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Squint and see the FINE PRINT!

posted in 2HTS398 on Nov 14, 2021

the pandemics over just got a job
i need to sign this contract verses starting a mob

but they don't know
no they don't know
What's in the fine print
no they don't know
What's in the fine print

Hint give them a hint
whats in the fine print
squint we have to squint to see the fine print

we just want to be free
without the slavery
and not work and not get the wages that we want

OR something like that

Butter tastes better on testicles and letter I used to think I Could rely on Any butter For any purpose Then I realized There was salted Youd like to think its all butter but theres so many choices oh no! Dont try to get me to buy it with all that bread I dont want cultured or compound or grass fed I might just have to accept that whats less is best Whats less is best Whats less is best I cant believe it isnt butter, I wouldnt even let you rub this on my skin. I guess if I was being honest, i would tell you to never bring it in. Cause I know, that butter, is better, on testicles. I never wanted to believe it but butter is better on letter after all
Late Entry

Samurai 1337 CODE OF DEATH!!

posted in 2HTS384 on Aug 08, 2021


Breaking through with violence

idling in silence

quietness is violent

leviathan nihilist

That's right I am a samurai

I kill every one in sight

too many bodies to count

I can't recall the amount

of life i've taken

with every breathe I've taken

I can't break free

From all the death I reap

death itself can't escape

Death is around all me

I am a warrior

I'm caught in this corridor

of death

you can't escape me

I will kill

i am a samurai

and i will kill


posted in 2HTS263 on Apr 14, 2019
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Mirror || roяяiM
Mirror || roяяiM
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Mirror || roяяiM
STAY 1337