Late Entry

My Halo's In You

posted in OHC708 on May 05, 2022

I played the Theremin live for this one

What do you see in fires

Joined in combusting heat

A steamy conflagoration

As the fires meet the sea

In the flame, woah woah

In your flame, woah woah

In the flame, woah woah

My halo's in you

Late Entry

Were Two And Now One

posted in OHC707 on Apr 28, 2022

All the things

Just as I left them

Nothing's changed

My step back in time

But something's different

When I step through the portal

You've lost, I've won, it's begun.

At some time I started looking for you

When you were lost

And I was only one

Then we were two, now I'm one again

It had only just begun.

Late Entry

4 AM (Cover) - Kaskade

posted in OHC706 on Apr 21, 2022

Not really a successful cover, this needed more takes, and maybe I should have changed the key.

Sleepless gliding

Over the city lights

Watch us flying

Over the streets tonight

And I say

There's a way, there's a way I know

I know that someday we will surely find it

There's a way, there's a way I know

Someday, there's a way I know it

Sunday morning

Watching the city sleep

Dreams are shining

Finally they're within reach

Late Entry

Stranger in Chaos

posted in OHC704 on Apr 07, 2022

I tried to do an orchestral song

A distant dream, a memory

Faded in integrity.

Dwell in the power of the mind

Leaving the mysterious past behind

In paradise, the stranger

Ever lurking in the danger

As they dwell in a strange land

Fighting darkness with a light hand

Chaos. Do you feel it?

Must kill the chaos, do it.

The light I bring

Kills the chaos within

Late Entry

A Sun Sets Upon Our Time

posted in OHC703 on Mar 31, 2022

From brighter days

I saw you

in the moonlit sky

A twinkling past


As the time flies by

In morning's sun

We bridged the

Passage in our way


Passion and


The sun sets on our time

But when the night begins

We learn about each other

The dark might be unknown

But it's peaceful and serene

It leads to a new dawn

My Mistake

posted in OHC701 on Mar 17, 2022
Recorded live (with only one small edit in post and some mastering)

Except that this did take like a few dozen takes, I eventually did record the final version live.

Composed with Modular + Minibrute 2s + VoiceLive 3 loop pedal

Roll the dice

Feeling lucky

Throw your chips

My heart's not lucky

Some days I just can't catch my break

There's no place for my mistake

You've got no place for me in your mind

You've got no place for me in your heart

The numbers don't favor me

The lucky one

The numbers don't favor me

I'm done

What Now?

posted in OHC700 on Mar 10, 2022


One-two, is that a wheel for you?

Three-four, the hinges on the door

Five-six, are~ windows a trick?

Seven, eight, this was a mistake.

Unclear why you even care 

Not sure why you all must stare

These things, they only cause division

No path to win, no satisfaction


Of all the things

That we fight about

This was that thing

Where answers burn out.


What now

Is that an open door?

What now

Spinning wheels some more

What now

Is it anticipation?

The things you list

Add to your frustration


One-two, a gears a wheel you say?

Three-four, the hatches on the floor

Five-six, the numbers you predict

Arent even close, what a mistake.


What now

Is that an open door?

What now

Spinning wheels some more

What now

Is it anticipation?

The things you list

Add to your frustration

What now

Is that an open door?

What now

Spinning wheels some more

What now

Is it anticipation?

 he things you list

Give in to your elation

Days of Shadowed Moon

posted in OHC699 on Mar 03, 2022

Wandering in dark

Lost in our way

Wondring where goes

All the bright days


What can we do?

Where do we go

Caught in dark nothing to see

We only pray

Where shall we see?

Whats is there left?

Amidst the dark theres no such path

Cant see today.


But then, we see, a light

From ashes, a hope

From the horizon strikes, a ray, our fates!


And the light

Tt shines above the darkness

And the days of shadowed moon

The torch of hope, it shines brightly

As we witness a new noon.

Late Entry

As The Arrow Flies

posted in OHC697 on Feb 17, 2022
Modular synth + bass synth + vocal pedal stuff.

Post processing was minimal (1 compressor and Ozone), but I did sing over some parts that weren't good

Behind the long, red sky

How far will the sun-set reach

Behind every hill

Each tree, each blade of grass

Stories left untold 

How far will you go?

As the arrow flies.

Late Entry

Face Your Storm

posted in OHC696 on Feb 10, 2022
Why has it come to this?
Why do you face this storm?
In my shadow, longing
Must I take. you down this morn.

Your ways led you down this path
Did you see how this road would end?
You quake, but you hold the line
I cannot let you keep your ways.

You trample and you take
No mercy or mistake
You say all shall be free
Free for all shall take your day.

Face your storm, freely
I am your storm, really
Find your fight, truly
Ill take you down!
Late Entry


posted in 2HTS409 on Jan 30, 2022

I was working on this on stream. I was using a tracker for this compo for the second time, and then my cat stepped on the hardware, unplugged it from the computer, and I had last saved about half an hour ago. oooops

Late Entry

Old Man, My Guide

posted in OHC693 on Jan 20, 2022
Another song where I sang live to a Eurorack modular beat with a hardware-only setup. I have no idea what I'm doing or how to mix with an actual mixer apparently.

A journeys end
Staring from the summit
My lifes work
My guide smiles at me.

Have I peaked too soon?
Halfway to the moon?
Will I journey down
Or will I fall?

Old man, what do I do now?
Help me up
Help me down

Old man, what happens now?
You gave me a way
But now you frown.

The slow path down
My energy sapped
I stumble on my feet
My guide smiles at me.

The top is just the halfway mark
he says. You still have to go down
And from there is a new way
That is only for you.

Old man, youve shown me how
To find a way ahead
A starting crown

Old man, the journey was not the end
Your patience and your help
Were the real grace.
Late Entry

Flood My Mind

posted in OHC692 on Jan 13, 2022
Performed live on Eurorack modular and voice AT THE SAME TIME with no software except for Ozone to bump levels up at the end I hope this doesnt really suck


Flooding my mind
It never stops

When you leave my spirit
Im drowning inside.
When you leave me behind
It floods my mind

I never realized until this day
That I could miss those I had never met before.
I never understood
The power of these unseen bonds

Flood, my mind
It never fades

There is a part of you
That lives inside
A part I never understood
Let me see it again.

Drowning in you
Feeling like its just begun
Drowning in you
These times are not undone

Drowning in me
My feelings spilling over the rim
Drowning in me
Im never done.

Flood, my mind
Dwell in the moisture

Flood, my mind
I need the deep

Flood, my mind
I missed you

Flood, my mind
Its so clear
Late Entry

Time Gifting Me

posted in OHC690 on Dec 30, 2021

These magic moments

Before my eyes

Step back to see

These things time gifts to me

As each new thought comes

Adds to my memory

These are what my soul stores

Stores these things forever more

There's never any doubt of the things that I can see

My mind expands to feel the strength of our soul

As I learn, as I feel, as I think, as I breathe

These moments create me, define me

I take in what time offers to me.

When time comes gifting me

I take what I can see

When time comes gifting me

I accept what's known to be

Late Entry

Answers - Final Fantasy XIV (Cover)

posted in OHC689 on Dec 23, 2021

(Cover song of Answers by Nobuo Uematsu because crystals, also this is hard to sing and I'm sorry it's also not finished I couldn't get through the song)

I close my eyes, tell us why must we suffer

Release your hands, for your will drags us under

My legs grow tired, tell us where must we wander

How can we carry on if redemption's beyond us?

To all of my children in whom Life flows abundant

To all of my children to whom Death hath passed his judgement

The soul yearns for honor, and the flesh the hereafter

Look to those who walked before to lead those who walk after

Shining is the Land's light of justice

Ever flows the Land's well of purpose

Walk free, walk free, walk free, believe...

The Land is alive, so believe...

Suffer (Feel) Promise (Think) Witness (Teach) Reason

(Hear) Follow (Feel) Wander (Think) Stumble (Teach) Listen

(Speak) Honor (Speak) Value (Tell) Whisper (Tell) Mention

(Hope) Ponder (Hope) Warrant (Wish) Cherish (Wish) Welcome

(Roam) Witness (Roam) Listen (Roam) Suffer (Roam) Sanction

(Sleep) Weather (Sleep) Wander (Sleep) Answer

Sleep on

Now open your eyes while our plight is repeated

Still deaf to our cries, lost in hope we lie defeated

Our souls have been torn, and our bodies forsaken

Bearing sins of the past, for our future is taken

War born of strife, these trials persuade us not

(Feel what? Learn what?)

Words without sound, these lies betray our thoughts

Mired by a plague of doubt, the Land, she mourns

(See what? Hear what?)

Judgement binds all we hold to a memory of scorn

Tell us why, given Life, we are meant to die, helpless in our cries?

