292nd 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS292)

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Nov 03, 2019 TheVideoGamer
  1. Why More Lint
  2. lost socks end up in my belly button
  3. dub dub
Another great week you guys!

TheVideoGamer - For the past few 2hts, i had made something jazzy. I don't own real instruments, so i made hooks out of carefully selected samples, and made something i liked. For this one, i originally started out in this vain, but i got sick of it. I had done a lot of Jazzy compositions, so i wanted to try something different. Also the video was too scientific and technical, and i felt stupid when incorporating a light hearted vibe to it. So i tried hardcore, something i haven't done in a while. Not just any hardcore though, something more modern, like Angerfist, or Evil Activities. It was a pain to make though, because i was spending a lot of time, making a glide synth, that would glide, and not sound like shit. When it did work, it took a bit of time away, so i cheapened out, by using samples for my kick, than making it myself. I used a SpongeBob sample for the breaks, as well as different sections to allow for it to properally build up, as if it was any hardcore track, or EDM track for that matter. Once i structured to my liking, that was really it.

Now to the entrants

ricardomenegasso - Good to have you back dude. Nice to hear the good ol' Riccardo funk sound. Nice synths, and amazing arps. Really nice intricate panning use, it really gave it some room. Every felt nice and analogue. Well done dude!

Chardas - Dude this felt like someone different. You should explore this more often, i loved it. The guitar was well integrated, and the drums were nice and lo-fi. I really like the raw sound, great job!!

Nukage - Beyond incredible. Even if it's mastered to extremely high volumes, it is well justified for this genre. I loved the vocal manipulations, it was so intricate and different, and the switchups are crazy. I love the thumping drums and aggressive bassline, really enhances the Neurofunk feel. Love this one, awesome job!!!

Antik - Not gonna lie, it is a little basic, but understandable, as this is more of a repetitive genre. Still though, this thumps hard, and i love the rich acid like bass, and nice crisp beats. Explore this more often, you seem to excel at it. Nice one!

Vaiaphraim - Such a cute little NES number. As usual, you make some great melodies! Would feel right at home at an early NES game. Great work!

Pixel Boy - Lovely melodic elements, and unusual beats. Really liked that swing, added a humanising element to it. Lovely work dude!

Onia - The texture is soo compelling. The sound design is incredible, really brought out that atmosphere. It felt like it was building up to something, but it never does. Incredible stuff man!

Awesome - Pretty much everybody.

Needs Work - Nobody this week. Wow!
Nov 10, 2019 ricardomenegasso
  1. Why More Lint
  2. lost socks end up in my belly button
  3. pIXEL bOY - dURT
    pixel boy