One Hour Compo - Round 645 (OHC645)

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Feb 18, 2021 Suzumebachi
  1. A Touch Of Winter
  2. Season of Bloom
  3. Footsteps
many very nice songers this week very nice
Feb 18, 2021 Arcana
  1. Season of Bloom
  2. A Brand New Start
  3. Young Leaves
DDRKirby for the classic feel-good music. Great melody and I really liked how the music sounds like it's building and developing and bringing you somewhere.

GLL: For the warm theme and the good delivery. It's such a nice song with a satisfying chorus.

Atmospherium, I enjoyed the harmony and the way that your voice complimented the instrumentation. One thought though was that the voice was a little hot, maybe a little too much hard clipping cutting into the warmth of your voice.

I also seriously considered voting for:

JH Sounds

I also liked:

Feb 18, 2021 InvisibleObserver
  1. A Brand New Start
  2. Snowy Growy
  3. Source Heat
Feb 18, 2021 JH Sounds
  1. A Brand New Start
  2. Bonds of Life And Snow
  3. Plants Sprouting Through Snow
You know nothing, Snow
Feb 20, 2021 TheVideoGamer
  1. Footsteps
  2. Snowy Growy
  3. A Brand New Start
@Wassup Thunder - lol

@Souperion - Not today haha....

@Garian - If only Brian Eno made a drum and bass album....

@Souperion - Well i'm glad lol

@GLL - Don't forget Johnny Depp....

@Everyone - Oh yeah, i hope you guys aren't from Texas. If you are, then deepest sympathy, i believe you guys are suffering from Power Outages, and a huge ton of snow. Just wanted to pay my respects. Anywho...

@thesocialcontract - This is what a good sub can do to you....

@Souperion - Wait, you actually have the guts to go to the dentist? I would love to actually not be scared of the dentist...

@Arcana - Pretty much. Maybe a bit slow, but still...pretty much.

@CotMM - 303 inside of a dreamland lol.

@Dex - 30 hours? Dude that sucks big time, i don't know what to suggest, as i'm a UK lad, but i can at least sympathise...

@CotMM - Definitely would be, if the acid wasn't strong....

@Dex - The power of the sub....

@Wassup Thunder - I'm starting to get really invested in Labs. So all of them pad sounds were coming out of this beauty (Spitfire are really drawing me in, with their free stuff. Largely because 400 quid for a product is a joke, i can't afford that much. So yeah, go freebies...)

@Souperion - Lol, glad you got pleasure out of my pads...

@Dex - True....

@CotMM - Do you think? Maybe it's the 303.....

@GLL - Not large enough. Opus #5467,132,489 is much better lol

@Arcana - Do it dude, i'm like your hardware stuff a lot...

@Starla - That's the power of a good 303. One day i wanna be like Pierre, and own a real thing. VST's are the next big thing though....

@Dex - Clicking? The sub hasn't changed....

@Souperion - No Hellfiya dude. The sample's not in season yet....

@thesocialcontract - Haha good one...

@Arcana - That's no way to treat musical gear, shame on you lol. Only joking, i would love if you cranked some modular for next OHC...

@Misael.K - Here's why i said that. This image is quite minimal, mostly consisting of small flowers covered in snow. Now i interpret things maybe differently, and to me, this felt more like some guitar, light-hearted thing. Ambient was the last thing i would imagine, in an image like this. Contrast that with the images presented for OHC 643. Ambient music is pretty much a must, since it fits that theme better. I didn't want to do ambient for this one, ended up doing ambient lol. My mind wanders a bit heh...

@Ashka - Thanks lol, but i kind of had the same time as everyone else. I just finished a bit early...

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words!

Now then....

TheVideoGamer - My entrant is very simple, and the simplicity stems from a looped chord progression. Or well, merely 2 chords and a simple bassline. Now just because it's simple does not mean it's boring. The chords build up overtime, the acid bass get's modulated, and the drums are quite heavy on fills. There is about 3-4 pad layers that weave in and out to make it more dynamic, and less of the repetition. I also decided to add a drum solo towards the end, because it was close to being too repetitive. I had fun though, i do like what i've done here, and i hope you do too....

Lyra_183 - You have a rather beautiful voice. Well done! :)

DarkShadow - What's this? A rather fine DarkShadow entrant? I'm down with that. I actually dig the grooves here a lot man. Nicely done!

Souperion - I think i recognise some of these synths. Sytrus right? I could sense your more of a classically trained musician, than a electronic one. Largely because i prefer the orchestra over the electronic textures (I'm not saying it's bad, it's just...doesn't seem to fit within the orchestra for me, sorry). Still dig this a lot though, good job!

Mushrooman - Man you really love you risers and swells lol. Have you ever thought of just making straight up techno? Like the risers and swells, just seem...pointless, since the drums are never on the same threshold mix wise. I do dig your chip melodies however. Good job!

