Late Entry


posted in 2HTS483 on Jul 02, 2023

Today I did something different: an OSC (one synth challenge). Everything you hear came from Ableton Live's Drift. It has 22 tracks. And most of the effects from Live itself. And a Valhalla Supermassive. And a LO-FI Delay from Waves.


posted in 2HTS342 on Oct 18, 2020

My participation today is off the topic.


I am changing my recording system, and I have some adaptation problems with DAW. I was always DAWLESS, but my multitrack died.


Next week everything goes back to normal. I guess.

What do you want, son of a bitch?

posted in 2HTS332 on Aug 09, 2020

Me and SonicsBr (above) use the same samples, so there are some similarities between the songs ...


Que que voce quer, filho da puta?

(What do you want, son of a bitch?)


Me deixa trabalhar, desgrado!

(Let me work, you bastard!)


Vai car servi!

(Go look for work!)


N enche meu saco n!

(Don't bother me!)

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