One Hour Compo - Round 257 (OHC257)

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Sep 12, 2013 betaknight94
  1. Space Marine
  2. N.E.B.U.L.A. Industries
  3. Mosc Picture
They were all great
Sep 12, 2013 Arcana
  1. Dark Energy
  2. abstract photoshop tapestry
  3. the secrets of the stars
Acuity: Catchy, lots of trills and automation and details. Great work

sci: Love the cinematic and organic feel that you've developed here. It's a change. I liked it.

johnfn: cinematic? Yes yes yes!
Sep 12, 2013 Atmospherium
  1. Mosc Picture
  2. Burning Bright
  3. FTL Escape
CJthemusicdude - Great harmony, great tones, brilliant melody. Everything pulls together perfectly when the beat comes in.

Forty-Two - Some production glitches, but the best written track in the compo. It nailed the spacious feeling of the images.

Arcana - This just sounds like a space battle and was a lot of fun to listen to.
Sep 15, 2013 johnfn
  1. abstract photoshop tapestry
  2. Orbital Burnout
  3. Time Dilation
well, i missed the chat, so you know what that means.............


dusthillguy: dat first half is just awesome, second half shows serious guitar skills! what kind of guitar is it?
ducks: This... is amazing. It is so tasty. Thanks.
betaknight94: very nice with the bass and sound effects! welcome to OHC :D
A-zu-ra: very nice and relaxing. Good stuff.
CJthemusicdude: I don't remember the exact day when CJ became awesome, but i think there was a moment something like 20 OHCs ago he just started dumping these really pristine epic songs on us. keep it up.
Somasis: very nice, and quite reminiscent of Ducks' entry actually! Ducks x Somasis collab next time plz.
Acuity: There's the acuity style I've come to know :D quite groovy, nice pitchbends.
Tomapella: Really gets moving around 1:24, although I'm not going to lie, it doesn't sound spacey at all. It sounds like some epic adventure through the grasslands or something (all dem orchestral elements, I suspect). Sounds great though, love the piano solo.
sci: whoahgh, awesome soundscape, love it. crazy formant thing. fantastic. violin is a great touch but the formant is just yes.
atmospherium: dude, heavy metal in the OHC. it's been a while. suggestion to crank up the levels on those drums a bit. otherwise good stuff.
obScene: dude, I love chrono cross, so you're automatically going to win points for that. I like it a lot, please do more.
Forty-Two: you know, this reminds me a little of dire dire docks! something about the somewhat forlorn mood. I like the repeated notes though I think they're a little loud in comparison with the other stuff. clipping though D:
Zedd: yes... yes... good snare... piano is really muddled... dat drop is as unexpected as it is interesting, so nice job there. pretty cool! nice convincing sounding dubstep growls.
easynam: quite neat but also short :X. liked where it was going though.
DDRKirby(ISQ): that was cool! would love to hear more stuff in this style. (i really like BT!)
blastron: very cool! nice job even getting the harmonies in there. though if i were to complain, the whole arrangement - verse -> climax - kinda sounds like some other songs that i've heard you do. i understand that the ohc time constraints dont give you a lot of leeway though. it's good stuff.
Arcana: that was pretty nice and groovy.

I think I was in chat for the rest.

* sci
* MandraSigma
* Tomapella
* DDRKirby(ISQ)

Sep 18, 2013 Misael.K
  1. Three Hours Past Twilight
  2. Cobalt Sky
  3. abstract photoshop tapestry
obScene: this is truly beautiful.

blastron: MORE VOCAL ENTRIES NAO, but watch those levels, your voice should sound louder!

sci: great vocal work!

What I liked a lot:
blastron; CJthemusicdude; DarkShadow; Forty-Two; johnfn; obScene; sci; Tomapella.

What I also liked:
A-zu-ra; Acuity; Arcana; Atmospherium; betaknight94; DucksUnlimited; Zedd.
Sep 19, 2013 DarkShadow
  1. Time Dilation
  2. N.E.B.U.L.A. Industries
  3. Dark Energy
Acuity - very detailed with the multiple automations and tracks. the slides are a great touch. like the chord progression and melodies. nice harmonization also. great work.
DDRKirby(ISQ) - using beepmap is a unique idea given that the theme was images. beepmap already gives a space-like sound, so given that the images for this theme represent space, it adds even more in using beepmap audio. also amazing work overall.
MandraSigma - amazing mix. the poly/porta arp fits well in the background. like the melodies and chord progression also.
Misael.K - the synthesized vocals add a great sound, the consonants have a great rhythm. the ending sounds similar to a delay lama maybe.
johnfn - sounds very complete, great effects. great work.