Week 14 (90MC014)


The Feywilds, Faerie Lands, or more familiarly: the Lost Woods. An ancient boreal land brimming with natural wild magic, a borderland between the mundane and supernatural worlds. Where skeptics see only atomic interaction to explain the will o' the wisps, those with understanding see playful sprites and wayward fey folk. The magics in the region cause the flora to grow to exceptional size; imagine oaks that would put the mighty redwood to shame, flower patches to rival the great barrier reef, and grass that could, in a pinch, be used as a blade. Tonight's theme is The Feywilds.


You may use any and all gear to create a song in MP3 format. Maximum song length is 6 minutes. You will have 90 minutes to create and upload your song. The listening party & peer review will start promptly at the 90 minute mark. Be ready to listen to the first song then! Join us for discussion on Discord.

Start: on 4/27/21
Deadline: on 4/27/21
Voting: on 5/4/21

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