One Hour Compo - Round 656 (OHC656)

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May 06, 2021 Suzumebachi
  1. Closer
  2. Greatest Desire
  3. garbage in, garbage out

space theme

space theme


(space theme)

May 06, 2021 Arcana
  1. Greatest Desire
  2. Final Frontier: McDonald's Quest
  3. The Universe Inside Me

Souperion has been ejected. Yes, we captured that feeling very well

Also Mystic Quest is awesome.

The unpredictability of MisaelK's track was also really entertaining.

Nice job all

May 10, 2021 Lyra_183
  1. Greatest Desire
  2. Space n Bass Pizza Galaxy
  3. Space Pizza

There are some really awesome songs this week! These are my favourite

InvisibleObserver: Wow! Yours made me bop and dance! I really enjoyed yours!

Misael.K: Nice slow start. Then got graduely more complicated. Enjoying it! Ps- How do I get onto your Awsume list?

Arcana: Yours had a intresting start! I like the way it transitioned into PIZZAAAAAAAAA!

Suzumebachi: Nice jazzy elevator feel nice entry! Then it got more when you eat a star plant in stardew valley.

NickC: Yours intreged me! It was cool and twinkley dod do do do do do do do do do dadaadadad WOOOOOOOOWOOWOOOOOOOOoWOOOOo

Wassup Thunder; Yours is so fast its rlly frickin cool!!!!!!

Ashka: Yours had the start of a movie vibe going really neat!


nukage: Yours had a nice calming start then got super fast and really COOOLLLLLLLLLLLL

figure of fatherness: Yours was creepy (In a good way) Nice and glitchy! I like it!

canamla: Yours was neat! Don't think I have seen you here yet! most of the time I dont listen to them all I am this tome though

Souperion: yours has a nice calming start :)

DarkShadow: Chaotic as always! I loved it! :)

Me: I enjoyed this theme it was a good one to duet with my 7 year old brother it was fun!

May 11, 2021 TheVideoGamer
  1. Closer
  2. The Universe Inside Me
  3. Space Pizza (In Space)

@Everyone - Wow i was not expecting my submissions to be this critical. I knew it wasn't the greatest, but it went worse than expected. What really bums me out, was i couldn't even get a real entrant in, so that sucks even more. This mix was actually a backup plan, because i was worried i wasn't submitting on time as a used to, and so if i really couldn't submit, or i was loosing track of time, i could use this as a way to at least be assured i still exist and i've made some effort. Well based on what i've seen and the reactions, this has not enticed me to do another one of these. Maybe it was the fact, that the song selections are a bit too recent, which is mostly my fault for that, but at the same token, it was quicker for me to do the last 4 rounds, than scroll through 650 rounds or so. Also when i found out, the deadline was over, i did feel a bit demoralized not gonna lie, largely because, none of the tracks i had, were good enough to submit. I did have an entrant in the works, but it only lasted 1 minute, and was very basic, and not worthy to be listened to. I have quality standards you know. Also in the mist of talent, i need to at least showcase a track i consider to be good, especially since some of my tracks have become my favourite (I'm talking tracks here, no trollposts). So yeah, a lack of submission is pretty annoying. Also topped with the fact, that my internet was a little slower than usual, and it's late. Anyways, this is getting too long and rumbly, and i can't see any justifications to why i've done. So I'll just apologise for my kind of stupidity, and move on yes?

PS: I made it a bonus, because i was using other people's music, and also because my plan was to submit an entrant. The entrant fell through though, and i wanted people to vote for actual music not DJ mixes as such, especially since it took up 2 slots. Also i'm trying to move away from the 2 entry thing, unless necessary, because it just wastes peoples time. The mix was in 2 parts, because ThaSauce is starting to clamp down on long entries now, and since mine was 8 minutes, it needed to be chopped up. Hopefully in round 657 i can comeback with a track i'm happy with.

On to replying to the comments, so i can forget about the whole fiasco!

@Starla - For the record ThaTaskmasta is my alt. (Which i mostly use for trollposts. Even then, it's a rarity...) This is a one time rare historical thing, never doing it again. I didn't catch up until Saturday, so it was too late to do anything about it, and as well people already know about it, so it's not like deleting it will do anything. In a way, i'm sort of glad it's a bonus, because it's not 100 percent mine, and i didn't actually submit anything (Which i'm bummed about, i've already made my point clear). Not trying to defend it, just want you to get the details of what and why. The post at the top explains it. Don't wanna go on too much, because i want to focus on the entries. Anyways...

