Nerve Pulse

posted in 2HTS513 on Jan 28, 2024

I actually wanted to add a drop, but it didn't feel right... I just had to maintain the initial melancholy throughout; it just didn't feel right to deviate...

Imagine the square arpies representing the tingles moving along the nervous system, and the pitched toms should be the dull hammer sending them off :)

Champagne 1337

posted in 2HTS509 on Dec 31, 2023

I tried to capture the regal qualities of the drink and combine it with some tipsiness to form a NES style 8-bit tune in ~75 mins.

Happy new year, all the best for 2024!


posted in 2HTS498 on Oct 15, 2023

Pretty sure that it's the second time we had this theme :P

Some old and some new Vital patches, and some Chips to round it all off, I guess that counts as 'Fossil'?

Fly Away Letter

posted in 2HTS496 on Oct 01, 2023

I think there's such a thing like a "one synth challenge".

This track was made in Vital (free version) exclusively, including percussion.

There's also glue compression on the master bus, together with some basic EQ and limiting for some extra dB.

Late Entry

Double Helix Squares

posted in 2HTS473 on Apr 23, 2023

I hope the track doesn't trigger TVG's allergy to the mixolydian mode.

(Though if it does, it means I succeeded in composing in the mode properly...)

Late Entry


posted in 2HTS470 on Apr 02, 2023

In Collaboration with ChatGPT ^_^

Verse 1:

I step into the shop, tailor greets me with a grin

He takes my measurements, tells me "You're a perfect 10"

He asks me 'bout my style, I tell him "keep it classic"

I trust this tailor's skills, he's nothing short of fantastic


Tailor-made, that's the way

Every stitch and every fray

Fits me like a glove, I'm on display

Thanks to my tailor's perfect array!

Verse 2:

He works with cloth, his canvas at his fingertips

His scissors slice and dice, with every snip and clip

He shapes and molds, until my suit fits like a glove

I feel like a million bucks, it's tailor-made love


Tailor-made, that's the way

Every stitch and every fray

Fits me like a glove, I'm on display

Thanks to my tailor's perfect array!

Verse 3:

He sews with passion, his craft is pure art

His needle and thread, the beat to my heart

I strut down the street, confident and bold

Thanks to my tailor's perfect fold


Tailor-made, that's the way

Every stitch and every fray

Fits me like a glove, I'm on display

Thanks to my tailor's perfect array!


Tailor-made, tailor-made

I wouldn't have it any other way

Tailor-made, tailor-made

I owe it all to my tailor's trade

Tailor-made, tailor-made

He's the reason I'm tailor-made.

Annual Music Gym Membership

posted in 2HTS457 on Jan 01, 2023

I guess you'll be stuck with me for another year ^_^

The plan was to write some phrygian-esque battle music, but I pretty much discarded the idea before I completed the first bar. At least I got to play around with some emulated DPCM, the NES sample module which I very rarely use ever!

The Pinky Swears

posted in 2HTS443 on Sep 25, 2022

I tried to make something child-like and happy... but couldn't stick with it for all that long.

Special thanks to my wife for letting me borrow her laptop for 2HTS when I didn't bring mine :3

I didn't have access to my NES VST presets though, so I had to make a couple new ones really quick.


posted in 2HTS436 on Aug 07, 2022

I don't know why, but minimal electronic kinda sounded like space music in my head.

I'd say it's minimal because of the reduced melodic complexity, and electronic because of the instruments?

Fluffy Berlin

posted in 2HTS431 on Jul 03, 2022

Two words I have never seen in that configuration so far.

This track about a fluffy german capital was written by an austrian that just got back home from italy after 3 weeks of not practicing music^^


posted in 2HTS417 on Mar 27, 2022

Warning - experimental track!

I'm testing out my new in-progress VSTi that mangles samples by shifting pitch and volume semi-randomly ^_^

Frozen Sugar Heap

posted in 2HTS402 on Dec 12, 2021

Extremely experimental. The first half should be in E phrygian, but it didn't quite work out as planned.

The second half uses my 1-bit VST (albeit with the gain reduced), featuring pulse-width modulation and 3 different styles of noise. Purists might still complain that it's actually 1.5 bit, because I let the speakers rest on zero, when no note is played (rather than exclusively -1 and 1)

Oh, and "Zuckerberg" could be loosely translated to "Mountain of Sugar" in german :3

Bright Anime

posted in 2HTS401 on Dec 05, 2021

Defeat all evil and stop the uprising!

Catch the stars and increase your power!

Take action and help the weak -

so you may shine above them all!

(Thanks to google translate and aquestone)

Subete no aku o uchi makashi, hoki o tomete kudasai hoshi o kyatchi shi, anata no chikara o takamemasu kodo o okoshi, jakusha o tasukerudakara anata wa sorera subete no ue ni kagayaku kamo shiremasen

Oh, and... it's pretty much a reinterpretation of the "Don't tease me, Nagatoro" intro :)
The lyrics here are my own though xD

Missing Week

posted in 2HTS400 on Nov 28, 2021

The only synth used today was BitBleep, a VST I've written myself over the last week, including two oscillators, filter (with envelope and LFO), pitch drift, and a basic clipping distortion unit :)

I didn't get any decent drums working though, so I used samples for the most part ^^

The more I think about it, the more I insist that antik must have gotten the numbers wrong.

