One Hour Compo - Round 655 (OHC655)

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Apr 29, 2021 Suzumebachi
  1. a tire in the shape of a roach named steve
  2. Bicycle Trip
  3. Silhouetted Cycle

lots of good stuff this week as per usual like generally happens often most of the time

Apr 29, 2021 Arcana
  1. The Journey's the Thing
  2. Twilight Bike Ride
  3. a tire in the shape of a roach named steve

The top three were great journeys. I especially liked the vast emptiness and the ambience of Souperion's.

Suzu for the jazziness

CoTMM for the weird combination of ambient and groovy.

Honorable mentions:







Apr 29, 2021 DDRKirby(ISQ)
  1. Twilight Bike Ride
  2. We Ride at Dawn
  3. Bike-O-Pation

I voted, yay! Suzu's entry was tasty as heck, nukage's track was even better than usual, and ethansight's was just fun

Apr 30, 2021 TheVideoGamer
  1. Twilight Bike Ride
  2. Bicycle Trip
  3. Ride Away

@Everyone - Yes i decided to dunk the whole thing in reverb, because i'm a monster...

@Wassup Thunder - And we haven't even started yet. Wow....

@Souperion - Why thank you!

@Arcana - Dam, how'd you guess!? That's correct...

@Misael.K - Or maybe it's just a happy melody, who knows. lol...

@Suzums - Eurobeat? Eurobeat!? Really? haha....

@Misael.K - I don't know what you are referring to when you mention Japanese music, i need an adult...

@Souperion - You missed the hats, and the breakbeats...

@InvisibleObserver - Regal? Is that a intentional typo?

@NickC - It is, until you have like a weird tail at the beginning of the song, implying you didn't let the reverb fade out enough :/

@Misael.K - What tambourine? You know referring to the breaks are you? I can't remember adding a tambourine in...

@Everyone - I'm mad that you guys always seem to pick perfect gif's to go with my track...

@Misael.K - You will thank me, when you listen to the intro lol. Reverbs as huge as this, need long tails.

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words!

P.S - I like how CotMM has managed to turned his entrant, into a discussion about me breaking the 6 minute rule lol. For once it's happened to someone other than me, and i still get ratted out lol.

Now then....

TheVideoGamer - The images to me are pretty beautiful, but also quite simple too. I mean i don't know what else to say, it's a person cycling in the open road, while the sun goes down. Nothing is more beautiful than that. I made sure the music was just as beautiful, going for very open, and extremely spacious piano parts soaked in reverb, alongside breakbeats akin to DnB, as well as chords and a melody to complete the whole thing without it being repetitive. The only other thing left is a pulsating bass, just to enhance the ravey vibe of it all. As a whole, probably one of my favourites, but only because of how i integrated the melody, and even then, it still needs a bit more work, however i still think it's my favourite. Anyways, hope you enjoy!

Lyra_183 - Ooh, I love how you've started to incorporate music into your singing. Before it was 2 separate entities. Now it's starting to become it's own backing track. The reverb is a lovely addition, keep at it! Well done!

cotmm68030 - You have some explaining to do lol. All jokes about length aside, i dig this a lot. I love the ethical styled percussion, but written in a way, that makes it almost Dark Ambient like, you know...the style i often associate with you. The rhythms are really cool and unique, the delay is why it stands out, they definitely blend well with the pads. Now the length is actually a good point to bring up, because honestly, i feel it's a little on the long side, especially for something as minimalistic as this. It would be awesome as a 4-5 minute entry, not 7 minutes. After a while i get a bit bored. Good job though!

DarkShadow - DarkShadow's gonna DarkShadow lol. Seriously though, i love this one, it's very acid like, like someone reverse engineering a 303. I think this is a nicely done DarkShadow entry, well done!

A2Z - Very pretty, topped with a lot of really nice ambience. I love the way sounds pop in and out, the delay on the raindrops just really works. I love this one, awesome work!

Nukage - The vocal chops are enough for me to know it's showtime. You really just excel so well at EDM. Especially fond on that snare, well done!

