336th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS336)


The long awaited first Sunday of the month has arrived!


As you all know, this event has been going since the dawn of time (some even claim it was what caused the Big Bang in the first place�), which means we are slowly but surely getting old. Have you recently felt a weird pain in a part of body you didn�t know existed before? Did your belly get a bit bigger? You probably have hair popping up in weird places as well.. Fear not, you are not alone.


Plenty of people have found themselves in a similar situation as they get older and the one thing that helps everybody cope is some good ol� fashioned humour. But not just any humour will do - everyone knows that a well timed dad joke is peak comedy and the best thing humanity has to offer. This is why this week�s special theme is: DAD JOKE.


In order to participate, just type in !dadjoke in our Discord channel and our trusty 2HTSTimeBot will come up with a dad joke just for you. Read the joke, have a chuckle or two and then get to work! The joke you receive will serve as your inspiration for this week�s song. The way you implement your joke is completely up to you, get creative!


Keep the joke you receive a secret and share it once your song is being played during the listening party.


Please also keep in mind that this is a special challenge! Before "giving up" and getting a second joke, try to look at things from a different perspective. Focus on a single word, or the complete opposite of that word; the mood it communicates you; think of a movie, or an advertisement; write about a world where tiny little people only dance to songs with that theme. Or write about yourself writing this song - anything goes!


Have fun!


You will have 1 hour to complete your song and 10 minutes to finish it up. You will then have an additional 10 minutes to upload your song. At 6 PST/9 EST you may begin your mixing, please have your files uploaded by 7:20 PST/10:20 EST. Join us for discussion on Discord!

Start: on 9/6/20
Deadline: on 9/6/20
Voting: on 9/13/20

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