One Hour Compo - Round 742 (OHC742)

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Dec 29, 2022 Koekepan
  1. Roy's Departure to the Cloud Realm
  2. Inter alia
  3. Pear Plane
Treyt's take on it was well-depicted in music.

Dex made a good, fun song with sonically appropriate signatures.
Dec 29, 2022 smittysmit
  1. Soar
  2. Pear Plane
  3. Roy's Departure to the Cloud Realm

christopian - I don't even understand how you did this in an hour, insane. So full and had so much going on, the beginning was my favorite. Teach me your ways.

ethansight - dude, you're just frickin groovy and have such interesting sounds that wouldn't even begin to know how to make. So good!

Treyt - I'm a huge fan of your style and it's way outside of what I would be comfortable making. Loved the mixing job on that one. It's often hard to let each track punch through on the high end, but everything was super distinct. Nice Work!

Dec 29, 2022 Arcana
  1. Soar
  2. Roy's Departure to the Cloud Realm
  3. Come Down

Happy New Year and great job.

honorable mentions:

MisaelK, Eva, Koekepan, Dex

Dec 29, 2022 christopian
  1. Come Down
  2. Pear Plane
  3. Roy's Departure to the Cloud Realm

I love that each track is really unique!

Smittysmit - fantastic vocal work and atmosphere! Really liked the drums as well.

Ethansight - as always great sound design and such a bright feel. :)

Treyt - nice to meet you! Loved your synths and overall mix. Loved the synthwave feel.

Jan 05, 2023 Misael.K
  1. Come Down
  2. Soar
  3. Roy's Departure to the Cloud Realm

smittysmit: A lovely first entry, welcome!

christopian: super tight.

Treyt: lots of energy.

Also liked a lot the calmer entries, like Koekepan and cotmm.

awesum: Arcana, christopian, cotmm68030, ethansight, eva, Koekepan, smittysmit, Treyt.
good: DarkShadow, Dex, elbobbo_music, Lyra_183.

Jan 05, 2023 TheVideoGamer
  1. Caressing The Clouds
  2. Come Down
  3. aloft and aloof

As i didn't submit anything as such, i don't need to reply to comments. I'll just jump straight to voting. I did make something based of this theme, which can be found in the Sharing Channels of ThaSauce's discord. Hope to see you tonight!

cotmm68030 - Nice tempo changes on that synth. Really liking how the reverb blurs the sounds into a wash of textures. It's got a nice stop and start like motion, kind of like a bouncing ball. Even though it's quite a semi aggressive piece, it's quite relaxing and chill. It's almost got a feeling of loose wind. There's a faint discernible chord progression in the mist of the washes of noise. Actually kind of beautiful. Wants to be pure ambient, but is stopped by the noise parts. And that is actually a lovely thing. Oddly this might work as sleeping music, because it has that soft relaxing vibe for something with mostly wind based textures. I would love listening to this for 10 minutes, and drifting off, this was enough for the 3rd spot. Amazing work!

Lyra_183 - Great singing. Congrats on being one year older! Damn i feel old already and i'm only in my 20's lol. I love your Kazoo as well! I can feel a bit of rumble in this. I would suggest you don't move as much, whilst recording. I can sense some background noise as well, i feel you might have a different microphone. It still sounds great though! Good job!

DarkShadow - I can sense it's a DarkShadow track by the size of the waveform lol. Although i'm a gabber nerd, i do feel this is a bit loud, and oversaturated. Not my favourite from you sadly, good job!

Dex - Nice of you to collab, especially with Family members. Loving the pads in this, very spooky but airy at the same time. Kind of chill but with a bit of heroism in the mix, but yet still with a hint of spookiness. The pads in this are more on the sine wave spectrum, so it can be a little distorted unintentionally, muffling the drums and bass. It doesn't change the quality of the pads, but it can dampen the mix slightly. It's actually got a nice melody in the mist of the pads. The track suddenly stops, probably had no time to make an ending. Despite my critiscms i still gave you this, because of that really strong melody. Well done!

Koekepan - Nice space like pads and melody played on a cool mallet synth. I just read your comment about X-Files in discord and now the comparison just won't leave my head, god dammit lol. It's shocking how similar they are. If not, then maybe Dr. Who. Both would work perfectly here. I love the chord changes in this, it's kind of beautiful. Fits more of a science fiction vibe personally, but i can't deny how pretty this is. The chord changes are super strong, and the melody is tight. A super lovely 3 minutes, awesome work!