Witness (Feel) Suffer (Think) Borrow (Teach) Reason

(Hear) Follow (Feel) Stumble (Think) Wander (Teach) Listen

(Blink) Whisper (Blink) Shoulder (Blink) Ponder (Blink) Weather

(Hear) Answer (Look) Answer (Think) Answer together

Thy Life is a riddle, to bear rapture and sorrow

To listen, to suffer, to entrust unto tomorrow

In one fleeting moment, from the Land doth life flow

Yet in one fleeting moment, for anew it doth grow

In the same fleeting moment

Thou must live


And know

Late Entry

Leaving But Shards Behind

posted in OHC688 on Dec 16, 2021

The sun shines on a new birth

Granting a new dawn!

A life, a new hope was born today

Let it emerge forth

Observe as life finds a way

Giving us all a new day!

Innocence, splitting free from the darkness

And gifting it to the world!

Nurture the ones that come before

Support those past the morn

Their radiant journeys

Wave as we welcome them  

Wave when they sail away

As the waters flow

Leaving but shards behind

Late Entry

All Those Days Before Set You For Today

posted in OHC687 on Dec 09, 2021

Steal the light from your sunrr

Determination brings us home again

Shine bright, let your heart rise again

As the warmth rises up to you once more

All those days before

Set you for today

Struggles that faced the morn

Your mind shall know the way

Feel the strength, that's born

As you live each day

A journey's grace adorned


Sunday's Dark Secrets

posted in 2HTS400 on Nov 28, 2021

There was a time when I thought that art was "art". That it was meant to be expressed and shared.

I didn't realize that the world... was so depraved.

I wanted it to be a dance song!

I was going to create a rock song

I had dreams of creating a rap song

I didn't realise that it would all fall away.

Now there's a creepy theme

And all I can do is whisper strange things into your ear

All these things that I held dear

In some abstract, ambient wind

When I was a young boy, I did not fear the dark

I wrote all of my songs, subjected you to my innocence

With each Two Hour span, you could see more of the truth

The hidden secrets, the little tricks

Copy-paste, repeated harmonices, presets, samples

A place without a plan

The themes that Antik exposes us to

He says he can count, but what does he do?

He ignores the past, covers up the present

Two Hour Track Sunday isn't so pleasant

The skills I learn, what are they for?

If numbers aren't correctly stored

The lies, the tricks, the secrets of sound

The songs, played once, and never again found.

Late Entry

Flawed, a Child

posted in OHC685 on Nov 25, 2021
This is probably the most emo song I've ever done. I'm actually doing fine though

I got a computer but didn't test properly before doing compo and ran into a bunch of problems so things didn't work as expected and I ended up deleting everything and rewriting around 40 minutes in.

The boring eyes suck me dry
Vampire of thoughts
Thief of tears

Please, pass the salt, they say at ease
But saltiness remains
My seat at the table, ever too short
My tension grows

What is it that they want from me?
Why dont they ever feel my pain?
Is it them, or is it me?
Flawed, a child, as I can be.

Time, the moments that they stole from me
and gaze at me with sympathy
I do not understand their stares
I feel so lonely

Late Entry

Simulated Hope

posted in OHC684 on Nov 18, 2021

Dreaded times, drifting sands

Clocks in shadow, twisting hands

Turn back the tide, turn the time

To younger days.

Flowing river, down one way

It hurts now. Not back in the day

History repeats, secrets of man

Drifting moments, automatic

Those younger years

My more confusing time

But discovery reigns

In my simulated hope

The feelings, so strong

Only for first time

Or so I thought

In my simulated hope

Late Entry

work collides

posted in 2HTS398 on Nov 14, 2021

SORRY I had huge technical issues with this one so levels and quality is TOTALLY OFF. I also started 45 minutes late.

Trouble's in your face

Permission denied

The paperwork's in place

As our work collides

Should have been hawk-eyed

The words within

Revealed to you the truth

But corporate always wins!

Didn't you take the time

To smell the roses

Don't you read the lines?

Affecting your ways

Protect ourselves,

That's what we do

But why do you not read?

It protects you too.

Late Entry

Wrapped in a Sphere of Steel

posted in OHC683 on Nov 11, 2021

In union, our hopes and dreams collide

In parting, our legend's paths break free.

Our wishes, round and round they make

Drifting aimless, in the heat of the sun they bake.

Our minds, crossing worlds apart

Emotions, fully intertwined,

Joined, as dreams were ought to be

Together, as two worlds collide.

You wanted more than I could give

My light, my heat, my energy

All of my thoughts went to you

I thought together we were strong

Inspiration from you and power for me

But instead you stole me

Wrapped in a sphere of steel

Late Entry

Reach For Me?

posted in OHC682 on Nov 04, 2021

Clouded eyes keeps us apart

Old memories, revived

Wounds may heal

But not when the knife comes out again

And cuts me deep

Time stands still, blue skies above

Hands gripping the rocky maze

I'm always following behind

In the shadow, cleaning up your mistakes

Swallowing the dust asider

When I fall down

Reach out

Cry your name

When I lose it

Refuse it

Need your strength

Why do you always reach for me?

Why don't you just set me free?

Late Entry


posted in OHC681 on Oct 28, 2021

The hidden layers

The secret minds

Behind the faces

But all I see are the lies

Warm, wide eyes

Behind those masks

Guess the lies, the common thread

Rendered eyes

Plastic faces

False smiles leading me on

When in a past

all of the pretty faces

Let through no part of a truth

Within me all I see is anger

All through my past

I couldn't trust the pretty faces

Too close to the sun and I got burned

Too far away, so now I freeze.

Late Entry

This Sound Of Mine feat. some cotmm68030

posted in OHC680 on Oct 21, 2021

These old artifacts, they represent knowledge?

Yes. Knowledge.

They said that knowledge was power, those who wrote these.

Then what are these, black... things?

The Motorola 68030. Now, that's where true power lies.

It was said that one child... one of the monkey machine... learned his great powers on this... machine.

But now you see what's happened, when one such as him wields great power...

Pages turned the tide once upon a time

But knowledge came at a larger costr

The data stored in metal within

Paper once stored most precious thoughts

But silicon brought to life within

Eternal noise for all to hear again!

The rumbles brought upon the world

Cannot escape the traps of time

A book never could reveal

The darkness of these voices of mine

All frequencies are the same

Spectral lights my electric mind

Pink noise and power is the way

Leaning to love this sound of mine

Late Entry

Lost in Your Crystalline Dream

posted in 2HTS394 on Oct 17, 2021

The others await

They seek the pieces of you

Take that side of you


Each reflection

Each shard

Holds the secret

The power between worlds

Bit by bit

My is mind pulled apart

The sequences fade

From my shattered dream

Piece by piece

What I used to know grows dim

Crystalline memories

Tarnished and lost

One by one

Reaching within

Trying to keep unity

Hope drifts afar

Piece by piece

A neuron at a time

The last feelings in myself

My existence goes away


Each reflection, each shard

Losing myself now


Each part, each bit

Losing myself now

Lost in a crystalline dream

Late Entry

At Which Time Again Can We See The Light

posted in OHC679 on Oct 14, 2021

Fog Drowning All In Mist

Covered in Miasma

Darkness rest

Haze leaving but no trace

Veils across our souls

It's our mask anew

At which time again

Can we see the light

Through each other's stars

Through each other's eyes

Is it time

To understand our light

That each one holds?

We want to share!

Deep Water has us in dark

Forest husks drain us dry

Suppressive mists cloud our fear

The moonlight's madness isn't real

Deep Water drowned us in black

Lifeless branches bleed our limbs

Mystic fog smother our frame

The moonlight's rising, noir and grim

Late Entry

New York City Beats

posted in OHC678 on Oct 07, 2021

Take me there

City that never sleeps

Wake me up

New York

If I can make it there

Can I make it anywhere?

New York New York

note to self to create a template and not start from scratch
Late Entry

Your Life Over The Airways

posted in OHC676 on Sep 23, 2021

How do you find the time

For all that you are

How do you find the time

To be who you want to be?

When the winds are passing so fast

I can't keep up with myself

How do you find the time

I want to be more. like you.

I see everything I want to be

All the things you are to me

The skills you have, the stuff you've made

I want it too don't you know it's true?

What've you have done I like it too

Because I wish I was more like you

Unveil the mask show me the truth

Show me what it's like to be you

Saw you once over the airways

You were my dream

I wanted your life

I wanted you

Saw your life over the airways

Knew what I wanted to be

Could I dream?

Dream like you?

Late Entry

Bringing Your World Together

posted in OHC675 on Sep 16, 2021

Behind the glass

Intensive reality awaits

Reflections of truth

Spotlights shine, revealing

Lights shift

Mind twisting what's seen

Kinetic thoughts

Breaking boundaries

Attractive thoughts

Bringing everyone near

Infinite minds colliding

Geometric worlds

Drawing everything near

Warped together in the same universe

Bringing your world together

Into your reality

Late Entry

A Brand New Dawn

posted in OHC674 on Sep 09, 2021

The lyrics aren't actually what's in the recording and that kind of messed me up. I also can't sing that high without more practice


When theres no warmth left in the air

The icy blades piercing my soul


out in the wilderness

Our kindling is running low

My mind races out of control


Into the frigid air

But sparks, light

A glimmer of hope

I dream of the warmth of you by my side

Just when cold came

And embraced me

You brought to me a brand new dawn!

