One Hour Compo - Round 223 (OHC223)

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Jan 17, 2013 Patashu
  1. Superphat Megalasers
  2. I Only Care About You
  3. Winter Lights
I want to vote for everyone honestly, this will have to do!
Jan 17, 2013 Wolfofsadness
  1. Glowing Meanders
  2. Aurora Borealis
  3. i love you all
#1 it felt good and it gave me chills

#2 Because Mumble Scream is best Scream

#3 lovely ... just lovely
Jan 17, 2013 Arcana
  1. ice-sad
  2. Superphat Megalasers
  3. Dubby Disco Lights
johnfn that was really promising I enjoyed it.
Jan 17, 2013 johnfn
  1. for what's truly better than looking up?
  2. Superphat Megalasers
  3. I Only Care About You
there were so many good entries this time.

sci: it's really hard to compare your entries, but this one was awesome. gotta put you first because your style is so unique/awesome here.

ddr: this was your best entry

misael.k: this was your best entry too

there were MANY other great entries. off the top of my head, great job to wolfofsadness, blastron, acuity, azura, OMGitslewis, trancient, bren, and everyone else.

this was one of those compos where i was astounded by the quality of musicians in ohc. not that it doesnt happen all the time but you know. :D
Jan 18, 2013 Acuity
  1. ice-sad
  2. Dubby Disco Lights
  3. Superphat Megalasers
johnfn - I really liked this. It was beautiful.

Trancient - Also awesome piano.

DDRKirby(ISQ) - This is going on my Lux playlist.
Jan 24, 2013 Misael.K
  1. ice-sad
  2. Glowing Meanders
  3. Heavenly Lights.
Thanks JH for providing me a copy of the listening party log! I had some massive internet issues, and then the lights went out in my neighborhood.

JH Sounds: Aww, I was expecting some JH vocals on top of this.

Somasis: nice combination, the background drone works wonders with the soft e-piano.

*DucksUnlimited: such a dark Aurora! It's a shame this never explodes into something more melodically or harmonically complex.

CJthemusicdude: secret cyber fortress in the north pole! very nice.

blastron: ooooh, tell me more about this liquid dnb. Love the pads/choirs. Classical blastron entry?

*Wolfofsadness: love all the different sections. Some strong stuff here.

Acuity: great piano work, and nice filters. The second part felt a bit weak in comparison to the first.

A-zu-ra: incredible chords and melody. Not so sure about the hyper-resonant hats (maybe softer?).

*OMGitslewis: the chopped synths are amazing. Piano section is great too. The "yoi"s could've been different, though.

sci: feels spacey. And fat.

DDRKirbyISQ: the most intense Aurora Borealis ever. Great touches here and there.

Arcana: this felt a bit unfocused, too random, IMO, I'd say.

JackTHerbert: happy wubs! I like the bend transitions.

General Mumble: another dark entry.

Trancient: while this still has your style, there's something different here. Nice bass. Great job as usual, so nice to see you here!

Patashu: this smells of ice. Impressive what you can do in Famitracker. Very atmospheric.

Suzumebachi: so... you choped a jazz? sounds good.

DarkShadow: some deep bass here. Felt some ice here, too. It gets kinda rough at 1:10 when the loud lead gets presence. Nice.

Roseweave: the far away vocals are what made this song great. Should be longer!

*johnfn: nice chords. Great work with the piano. This feels like a goodbye song. Needs to be longer!

*Bren: love the background work, the twinkles, the choirs, the bass. A softer lead and this would be perfect.

* favorites!