One Hour Compo - Round 91 (OHC091)

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Jul 01, 2010 Arcana
  1. Snowy Angel's Fear
  2. Glittering Snowscape
  3. A Brisk Tune
    JH Sounds
Nice work. I liked also liquidwind and Shadix and okay I confess Biznut's was way too good too just because it was so fun.
Jul 01, 2010 soundofjw
  1. Glittering Snowscape
  2. The snows of time
  3. Under the Avalanche
woof woof.
Jul 01, 2010 Usabell
  1. Lost
  2. 975313579
  3. The Boring Frigid Norse
I voted for the three ones that fit the theme and were nice in instrumentation/orchestration. A lot of you did nice things here but I don't think that many of them sound very "cold" and "snowy", hence my selection.
Jul 01, 2010 Kaxon
  1. A Brisk Tune
    JH Sounds
  2. 975313579
  3. Glittering Snowscape
just64 - Just a really good song, it's nice to listen to.
liquid - One of your great ambient things.
usa - Sounds like one of liquid's songs! It's great.

Honorable mention:
Bren - Really cool, reminds me of old school game music.
DDRKirby - Cool and trance-y
Jul 03, 2010 siebensus4
  1. Glittering Snowscape
  2. Grooving in the Frigid Cold
  3. 975313579
4th place: just64helpin :-)
Jul 08, 2010 DDRKirbyISQ
  1. Glittering Snowscape
  2. Grooving in the Frigid Cold
  3. Winter Wonderland
BrandonS - Crazy Uncle
Nice use of positioning! Hahaha, best guitar riff/chorus ever.

Stuff of Legends - Frostbite ~ The Ballad of John Franklin
Good stuff! Synth in the background is great, and nice snare too!

Xerol - Lost
Interesting! But somehow I'm not quite as big a fan of this one as your other entries, I think. I can't quite put a finger on it.

Bren - The (other) Snow King's Land
Oh god someone took me to happy land. That synth is so characteristic, I'm interested in the details of how you make it now. (though i'm sure it's pretty simple) I'm not a fan of the percussion but everything else here is fine.

Obtuse - Grooving in the Frigid Cold
Oooh yeah, this is groovy. Nice layering here; the higher trebly chord synth -really- adds to the snow atmosphere. Not a big fan of the melody at 1:00, but the rest of the song is really great.

Kaxon - Snowy Mashup
You could really do a lot more with the percussion here--that's the main thing here.

sci - Welcome to Kanadaland
Neat as always. Panning on the delay of the stringy guitary instrument is much appreciated. 1:02 is like whoooooaa. Highlight of t he song was the first 15 seconds. Some drum fills would have been killer here.

Suzumebachi - Winter Wonderland
Oh damn, sweet. The shiny arpshine shineyarp in the background is what's keepin this from being tropical island music, haha. Actually, that instrument is REALLY nice. gj (even if it's just a preset 9_9).

Arcana - It may be cold (sometimes) but it's my h
unst unst. I wish the arp weren't so subdued and the kick not quite so weak. Maybe the growling bass sidechained. Dunno. It's also kind of bass-heavy in general, lots of room for beautiful treble sounds! Though I guess that makes it a bit "colder" ^^;

ProjectSpam - Under the Avalanche
Whoa panning. Whoaaaaaaa panning. Whooooo! This is that game music where you're stuck in some room and have to find the shiny object in the corner that'll help you get out. =Very= nice instrumentation here. And dude, the panning is freaking me out xD

just64helpin - A Brisk Tune
How can you call it "brisk" when it's almost 3 minutes long? o_o; Omg arps. Even the bass is like an arp. o_o The percussion is really dry; otherwise this is fun, if a bit repetitive.

soundofjw - Get off my Sno-Cone you popsicle Bitch!
So peaceful! I really love the intro of this; I was really disappointed at 0:29 because I liked it so much =X. But your lead at 0:43 saved the day xD. Really nice changeup at 0:56, and good transitions overall.

liquidwind - 975313579
Groovy drums--match very well with the pad texture, though somehow I feel like you could put in a -tiny- bit more work into them. Perhaps a bit more variation and a light fill or two?

Usabell - Glittering Snowscape
First 20 seconds = 1st place vote. Section after that = Compo over. Damn you and your exquisitely perfect bell sounds! That oboe is pretty sweet too. What, piano too!? Holy crap, this is amazing. The background wind is a really nice touch too, though somehow it's a little bit too..."continuous", if you get what I mean. shit.

Shadix - The snows of time
Whee!~ fun entry! This is "the fierce battle is over, let's talk to all the happy villagers now". Well, until 0:32. xD I didn't even notice the choral sounds in the background on my first listen.

OCRE - The Boring Frigid Norse
Yay pianoz! This is the beginning of a vg ending theme. But only the beginning D:

Biznut - Canadian Bacon
DIRTY OF THE LOUDNESS! LET'S CHOMP SOME BACON MUTHAFUCKAS. Hahaha, this one was a good lol. Changeup at 1:24 was another lol, haha yesssss.
Jul 08, 2010 ChazOSulls
  1. Glittering Snowscape
  2. Get off my Sno-Cone you Popsicle Bitch!
  3. The snows of time
Some really diverse entries as usual.

1. Beautiful atmosphere, great arrangement. Not sure what else to say. First pick easily.

2. The intro really made it for me. Really Superb atmosphere again and whilst I feel the main section veers away from the theme a little, it was still pretty cool and energetic and had enough "snowy" elements like the bells to justify second pick.

3. Cool percussion and the "mysterious" twist really sets it apar from the other entries.
Jul 08, 2010 Obtuse
  1. Snowy Angel's Fear
  2. The (other) Snow King's Land
  3. Winter Wonderland
DDRKirbyISQ had some incredible melody sounds over a nice phat beat. Also nice glitches
Jul 08, 2010 CJthemusicdude
  1. Get off my Sno-Cone you Popsicle Bitch!
  2. Glittering Snowscape
  3. Lost
Xerol � I liked this a lot. Had a lot of good vibes and tone with it.
Bren � Great entry. I could definitely see this being the snow level in some game�somewhere :O
Obtuse - A nice and funky chill entry B) Love the synth that comes in at :55
Kaxon � I couldn�t really spot the sources but it was a good comp, nice and chill. :]
DDR � Was a bit meh until :47 then it goes into turbo awesome mode B)
Sci � Gotta love that funky bass :] Pretty funky melody as well, definitely a interesting listen.
Suzumbachi - Really sweeeet. But waay too short D:
Arcana � un tiss un tiss. :] Solid entry, had some cool stuff going on.
ProjectSpam � Your entry scared me. :O Very good suspenseful atmosphere and tone. You shoulda had an epic ending tho :P
JustN64 � Arps are indeed yay. B). Overall great entry.
Soundofjw � You get the award for best transition of this comp. I was all chillin, listening, and suddenly O.O jamming. It�s like the boss just burst in to the snow level. Oh yeah, this rocked. hard. Unexpected awesomeness.
Liquidwind � I�m a sucker for good atmosphere B). I think the main synth was a bit cheesy but this was overall awesome :D
Usabell � Can we like�ban this guy? He�s too good. :< Yea this was all sorts of sexy. Great piano, pads, tone, fits theme etc etc blah. :P
Shadix � The intro reminded me of something that could be in maplestory :] good stuff. The choir seemed a bit out of place tho.
OCRE � Good piano and shakers�or jingle bells w/e :P Good atmosphere but too short. D:
Biznut � First synth hurt my ears :O But it got nice and groovy after B) Not sure about it fitting the theme though.