One Hour Compo - Round 650 (OHC650)

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Mar 25, 2021 animatrix1490
  1. Desert of Song (Between the Buried and Me cover)
  2. Sand-o-Land
  3. Ripple Rabble

I liked all of them! The cover was really cool to hear :)

Mar 25, 2021 Arcana
  1. Desert of Song (Between the Buried and Me cover)
  2. Analog Sunrise
  3. Lines in the Beach
    JH Sounds

Atmospherium: This was a really cool cover. Done in an hour quite well.

DDRKirby: Captured synth wave really well. Everything sounds great. It felt a little long to me (there were some parts that felt like they didn't have a lot of variation) but that's such a small nitpick. This was great to listen to and had a solid sound.

JH: You play an instrument, it's your voice.

Mar 25, 2021 DDRKirby(ISQ)
  1. Desert of Song (Between the Buried and Me cover)
  2. Sand-o-Land
  3. Ripple Rabble

I dunno, everyone did really good this week!!

Mar 26, 2021 JH Sounds
  1. Perfect Shapes Of The Mirage
  2. Desert of Song (Between the Buried and Me cover)
  3. Riding The Heat Wave

It gets everywhere

Mar 28, 2021 Lyra_183
  1. Songstorm
  2. emptiness at dunes
  3. Erosion

I enjoyed all of these!


Father Dearest: I enjoyed yours but I like these a bit better please don't ground me.

Arcana: I liked yours alot to!

EthanSight: Yours was cool!

Mar 31, 2021 TheVideoGamer
  1. Foundation
  2. Analog Sunrise
  3. There's Nothing Out There For You

@Misael.K - I did....

@Arcana - I would love if someone forced me into ambient. I can't help but add beats to everything....

@Misael.K - That might just be the properties of the synth. I don't remember making it fade. The whole thing messes with your brain, because only the beats are in 4/4.

@Atmospherium - Have you figured out the time signature yet lol?

@InvisibleObserver - The power of distortion...i guess....

@CoTMM - I think it's mostly 3's and 5's. I honestly haven't checked, but i think it's a 4:3 polyrhythm with a 5 thrown in....

@DDRKirby - Not sure about the old part, it's just samples, but i do agree this is tasty. I am proud of this one.

@Ashka - I have some seriously bad musical habits lol, i need help.

@Atmospherium - This is way too detailed for me to comprehend haha, i was only thinking of a 4:3 polyrhythm thing. That's about it lol.

@Nukage - Man Winamp's still going strong eh?

@DDRKirby - lol

@InvisibleObserver - Good things come to those who wait...

@Arcana - I was thinking more "TheVideoGamer's Beats to Vibe to". But i'm glad you like my grooves anyways.

@NickC - Lol that's kind of humbling to hear...

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words!

TheVideoGamer - The images were of pure sand. No context, so we don't know if it's a beach, a desert, some play pit in somebody's house. It could be anything. I decided to keep it simple, and imagine some kind of beach. My goal was to create a very soft warm atmosphere, using pads, bells and soft beats. It's a simple track, that does take you on some cool rides. All in all, i'm proud of this one.

Lyra_183 - Wow actual music!? Wow you really are improving. This is so cool, can't wait to see how you get on. great job!

GLL - Wow i did not know you could do Arabian singing. Daaam. That alone is incredible. I just love how theme accurate it is, plus of course the cool grooves. It's very middle eastern sounding, but with a lot of your own interpretations. I'm not gonna bother with the obligatory sandstorm reference, because it's gotten stupid at this point, however i do think the rest is awesome. Well done!

cotmm68030 - This music was designed for you, because you really excel at it. I don't have anything bad to say, i love the whole thing. I actually got to the end, and thought "Wait it's over!? Dam that went by so quickly". That's a good thing, point being, awesome ambience. Well done!

DarkShadow - Your music is getting to the point where you sound like a completely different artist...and i'm definitely down for that. Well done!

Nukage - Oof this is also different from you. Very menacing almost breakbeat like, but with some seriously growly dub-ish basses. The whole thing from start to finish was just awesome. Well done!

animatrix1490 - Very deep ambience i like it a lot. It feels a little simple for my liking. It also feels a little too far in the back, that in the front, which to me implies it's background music, yet it's not for some reason. Also i would change the drums, they don't seem as engaged as they could be. Ending was a big rough. All in all though, love the ideas here, good work!

thesocialcontract - You know, what you wrote in the description is a little accurate, to the point where that could be in the voting. However though i don't think of this as an major issue to me, because my ears don't really pick up on it, unless i were to really pay attention. The one thing that does stick out however is that it's a little loud at parts, and the ending feels unresolved. Not abrupt per-say, just unresolved, no release. The chords and melody though were amazing, almost outweighed the negatives. However that alone, means it's a well done!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - How can you just pick a genre, and make it sound so good? Like this is real synthwave, with real synths. I think your just too much a professional. You pick a genre, and you just...make it flawless. The Liquid DnB one you did was awesome, the Eurobeat one was awesome....just YOUR TOO GOOD, YOUR LIKE A HIDDEN Quincy Jones or something. I literally spent a whole hour deciding between you and ashka. Both are incredible, and both are joint first!

obScene - I really dig your compo of industrial beats, with some pretty sombre melodies. The beats are intense, but when they get introduced to the piano, oh man, does it sound like a completely different experience on it's own. The whole thing sounds awesome. Amazing work!

Ashka - You know what i'm gonna say lol. Your just coming out with these geourgous chill-out ambient tracks, how can i not put you at the top. YOUR FAR TOO TALENTED!