Ethansight - Ethansight level harmony, as always. Great plucks, and a very funky drum loop here, it's like house vibes, but in a more retro VGM way. Well done!

thesocialcontract - Really nice work here, great range of sounds. If i have to be honest, it takes a while to get going. I'm not huge, on tracks at around 1 minute, that end up with a long 40 second intro, comprised of 1 sound being looped, because it doesn't give me much to look at, and it feels like it's wasting time. Sorry dude, i'm afraid it's how i feel. Good job though!

Souperion - Lovely choir, really takes you on a journey. Very soothing to the ear i must say, definitely some pretty chords in this track. It is a simple track, but ambient isn't a complicated genre of music. All in all, lovely work, well done!

Wassup Thunder - Ok here me out, are you guys friends or something? Both of you have made 5 minute pieces, and submitted at the same time. I know i'm being stupid, but i find it a bit suspicious. This is a really nice melodic track, it seems you are continuing your practicing from last week. I still feel if you want to make true "Lo-Fi Hip Hop", i would invest in more heavier beats (Only because i don't feel like it sounds like Lo-FI Hip-Hop. I'm not trying to dictate how the genre should sound, it's just from the Lo-FI i've listened to...), however if i forget about genre conventions, this is a lovely melodic idea, with nice harmony. Well done!

Suzumebachi - Ooooooooooooh Jazz guitar, please don't do this to me ;-;. You are like the master of harmony. The chords, the drums...i can't, why are you so talented....

DDRKirby(ISQ) - Nice to see you've made it on time. Feels like you are trying to do a Pokemon type beat, Route 56 or something lol. I'm all for it, Pokemon has lovely music. This is extremely pretty, and definately a lovely follow-up from Suzums. Digging the high-energy chips, Another awesome entrant, amazing work!

NickC - More ambient goodness. Lovely plucks here, it's got a very weird adventurous feel to it, but with strange key-changes throughout. I think your modulating by a half-step or something. It's a little strange, but nothing too out of place. The melody and chords though, do work well for me, and even with some of it's dissonance, the idea is a lovely approach. Well done!

obScene - No light entrant this week? I guess Bicycles aren't welcoming to you lol. Very horror-movie like, and aggressive. I imagine some dude, getting chased by some demon, it's pitch black, and you only have a torch on you. I really don't see much correlation to the theme, but i do like the strange melody ideas here, a lot. Well done!

Misael.K - Lovely pad chords, very nice harmony. When the drums and bass come in, the whole thing comes to life. Personally i'm missing a melody of some kind, the bass is a bit too strong, could be blended in a bit better and the track is a little on the simplistic side as a whole. I do like the chords though. Good job!

Arcana - Big thumping drums here, has a bit more of that cinematic vibe to it. The piano melodies are really well produced, despite being a little rhythmically off to me, and at some-parts a little dissonant (Good potential, i will say). I would also blend your voice a bit more, it's very loud. I still think you are improving a lot with your singing however, and the track in itself is a great idea, just needs a bit of polish. Good job!

InvisibleObserver - I'm in love with the synths used, this is real sound design. That acid bass creeps, in for 2 seconds, then get's lost. I thought this was gonna be acid techno for a second, i would be down for that. The sound design is amazing though, and for once, i love the drums, mixed at perfect volume. The compression here is just right. The only gripe i have, is that majority of the impacts (The big thumping drums, used for effects), really cuts through the mix, and is borderline obtrusive. To make this among your finest entry, i would remove them, and do without, because it just gets in the way, distracting me from the rest of the stuff. Good job though!

Atmospherium - Wow this waveform tells me, this is gonna be a full blown distortion festival, and i was right. I love distortion though, and in this case, amazing ideas. Your voice is always a godsend to listen to. So versatile, and brimming with incredible effects. I love how you just integrate the voice so well, i mean that alone is enough for me to, just give it a well done ranking! (The beat is very funky though too).

Top 3 - Suzumebachi, DDRKirby(ISQ), A2Z

Man you guys are getting so good, i can't vote for 3 anymore. These especially need to be on the top 3:




Wassup Thunder


Awesome - Lyra_183, DarkShadow, A2Z, Nukage, Ethansight, Souperion, Wassup Thunder, Suzumebachi, DDRKirby(ISQ), NickC, obScene, Atmospherium.

