes. I like this a lot, it's got a lot of poppy elements. It's kind of a mix of happy and adventurous. The vocals are kind of hard to decipher, and some of the chords towards the end, were a little...interesting. If you simplified it with the intro, and used that throughout, that would probably make it an instant Awesome vote, but i'm afraid that latter part was not my cup of tea, sorry. Good job though!

Barley - Neat textures in this one, it's amazing what you can get out of just a guitar using pedals. The textures kind of blur the link between CotMM and well you lol. I recognise that beat, it's great there's no metronome in this haha. I dug the guitar parts in this, however i do feel the drums are too soft, need to boost them up. The vocals also get the same problems towards the end, when you have all these instruments fighting each other. Even though it needs mixing touches, i still liked the idea a lot, and enjoyed your performance. Good job!

Dex - Intense bass guitar and strings. I really dig the melody in the strings in this, and the piano. I do notice that you tend to mix a bit on the loud side, so i often notice unintentional distortion in the piano among others. It doesn't ruin the track at all, but it is something to bare in mind. I love when the drums kicked in, great drop. I also notice in this one, the drums are very hot, and the guitar is closer to the background, in direct contrast to other entries you've done where the tone is very powerful and in your face. This sadly brings it down a touch, however i'm trying to remember not all rock styles use the same techniques, and in this case the piano is the star. The strings come in at the start, and then never return again. That could have added some nice airiness to the sound. Trouble with your tracks, is the melody writing is sooo good, but my brain always find some titbit that affects the track or something. I don't know, at this point i'm giving you this, but just barely. More good than bad in this case. Well done!

Coloradoweeks - OOF that is one hell of a beat! Super tight. I'm loving the Billie Jean type chords, and the Lizzo styled vocal performances, it's a great mix of styles! Amazing chords, great lyric writing, this one is a huge bop. Can't stop vibing so hard. I so wanted this on the top 3 so badly, but i cant! I can only choose 3. If there was a 4th spot available, you would definately be on it, amazing work!

NickC - That is a lovely synth bass sound. Pads are lovely and airy, feels like were flying kind of like Peter Pan, but in a more atmospheric way, than a childlike innocence way. Some of the chords really do utilize some interesting notes, it sounds kind of spooky in parts? Personally it's fitting for a video game, kind of like some Doom or Battlefield thing. The drum work is super unique i love the time switches, it's not a simple groove at all, and i love it! I'm torn, because the melodies are both weird, but amazing at the same time. And the mix is pretty great, everything flows nicely. I ended up giving you this one, because the chords and the drums was just...super fascinating, just Sometimes the most unusual ends up being the most exciting. Awesome work!

Nukage - Kind of cute melodies, really nice guitar blends here. The drums were super unexpected, more in the sense, i wasn't expecting it to drop without a build-up or any kind of anticipation. The DNB parts was also unexpected. Since you mixed the trap parts pretty aggressively, they sound almost like the drop itself, but it's not. Instead it's the intro beat. The drop itself is super fire though, awesome use of chiptune elements, and the guitar might be a vocal, it's processed in such a cool way. Loved this one, awesome work!

Wassup Thunder - Really liking the choir elements here, i am reminded of Dark Souls for some reason. The string work is also super fire, very epic and fitting for some final battle or something, or at least a prelude to a final battle. The guitar work gives me a Metallica vibe for some reason and i don't know why. The mix could do with a little bit of touches, as the choir parts are the forefront of everything, whilst the drums and guitar are being pushed down, but this is primarily a taste thing. The idea was super fire, even if not theme fitting to me. I loved the ending, super creative. Even with all that's said, there is a lot more to like than dislike, loved every bit of it, well done!

obScene - Now that is one emotional piano. I am biased towards a beautiful melody, and this is....probably the most beautiful melody i've heard from you to be honest. Even with your industrial leanings, you still manage to make it sound expressive and emotive. This is like a more varied take on Philip Glass, but with more complex notes, and a sort of Folk Rock edge to it. Absolutely beautiful stuff, the melodies are amazing. So incredible it ends up on the top spot! Incredible work!

Starla - Nice of you to get back into the music lol. Is this the right lyrics? It sounds like a different theme altogether haha. The metronome feels unintentional...or is it? The lyrics made me laugh too, and the way it was vocoded was....pretty incredible actually, it made the track really shine like Imogen Heap. I can't really take this seriously, and this is why it's in the awesome category haha. Well done!

Misael.K - Nice intro, great effects. Sounds like were off on a windy adventure. Chords are super jazzy, really funky stuff. The beat drop was awesome, i love the melody in this, and synth chords was a lovely touch! Melody work is fire, the basslines are beyond groovy. One of your finest personally. It's got a lovely song structure and a great set of complex chords! Absolutely amazing stuff, i was fighting between you and obScene for the top spot, it was nearly impossible. It was still amazing enough for the 2nd spot, incredible work!

Arcana - Shame you couldn't upload. It sucks when you cannot tell if it's gone through or not. Oh well, glad you're here anyways! Really liking the chords in this, perfect trance vibes. Some of the notes in your melody, don't seem to match the chords, but i might need to relisten a few times to pick up on it. The drums are a bit quiet in this, and maybe the piece could do with a little dynamics, mostly in the form of velocity changes, but that's just me. It just needs a bit of polish to make it perfect, i did love the idea, it was a ton of fun, your singing has really improved since the first time i've heard you, good job!

Top 3 - obScene, Misael.K, cotmm68030.

Putting obScene and Misael.K together in this round is like putting 2 of your children next to each other, and deciding who you like more. Both of them were incredible. I went with obScene in the end, because of theme accuracy, but both were amazing. It do be hard like dat.....

These entries also deserve to go on the list. They were just too good:

Coloradoweeks (I want this on soo badly, it's also amazing. CotMM had more theme relevancy in his track, so this kind of bias is sort of a thing when voting. But yours was also incredible too. So many awesome tracks)

NickC (I love this, but hate at this at the same time, can someone help me please lol)


Awesome - DDRKirby(ISQ), cotmm68030, Souperion, Dex, Coloradoweeks, NickC, Nukage, Wassup Thunder, obScene, Starla, Misael.K.

Needs Work - DarkShadow, Hemophiliac, Koekepan, Handknit, Barley, Arcana.

Feb 09, 2023 Misael.K
  1. coach
  2. Turbulence
    Wassup Thunder
  3. Takeoff Tension

coloradoweeks: too sexy.

Wassup Thunder: epic.

NickC: lots of good tension.

awesum: coloradoweeks, cotmm68030, DDRKirby(ISQ), Hemophiliac, Koekepan, NickC, nukage, obScene, Souperion, starla, TheVideoGamer, Wassup Thunder.
good: Barley, DarkShadow, Dex, handknit.

Feb 09, 2023 NickC
  1. coach
  2. Lets Fly Away
  3. he thought, "well isn't this nice"