240th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS340)


Hello fellow vibration makers, its that time of the month again! First Sunday of the month means a special event is in store and this month is no different. 


This time around, the 2HTSTimeBot has prepared a new command for you to use. Once used the bot will discretely DM you with a random combination of 3 emojis that will serve as your inspiration for the day. It is completely up to you to interpret the emojis but as always, try to avoid using the command twice to change your result. Remember - this is a challenge :) 


To receive your theme, use the following command: !ramoji 


Happy music making!

Start: on 10/4/20
Deadline: on 10/4/20
Voting: on 10/11/20

Entries (16)