posted in OHC678 on Oct 07, 2021

Sorry that I have not been able to tune into the listening party, but i do always enjoy reading your comments in the morning!

Heyo again

posted in 90MC016 on May 11, 2021
Hey! So I made this song at 11 to 12 so I stayed within the time limit so the reason why is that I would not be able to make a song this tuesday as I was at my relatives house.so I made it earlier in the day hope that's fine with you starla!

Hey! Bloom.

posted in 90MC014 on Apr 27, 2021

Hey I can not see what you guys say about this song so maybe you could say it in the vote thingie? I cant join the disc server and my dad is at work! Hope you enjoy - Lyra.


posted in OHC651 on Apr 01, 2021

My mother was in the room so I chickened out before recording so I did not get to do it how I rlly wanted to still turned out cool though.

In the first bit after recording I relised that it kinda sounded like the begining of Let it go from frozen.


posted in OHC647 on Mar 04, 2021

Hey! I wanted to do a rock song like uh Eye of the tiger but I am still learning FL studios! So I did this still accapella! Link to last week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-x2RDHXB8g

Sunset blues

posted in OHC646 on Feb 25, 2021

Sunsetty i guess

yt: Gamergirl23

and or purely aesthetic.

Thanks a bunch! And yes Cotmm is my dad.

Doing acappela till I figure FL studios out better.

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