One Hour Compo - Round 654 (OHC654)

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Apr 22, 2021 Suzumebachi
  1. Weird shit happens in hot tubs
  2. hot frog bubbles
  3. Someone Drowns Nearly Every Day in a Tub Because Drugs

lots of good stuff tihs week well played folkses

Apr 22, 2021 koboldskeep
  1. Weird shit happens in hot tubs
  2. Warm Within: Beats to Soak Your Body To
    Wassup Thunder
  3. A Warm Soak

obScene - That's just fantastic. I love it! You built things up and it has some great emotion in it.

Wassup Thunder - Great music to listen to after a stressful week. Good stuff!

TheVideoGamer - I just like how this whole thing comes together. Nice work!

Misael K - Smooth and lovely.

DarkShadow - Honorable mention, it has a nice energy to it.

Apr 22, 2021 animatrix1490
  1. Weird shit happens in hot tubs
  2. Dreams Of Relaxation
  3. Cool Kiss Of Mist

I liked the more laid back ones--obScene's genuinely made me feel happy and I was feeling a little down today, so thank you man

Apr 22, 2021 Arcana
  1. Frost-Kissed Retreat
  2. hot frog bubbles
  3. Dreams Of Relaxation

Souperion: I really liked the lushness of this, the string movement, and just that kind of full-orchestra feel to this. It's almost Christmasy, or film-musicy, or something. It's lush and pretty. If I had a suggestion for the production I'd suggest to pull back the orchestra strings back a bit in the mix, make them sound more like they're on a stage kind of far-ish away.

cotmm: I liked this one actually. It's like dubstep sounds, but not dubstep composition and I thought that was kinda cool. The introduction of the distorted rhythmic pattern and the guitar-like distortion part was the best part.

MisaelK: I liked the jazzy drums, the loose piano, and all of that. It's kind of like the more jazzy version of what I was wanting to do.

Other people I seriously considered for Top 3:

WassupThunder, for the cool lofi

nukage, for the really great synth metal

Suzu, for the cool dubstep stuff

obScene for the awesome emotional chip tunes

Apr 22, 2021 InvisibleObserver
  1. hot frog bubbles
  2. Warm Within: Beats to Soak Your Body To
    Wassup Thunder
  3. Chillin' with Lola

Apr 23, 2021 TheVideoGamer
  1. Weird shit happens in hot tubs
  2. It Seems It Appears to Be Coldy, and Yet, It Is Also Warmy as W
  3. Warm Within: Beats to Soak Your Body To
    Wassup Thunder

@Souperion - Very plucky indeed. Tried to focus more on a relaxing feeling, but in a way that contrasts with the cold weather.

@Misael.K - If it were Dirty Socks, you would be listening to 13 minutes of washed up noise.

@Garian - It's actually a distorted rimshot. A dam good one too....

@koboldsdeep - Yes, this is me. You can see similarities in the name right? I did it, so i could distinguish myself on Discord and ThaSauce.

@Wassup Thunder - Ah you spotted it then...

@Animatrix - Somehow a light-hearted bouncy beat, has turned into a discussion about clams. Sometimes i wonder about discord lol.

@Arcana - It's definitely upbeat. Nearly made it into a full-on cute fest, but then i decided to thrown in some spice there...

@Misael.K - When Misael.K knows more theory than i do XD. I think it's an augmented chord, i just don't really pay attention, when i make my progressions.

@Garian - I thought this was New Jack Swing? I mean there is swing added in the beat.

@Animatrix - That's the best part about synth leads.

@Garian - Would Teddy Riley go into this much level of happy though?

@Souperion - Deja Vu?

@Garian - TheVideoGabber....

@Misael.K - Why does he call it 198A's? Is there something i'm missing?

@Animatrix - I had the same question haha....

@Arcana - The swing has never left the beat dude lol. Maybe i didn't put enough in?

@Koboldskeep - Why thank you!

@Souperion - Were just missing Blossom and Buttercup now XD.

@Suzums - Now it makes sense. Thanks!

@Garian - Yeah i understood the concept now.

@Wassup Thunder - It's like some closer, enough to make you feel ready for your next adventure.

@Garian - Interesting. Might research more about this....

@Misael.K - Hexa. It's not the game we are talking about are we?

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words!

Now then.

TheVideoGamer - I tried to create a relaxing feel to my entry, but more so, with a hint of groove. The best descriptor would be, "Hot Tub Party". The groove keeps it from being boring, largely because i wanted it to carry some movement. I don't know, i didn't feel like pure ambient music, makes for a more realistic experience, of sitting in a hot-tub in the snow. Anyways, the beats are distorted, with a boomy 808 kick, distorted rimshot, and lots of wonky hats. The chords were specifically designed to be a combination of both relaxing and winter-like, but also have a sense of weirdness to it, since your contrasting the cold with the warm. The melody completes the experience, into one full musical journey. Now i'm not sure about the middle part. Listening back, it seems to be a little off sync, however that could be the way i dragged it onto the grid, as we are using the swing functionality. All ramblings aside, i enjoyed my work in this one a lot.

