One Hour Compo - Round 78 (OHC078)

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Apr 01, 2010 Arcana
  1. How I trolled you mother.
  2. Fools
  3. Trollface
    JH Sounds
Biznut: nice sound. I liked the rhythm guitar especially and the tones.

IO: this was cool. Hard sounds forever.

j64: good voice, good piano as usual. I enjoyed it.

I also liked but didn't have enough slots for Swann and Flik. CJthemusicdude gets points for rapping and making his song entertaining and fun.
Apr 01, 2010 CJthemusicdude
  1. Cuz yer a dooshbag
  2. Piano and Autogun
  3. Fools
Flik, your song was too good. It fit the theme perfectly, your voice was so awesome and I laughed my rear off. Good shiz

Kaxon - I'm not sure who is being trolled in the grand scheme of things, but this song was too purty to not vote for :3

Invisible Observer - What an intense song man! :O Heavy beats and awesomeness all around.
Apr 01, 2010 Swann
  1. Trollface
    JH Sounds
  2. Cuz yer a dooshbag
  3. The Procession of an Internet Argument
j64 - Just64Awesome.

Flik - Fits the theme perfectly.

Arcana - I can't really think of anything to say, I just liked it.
Apr 01, 2010 sci
  1. Cuz yer a dooshbag
  3. Introspection
this and that and also theme fittingness
Apr 05, 2010 DDRKirbyISQ
  1. Introspection
  2. Fools
  3. Cuz yer a dooshbag
Including comments for all entries since I couldn't make it to the listening party.

InvisibleObserver - Fools
PSYCHADELIC TROLLING!!! I really like this; especially the evolution of the textures. panned/compressed hihats are nice too.

bjkmenu - really dumb troll
randomnesssss. This is good, but in a way that I find impossible to comprehend.

Draconiator - The Groove is In You
nice swing groove. is it just me or is the bass a little unquantized at parts? (perhaps it's the swing) Would love to see some lead melody or something on top of this. The "brrt brrt" instrument is a great touch; props for that.

elsallulz - tROLL'S HILLTOP
This would make a cool intro to...something. very deep sound--neat drum groove, though the bass is a bit bland for my taste.

just64helpin - Trollface
Christmas carol troll. This is...basically the opposite of InvisibleObserver's. xD Nice touch with the sustained string.

no trolling here =X But really nice job fitting the textures together; they all help create the feel very nicely.

Arcana - The Procession of an Internet Argument
Happy meadow! I liked the opening and I liked the changeup at 0:36, but then at 0:43 when you put the two together I wasn't really feeling it.

Biznut - How I trolled you mother.
YOU MOTHER! The halftempo section at 0:29 was niice. Then doublebassing was like yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa. Nice riff at the end too.

Flik - Cuz yer a dooshbag
BROKEN GUITERR. Your voice is perfect here. "They're retarded too--very special just like you!" Perfect ending too. IN THE BUTT. (drive a truck)

Remixanator Peanuts SM64 WAT. I kept expecting the harpsichord part to go into some obnoxiously recognizable melody like rickroll or something. But uh, the randomness works too.

Swann - Crap, The Troll's Here.
Classical troll. 0:18 sounds FF battle theme esque. Liked the minor 2nd at 0:37. Ending was eh, though =P

BrandonS - Angel(s)
ANGRY TROLL. don't underestimate the 3xOsc; I use it for 99% of everything I do xD Nice section at 2:20! I would have liked some drums or a different kind of bass sound at some point though.

cyrilthewolf - Trollin on the Web
Smooooooth troll. Catchy, but somehow the mix is too busy; 1:30 is lol. and ending was great; trollin trollin trollin trollin trollin TROLLOLO TROLLOLOL

DoubleBass - Tricky Trolling
SWIRLYYYYY. The bell hurts our ears! But very very neat concept! The blocked chords were like OMGAHD but also somewhat awkward since the swirlyswirly is still going on.

liquidwind - yousbetrollin
ancient cloudy city troll. Neat synth textures at 1:00!

ProjectSpam - Am I a Troll?
When the drums came in I was like oooh...then 1:22 was lololol, haha. What did I say? It doesn't matter; I'm a trollllll

CJthemusicdude - CJ's Troll rap.
Neat intro; sans the too-loud clicking.
0:22 was like yeaaaaaa, but I wasn't quite that fond of the synth bass. also, best ending.

Kaxon - Piano and Autogun
Autogun???? haha.
Happy troll. That piano does get grating after awhile; maybe that's because I've heard FL piano too many times ^^; maybe some reverb or something (no, not remixanator "light reverb"...) xD

Am I the only one who actually trolled in their song? =X