@Misael.K - Yes it's a bonus, so please do not vote for it, otherwise it wouldn't be fair on the others.

@Garian - I didn't make anything, so this meme is null and void haha.

@CotMM - Come on, you know i'm more sophisticated than that lol. There's reverb, filters, switching between parts. It's more than just fade in, fade out....

@MCMiag - Not enough for me lol, 2 hours is where it's at.

@Canamla - Wasn't deliberately trying to make my tracks first, it just happened to be, i didn't want to sort it out later. The more i think about, the more demoralized i am lol. This is the first time i've missed a OHC, for being late.

@Arcana - I was this close to deleting them to be honest, but i only got to the page by Saturday, and i decided it was too late by then.

@Misael.K - Change of plans more like haha.

@Arcana - It wasn't that i couldn't make it. It was more so, a backup, because i was struggling with getting something together, and i ended up missing the deadline. The long post at top, explains the whole thing.

@Nukage - Welp, i guess you can look at the difference between version 1 and version 2....

@CotMM - It's supposed to be. Unless your idea of a DJ mix is different. Most mixes i listen to, just move from one track to another (I don't actively listen to house or anything like that, so i don't look at mainstream mixes...)

@Canamla - Something positive came out of this. Makes me ever so slightly pleased lol.

@NickC - Nothing's stopping you haha. Just try and not enrage half the OHC population if you can.

@Misael.K - Technically a loophole, since legally the entries have to be no more than 6 minutes. The whole thing needs context, so me abruptly ending it, without a finish would be strange.

@Nukage - It's got mix in the title, that's really the best descriptor. A mix...

@Arcana - Correct.

@CotMM - Quick refresher really. I'd say that's the best way to describe what i've done.

@Arcana - I came to that realisation when i looked back at the comments, even though i won't be doing this again. Proves to be a waste of time, and controversial. Need to learn to submit on time lol.

@Misael.K - Everything at the top of this vote, will explain the choice of tracks and stuff.

@Nukage - Would be funny, if i did your entrants, as you submit them. OHC Round 657 DJ Mix. Before the round is even over XD.

@Everyone - Looks like people are more critical over my choice of tracks, since they weren't even 2 weeks old. Welp, i guess my bad....

@CotMM - Right intentions, wrong time....

@Arcana - Maybe a timeline would have been better. So from 2008 - 2018.

@DDRKirby - I guess i was too focused on the month, rather than the year.

@Ashka - The one thing (And the only thing) that this mix is good for, is for those who missed previous rounds, and have not heard these tracks before.

@NickC - You can appreciate it, since it is a piece of art. But like with all art, people are free to express thoughts on it, and if nobody feels like this is a viable piece of art (Or it could be better executed), then it's clear to me, i shouldn't do this again.

@Nukage - Again, right intentions, wrong time...

@Arcana - You've literally just explained the whole concept of nostalgia haha...

@Misael.K - We need a dude, doing some kind of loud announcement or something to introduce the mix XD.

@Souperion - "Isn't that what we do every week?" <------- This. So much this.

@Everyone - Thanks for the honest words! Don't be afraid of getting critical, i try things out, and i learn from any failures that go along the way.

Not gonna explain the entries, like i normally do, since the paragraph at top has already done it for me.

Lyra_183 - Partners in Crime haha. Need some dope beats to go with this, but i like it. Good job!

DarkShadow - Always unexpected turns with your music, and i'm here for it lol. Not really sure about the direction, but it's rather nice nonetheless. Good job!

Souperion - Very spacious ambience, i like it a lot. Quite simplistic, but works super well, choir is a lovely touch. Reminds me of c418 in parts. Well done!

Canamla - Bro, this might be the longest tail i've seen haha. The music is very nice, i really like the synths. A bit loud and uneven in parts for me, but it's interesting. Good job!

cotmm68030 - Ooh glitchy synths incoming, i like this a lot. Love how your vocals slowly blend into the chopped up synth work, even if they could be louder, and more forward. I love the modulations on the synths, well done!