Lyra_183 - I don't think DarkShadow is first anymore lol. If anything, you might be the sole winner in that regard, since your frequently the first entrant in these compos haha. I'm glad your starting to incorporate music into these submissions, because you have great potential, into making something great. The guitar backing does loop quite a bit, however though i love your take on Metal, i could never scream like that, without making my throat all dry lol. All jokes aside, this is nice work. Good job!

DrumJ8 - I feel like it takes a while for things to get going in your tracks. Sure an intro works, because it's a great way to start things off, however because of how long the intro's last, the melody doesn't come in until about 30 seconds in, which i feel you could have saved some time. Now the melodies are lovely, but if you build upon it, this could sound awesome. Good job!

DarkShadow - Can you own a chord progression? Because if so, this would be called the DarkShadow progression haha. Only a series of chords this unique, would belong to someone like you. Sadly you shine at your best, when it's a minute or under. Good job!

cotmm68030 - That sound design though....the drums remind me of Nukage a bit. I love the way this flows, this is pretty beautiful, especially for some of it's minimalism. Ending made it even better. Well done!

Nukage - Daam i was not expecting metal from you dude, this is sick. You tricked me into thinking this was Dubstep, but who cares i'm all for it, this is awesome. Well done!

Wassup Thunder - I'm all for exploring new genres. Definitely feels like you've grasped the concept of the genre really well. The melodies are lovely as always, the synth are amazing. The drums don't feel hip-hoppy to me, however i do like the subtly of how they fit in. This is beyond lovely, amazing work!

Souperion - Very cute, and pretty, i'm definitely all for it. The melodies are amazing here, very suited for the cold. The attack on the strings, could be a little less sharp, and the F sharp usage, felt out of place in a C major. I mean if you are using the Lydian scale, then that's ok, but maybe it needs to be blended better. All in all though, the lush beautiful melodies outweigh the negatives by a long shot. Well done!

Suzumebachi - Ooooh daammm this is a tight groove. This one was very infectious, i could not stop moving. The way you pick your chords, is on another level. I just can't even work out how you pick such incredible harmony. Don't know why it ends so abruptly, i was like "That's it?". I need more dude, this is incredible and deserving of more than a simple minute. I was debating so hard between you and obScene, because you both write incredible music. Just...omg....

kboldskeep - The waveform is almost non-existent haha. The melody is mighty cute though, and definitely suitable for a retro chiptune platformer. It's way too quiet, and needs a lot of more, it's too simple. However I'll give you credit, simply on the basis on the extremely well done, melody. Good job!

obScene - I feel like my melody writing skills are inferior compared to all of you guys ;-;. You guys write incredible music, the chords are so happy and uplifting. I love how it goes against a bitcrushed 4/4 beat, since we are in a 3/4 shuffle. This is the most beautiful thing i've heard in this compo....just incredible work.

NickC - More melodic goodness. Shame you didn't get the opportunity you wanted, but this is a good replacement, the arrangement is really nice, it's good, because the original has a lot of potential too. Well done!

Animatrix1490 - Not sure of the direction here, some of the chord choices were a bit off to me. It starts of amazing though, great promise, and as a overall idea, this works well. Good job!

Misael.K - Very smooth, almost the equivalent of smooth jazz. The piano here is exceptional as always. Really dig the melodies and harmonies a lot. Another amazing entry. Well done!

InvisibleObserver - You are very talented in sound design, i love your work in the synths. However i'm afraid it's the dreaded L word. Yes the drums are loud. The drums are front and centre in this one, completely in your face, for it's runtime. I do understand though an hour isn't long, and i will not stop to complement your amazing sound design, so there is a lot of good out of this. Good work though!

Arcana - Arcana trying Jazz? Now this is something i'm not used to, but i am definitely down for. I feel polish is needed for this one. The drums are a little too hot for my liking, it takes over the melody ideas, which by the way, i really enjoy, great modulations. I don't mind the quiet voice, i feel it can work well in jazz. All in all, like i've said, it's just polish here. Good job!

Top 3 - obScene, Suzumebachi, Wassup Thunder

Why must these entries be denied a spot on the top 3:





Awesome - cotmm68030, Nukage, Wassup Thunder, Souperion, Suzumebachi, obScene, NickC, Misael.K.

Needs Work - Lyra_183, DrumJ8, DarkShadow, kboldskeep, Animatrix1490, InvisibleObserver, Arcana.