Btw: the toilet break isn't a mistake, but starting the toilet break after the upload period was a mistake - it should always have been composition time for those that emptied their bladder beforehand.

Future High Priestess

posted in 2HTS392 on Oct 03, 2021

I went with a ton of weird processing, like muting the mids on one chord patch, and muting the sides on another, hard pan left right center stuff. Tons of instruments that might or might not go together, intertwining rhythms.

I do hope that my future will be blessed with a better mix, though :)

Another One Lights the Gust

posted in 90MC036 on Sep 28, 2021
Sega Genesis pseudochip; no channel limits are applied.

I kinda stole the bassline rhythm and went from there.

Initially, I intended rather sombre vibes, not sure what happened, I think I drew a "wrong" note that made it sound a bit more funky, and, well, I went from there :D

Not sure if it counts, but the overly loud cymbals are supposed to mimic thunder ^_^

The original theme didn't have any punctuation - this is my interpretation -.-


(Intro) Hear me, hear me! The princess has been abducted by the evil toddler.
Your king commands all moths to poison the toddler, and rescue the princess!

(Outro) Hear me, hear me! The princess is saved, and the moths shall marry here, once she comes of age.

Lost in Thought

posted in 2HTS385 on Aug 15, 2021

Trying out a Sega Genesis soundchip emulator tonight ^_^

(Using too many channels, but... I didn't want to restrict myself so I could experiment freely :) )


posted in 2HTS347 on Nov 22, 2020

Step 1: connect a buzzer to a PWM output

Step 2a: plug in a photoresistor to modify control voltage to an analog pin
Step 2b: plug in a potentiometer to modify control voltage to an analog pin


Step 3: add a LOT of cables that don't contribute to the circuit, because if you move a flashlight behind them, they will cast additional shadows onto the resistor o.o


Step 4a: write some cheap code that reads photoresistor and poti input, multiply add divide and use all the symbols you always wondered what they might do. make sure that the poti does PWM while the photoresistor deals with pitch (or, well, change the inputs, whatever) 


Step 4b: evacuate the building(!!!) before uploading the code, since the portal will open immediately after the program is compiled and active. (if you need more time for evacuation, try using a Delay(ms) timer. It's milliseconds, so just add a few extra zeroes, just in case)


Step 5: record the buzzer output, while waving around with flashlights, messing with the poti and dragging the circuit over the table, because you didn't mount it properly


Step 6: Just add a heapton of FX so that the original input doesn't really matter. Try octaving up and down for weird noises.

Step 7: Make sure you warn potential listeners, because the resulting noises are not always pleasant in the arduino dimension.

Dad Joke

posted in 2HTS336 on Sep 06, 2020

Unless you're a robot (or incredibly talented), using a binary-ASCII converter :)


01001000 01101111 01110111 00100000 01100100 01101111 00100000 01101100 01101111 01100011 01101111 01101101 01101111 01110100 01101001 01110110 01100101 01110011 00100000 01101011 01101110 01101111 01110111 00100000 01110111 01101000 01100101 01110010 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 01111001 00100111 01110010 01100101 00100000 01100111 01101111 01101001 01101110 01100111 00111111 00100000 01001100 01101111 01110100 01110011 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01110100 01110010 01100001 01101001 01101110 01101001 01101110 01100111


you wanted me to do a ska-o-per-aaaaa

iiii don't know what to do for opera or skaaa


let's use a ton of reverb for my voooooice

so that in marvellous tone you can may rejooooice


no time to correct my pitch with autotune

so I'm singing out of key (laptop mic crackle intensifies!)  


so you wanted me to do a ska-o-per-aaaaa

and I spent 30 minutes on wikipediaaaaa


I can't play the violin, nor sing - this must be the worst song that I've ever done

I guess it's time to run, before my neighbors come -

Borrowed Chord Studies

posted in WHC22 on Jul 16, 2020

Part 1 (0:00 - 0:19): In C Major, I selected a [ I IV V V _ I IV V I ] progression as a basis, but ended the track with a chromatic alteration, using a Dm7b5 (the b5 is borrowed from the parallel minor), to resolve back to C major.


Part 2 (0:19 - 0:33): C Major once more. The progression here is a [ I iii ii ii ] loop for the first half, and then goes other places. I don't actually know how I came up with the second section - some experiments with voice leading, etc.

For some reason, C D# G# sounded really great, so I altered the last ii chord from Dminor to Bm7#5, which really helped transitioning towards that sweet C D# G# chord. 