Misael.K - This is actually....incredible. Like i'm shocked at how you've taken a pad and manipulated it throughout (The synth itself, not the chords). The chords are very jazzy and just work perfectly in this. I love me some cool and strange chord combinations. You definately utilized the 6 minutes here (Hell i'd listen to this for 10 minutes). It's super calming and peaceful, but has a lot of intricate notes that make it almost space like. It took me a long time to realize it's the same chord progression throughout. It was the pad sounds themselves that keep getting manipulated. Absolutely loved this one, super theme accurate, i ended up you as the top spot. Incredible work!

elbobbo_music - Sounds like windchimes here. Cool groove, really liking that beat. Liking the minor chords, sounds like it belongs to a funk groove, but with a EDM sheen to the whole thing. Nice swing on the arps. Got a great vibe throughout. Would love to hear a solo melody over the whole thing. Like a synth lead or something. The wonky rhythms towards the end was a lovely touch. Totally sounds like the perfect backing beat for someone to noodle a melody or sing. Has a lot of potential, good job!

Eva - Woow this is very psychadelic. I like this side of Eva, so blurry with a lot of a spaced out zone feel. The delay effect is a lovely touch. The vocals are a little uneven sadly, i feel like one minute they're too loud and then next a bit too quiet. Ending is abrupt. Torn on this, because the idea is pretty awesome, i love that kind of style, but if it was fine tuned it would be amazing. Still a great idea, Good job though!

Treyt - Nice synthwave bassline. That melody is catchy, even if it's simple. I'm reminded of Nero for some reason. However without the DnB just the melodies. It's like if Nero composed music for an Anime. The music is way too vibrant for the theme, but the stuff i'm listening to is super banging! Incredible melodies, amazing chords. You know it actually reminds me of Ethansight, who i'm about to review next. That's a better comparison, but of course with the 80's stuff. Even if not theme accurate, this was just an amazing fun piece, with such a banging melody. I so wanted this to be on the list, but i couldn't, as i had to limit it to 3. Soo catchy, amazing work!

Ethansight - Nice sidechained chords. Kind of airy, yet meant for a kind of dance kick, which comes in. Is there such a thing as calming EDM? I'm sure there is lol. The chords are lovely, typical Ethansight notes, that i always love. There is a lot of cool phasing effects in this. I feel there is a potential for one of your amazing melodies to come in, and maybe a few mixing touches, to let it shine at it's best, however i do love the sounds in this, the idea is awesome. Well done!

Arcana - Hi-Hats. Then snares. The intro is very long, i must say even for an Arcana type beat. We don't hear vocals until around 40 seconds in. Your voice is actually pretty great here, you have a great melody going on, and a lovely stereo effect. Lyric writing is top notch. So i read the discord, and apparently this is not the complete track. So maybe the intro was not meant to sound like that. Ok so i listened to your linked file, and i was wrong about the intro. Turns out you muted a few instrument tracks. It makes the track better, however i also prefer the first version, largely because i like stripped down tracks sometimes. The first track is probably the better track if i were to utilize an honest opinion. I felt the synths in the other one were a tad overpowering. I feel some of the ideas in version 2, would easily fit into idea one, if they were softened a little bit. One of your better tracks for sure, but with the combination of the 2 versions, it would be an awesome one for sure. Good job though!

Smittysmit - Welcome new guy! I've not heard you yet, and from first listen, damn if that's your voice, i'm already stoked for the rest, i absolutely love the chords and singing style. Your lyric writing is also lovely. You take 2 chords and make something magical out of them. This is a lovely calming piece, no different than a Charlie Puth type beat. This was super lovely, amazing vibes, well done! For your first entry, it was enough for the 2nd spot, damn! Incredible work dude!

christopian - Ooh these pad chords are awesome. The kick is beautifully compressed. This is what i have to compete with on here ;-;. The synths are lovely, this is modern synthwave EDM stuff going on here, it's amazing. The abrupt breakdown was a surprise, but nothing that took me out. The chords are spacious, and just fit on it's own. Like seriously if you just used the pads on their own, it would still be lovely. That's what i love about this track. If you strip it down, it still sounds complete. The synths are so 80's i feel like an Arcade machine right now lol. The drop was epic, this is a whole symphony of awesomeness! So annoyed this can't be on, as it was just a incredible piece, but alas, i had to pick only 3. Amazing work!

Top 3 - Misael.K, Smittysmit, cotmm68030

These entries were also incredible, and deserved to be on the list:


Treyt (Another incredible entry denied a spot on the list. I went by theme accuracy for this one.)

Christopian (If there was a top 4, this would be on. It was soo good, i wanted this on the list soo badly!)

Awesome - cotmm68030, Dex, Koekepan, Misael.K, Treyt, Ethansight, Smittysmit, Christopian.

Needs Work - Lyra_183, DarkShadow, elbobbo_music, Eva, Arcana.