Late Entry

When I Lit Your Way

posted in OHC673 on Sep 02, 2021

Do you fear the fog at night?

Do you jump at the setting sun?

Watch, for me, in the shadows!

Do you sense my icy breath?

Do you hear my cries for you?

Listen for them, I am calling

Coming with you, whereever you go

A quaint revenge for what you did to me

Haunting you, forever ago

Don't you understand what we were?

As you walk down these roads

Shrouded in mist

I'll be there with you

I'm watching your moves

As you forget the paths you took

Covered in fog

You'll remember how it was

When I lit your way


There's a bunch of bad distortion that I couldn't fix :(

Flow the Union Of Life Begins

posted in OHC672 on Aug 26, 2021

Fading from the earth

Dry world under sun

Descending to a dark

Where no life roams

Let flow, the water

Elements feed once again

Populate deserts with green

Dewdrops birthing signs of hope

The massive union

Of life begins


  1. Recorded live with my Eurorack modular run through a reverb pedal
  2. A bunch of takes singing on top of it run through a vocal pedal
Late Entry

Mission's Ecstasy

posted in OHC671 on Aug 19, 2021

Fly by rocky worlds are lit

Spectrometer is my only sight

Return the data bit by bit

Antenna orientation

Fleeting thoughts appear so randomly

Push me away from them I'm free

Lingering lost passions, lost loves

Tell myself I won't be missed

The days the years zoom by

As black as the darkened sky

My dreams like magnetic disk

Stored in perpetuity

Watch another set of rings fly by

Scanned once again against the sky

My mind wandering so free

But I wonder if I'm free

Away, away

I thought I'd rather be alone

Away, away

Savor radio kiss from you

Away, away

Remind me why I'm far from home

Away, away

Don't neglect my memory

My mission's ecstacy

Late Entry

Place To Hide

posted in OHC670 on Aug 12, 2021

As a young poor boy

Was no room to hide

Shared a room with three brothers

Who saw my every move

Couldn't think in silence

Couldn't muse in pereace

My fears, my thoughts, my love, desires

All on full display

Looking for a place to hide

Finding a place for my mind to reside

Dilapidated, distraught

My mind remains an open book

Is it too much for privacy?

There's no home left for me.

Late Entry

Make The World My Sky

posted in OHC669 on Aug 05, 2021

I would have liked for this to be kind of like, a Disney song or something but I didn't really have the harmony down so this kind of failed and a bunch of the notes are wrong anyway all over the place, and then I found out that I had also overwritten a bunch of my comps by accident when I was fixing some parts of the arrangement, so I had to try to re-record a verse when time was basically already over but then the voice was out of tune and I tried to also adjust the strings as well and I didn't listen to it so this is just a mess all around and I'm sorry about this one. The drums also don't really fit either and the bass was off so I deleted it. Ooops.

Looking for a world

Beyond that I can see

Searching for a way

To be what I can be

Find my way to fly

Escape this closed-up room

Live the dream I try

And make the world my sky!

Spread my wings

Into a world that's free

Take fight in ways That I've never thought I'd take

Upon the winds of mystery

In the air

In a world where I am free

Beyond my cage Where I'd never thought I'd be

Release me on rthe winds of mystery

Late Entry

It's Time To Compo

posted in OHC667 on Jul 22, 2021

Sun is coming down

Now it's time to


Everyone come in

Get your music on

Make your notes with me

Let's throw all our sounds together

Use that MIDI pack

Mash that that copy-paste

Find that weird preset

You know, that one you found for free

It's time to

One Hour Compo

Where the sounds are in tune buy lyrics aren't

The beats are groovin but the bass is hot

It's time to

One Hour Compo

Play with us get good at song

Use those VSTs with the money that's goner

Late Entry

Falling into the Depths of Hell

posted in OHC666 on Jul 15, 2021

Laying out the candles

Send a breathy prayer

Look upon the lost ones

I feel them in the air

Clutch the ward close

Send forth the blessed wave

To cast aside the evils

And find the one I save

Armed with desperation

Wield a blade of light

Looking out for you

I stand my ground and fight

Trapped against the mirror

Against a sickly gaze

The truth that it shows me

It's too much for me to brave



I'm falling into the depths of Hell for you



I'm facing the skeletons in my closet

Late Entry

The Place I Cannot See

posted in OHC665 on Jul 08, 2021

Criss-cross above the trees

Below is everything that I can see

Critters, birds, and rustling leaves

Nothing escapes my gaze

But when you cross below

I steal a sordid glance

The one place I cannot see

Is within your heart

Late Entry

Unlocking The Way To My Soul

posted in OHC663 on Jun 24, 2021

Outside looking in

Mind secured as the padlocked wall

First time on the fringe

Shake the door, nothing at all

Our ears closed within

Our hearts locked like iron gates

Second time on the hill

No way to grip your attention

Open my eyes

Light the way through the windows of my soul

Open my eyes

See through the opaque gaze

Open my eyes

Light the way through the windows of my soul

Open my eyes

See through the opaque gaze

Late Entry

Ruler of Submarine Depths

posted in OHC660 on Jun 03, 2021

In flourescent waves

The corals emit the last light

Reflected across glass caverns

Last sight of the deep

Darkness surrounds

Anglers blink their single lone light

Cascades into the dead reaches

Lost sight in the deep

Come crashing down

The horrors wait for me

No more control!

Forever lost in submarine depths

Its all crashing down

Theres no escape for you

Give me control,

Ill rule it all in submarine depths

Late Entry

Happy Heart-Shaped Chocolate Drop

posted in OHC659 on May 27, 2021
Riding high
In the sky
with my happy heart shaped
Chocolate drop

See the world
Sweet and pure
Covered in the rain of
Chocolate gold

Happy heart shape chocolate drop
Together, well sail on islands hop
Happy heart shape chocolate drop
Around the world, well never stop

This song is inspired by my FF XIV mount
Late Entry

Enigma of Mine

posted in OHC658 on May 20, 2021
As the moon floods the
Shadows dark
Bathe in blood
Swaddle in a cloak of red

When the howl lights
Obscure glow
Writhe in love
Enigma of mine

When the moon aligns
The aurora shall fade
Covering in darkness
Flooding you with fate

When the moon aligns
The glow will disappear
Covering in darkness
Leaving us in nothingness

first rough take
Late Entry

Classical Cribbing

posted in 2HTS372 on May 16, 2021
By the time I got to this it was masked behind a copyright claim for YouTube

Cribbed from some great piano players - will my livestream of this session get silenced?

This is a little bit of an absurd callout to when streamers play classical music legally on their streams, and then suddenly Twitch will mute the video and slap DMCA violation because their performance is too similar to some classical professional performer's recording owned by a record company.
Late Entry

Messages On Colored Lines

posted in OHC657 on May 13, 2021
The glow blossoms with dignity
Paint with intensity
As the ray shoots across time
Speak with me in your chromaticism

Come through the gates and bring the luminosity
The bloom flies with warmth
Its incandescence fills you with passion
The afterglow is the future

The glow floods you with sagacity
As it brings talent and effervescence
It cries with exaltation
Come back with it with enthusiasm
Late Entry

Wheels of Hope

posted in OHC655 on Apr 29, 2021

As usual I didn't listen to this in advance

When the sun falls beneath the horizon
Pedal pedal carry the flame
Wield the last light of the world
Wardens of light behond

Wheels of hope light up the way
The steel cavalry approaches
Bring the new fish of the day
Against the falling sun

Fey, The Arcane

posted in 90MC014 on Apr 27, 2021

Time allowance was about 13 minutes.

I did this on the Deluge from an empty project and recorded it direct in using Audacity. I created the parts and then did a single-take live performance.

I have a meeting so I might not be able to attend listening party today.

Late Entry

Cool Kiss Of Mist

posted in OHC654 on Apr 22, 2021
In the night among the stars
Caught out in the snowflakes alone
Yet youre as cozy as a clam
Hidden in your warm little space

Enjoying the cool kiss of mist
With a lovely glass of wine
Would you like some company?
Lets breathe in the cold air tonight

My Arts and Crafts

posted in 90MC013 on Apr 20, 2021

Created in 15 minutes in Studio One Prime (the free version that doesn't allow VSTs or have a limiter) which includes starting the program and looking at the theme, but not writing the description.

Including problems with setup, not hearing sounds, and random errors too.

Late Entry

The Cloth Bathed In Sin

posted in OHC653 on Apr 15, 2021

Do you need to imagine what's been done to it?

Down come flames
Encompassing heat
Stench beyond reckoning
Dreams dissolving throughout

Clarion calls
Bringing to the end
Dreadful thoughts
Falling to ashes

Burn it all down
The cloth is bathed in sin
Let it come down
The doom cant escape from within

Empty Homes

posted in 90MC012 on Apr 13, 2021

This took about 12 minutes. It's played live, but I think I did like 6-7 takes.