Arcana - Lol, last week's entry had the vocals too quiet, now this week's entry has the vocals too loud. Sorry dude, it's just unfortunately my reaction. Also what's up with the extremely weird autotune at the start? That is intentional right? I hope i'm not being too critical here, i just found that a little unusual. The groove on the backing track is crazy good though, i would love an instrumental on this, sounds lovely! Good job!

Misael.K - I'm always floored by your unique approach to harmony. It's got that really nice use of sus chords, it's awesome. The melody sounds very pretty and vibrant. The whole track is very cute and lovely. Well done!

JH Sounds - Great tracks as always. Not feeling the drums for me, but i do love the array of chord progressions on offer, works great with the vocals. Good job!

Ethansight - I love your heroic melodic ideas, you seem to really bring them, into pretty much every track of yours, i love it. The whole thing sounds lovely, especially the synths, that's the amazing part. The drums however were not doing it for me, i need a better drum kit, or a more vibrant one. The synths though, were too good to ignore. Well done!

Atmospherium - Ok you got me, i don't listen to much rock music, so i had to look this one up, to familiarize myself. The original has a lot of the makings of a band-setup, plus the guitar. All in all, nothing bad here, this is the makings of an awesome cover. Gotta warn you, i think you left a very long tail lol. Well done though!

NickC - This is very mysterious and moody. You don't take sand very lightly lol. The beat has an interesting off-beat aesthetic, it doesn't sound like it's on the quarter note pulse. The melodies were great, however it's definitely calling for a bass. The lack of a bass really prevents it from showing it's potential. Shame, loved the rest. Good job!

InvisibleObserver - In earlier tracks of yours, i really took note of how loud things were mixed, because of the quiet melodies, and huge beats. Now the beats are huge in this, but in a way, it feels more welcoming. Everyone has more of it's fair-share of space this time. The strings really just make this into a lively experience. I think because of the lack of a defined melodic presence (Based on a small part by mixing. I'm referring to earlier tracks.), the drums became louder than it needed to be. The strings really elevate it, and make it just a little more. The growls are still quite loud for me sadly, but honestly i think your improving a lot! Who knows, i'm tempted to put you in the top 3 at this rate lol. Good job!

Top 3 - Ashka, DDRKirby(ISQ), obScene

Ashka and DDRKirby(ISQ) are joint first, at just how amazing they are. That makes obScene second and Misael.K essentially third place.

Man the talent is really starting to shine here, i can't vote for 3 any more, too many deserve to be up there! These especially:






Awesome - Lyra_183, GLL, cotmm68030, DarkShadow, Nukage, thesocialcontract, DDRKirby(ISQ), obScene, Ashka, Misael.K, Ethansight, Atmospherium.

Needs Work - animatrix1490, Arcana, JH Sounds, NickC, InvisibleObserver

Apr 01, 2021 ashka
  1. Desert of Song (Between the Buried and Me cover)
  2. Sand Ridges
  3. Analog Sunrise

Apr 01, 2021 cotmm68030
  1. Analog Sunrise
  2. Foundation
  3. Sand-o-Land

sand ridges

love these sounds. gritty and tasty. would have loved for some more epic crunch before it ended.


i like the slight dissonance in the melody. the high end counter arp that comes in fills out that sonic range well, but its a little busy for my taste.

desert of song

i'm not familiar with the original, so i can't comment much on this presentation of cover, but accoustically on my earbuds the midrange feels a little oversaturated, which is a shame because it sounds like a good performance.

ripple rabble

unexpectedly smooth for a song about sand.

lines in the beach

i can't tell if this goofy or so on point that its hard to listen to. well done.

perfect shapes of the mirage

i can't hear little pizzacato chords like that without thinking of snow in FF7. snow makes dunes too.

riding the heat wave

love these chord progressions. 


very soundtrack. i can imagine this in a 90s cdrom multimedia game.

there's nothing out there for you

the bouncing in the lead instrument is nice. love the textures in this.

sunset beach

the juxtoposition of lofi drums against the cleaner synths is nice.

analog sunrise

i really like this one. a lot. maybe i just like synthwave. but genuinely every single patch just compliments the rest so well, the melodies and chord progressions sound great, the eq work to keep momentum and change. great stuff.

a gentle gust

the gentle space created by the sounds feels like a small place within a larger area, somewhere secluded amidst an expanse. i agree with there being some mud, but i didn't mind so much. you get sand wet enough and thats what you get.

desert crossing

i spend like an entire month one summer trying to get across the desert in Breath of Fire 3 before giving up and never finishing the game. maybe if i had a nice little chill theme like this I would have made it.


these are good sounds.

emptiness at dunes

i think this is the least chaotic thing i've heard in a while. fun to hear some different sounds against the hard synth style.


that some powerful vocal delivery. enjoyed the little drum fills too.


every day a little further. keep pushing.

Apr 01, 2021 Misael.K
  1. Lines in the Beach
    JH Sounds
  2. Sunset Beach
  3. Ripple Rabble

JH Sounds: loved this, great feel-good song.

TheVideoGamer: upbeat chill is best chill. The polyrhythm is a great touch.

ethansight: smooth tunes. Very relaxing.

awesum: ashka, Atmospherium, DarkShadow, DDRKirby(ISQ), ethansight, JH Sounds, NickC, nukage, obScene, thesocialcontract, TheVideoGamer.
good: animatrix1490, Arcana, cotmm68030, GLL, InvisibleObserver, Lyra_183.