I think it's some sort of secondary dominant, because it's not in the scale of C major (obviously). This one is then followed by a D F B chord, which I don't know how to name either :P It could be a G Dom 7th, just without the G, since it resolves back to the root really well. And we're back in C major. Woohoo!


Part 3 (0:33 - 1:00): The classic Pachelbel progression (thanks, Wikipedia), with a few alterations.

At the end of the first loop, I swapped out the original A major for a C#Augmented (Same notes, just an F instead of the E). For the next A major, I played C# E A# instead, again making use of chromatic notes in the upper voice.


Part 4 (1:00 - 2:07): Destiny - An original collaboration between GerCR and myself. I've borrowed a few chords to spice up the progression. The track is actually in F# Aeolian, but I've changed the v chord from a C# minor triad to a C# major triad. I found it to flow really smoothly that way :)

It was fun how I was reminded of how Johnny warned us about Generic Fusion Jazz. The section starting at 1:44 utilizes really weird chords. I can't tell where I borrowed them from, but the exotic flavor is definitely there^^

Finally I think I used a dominant 7th trick to end the cadence on a major chord, just that I didn't actually write a dominant 7th instead it was C#min7 → F#major. I'm actually surprised it worked that well :)

Derezzed Remix

posted in WHC21 on Jun 21, 2020

A few drum patterns over Daft Punk's Derezzed

I could have saved some time by just downloading the MIDI instead of transcribing. Whoever finds mistakes is free to keep them ^_^


posted in 2HTS321 on May 24, 2020

you break the silence

when I sleep


you haunt me in my dreams

you ignorant creep


you crushed my soul, my anger's blazing deep

you stop me from my goal - to get my beauty sleep!


YEAH! you damn crickets! (x ?)


nature is attacking me (attacking me, attacking me)

you may listen (but) you can't see (you can't you can't you can't see)


crickets hiding in the tree

in the grass where I can't see

YEAH! you damn crickets! (x ?)


posted in 2HTS188 on Nov 05, 2017
Thinking back to the "good old times", before the desire of revenge arose. What are we even angry at? Still... something has to be done.


Ion Dance

posted in 2HTS182 on Sep 24, 2017
Because, well... electrons from the sun hits the atmosphere and ionizes oxygen and all that - which then subsequently emits light. Yay. ^_^

Count On Me

posted in 2HTS174 on Jul 30, 2017
Well, it's mainly 4/4, but there's a ton of polyrhythmics and a few brief changes of the beat sprinkled throughout the track.

Can you find them all? :P

Slice them all!

posted in WHC18 on Feb 26, 2017
Sampling in REAPER is... a bit hard to get used to. I might rework this with a better sample unit, rather than the native one.

Thanks for your teaching, Panda!

Multi-modal Travel

posted in WHC14 on Jul 17, 2016
Since WHC13 (Ionian / Aeolian) wasn't possible for me to submit on time, the track starts with these two, and later transitions to Dorian.

Enjoy the ride!
This is a cover of Kenny Burrell's "Chitlins Con Carne", released 1963.

Special thanks to my brother, who showed that track to me in the first place.
He's also the guitarist/bassist here - together, we took turns on recording the percussion elements (guiro, cabasa, shaker, djembe, claps,...), and added some MIDI drumkits.

I'm to blame for the mix and the clarinet elements :D

Fear the Eclipse

posted in WHC2 on Feb 14, 2016
The sun goes down; it's getting darker
Out of the mirrors; shadows come alive

The sun goes down; they're coming closer
Children of the stars, our time is running out

Do you really think that
you got what it takes?
Oh no no no!
You cannot save the world

The moon is black; there is no source of
light strong enough to illuminate

The light is gone; they're coming closer
Children of the moon, our time is running out

Do you really think that
you got what it takes?
Oh no no no!
You cannot save the world alone

So let us gather -
unite the forces of us all!
We're together, standing tall!

More than 8 bits

posted in 2HTS97 on Feb 07, 2016
"This is Vaia trying not to make chiptune" - GerCR

Yeah, a few votes were pointing at me, I think a few others thought it was Adreqi's work.

Honestly, I wanted to make it sound a bit like DK, and a bit like Entoen. Ironically, as soon as I brought the Aquestone vocal synth in, everyone was certain it was me. (Though, both Entoen and DK already had their tracks played at that point)

Streng dich an

posted in 2HTS93 on Jan 10, 2016
Streng dich an! - - - - auch wenn du am Boden bist
Gib nicht auf! Steh auf - es ist noch nicht vorbei!

Streng dich an! - - - - egal was andere sagen
Dein Weg wird nur von dir gebaut, du bist frei

"Carpe noctem" - bitte sehr Gerson
Etwas Latein für etwas Angeberei

Versuchen wir's nochmal mit "au-re-a pri-ma sa-tast"
Die Zeiten werden schlechter, doch wir sind vorn dabei

Try harder! ... no matter, if you're down.
Don't give up, can you not see? it's not over, you're still around

Try harder! ... don't care what other's say
you're the one, who forges your path, no one can get in your way
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