Performed on Linnstrument in Studio One free version (my trial ran out)

Late Entry

Judgement Passed In Nothing

posted in OHC651 on Apr 01, 2021
Where did you go
Im listening
For you

Its empty in here
Im waiting
For you

Im not perfect
Im not even good
But I thought you were
The one for me

I made mistakes
Passed judgement
In fear

Now theres nothing
Nothing for you
Nothing for me

Dragon Bits

posted in 90MC010 on Mar 30, 2021

I think this one took closer to 20 minutes. It would have been 15, but I had to record another take after the first one was flubbed.

I created this from a blank project on the Deluge.

Riding The Heat Wave

posted in OHC650 on Mar 25, 2021

Seeking ancients
Treasured time
Sands so far
Riding the heat wave

Finding ways
A grain in the line
Emerging truths
Riding the heat wave

Cooling nights
Searching stars
Sea of sand
Riding through the waves

Running sands
Under dark
Shifting ground
Dunes await

Shake the Silence

posted in OHC649 on Mar 18, 2021
Pushed out of my own life
Cant see the ground below my eyes
Hidden by the shadowed tower
I look up yet see nothing in the sky

When will I see that its on me?
I dream but I dont act like Im free
When will I learn that its not you
I just need to shake the silence

Crowds, they move all around me
Reach on out, blend right in
Pretend to fight, cast it aside
Welcome yourself back to the world

Ascending to the Dark - Live Jam

posted in 90MC008 on Mar 16, 2021

This is unfortunately kind of boring, but I did it live in a single take using an Octatrack, then I put some gain on it and added a limiter. I probably spent more time trying to figure out how to record audio on Windows than I did on the actual performance.

I used samples from this song from OHC if you might remember it.

A Ways Away From Nothing

posted in 90MC007 on Mar 09, 2021

I did this song in about 11 minutes in PreSonus Studio One 5. My timer says 12:40, but I am pretty sure I spent a full minute and a half re-tagging my song and locating it on my filesystem since I've never rendered audio from Studio One before.


Okay 11 minutes into FL Studio and:

  1. I learned how to change the default kick drum
  2. I learned how to make the pattern length longer for drums
  3. I managed to lose the track browser somehow and didn't know where to find it
  4. I tried using the browser and looked for violin, but the sound was really crappy. I adjusted it (It seemed like some kind of FM Synth rather than an actual violin) but it still sounds pretty bad
  5. It's still a mystery to me how/where things are routed to the mixer. I think I found out how to set tracks, but I for example had a synth playing the melody a second time and I had NO idea how to bump the volume on it
  6. I learned how to select MIDI notes with a selector. Unfortunately, I tried putting in too many notes (7th chords are too intense for an 11 minute compo) and I think I have the wrong chords as a result.

Pulled Into the Maw (FL Beginner)

posted in 90MC005 on Feb 23, 2021

Second time I've opened FL Studio. I wrote this in 9 minutes. What did I learn?

  • I learned how to reliably open the Piano Roll
  • I learned where the Insert FX are

What I still don't know:

  • Where the EQ is
  • How to make the mixer effects not appear super far away
  • How to make the fonts larger since they're microscopic
  • How to create a pattern and have it actually stick to an instrument (it was playing a kick instead of an actual note)

Faces On The Wall - Crystal Caverns

posted in OHC632 on Nov 19, 2020

The shadows flicker on the wall and shine their eyes at you.

I started with an empty project (no template!) and ended up creating most of the synths and FX chains from scratch. Except for the lead, that was a preset.

Entranced by Pond

posted in OHC631 on Nov 12, 2020

This must be the most copy-paste cliche amateur hack song ever.


Also I started like 20 minutes late because I decided to update my computer right before Compo

Sliding From You

posted in OHC624 on Sep 24, 2020

Sorry I can't keep pitch

Did you feel the freeze of my love

Sliding off your skin

The dark over you rains again

Washing off the emptiness


Have you seen the sweetness in the ponds

Shining on your lids

Working with the sand grain by grain

All it leaves are scratches within

Spread the Joy

posted in OHC616 on Jul 30, 2020

Watch the radiance fly by

See a dream and let it come near

Grab a trace of light to share

Spread the joy to your friends in this world

No Safety (A Livestreamer's Cry)

posted in OHC612 on Jul 02, 2020

Sorry, the vocals needed some work and I didn't have time to adjust.


Also I am super late.





My bed its so soft

I never want to go outside

Here is where I hide

Let me get my beauty rest


I summon all of my energy

My audience they await me

Lights, camera, action,r game

Thank you, leave a donation on your way


I say one, vultures descend upon me

I do another thing. Trrolls come at me

I hold my shield, The arrow bounce off

But it only takes one word to strike true

Taking me out.r


Its me versus a thousand you

My life on display

All I wanted was to share

But now your barbs have trapped here here


Its me versus ten thousand you

Watching my mistakes

It started as fun to be with you all

But now your attention hurts. I want peace. Set me free.


The Wall Senses

posted in OHC611 on Jun 25, 2020

Should've known better than to try to sing before coming up with a melody

Hear these walls

What do they say?

Scenes of shock, scenes of sadness

Blocking the waves from curious ears

If walls had ears

What would they hear?


If written down

What hurt would be known?



Look at these walls

What have they seen?

Tears of hurt, eyes of sorrow

Blocking the light from wondering eyes

If walls had eyes

What would they see?


If written down

What hurt would be known?



Why did I not notice you?

But instead I listened idly by

My regret is that I did not help you

I just closed my eyes.

A Little Bit of It All

posted in OHC607 on May 28, 2020

This song is a HOT MESS of all kinds of stuff.


It features: tempo changes, a key change, minor key stuff, major key stuff, AND a time signature change and like what the hell is even going on here

Inside the Texture

posted in OHC601 on Apr 16, 2020

This was an experiment. Then I got hard crashes, had to erase a few of my synths, and didn't get time to redo parts that were out of tune.


Geometric shapes

The wireframes remain

Theres nothing here

theres nothing left


Stripped away to the core

Colors drained away

See nothing, hear nothing

Except the essence of their rays







Whats inside the textures?

What do you hide behind your mask?

Do you wish for us to know?

The truth buried inside your soul?


Whats under the skin?

What do you put within?

Is it a memory you fear?

Or a precious thought that you hold dear?

Try The Drink

posted in OHC600 on Apr 09, 2020

I AM SO HAPPY to have been part of Compo for over 500 or so times and to be here for 600.


I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. You mean so much to me, this community and this opportunity to do this every week has made me so happy overall with music and my life.


Thank you all but especially Rama and starla for keeping this together for over 12 years. <3 <3 <3

The ducks they come for you
The sky is full
Of their reign
Of the pain
Disaster from above

When nature strikes again
The ducks will lead
They receive
The power of bird flu

What have we done
Why cant we think
Why do we fail
Cant you rise up?

The birds will have the day today
But rise up
Rise up against their ways

The birds will have the way today
But rise up
Fight the wingspans way

Way Out of Touch

posted in OHC587 on Jan 09, 2020
Did not do
Held myself back too much
Attached to a dream
Dreams were way out of touch

My heart was there
My brain was a crutch
Flying too high
I was way out of touch

All I feel are my cold feet
All I know are my cold feet

Thought I was prepared
Not prepared enough
Skills shines through but mind bleeds true
I was way out of touch

Hint: adding lyrics 10m before compo end is not a great idea

Sum of Odd Harmonics

posted in OHC572 on Sep 26, 2019
While I think this was more of an experiment with different techniques (namely, a new sequencer on my side), the emotional tone is somewhat whimsical and cute.

The Dry Lands

posted in OHC563 on Jul 25, 2019
Cactii and Succulent

Track notes: I did this live by creating some loops in my DAW, programming drums in the drum machine, and creating the bassline and some other sequences on a hardware sequencer.

I think I needed a bit more time.

Slice Through The Mists

posted in OHC545 on Mar 21, 2019
Cut a way through with your blades. Feel your way through the lights.

I performed this live from a mostly-empty set on an Octatrack and Analog Four, which is why it's a little repetitive...

Hurt (Nine Inch Nails Cover)

posted in OHC541 on Feb 21, 2019
I hurt myself today
To see if I still feel
I focus on the pain
The only thing that's real

The needle tears a hole
The old familiar sting
Try to kill it all away
But I remember everything

What have I become
My sweetest friend
Everyone I know
Goes away in the end

And you could have it all
My empire of dirt
I will let you down
I will make you hurt

I wear this crown of shit
Upon my liars chair
Full of broken thoughts
I cannot repair

Beneath the stains of time
The feelings disappear
You are someone else
I am still right here

What have I become
My sweetest friend
Everyone I know
Goes away in the end

And you could have it all
My empire of dirt
I will let you down
I will make you hurt

If I could start again
A million miles away
I will keep myself
I would find a way

By Trent Reznor

In Reality

posted in OHC540 on Feb 14, 2019
There was this girl, she thought she was smart
She knew because they told her so
But when she had to head to the world
She struggled, she toiled, it hurt

She thought she was ready she thought she was smart
Failure sliced her heart
When she couldnt do it, not anymore
Her will and her dreams were gone

She went on blind
She toiled on broken
And she heard no cry
She tried and she tried

Tides of madness Tides of joy
Rushing water swept her away
Carried her dreams back where they came
In solitude she got away


posted in OHC539 on Feb 07, 2019
What do you dream? Inside the night
What do you see in your mind's eye?