Needs Work - cotmm68030, thesocialcontract, Misael.K, Arcana, InvisibleObserver.

May 03, 2021 Lyra_183
  1. We Ride at Dawn
  2. Bicycle Trip
  3. Wheels of Hope

Hey! Gonna do a long one!

Atmospherium: the way you started was really cool I like the vocals! Load and angry. Look at me look at me! Nice and fast over all really cool!

InvisibleObserver: very calming how you started and the horns were cool! the bubububububububuobobbubububu doood dooo doo is neato!

TheVideoGamer: Very nice start nice and simple (at least to me) the piano is nice and calming. in the begining then they get almost cheerful!

Arcana: nice chilling vibe to the begining the simple bumdadodo every now and then is neat. the transition to the second bit is neat and like something from Twilight.

Misael.K: the vibe on yours kinda was like something at the end of the movie when the credits play! btw.... How do I get on the awesome list?

ObScene: Yours was pretty neato! I like the dissorted dededea. and the beat to it!

Nichc: Yours gave off a slightly matilda vibe in the begining pretty cool. the way in the middle the deeeeeeeeeeeeeeddeeeeeeeeeddddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaa is coolo!

DDRKerby: Yours was like really really cool!!!! I like how fast it is! and its neato!

Suzemabachi: yours is chill like something you would hear in a elevator.

Wassup Thunder: yours is nice! the deeeeeeeeeeee through out the whole thing is coolio

Souperion: ding ding! ;) its nice and calming but also creepy?

thesocialcontract: yours is simple clean and nice I genuinly like yours!

EthanSight: Yours is video gamie (Not the person) its neat!!!

nukage: Is this you? this so good! The vocals is really reallty cool! almost glitchy!

A2Z: yours is simple and calming its something you listen to while walking down the beach!

Darkshadow: Chaotic as always nice and cool it just makes my bop my head!!

Father dearest: quiet and nice then grows louder then quiets down a bit then the drum thingies go in. very neato

Lyra_183: the begining is intential. I know it does not really fit with the theme but I was thinking you are riding you bike in the dark sunset alone. so yea.

I did a long one!

May 06, 2021 cotmm68030
  1. Handlebars
  2. We Ride at Dawn
  3. Twilight Bike Ride


it remains a joy to hear what you're cooking up each week, unaware of what you're making until it's finished. You did a fine job of slicing up those piano chords to compliment the lyrics you wrote. that detuned intro though... y tho?


in retrospect it could have been shorter for the context of compo, but as a stab at ambient/rhythmic it felt appropriate as i wrote it. i think this might be among my favorite things i've cooked up for a compo.


tonal instability never sounded better.


very pretty. loved the deeper tones toward the end. 


great stuff as always. loved the inclusion of the vocals.


pleasant and retrained.


nothing wrong with building an arrangement from simple blocks. it all constructed well. maybe a keychange with the same blocks then end on some resolving chord?


lovely crackles. a nice journey indeed. cycling under the stars.

wassup thunder:

i do enjoy the coasting gear click and speed changes.


the metallic ring on the hat sound is great. very laidback.


this was delightful. so upbeat.


good feeling of moving forward


love the piano vs dirty drums.


the tempo carries the idea of steady progress.


you've got strength behind your delivery, i just wish the pitch was as tight as the rest of your composition. 


i liked the simple sine line toward the end. very clean versus the busyness of the drumloops.


i wanted this to go full aggression, but i do like the groove you build into at the end.


noice. this is perfect in every way.

May 06, 2021 Wassup Thunder
  1. The Journey's the Thing
  2. Adventures on the Road
  3. Ride Away

Great tracks all around. These ones resonated with me the most.

May 06, 2021 Misael.K
  1. Adventures on the Road
  2. Ride Away
  3. Silhouetted Cycle

TheVideoGamer: perfect mix between energy and calmness.

A2Z: very calming and zen-like entry.

NickC: the rhythmic qualities in this work very well.

awesum: A2Z, Atmospherium, DDRKirby(ISQ), ethansight, InvisibleObserver, NickC, nukage, obScene, Suzumebachi, TheVideoGamer, Wassup Thunder.
good: Arcana, cotmm68030, DarkShadow, Lyra_183, Souperion, thesocialcontract.