Apr 29, 2021 cotmm68030
  1. It Seems It Appears to Be Coldy, and Yet, It Is Also Warmy as W
  2. Chillin' with Lola
  3. Dreams Of Relaxation


glad to see you starting to experiment with adding more elements. using your desk as a drum was a creative solution. we'll have to look at how to use the 'beatmapper' to take something you've recorded and make it fit to the beat of the program. you also had pretty good body to your voice in the growled bits, but i could hear you starting to run out of air at the end of each phrase. holding your stomach tighter and breathing with your entire chest can help you keep volume while using less air. also recording in a noisy house can be a challenge. we'll look at how to use a 'noise gate' to lower the volume when you're not singing to help reduce background noises. keep learning and growing!


that noise snare kick pattern immediately gives me 'closer' vibes, but the piano takes it in a totally different direction. nice melody and response. very chill.


loved that bass sequence. i look forward to your chaos every week.


i actually recorded all the bass parts live, slowly getting a feel for doing that. It certainly lends itself to different melody and progression than i would have if just clicking in notes. i wanted a lot more dynamic patterntrash in the drums but lacked the time and ability to do it how i might have in the past with lots of manual beatslicing and rearranging. used some 'stutter' effects to approximate what i wanted, but on re-listen i can't hear it as well as i did when i was writing it. oh well. i felt it a successful enough endeavour. 


first impression was reminding me of the track that modern vintage gamer uses for some of his intros, but that phatty bass goes elsewhere quick. loved the inclusion of the guitar in your track. very early 00s numetal. on my headphones it's eq'd a little too much in the upper mids i think. it certainly cuts though but i feel like i'm missing some of the more melodic elements on the guitar that i'd really like to hear. similarly the bass needs like a double an octave up because there's a hole left between that and the lead guitar. i very much liked the direction of this and would love to hear more from you in this style.

wassup thunder:

those crackles. per your search for the perfect vinyl noise; that actually leads to a discussion i was having with arcana about how difficult 'noise music' can be. the color and feel of an atonal element really can be tricky to pin down in such a way that it lives happily within the space of the rest of the composition. i'm hearing that this particular crackle sample tails off before restarting, so it might have needed to be manually overlapped or two tracks run out of sync with each other so there isn't the dropout. the melodies and chords here are nice, and the occasional steam his is fun as well, though i might have randomized the panning of it. 


this isn't a style i listen to much so feedback is a little hard. the composition is pleasing, the instruments sound nice. from a technical perspective i think the final wav should have been normalized to 0dB, since the volume is overall a little low. maybe also because these are 'real' instruments which would be playing in a 'real' space, i think the reverb is a tad too conservative. something that had some frequency diffusion in the reflections would probably add more life to the sounds. 


over too quick. the crackly effects are nice. fills the entire sonic range with interesting things to hear.


indeed cute. very much needs to have an overall volume boost. nails the 90s edutainment vibe. the hiss in the lead square instrument is evocative of an internal pc speaker. with some different instrumentation you could go full early 90s edutainment and acoustically recreated a 286 game with no sound card. check that final render volume though. 


thats an obscenely harsh lead. i'm simultaneously intrigued by it, but also pushed away. weird indeed. pianos were a little muddy feeling, especially versus how crisp the other instruments were.


ctrl-s obsessively. 


another edutainment game? yeah there are some vague freddy fish vibes here. need to bump the volume on the final render. love the all-in on the lofi samples.


very rich. i think the midrange is a little thick, but i've said that a few times in all these little write ups, so now i'm questioning my headphones. love the feel of this one.


love the kick of the drums in this. they're big, but still let the little sounds breath under them. the slow build and release of the overall track is nice as well. i just wish there was more melody, or in absence of that, a longer track with slow evolution of the underlying pads. 


nice presence on the drums, stereo imaging there is good. that distant guitar line is good. delivery on the vocals is fine, but I would have run them through a gentle autotune. 


no hyperspeed section? there's a decent amount of variation along the length of the track even as it's built from various loops. nice sounds. although by my own standards this is neither ambient, nor downtempo, nor very distorted :D

Apr 29, 2021 Misael.K
  1. It Seems It Appears to Be Coldy, and Yet, It Is Also Warmy as W
  2. Weird shit happens in hot tubs
  3. A Warm Soak

Suzumebachi: super bubbly and smooth.

obScene: happy, cute, and chill. Great instrumentation.

TheVideoGamer: lovely tunes and progressions, if a bit loud at times.

awesum: cotmm68030, DarkShadow, InvisibleObserver, nukage, obScene, Suzumebachi, TheVideoGamer, Wassup Thunder.
good: animatrix1490, Arcana, DrumJ8, koboldskeep, Lyra_183, Souperion.

Apr 29, 2021 Lyra_183
  1. Cool Kiss Of Mist
  2. water steam and snow
  3. A Warm Soak

These where nice! Ps: The one I made on tuesday was anot a cover ;)