Nukage - Always a fine splendid EDM production from Nuke. The DnB wubs in this one, were killer! (Vocal samples, deserve a shoutout, made me lol so hard) Well done!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - Is this really straight from the SNES? It sounds like the samples are processed with external FX, but that could be me. Still though, the melodies are awesome nonetheless, interesting tempo changes too. Feels very funky, well done!

Ashka - I missed your gorgeous ambience. Very subtle and minimal, awesome directions your taking me here (The ending was pure heaven) Beyond excellent as always!

Wassup Thunder - Your always good at this euro-rock like sound. It always comes packed with lovely melodic writing, and great drum work. Maybe it's a little too on the intense side. Sometimes i do appreciate a good breakdown, or solo instrument showcase. (Drums and Synths full-on for 4 minutes is an acquired taste for me.) Enjoyed it regardless though, Good job!

NickC - Very pretty, in some ways kind of cute. I'm a big fan of the drums in this one, it's very rave inducing and nicely mixed. The lead synth melody for me, is very loud compared to the rest, it needs to be blended in more. The rest though, is amazing, and very much worth a full blown head bop. Blend the lead more, and this could be an awesome top 3 entrant. Good job though!

Suzumebachi - Woow these are some very interesting chord choices. You do take the harmony and chords into some very out-there territories. The chiptune melodies are amazing, fits super well into the track. Just needs to be longer, and not end so abruptly. Even with that though, I still love the whole thing from start to finish, awesome work!

Arcana - Arcana doing EDM? Are you trying to compete with Nukage lol. Really like the work here, but if i have to be honest, it needs huge beats for this kind of genre. The kick is compressed well, but the snare and claps are getting lost. It just sounds like a great idea, with the potential to be expanded upon. Good job!

Misael.K - Pulling all the stops, going all out for this entrant. Lovely pad sounds, great ambience. Liking the live drum approach, it has a lo-fi hip-hop feel. The chords are great too, i like how you gave each one a chance to release before the next one, it's just great suspense. The vocals are really nicely integrated too, for once i don't mind the use of vocaloid styled vocals. That doesn't mean i love them, but the way it's integrated here, it actually adds a bit of flavour (To be frank, i'm more focused on the melody of the vocals, i can't really make out the lyrics in the track, since it's all blended with the backing) Everything about the piano and chords, are excellent (The one thing i couldn't keep my ears away from) the whole thing just sounds lovely. Awesome work!

InvisibleObserver - EDM RAVE! Vibes all around. The synths are amazing, i love how it's integrated with the drums. The kick is a little clicky for me, i would mix it in more, or replace it. Also some of the growly bits seem out of sync, but it could be part of the genre. All in all, i think this is solid work from you! Good job!

Top 3 - Ashka, Misael.K, Suzumebachi

Souperion, Nukage and DDRKirby's were also pretty lit. Wish i could include these in the top 3 also!

Awesome - Souperion, cotmm68030, Nukage, DDRKirby(ISQ), Ashka, Suzumebachi, Misael.K

Needs Work - Lyra_183, DarkShadow, Canamla, Wassup Thunder, NickC, Arcana, InvisibleObserver.

May 11, 2021 InvisibleObserver
  1. Space n Bass Pizza Galaxy
  2. Greatest Desire
  3. Closer

Also theme strong: misael.k, suzumebachi, cotmm68030,

May 13, 2021 ashka
  1. Donut Planet
  2. Space Pizza (In Space)
  3. Space n Bass Pizza Galaxy

May 13, 2021 Misael.K
  1. Space n Bass Pizza Galaxy
  2. Space Pizza (In Space)
  3. Final Frontier: McDonald's Quest

I don't know, this was a weird theme. Chosen with regard to spaceness, and goofiness, I guess.

awesum: Arcana, ashka, DarkShadow, DDRKirby(ISQ), InvisibleObserver, NickC, nukage, Suzumebachi.
good: canamla, cotmm68030, Lyra_183, Souperion, Wassup Thunder.

May 13, 2021 cotmm68030
  1. Space n Bass Pizza Galaxy
  2. Space Pizza (In Space)
  3. Lyra and Hawk Moth the duet

ran out of time to actually critically evaluate stuff. :(

as much as I love off the wall themes, for some reason this one just didn't resonate with me as much. lots of creative takes on trying to do something with the idea though!