The dreams I bring while you're in sleep
Are you listening to me tonight?

The dreams I bring carried to life
Are you listening to me all right?

Strange Snakes

posted in OHC537 on Jan 24, 2019
I did this song on my iPhone in a hotel room in like 20 minutes. (This was not the song I did on the plane, that one was much longer and arguably worse).

Reflection of the Mind

posted in OHC523 on Oct 18, 2018
Sit in the dark, and look within. What do you see? What efforts you face, when you project them, no one else feels them. When you sit there, the reflection of the mind, why is the mirror so dark? Is it because there are no lights, or is it because I cannot see?

What will I do to bring light back? What will I do to once again see? What can I do to reflect on my mind, to know myself and let the mind be free?

(I created this patch on my Eurorack modular and will perform it live on Saturday at a local New England Synth Meetup.)

One Track To Safety

posted in OHC510 on Jul 19, 2018
There's too many around. There's too many around. There's too many around. There's too many around. Where can I go? Where can I go? Where can I go? Where can I go? Where can I go?

Hard Attraction Headbreak

posted in OHC505 on Jun 14, 2018
I kind of squandered my time trying to figure out some new hardware setups but I didn't know enough stuff and my first 40 minutes were wasted.

A lot of live recording of parts including MIDI keyboard drums. Also very little attention to sound design or mixing

In Quantum Space

posted in OHC490 on Mar 01, 2018
I erased my song 45m in and redid it from scratch because I didn't like it, so this is pretty unpolished. It has a lot of live noodling.

Sounds used: Nord Lead 2x (4 tracks), Meeblip Triode, MASCHINE 2.0 drums.

Ebb and Flow - Rock! Squid cover

posted in PRC356 on Sep 03, 2017
A rock cover of Ebb and Flow. I did this in one sitting in about 3h 15m. All of the tracks are live except for the drums (live guitars and bass). I don't play that well, so it's pretty rough, but it is a recognizable rendition of the song.

Music Log below:

Sunday, Sept 3

16:15: First, learn the song. Chords, key, scales. There’s a bit of note-borrowing going on from other scales here (something that I am pretty bad at - I stick to the scale tones a LOT).

17:30: Okay it took me like 30 minutes to get a 4-bar riff. At this rate I’m not going to finish before’s deadline.

19:30: “Done”. Only because I’m out of time - the parts all need to be redone so it’s more solid. It’s kind of outside of my ability but now that I’ve laid down the song it means that I can practice… and with time…

Total time: 3h 15m

One Live Take

posted in OHC428 on Dec 22, 2016
Was too slow in getting things set up for this track and I had time to do only one live take of this. Sorry for the mediocrity this week.

Rhythmic Lava Flow

posted in OHC408 on Aug 04, 2016
I guess? This was kind of a strange song this week where I couldn't put together a solid melody or really develop sounds that meshed together.

Also no EQ.

Corporate Bullshit

posted in OHC404 on Jul 07, 2016

Corporate headcounts
Record high
Marketing speak
In the hallways fly

Agile Design
Data Analytics
Values Align
Internal politics

Posted high
Through the hallways fly

Corporate bullshit for everyone
Puzzle pieces on slide one
KPIs running amok
Lost in the buzzword talk

Pros and Cons
Sales funnels
What perspective?

Corporate bullshit for everyone
Accounting hacks?
Thats no fun


posted in OHC403 on Jun 30, 2016
I knew I loved you
Of that I’m sure
When I first saw it
I knew your allure

From there together,
Where our paths meet
The sparks are flying
Like fire’s beat

I knew you had me
In but one glance
Despite my mistakes
You gave me a chance

Now we’re together
As our paths meet
The sparks are flying
As our hearts beat

The times we share together
The love we have with each other

growing into it

posted in OHC327 on Jan 15, 2015
Damn it I started late and then I ran into equipment problems and then I didn't really manage to get anywhere because I didn't warm up AT ALL

Great Rockets Of Humankind

posted in OHC311 on Sep 25, 2014
The force of humanity is a great one indeed
They build up great buildings and help people in need
They build bombs of awesome destructive power
But ignore the great skies above

The great rockets of humankind Have no ideas left in mind
Curiosity is no longer there

What happened to the explorers of yore No desires all a bore
The miracle of flight, no one cares

So let’s go upstairs

Inspiration comes at too great a price
Science, technology, it’s all rather nice
There’s so much that we learn when we reach the skies
And yet the dark clouds remain

The great rockets of humankind Lay idly by it’s so unwise
Discovery’s the realm of the gods

Humanity’s so simple now, nothing is worth even a shout
The miracle of flight, no one cares

So let’s go upstairs and dreaaaam

Unwilling Expectations

posted in OHC309 on Sep 11, 2014
Powers that be, Powers that see
Partaking in this misery

Met with the lords, blessed by the gods
Battle’s nearly won now

I’m tired now, please set me free
I need no more of this

Acting a pawn, when are things done
My determination’s run out

What made you think I cared
All I had was what you offered

Why did I take up your boon
My dedication made you all suffer


posted in 2HTS20 on Aug 24, 2014
Yes, there are lyrics. No, I'm not holding out on anyone, I have pretty much zero experience singing.

My friends
tell me I’m not cool
So I
go act like a fool

I don’t
need your help tonight
I’ve got
A date with dreams of fright

everything they say
things better today?

I want your help
I need a soul
Mine’s dying for
A pathetic goal

I need your help
From this dread
A way to break
My fucked up head

Throwing Voices

posted in OHC306 on Aug 21, 2014
Shards of glass
Crusher of dreams
The venom she spits
Poisoning me

With that I refuse to listen
To the mirror that sings to me
Why do I know it’s true
When I throw it all back out

Swallowing it
Spraying back out
Without a doubt

Her siren’s call
She steals my soul
Plays it back for me

I still fear. But I face it.

posted in OHC300 on Jul 10, 2014
I'm scared of many things in the world. Making a fool of myself. Being new and unfamiliar to things.

Compo was scary when I started. I do it every week now and it's kind of a habit... but at the same time, I still am kind of scared of it and I have to suck it up and see how much I can improve. Every. Single. Week.

A Last Look Back

posted in OHC295 on Jun 05, 2014
This is an apt theme, since I'm moving. On Tuesday, they packed all of my things. On Wednesday I said goodbye. On Thursday, I drove to the airport. Tomorrow, I fly away.

All of my things are packed and I'm looking back at a city where I've really enjoyed spending my time.

Unfortunately I couldn't quite capture my emotions very well in song, since I don't have my normal music computer, my guitar, or my mouse, or even the program I usually use... but here's something submitted anyway. I spent about 20 minutes on this, interrupted by a phone call, submitted it, deleted it, then spent another 10 minutes on it.

Good bye Corvallis, Oregon!

Winter's Stare

posted in OHC278 on Feb 06, 2014
So I didn't really practice any voice training last week but I did practice guitar. So yeah. Plug your ears.

I wish I was in the dark
I wish I had a place to start
I feel cold, my heart is numb
If I left it all, my role is done

I don't want to be alone
But I wish someone would care
I wish I could change everything around
My head is frozen in winter's stare.

Wish it wasn't me

posted in OHC277 on Jan 30, 2014
Holy out of rhythm parts and shitty singing and shitty guitar playing, also I couldn't get in the last verse because I didn't have enough time to fix broken timings and chords. Sorry about this in advance. I kind of like the lyrics I guess?

In my head
In my future
I am planning out our way

I maintain a posture of composure
As I re-hease my say

There's people in the lobby
There's a gun in my hand
There's a teller at the window
There's a car at the door

There's no suspect or suspicion
No one looking at my way
They said this would be easy
But they didn't ask my say

I want to run away

Oh yeah, oh yeah
I want to run away
Cut me free and I will find your escape of my mind

They're looking at my presence
They're noticing the scene
They said that I'd be perfect
But I wish it wasn't me

You and so much more

posted in OHC276 on Jan 23, 2014
holy shit I actually managed to sing something. Too bad it's REALLY bad

I move forward
Can't look back
I trusted you
and so much more

I've got no answers
Only questions
I thought I knew you
and so much more

You stole so much
and hid from me
I felt I had you
and so much more

You crushed my dreams
and lied to me
I thought I loved you
and so much more

Trusted you
Promised me
We agreed
Words were true

Wanted you
Nice to me
Promised you
Saw it through

The Real Test

posted in OHC255 on Aug 29, 2013
I did Ludum Dare this weekend. Unfortunately I could only spend like a day on my game so I did and the gameplay kind of sucks as a result.