GLL - Can i be honest, that piano part nearly made me cry lol. Like you are one hell of an extremely talented piano player. You know what, i'm giving you marks on it alone. Forget the rest, i just want moar piano!!

canamla - Dig the chords, and the spacey pads. It has a nice chill to the feel, it's great. Well done!

thesocialcontract - I see your trying to go for a live-ish approach. No hate, but i prefer if the drums were dynamic, and not static, and maybe as well bigger. You could try more 80's with a drum machine. Just me though. I do love them synth swells, the chords are really nice. Good job!

Arcana - I like the orchestra side of Arcana, glad i get to hear you explore it. The sound palette is really good. I like how it blends together too. This is just...well done!

Wassup Thunder - Nice to see you delve into your electronic side. The synths be mighty juice thar. Fist-pumping was strong in my listen. I love how you kept all the strong melodies in the mist of the ravey synths. Well done!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - Cute. Every chiptune track you make, always comes with some kind of NES platformer engrained in my mind haha. Seriously though, this was very much well produced. I mean...i can't say anything, it's DDR after all. Well done!

Suzumebachi - Even more pretty uuugh. This is what's up with you guys, and these amazing harmonic ideas. OOF, well done!

Misael.K - Really dig the FM sounds, i like how you turned something usually hard hitting and aggressive, into something chill. Personally, the FM is a little sharp for my taste, however i dig the melody ideas here. Good job!

NickC - Very pretty i must say. This is not the Nick C i'm used to (I expect more industrial sounds, i've been here a while, so i know frequently submitted tracks). Anyways...I really dig the orchestral elements here a lot. Well done!

JH Sounds - If i have to be honest, i find your chord progressions a bit repetitive. I feel after a couple bars, a change in chords or texture can go along way. Good job though!

Ashka - How are you just...i'm done. That's it i'm done, your officially the most talented person i've ever met....

Dex - Rocking vibes as always. Can't say much, because everything that makes up the lovely qualities of rock, are there. The only downer is the strings, they are LOOUD, but the rest is lovely. Good job!

InvisibleObserver - That kick is very pulsating. No disrespect, i love your textures man, but the kick gave me a headache. It's very loud. Sad too, because like i said, you are amazing at sound design. Good job though!

Ethansight - Oof this is a vibe. What a lovely chord progression too. I feel like i need a louder beat to be honest, for the intense synths. The beat is very quiet, especially since the sidechain is powerful. however i do like the rest though. Good job!

Atmospherium - Solid groove man. Very industrial like, and hard-hitting. I don't know if it's too loud, because it's sounds very intentional, i'm conflicted on that. Your voice is lovely though, so props to that. Good job!

cotmm68030 - I'm not counting your mishap haha, but i did enjoy that one. This one is very spacious and creepy like. The sound is super moody, maybe even horror movie like. Love this, well done!

Top 3 - Ashka, Suzumebachi, GLL

Awesome - Lyra_183, DarkShadow, GLL, Canamla, Arcana, Wassup Thunder, DDRKirby(ISQ), Suzumebachi, NickC, Ashka, cotmm68030

Needs Work - Souperion, Mushrooman, thesocialcontract, Misael.K, JH Sounds, Dex, InvisibleObserver, Ethansight, Atmospherium.
Feb 22, 2021 Lyra_183
  1. icy plants
  2. Festival of the Flowers
  3. Season of Bloom
I liked these!
Feb 25, 2021 DDRKirby(ISQ)
  1. Snowy Growy
  2. Footsteps
  3. Source Heat

MMmmmm, SPC700

Feb 25, 2021 Misael.K
  1. Footsteps
  2. Crystal Blossom
  3. Snowy Growy

ashka: the gentle chord staccatos sound very much like walking in snow. Lovely!

NickC: a delicate blossom in the snow, great job!

Suzumebachi: massive JRPG vibes, very pretty.

canamla: suspenseful and cold snow.

thesocialcontract: super cute!

awesum: ashka, canamla, ethansight, InvisibleObserver, JH Sounds, NickC, Suzumebachi, thesocialcontract, TheVideoGamer.

good: Arcana, Atmospherium, cotmm68030, DarkShadow, DDRKirby(ISQ), Dex, GLL, Lyra_183, Mushrooman, Souperion, Wassup Thunder.

Feb 25, 2021 ashka
  1. Snowy Growy
  2. Another Bloom
  3. Source Heat

Feb 25, 2021 ethansight
  1. Footsteps
  2. Season of Bloom
  3. Snowy Growy

Always appreciate mix advice, thanks Garian!

Souperion - Percussion following melodies was cool

GLL - Wonderful atmosphere

DDRKirby(ISQ) - Clean 9 bit, amazing how well you know what makes them work

Suzumebachi - spc sounds great

Misael.K - Synth sounds like its inside out

JH Sounds - Progression and melody on point

ashka - Beautiful slow trod through the snow

Dex - Song for the sled that flew over the plants

InvisibleObserver - Purple beat