Eyes on Me

posted in 2HTS452 on Nov 27, 2022

Today I'm trying some new goodies I got over these last weeks, so everything today is straight into my Focusrite interface and using EZDrummer3, Neural plugins and some AI mixing/mastering from Izotope.

It's good to be back, hope you find this beautiful in your eyes and in your ears, I hope to join every on and then, I missed being here and enjoying this with you guys.

Jam in the tone of Amazing Grace

posted in 2HTS371 on May 09, 2021

I was raised Protestant, so things like the purgatory are an alien concept to me in many aspects, however I understand the idea of holiness of it, so I wanted it to take some time and "jam" in one of my favorite hymns "Amazing Grace" and keep the feeling religious in some sense.

Hope you guys like it, it was fun to take the pedalboard and the amp from their cases and jam with them, there's something so cool about analog gear :) and I never thought running my acoustic guitar through a "Klon" would create such a nice sound, I've got to start practicing mic'ing my gear, there's something so cool in having all the cables laying around in front of me while recording in my "studio".

Dance Flamingo Dance

posted in 2HTS368 on Apr 18, 2021

Wanted to do a dance track this time, I'm sleepy because some meds I'm taking but this sounds all right to me.

Hope you guys like it and as always sorry about the bad mix.

Nina the Happy Beagle

posted in 2HTS366 on Apr 04, 2021

Kind of a joke song this time :) sampled my Beagle when she was a puppy (she used to bark in A3) and added a few barks there and there now that she's a 3-year-old doggo

Sorry about the awful mix, I'll share a pic of her in Discord

(Re-up to fix something very quick in the "mix")


It's about 10 pm right now, I can easily see my wife being annoyed by me recording music at this hour but I thought hey wth let's do this and hopefully the idea sticks somewhere.

Next time I just hope I'll prepare better and record a better idea

Triplets and Bass

posted in WHC25 on Feb 07, 2021

So here it goes my first try on this type of compos, somehow this sounds like what if Jaco Pastorious would have tried to play with Pantera.

As shared in Discord, I did some playing on Guitar Pro to create the drum tracks and from there I created this, it helped me to study and understand triplets and how they are so useful in music :) 

Rise and Fall

posted in 2HTS356 on Jan 24, 2021

Kinda inspired by one of my favorite british bands: Acoustic Alchemy

As the tide rises and falls, this song does the same, as always (and I know) apologies for bad EQ, somehow it got louder this time after rendering but I hope you like it, I loved what I was able to come up with :)

Karma Guitar

posted in 2HTS355 on Jan 17, 2021

When karma decides you should not listen to the metronome but to the drummer so you have to re-record the entire thing from scratch

As always, apologies for the mix

Welcome to the 11th Dimension

posted in 2HTS347 on Nov 22, 2020

Ok you guys hear me out, the amount of BS I can come up with this goes to 11 and let me tell you why:

- This track is at 11 bpm
- This track is in F, which is the 11th of C
- The track goes through all the chords of the F major scale, each chord being played with it's 11th and changing to the next chord only based on the 11th note played on the previous chord
- The samples I used have to do something with either dimension or 11
- The cucckoo clock at the end sings the time 11 times
- All the presets in the plugins that I've used are the 11th preset in their list of presets
- All the tracks are set in -11 db, except the busses
- The keyboard preset I'm using in my Yamaha keyboard is called Cool Galaxy! and it's the number 11 in the list of voices including in the synth memory
- Even the master track of this song is at -11db
- The track ends in playing the 4th chord of the F major scale, this scale of this chord is the relative to C, so we're going back full circle and ends exactly at the 1:00 min mark 
- There's exactly 11 items in this list

Me right now: https://media.giphy.com/media/LJ8aM1wbV9Gko/giphy.gif

The Couch Potato Blues

posted in 2HTS345 on Nov 08, 2020

Sometimes is good to feel lazy and sing the blues about being a couch potato you know? Only that when you sing the blues and play it you forget you have to be at the 3 min mark :P so sorry everyone.

Oh yes this time I decided to sing :)

The Gnome March

posted in 2HTS342 on Oct 18, 2020

I read in the Wikipedia, that Gnomes tend to be quite interesting creatures that like to help humans so here's a try on making an orchestral composition for them

:soccer: :sailboat: :scream:

posted in 2HTS340 on Oct 04, 2020

You're with your friend near the beach on your sailboat, just enjoying the day and chilling out, suddenly a soccer game starts at the beach, the entire town is watching it, YOU are watching it, everyone including the monkeys and the birds are there and suddenly GOAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!


posted in 2HTS333 on Aug 16, 2020

Sometimes a good idea comes out of nowhere and it's just about of using what you have available.

You're rocking a new outfit, you know you look better than the rest of the world, now walk through the fashion show with confidence you'll be the best looking person around and no one can't tell you you're wrong.

(Couldn't come up with a lead sound but I like the idea, if you want to jam through it, go ahead :) )

Shuffle Champions

posted in 2HTS332 on Aug 09, 2020

20 minutes track sunday D: I think it was OK, wish I could have connected my entire guitar setup instead of using a guitar plugin but here it is

Just think of the best card game you have played and just when you're about to crush your opponent and reclaim victory

odious Helicopter!

posted in 2HTS327 on Jul 05, 2020

No guitars today :D I have a guitar pedal that can make a helicopter noise (look for the Trinity Reverb ver 1 by TC Electronics) but I was too lazy to set everything up making it up