However I'm actually really happy with the soundtrack. Look here:

Warp Engines: Engage

posted in OHC241 on May 24, 2013
Hey guys, I was away at a conference on Thursday. I ended up doing a pre-compo song on Tuesday morning in about 55m... the theme? "The Orion Nebula". :)

This ended up pretty rough - a lot of off-beat notes, some wrong keys, and some timing issues, but it was more about getting the ideas and overall structure down before working on some of the fine-tuning.

Leviathan Seething

posted in OHC238 on May 02, 2013

Also if you have a moment I did my first-ever Ludum Dare and made my first game. Check it out here.

Our Mother, Be Proud

posted in OHC229 on Feb 28, 2013
I'm happy to be alive and I dance in the descending shroud of the mother sun as her daughter the moon swallows the darkness and brings up the wolf's howl to our virgin ears.

Sea, Ship, and Storm

posted in OHC220 on Dec 27, 2012
A last escape from a fiery village, only to face the cold chill of winds and water. Is this truly an escape...?

Sorry guys I watched Ka by Cirque du Soleil a week and a bit ago.

Water and Peace and Messed up Chords

posted in OHC210 on Oct 18, 2012
I initially had this interesting chord progression in the middle of the song all laid out, but then I must've dragged and dropped something around because Logic deleted the arpeggios I had laid out and thus messed it all up.

Earth versus the Brain-eating Amoebas

posted in OHC209 on Oct 11, 2012
A pretty uninspired song about a fleet of space pilots launching their fighters out of the carrier tubes and getting into position to fight against the mindless brain-eating space amoebas who will destroy the solar system if left unchecked.

In Nights Passed

posted in OHC205 on Sep 13, 2012
In the middle of the night... you hear the noises of spirits and ghosts. Are they trying to communicate to you, or are these sounds merely memories from your own, bygone days?

I'm setting up my stuff!

posted in OHC185 on Apr 26, 2012
I'm hooking up the steering wheel, getting ready to fire up that XBox 360 and play some Forza 4 for the first time.... online.


Thinking on Last Week

posted in OHC183 on Apr 12, 2012
Turns out my song last week was labelled "reflection.mp3".

Anyway this is a rather weak attempt at an ambient song. I haven't felt like I've had a good music year so far so let's see if I can improve more over the next few weeks.

Reunion of the Lost Companions

posted in OHC179 on Mar 15, 2012
It's a little too happy to be a battle, so this is a story all about how the battle became all victorious and everyone was able to get together afterwards and eat some chicken and pork shank marinated in lemon juice and drink beer.

You're Weird

posted in OHC176 on Feb 23, 2012
I don't know what the theme is this week but today I decided to give out spooky vibes. Thanks to our local Kirby for posting this for me.

Mind's in Hyperspeed

posted in OHC172 on Jan 26, 2012
My mind's in a spin. I dream about what I want, what I feel. I only want to go fast, to speed up. I can't decide, though. I feel like I should be driving, yet I need to slow down. Three million miles away.


posted in OHC167 on Dec 25, 2011
I fought with garageband in the airport waiting room making this song! OH CRAP THE PLANE IS BOARDING GOTTA RUN


posted in OHC158 on Oct 20, 2011
Submitted on behalf of Arcana, who couldn't make it tonight.

Sorry I had go to out of town so instead of making an enjoyable song I just noodled around in iMaschine for iPhone (live). Yeah I fake-sing in this one. >.>

Thanks a lot!!!

Discovering Meaning

posted in OHC141 on Jun 23, 2011
When you're lost, when you're stranded, when you're feeling sad... and you can see that glimmer of hope in the distance... then you feel lifted up, you feel alive.

I love you guys.

I'm in Control

posted in OHC133 on Apr 28, 2011
The ultimate power is to be the Master and Commander of your own self. To learn how to move your energy from being a victim, from being a wanderer, into the strong realm of focus will guarantee personal success. To empty your mind of needless responsibilities and to record them in a place that is outside of your head is the way to getting things done.

The Innovator's Dilemma

posted in OHC125 on Mar 03, 2011
The innovator's dilemma is to deal with disruptive technology that threatens your business despite the fact that you make sound management decisions.. How do you ensure that you can ensure your survival when your customers do not want the very technology that will wipe out your profitability?
The feel-good ending music, for people that are happy and want to have guests and celebrations in their cities from now on.

Sorry I submitted this kind of unfinished (only used about 30 minutes), I have a visitor and I didn't want to leave them alone for too long. Also I was feeling a bit sick for all of today, aches and all of that :( Hope you enjoy it though.

Lazy Live Song

posted in OHC115 on Dec 23, 2010
Hey guys, I wasn't actually planning to be here but we went out for All You Can Eat Japanese food and everyone was full so when dinner came around we were still at home because no one was hungry.

Unfortunately my laptop broke the other day :( So this is a lazy live song that I did on my iPad. Sorry that it's a bit long, I was just playing around.


The Army for the People

posted in OHC100 on Sep 02, 2010
The land rejoices in the newfound peace, brought across by the brave heroes who have fought for their land. However, the dark face of corruption shows forth.

The people rise up. They raise their weapons.

There are no more royals. There are no more heroes. There are only the people.

and burgers

Dance of the Dream Faeries

posted in OHC099 on Aug 26, 2010
When you sleep, they frolic in your head, snatching figments of your imagination and fragments of your thoughts, playing with them in time with the music that no one else can hear.

Drilling to the Core

posted in OHC098 on Aug 19, 2010
It's just a regular atonal day doing a cargo run when you run into a strange field. You fight through the flying rocks and the drifting energy and then the shields hum at you at their resonance frequencies...

It's the Decision Tree Dance isn't it?

Happy Heaven Hills

posted in FBRC2010 on Jul 31, 2010
Game: Rockman ZX
Song: Area A (Green Grass Gradation)
Requested by: F4T4L
Duration: 3:02

I struggled a lot with this song. I had issues with out-of-tune notes, song structure, and instrument choices. In the end, I stuck with it because that's the point of the challenge - it's not supposed to be easy. I hope you guys like it.

A Prelude

posted in OHC087 on Jun 03, 2010
The ending is just the beginning.

(I am at my girlfriend's place so I did this in about half an hour on my laptop without any of my sounds, presets, or equipment. Hope you enjoy)

Together, we, humanity, united

posted in OHC055 on Oct 01, 2009
Together, we, humanity, united, have accomplished what no others in the world have done before. We stand in the vast glory of our accomplishments, on the shoulders of giants, with the thanks of many and the sacrifices of even more. Here, we present our greatest work yet...

A Crappy Past

posted in OHC052 on Sep 10, 2009
Nostalgia is remembering things that you thought were better than they really are. Then the reality strikes you with the horror it really is.

My stress at ICSE

posted in OHC036 on May 21, 2009
This was made under duress in 15 minutes in Vancouver using Garageband with people watching over my shoulder and without a good MIDI controller or even an idea of how to use Garageband.

