One Hour Compo - Round 374 (OHC374)

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Dec 10, 2015 sci
  1. Camel With No Name

im just voting for 42 bc holy shit that's some good shit
Dec 10, 2015 Patashu
  1. Red Horizons
  2. Camel With No Name
  3. On The Other Side Of The Horizon
Red Horizons: mmm
I got a rave in me: nice~
on the other side of the horizon: heavy!
Lost in Dust, Reflective: nice
camel with no name: nice
bleh 5: omfg
Dec 10, 2015 Arcana
  1. Camel With No Name
  2. i got a rave in me
  3. Untitleddessert
!party on
Dec 10, 2015 Koekepan
  1. On The Other Side Of The Horizon
  2. Untitleddessert
  3. blob mirage
Misael.K's sound design was excellent, and the musical qualities good, although the drums were a bit overpowering, especially at first. The end, on the other hand, was really magnificent. It really conveyed the idea of a transition.

aptbr's work on Untitleddessert was solid, but toward the end it seemed to lose its way a bit, harmonically and stylistically.

Blob Mirage has great potential, but the ending is clumsy. It's a pity, because the opening has very evocative sound design, and a lot of directions it could go.
Dec 17, 2015 Random-storykeeper
  1. Desert Night: Thirst and Hypothermia
  2. On The Other Side Of The Horizon
  3. Red Horizons
Everyone's entries were SO GOOD this week. It was such a tough choice. I even regard some of my honourable mentions as choices I really really wanted to vote for.

1) "Desert Night: Thirst and Hypothermia" - This is amazing, though I anticipated Koekepan would do really well in this theme for some reason. :'D It feels warm in sound, and manages to be heart pounding without using pounding drums, which I thought was very cool.

2) "On The Other Side Of The Horizon" - Came very close to being first. I like the percussion, and it takes interesting turns. Didn't capture the feel of being in a desert as much, but it was great to listen to (and great chord progressions!).

3) "Red Horizons" - Anything ~0:35 was totally awesome! I love the pacing in this.

Honourable shoutouts:

- "i got a rave in me"
- "blob mirage"
- "Lost in Dust, Reflective"