I used drums in this song

posted in OHC035 on May 14, 2009
There's drums in this song and it actually has some kind of structure to it. In a way, that's kind of opposite of "Free for all", since my songs are usually not very structured.
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OHC709 May 12, 2022
OHC708 May 05, 2022
OHC707 Apr 28, 2022
OHC706 Apr 21, 2022
OHC705 Apr 14, 2022
OHC704 Apr 07, 2022
OHC702 Mar 24, 2022
OHC701 Mar 17, 2022
OHC700 Mar 10, 2022
OHC699 Mar 03, 2022
OHC699 Mar 03, 2022
OHC698 Feb 24, 2022
OHC697 Feb 17, 2022
OHC696 Feb 10, 2022
OHC695 Feb 03, 2022
2HTS409 Jan 30, 2022
OHC694 Jan 27, 2022
OHC693 Jan 20, 2022
OHC692 Jan 13, 2022
OHC690 Dec 30, 2021
OHC689 Dec 23, 2021
OHC688 Dec 16, 2021
OHC687 Dec 09, 2021
OHC686 Dec 02, 2021
OHC685 Nov 25, 2021
OHC684 Nov 18, 2021
2HTS398 Nov 14, 2021
OHC682 Nov 04, 2021
OHC679 Oct 14, 2021
OHC678 Oct 07, 2021
OHC677 Sep 30, 2021
OHC676 Sep 23, 2021
OHC675 Sep 16, 2021
OHC674 Sep 09, 2021
OHC672 Aug 26, 2021
OHC671 Aug 19, 2021
OHC670 Aug 12, 2021
OHC669 Aug 05, 2021
OHC668 Jul 29, 2021
OHC667 Jul 22, 2021
OHC665 Jul 08, 2021
OHC664 Jul 01, 2021
OHC663 Jun 24, 2021
OHC662 Jun 17, 2021
90MC021 Jun 16, 2021
OHC661 Jun 10, 2021
OHC660 Jun 03, 2021
OHC659 May 27, 2021
OHC658 May 20, 2021
2HTS372 May 16, 2021
OHC657 May 13, 2021
OHC656 May 06, 2021
OHC655 Apr 29, 2021
90MC014 Apr 27, 2021
OHC654 Apr 22, 2021
2HTS368 Apr 18, 2021
OHC653 Apr 15, 2021
OHC652 Apr 08, 2021
OHC651 Apr 01, 2021
90MC010 Mar 31, 2021
OHC650 Mar 25, 2021
90MC009 Mar 23, 2021
OHC649 Mar 18, 2021
2HTS363 Mar 14, 2021
OHC648 Mar 11, 2021
90MC007 Mar 09, 2021
2HTS362 Mar 07, 2021
OHC647 Mar 04, 2021
90MC006 Mar 02, 2021
OHC646 Feb 25, 2021
90MC005 Feb 23, 2021
OHC645 Feb 18, 2021
90MC004 Feb 16, 2021
OHC644 Feb 11, 2021
OHC643 Feb 04, 2021
OHC642 Jan 28, 2021
OHC641 Jan 21, 2021
OHC640 Jan 14, 2021
OHC638 Dec 31, 2020
OHC637 Dec 24, 2020
OHC636 Dec 17, 2020
OHC635 Dec 10, 2020
OHC634 Dec 03, 2020
OHC633 Nov 26, 2020
OHC632 Nov 19, 2020
OHC631 Nov 12, 2020
OHC630 Nov 05, 2020
OHC628 Oct 22, 2020
OHC627 Oct 15, 2020
OHC626 Oct 08, 2020
OHC625 Oct 01, 2020
OHC624 Sep 24, 2020
OHC623 Sep 17, 2020
OHC622 Sep 10, 2020
OHC621 Sep 03, 2020
OHC620 Aug 27, 2020
OHC619 Aug 23, 2020
OHC618 Aug 13, 2020
OHC617 Aug 06, 2020
OHC615 Jul 23, 2020
OHC614 Jul 16, 2020
OHC613 Jul 09, 2020
OHC612 Jul 02, 2020
OHC611 Jun 25, 2020
OHC610 Jun 18, 2020
OHC609 Jun 11, 2020
OHC608 Jun 04, 2020
OHC607 May 28, 2020
OHC606 May 21, 2020
OHC605 May 21, 2020
OHC604 May 07, 2020
OHC602 Apr 23, 2020
OHC601 Apr 16, 2020
OHC600 Apr 09, 2020
OHC599 Apr 02, 2020
OHC598 Mar 26, 2020
OHC597 Mar 19, 2020
OHC596 Mar 12, 2020
OHC595 Mar 05, 2020
OHC594 Feb 27, 2020
OHC593 Feb 20, 2020
OHC592 Feb 13, 2020
OHC591 Feb 06, 2020
OHC590 Jan 30, 2020
OHC589 Jan 23, 2020
OHC588 Jan 16, 2020
OHC587 Jan 09, 2020
OHC585 Dec 26, 2019
OHC582 Dec 05, 2019
OHC580 Nov 21, 2019
OHC579 Nov 14, 2019
OHC577 Oct 31, 2019
OHC576 Oct 24, 2019
OHC575 Oct 17, 2019
OHC574 Oct 10, 2019
OHC573 Oct 03, 2019
OHC571 Sep 19, 2019
OHC570 Sep 12, 2019
OHC569 Sep 05, 2019
OHC568 Aug 29, 2019
OHC567 Aug 22, 2019
OHC566 Aug 15, 2019
OHC565 Aug 08, 2019
OHC564 Aug 01, 2019
OHC563 Jul 25, 2019
OHC561 Jul 11, 2019
OHC560 Jul 04, 2019
OHC559 Jun 27, 2019
OHC558 Jun 20, 2019
OHC557 Jun 13, 2019
OHC556 Jun 06, 2019
OHC554 May 23, 2019
OHC553 May 16, 2019
OHC552 May 09, 2019
OHC551 May 02, 2019
OHC550 Apr 25, 2019
OHC549 Apr 18, 2019
OHC548 Apr 11, 2019
OHC547 Apr 04, 2019
OHC545 Mar 21, 2019
OHC544 Mar 14, 2019
OHC543 Mar 07, 2019
OHC542 Feb 28, 2019
OHC541 Feb 21, 2019
OHC540 Feb 14, 2019
OHC539 Feb 07, 2019
OHC538 Jan 31, 2019
OHC536 Jan 17, 2019
OHC535 Jan 10, 2019
OHC534 Jan 03, 2019
OHC533 Dec 27, 2018
OHC532 Dec 20, 2018
OHC531 Dec 13, 2018
OHC530 Dec 06, 2018
OHC529 Nov 29, 2018
OHC528 Nov 22, 2018
OHC527 Nov 15, 2018
OHC526 Nov 08, 2018
OHC525 Nov 01, 2018
OHC524 Oct 25, 2018
OHC523 Oct 18, 2018
OHC522 Oct 11, 2018
OHC521 Oct 04, 2018
OHC520 Sep 27, 2018
OHC519 Sep 20, 2018
OHC518 Sep 13, 2018
OHC517 Sep 06, 2018
OHC515 Aug 23, 2018
OHC514 Aug 16, 2018
OHC513 Aug 09, 2018
OHC512 Aug 02, 2018
OHC509 Jul 12, 2018
OHC507 Jun 28, 2018
OHC506 Jun 21, 2018
OHC504 Jun 07, 2018
OHC503 May 31, 2018
OHC502 May 24, 2018
OHC501 May 17, 2018
OHC500 May 10, 2018
OHC499 May 03, 2018
OHC498 Apr 26, 2018
OHC497 Apr 19, 2018
OHC496 Apr 12, 2018
OHC494 Mar 29, 2018
OHC493 Mar 22, 2018
OHC492 Mar 15, 2018
OHC491 Mar 08, 2018
OHC490 Mar 01, 2018
OHC489 Feb 22, 2018
OHC487 Feb 08, 2018
OHC486 Feb 01, 2018
OHC485 Jan 25, 2018
OHC484 Jan 18, 2018
OHC483 Jan 11, 2018
OHC482 Jan 04, 2018
OHC481 Dec 28, 2017
OHC477 Nov 30, 2017
OHC476 Nov 23, 2017
OHC475 Nov 16, 2017
OHC474 Nov 09, 2017
OHC472 Oct 26, 2017
OHC470 Oct 12, 2017
OHC468 Sep 28, 2017
OHC467 Sep 21, 2017
OHC466 Sep 14, 2017
PRC356 Sep 10, 2017
OHC465 Sep 07, 2017
OHC464 Aug 31, 2017
OHC463 Aug 24, 2017
OHC462 Aug 17, 2017
OHC461 Aug 10, 2017
OHC459 Jul 27, 2017
OHC458 Jul 20, 2017
OHC457 Jul 13, 2017
OHC456 Jul 06, 2017
OHC455 Jun 29, 2017
OHC454 Jun 22, 2017
OHC453 Jun 15, 2017
OHC452 Jun 08, 2017
OHC451 Jun 01, 2017
OHC450 May 25, 2017
OHC449 May 18, 2017
OHC448 May 11, 2017
OHC447 May 04, 2017
OHC446 Apr 27, 2017
OHC445 Apr 20, 2017
OHC444 Apr 13, 2017
OHC443 Apr 06, 2017
OHC442 Mar 30, 2017
OHC440 Mar 16, 2017
OHC437 Feb 23, 2017
OHC435 Feb 09, 2017
OHC434 Feb 02, 2017
OHC433 Jan 26, 2017
OHC432 Jan 19, 2017
OHC431 Jan 12, 2017
OHC430 Jan 05, 2017
OHC429 Dec 29, 2016
OHC428 Dec 22, 2016
OHC427 Dec 15, 2016
OHC426 Dec 08, 2016
OHC425 Dec 01, 2016
OHC424 Nov 24, 2016
OHC423 Nov 17, 2016
OHC422 Nov 10, 2016
OHC420 Oct 27, 2016
OHC419 Oct 20, 2016
OHC418 Oct 13, 2016
OHC417 Oct 06, 2016
OHC416 Sep 29, 2016
OHC415 Sep 22, 2016
OHC414 Sep 15, 2016
OHC413 Sep 08, 2016
OHC411 Aug 25, 2016
OHC410 Aug 18, 2016
OHC409 Aug 11, 2016
OHC408 Aug 04, 2016
OHC407 Jul 28, 2016
OHC406 Jul 21, 2016
OHC403 Jun 30, 2016
OHC400 Jun 09, 2016
OHC398 May 26, 2016
OHC397 May 19, 2016
OHC396 May 12, 2016
OHC395 May 05, 2016
OHC394 Apr 28, 2016
OHC393 Apr 25, 2016
OHC390 Mar 31, 2016
OHC389 Mar 24, 2016
OHC388 Mar 17, 2016
OHC387 Mar 10, 2016
OHC386 Mar 03, 2016
OHC384 Feb 18, 2016
OHC383 Feb 11, 2016
OHC382 Feb 04, 2016
OHC381 Feb 04, 2016
OHC380 Jan 21, 2016
OHC379 Jan 14, 2016
OHC378 Jan 07, 2016
OHC374 Dec 10, 2015
OHC373 Dec 03, 2015
OHC371 Nov 19, 2015
OHC370 Nov 12, 2015
OHC369 Nov 05, 2015
OHC367 Oct 22, 2015
OHC366 Oct 15, 2015
OHC365 Oct 08, 2015
OHC364 Oct 01, 2015
OHC363 Sep 24, 2015
OHC362 Sep 17, 2015
OHC361 Sep 10, 2015
OHC360 Sep 03, 2015
OHC358 Aug 20, 2015
OHC357 Aug 13, 2015
OHC356 Aug 06, 2015
OHC355 Aug 06, 2015
OHC354 Jul 23, 2015
OHC353 Jul 16, 2015
OHC352 Jul 09, 2015
OHC351 Jul 02, 2015
OHC349 Jun 18, 2015
OHC348 Jun 11, 2015
OHC345 May 21, 2015
OHC342 Apr 30, 2015
OHC341 Apr 23, 2015
OHC340 Apr 16, 2015
OHC338 Apr 02, 2015
OHC337 Mar 26, 2015
OHC334 Mar 05, 2015
OHC331 Feb 12, 2015
OHC330 Feb 05, 2015
OHC329 Jan 29, 2015
OHC328 Jan 22, 2015
OHC327 Jan 15, 2015
OHC326 Jan 08, 2015
OHC325 Jan 01, 2015
OHC324 Dec 25, 2014
OHC323 Dec 18, 2014
OHC321 Dec 04, 2014
OHC319 Nov 20, 2014
OHC318 Nov 13, 2014
OHC317 Nov 06, 2014
OHC316 Oct 30, 2014
OHC315 Oct 23, 2014
OHC314 Oct 16, 2014
OHC313 Oct 09, 2014
OHC312 Oct 02, 2014
OHC310 Sep 18, 2014
OHC309 Sep 11, 2014
OHC308 Sep 04, 2014
OHC307 Aug 28, 2014
2HTS20 Aug 24, 2014
OHC306 Aug 21, 2014
OHC305 Aug 14, 2014
OHC304 Aug 07, 2014
OHC303 Jul 31, 2014
OHC301 Jul 17, 2014
OHC300 Jul 10, 2014
OHC299 Jul 03, 2014
OHC298 Jun 26, 2014
OHC297 Jun 19, 2014
OHC293 May 22, 2014
OHC291 May 08, 2014
OHC290 May 01, 2014
OHC289 Apr 24, 2014
OHC288 Apr 17, 2014
OHC287 Apr 10, 2014
OHC286 Apr 03, 2014
OHC285 Mar 27, 2014
OHC284 Mar 20, 2014
OHC283 Mar 13, 2014
OHC282 Mar 06, 2014
OHC281 Feb 27, 2014
OHC280 Feb 20, 2014
OHC278 Feb 06, 2014
OHC276 Jan 23, 2014
OHC274 Jan 09, 2014
OHC273 Jan 02, 2014
OHC271 Dec 20, 2013
OHC269 Dec 05, 2013
OHC268 Nov 28, 2013
OHC267 Nov 21, 2013
OHC266 Nov 14, 2013
OHC265 Nov 07, 2013
OHC264 Oct 31, 2013
OHC263 Oct 24, 2013
OHC262 Oct 17, 2013
OHC261 Oct 10, 2013
OHC260 Oct 03, 2013
OHC259 Sep 26, 2013
OHC257 Sep 12, 2013
OHC256 Sep 05, 2013
OHC254 Aug 22, 2013
OHC250 Jul 25, 2013
OHC249 Jul 18, 2013
OHC246 Jun 27, 2013
OHC244 Jun 13, 2013
OHC243 Jun 06, 2013
OHC242 May 30, 2013
OHC240 May 16, 2013
OHC239 May 09, 2013
OHC238 May 02, 2013
OHC237 Apr 25, 2013
OHC236 Apr 18, 2013
OHC235 Apr 11, 2013
OHC234 Apr 04, 2013
OHC232 Mar 21, 2013
OHC231 Mar 14, 2013
OHC230 Mar 07, 2013
OHC229 Feb 28, 2013
OHC228 Feb 21, 2013
OHC227 Feb 14, 2013
OHC226 Feb 07, 2013
OHC225 Jan 31, 2013
OHC224 Jan 24, 2013
OHC223 Jan 17, 2013
OHC222 Jan 10, 2013
OHC221 Jan 03, 2013
OHC220 Dec 27, 2012
OHC219 Dec 20, 2012
OHC218 Dec 13, 2012
OHC217 Dec 06, 2012
OHC216 Nov 29, 2012
OHC214 Nov 15, 2012
OHC213 Nov 08, 2012
OHC212 Nov 01, 2012
OHC211 Oct 25, 2012
OHC210 Oct 18, 2012
OHC209 Oct 11, 2012
OHC206 Sep 20, 2012
OHC205 Sep 13, 2012
OHC204 Sep 06, 2012
OHC203 Aug 30, 2012
OHC202 Aug 23, 2012
OHC201 Aug 16, 2012
OHC200 Aug 10, 2012
OHC199 Aug 02, 2012
OHC197 Jul 19, 2012
OHC196 Jul 12, 2012
OHC195 Jul 05, 2012
OHC194 Jun 28, 2012
OHC193 Jun 21, 2012
OHC192 Jun 14, 2012
OHC191 Jun 07, 2012
OHC190 May 31, 2012
OHC188 May 17, 2012
OHC187 May 10, 2012
OHC186 May 03, 2012
OHC185 Apr 26, 2012
OHC184 Apr 21, 2012
OHC182 Apr 05, 2012
OHC181 Mar 29, 2012
OHC180 Mar 22, 2012
OHC179 Mar 15, 2012
OHC178 Mar 08, 2012
OHC177 Mar 01, 2012
OHC176 Feb 23, 2012
OHC174 Feb 09, 2012
OHC173 Feb 02, 2012
OHC172 Jan 26, 2012
OHC171 Jan 19, 2012
OHC170 Jan 12, 2012
OHC169 Jan 05, 2012
OHC165 Dec 08, 2011
OHC164 Dec 01, 2011
OHC163 Nov 24, 2011
OHC162 Nov 17, 2011
OHC160 Nov 03, 2011
OHC159 Oct 27, 2011
OHC156 Oct 06, 2011
OHC155 Sep 29, 2011
OHC154 Sep 22, 2011
OHC149 Aug 18, 2011
OHC148 Aug 11, 2011
OHC146 Jul 28, 2011
OHC145 Jul 21, 2011
OHC144 Jul 14, 2011
OHC143 Jul 07, 2011
OHC142 Jun 30, 2011
OHC141 Jun 23, 2011
OHC140 Jun 16, 2011
OHC139 Jun 09, 2011
OHC138 Jun 02, 2011
OHC137 Jun 02, 2011
OHC136 May 19, 2011
OHC133 Apr 28, 2011
OHC132 Apr 21, 2011
OHC131 Apr 14, 2011
OHC130 Apr 07, 2011
OHC129 Mar 31, 2011
OHC128 Mar 24, 2011
OHC127 Mar 17, 2011
OHC126 Mar 10, 2011
OHC125 Mar 03, 2011
OHC124 Feb 24, 2011
OHC123 Feb 17, 2011
OHC122 Feb 10, 2011
OHC121 Feb 03, 2011
OHC120 Jan 27, 2011
OHC119 Jan 20, 2011
OHC117 Jan 06, 2011
OHC116 Dec 30, 2010
OHC113 Dec 09, 2010
OHC112 Dec 02, 2010
OHC110 Nov 11, 2010
OHC109 Nov 04, 2010
OHC108 Oct 28, 2010
OHC107 Oct 21, 2010
OHC106 Oct 14, 2010
OHC105 Oct 07, 2010
OHC104 Oct 07, 2010
OHC103 Sep 24, 2010
OHC102 Sep 16, 2010
OHC101 Sep 09, 2010
OHC100 Sep 02, 2010
OHC099 Aug 26, 2010
OHC095 Jul 29, 2010
OHC093 Jul 16, 2010
OHC092 Jul 08, 2010
OHC091 Jul 01, 2010
OHC090 Jun 24, 2010
OHC089 Jun 17, 2010
OHC088 Jun 10, 2010
OHC086 May 27, 2010
OHC085 May 21, 2010
DDC03NGP May 08, 2010
DDC03 May 07, 2010
OHC083 May 06, 2010
OHC082 Apr 29, 2010
OHC080 Apr 15, 2010
OHC079 Apr 08, 2010
OHC078 Apr 01, 2010
OHC077 Mar 31, 2010
2DC003 Mar 23, 2010
OHC076 Mar 18, 2010
OHC075 Mar 12, 2010
OHC074 Mar 04, 2010