One Hour Compo - Round 675 (OHC675)

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Sep 16, 2021 Suzumebachi
  1. mirror
  2. Left And Right
  3. Tragic Reflects

shiny mirror week is delay week

maybe it's reverb week

great tunes week

Sep 16, 2021 Arcana
  1. Tragic Reflects
  2. Squared atom
  3. Reflective Metal (Part 2)

A lot of other really impressive tracks this week though too, including (in no particular order):








Sep 16, 2021 ashka
  1. Squarez
  2. Reflective Metal (Part 1)
  3. Tragic Reflects

christopian - this is so good! took every turn I wanted it to take, loved that you did take everything back down at each break!

TheVideoGamer - vote counts for both parts! these were very good, loved the chords

DJohn - awesome work on the textures, especially on the intro! love it

Sep 16, 2021 adibabidan
  1. Squared atom
  2. Endless Reflection
  3. mirror

Great job everybody!

I was a big fan of the choice of chords with the chiptune sound in Endless Reflection primarily, although everything else was super well done - the progression throughout the song felt natural while still keeping the transitions unique, and the unsettling nature fit the theme really well!

starla's mirror was really well produced! The vocals sound really nice, and there's a touch of noticable autotune (I think?) that pops up here and there which I think really really adds to the overall lofi-synthwave vibe of the song. Also I'm a bigol sucker for piano x synth so the end was real nice.

Speaking of piano x synth, Squared atom! Very, very good. I might be a bit biased cuz I think that semi-complex piano chords combined with a bassy synth sounds completely divine all the time, but on the other hand, I don't care! It deserves to be called completely divine and I love it. Also all the technical stuff is well done too, so no worries there.

I'm happy to be here, I had a great time with my first submission!

Sep 18, 2021 JH Sounds
  1. All I See is Myself
  2. mirror
  3. Bringing Your World Together

seirtne looc ynam oS

Sep 23, 2021 Misael.K
  1. Complex
    JH Sounds
  2. mirror
  3. Bringing Your World Together

Too many great entries to choose from.

JH Sounds: mirrored entry with lyrics? I'm impressed.

starla: lovely as usual.

Arcana: one of your best entries in a while! keep it up!

awesum: Arcana, ashka, christopian, coloradoweeks, DarkShadow, DDRKirby(ISQ), Dex, DJohn, JH Sounds, koboldskeep, Koekepan, NickC, nukage, starla, Suzumebachi.
good: adibabidan, Barley, cotmm68030, eva, Lyra_183, ThaTaskmasta, TheVideoGamer.

Sep 23, 2021 cotmm68030
  1. Shiny Refleverberecho Room
  2. a trick of the light
  3. Liquidation Report


Sep 23, 2021 TheVideoGamer
  1. Squared atom
  2. Shiny Refleverberecho Room
  3. mirror

@CotMM - Omg it does! I didn't realize at the time haha.

@Nukage - For me phasers are hard to get right, especially if it doesn't fit the music.

@CotMM - This is suited for the club at 2 am lol. Not for the calm and peaceful person.

@Everyone - I'm just as curious as you are, to who DarkShadow is. He/She doesn't seem to talk in chat, and very rarely adds a description. At least with me, i reply to comments because i go straight to bed the minute i upload. I usually finished a 3am depending on how things work out. I guess this person is a mystery figure, who knows.

@Barley - Syncopation can do wonders. It's all over the chords.

@Colorado - I would love to hear that. Honestly it's not hard to do, especially since in this one, i relied on more drone like parts and the occasional looped riff. Glad your enjoying it.

@Nukage - Wait i didn't know the eyes moved. HOLY CRAP THAT IS TRIPPY....

@Arcana - The tempo is 160bpm, So that might be why it's a little too fast for you. Usually for this kind of music, you might see an average tempo of 150bpm, a 10bpm difference. But there is Hard Trance, which can go a little faster than that. It depends really.

@Misael.K - I guess 160bpm is considered rushing haha. Maybe next time i'll turn it down a notch.

@Arcana - TheVideoRaver is arguably the best out of the 2 lol. It was indeed a trance inducing experience.

@Eva - I'm like a multi-functional game. Depending on the level, depends on the mood lol. That's why a lot of my OHC's go into really insane directions.

Now for Part 2's comments.

@Arcana - There is a part 2, because i didn't feel part 1 was substantial enough. Yeah sure it's a ton of fun, but i didn't feel as satisfied as i hoped for. But also i felt i could do something as a contrast, so it wasn't all fast and bombastic, even if this has some energy.

@Ethansight - Interesting comparison. The Jon Hopkins track seems to be heavily reliant on drums, whereas i just looped a breakbeat for a bit. See, i'm learning a lot about new music!

@Misael.K - The first entry was a aural assault consisting of loud pulsating kicks, phased chords and a massive bass rumble. It was on par with a Sonic The Hedgehog level lol. The second entry, is a sound experiment, with light breaks, and white noise explosions. So in theory the first track should be the one with more distortion lol.

@Eva - Despite my username, i don't actually game lol. Too busy to be gaming.

@Arcana - It's nothing fancy, just a breakbeat, kind of simple.

@NickC - That is true, every track i know, always sounds good with distortion.

@Misael.K - Drums and Bassdrums haha.

@Arcana - If only. However i am busy with real stuff, i just don't have the chance. I might do some DJ mixing at some point, but this is not final, and it might change.

@Misael.K - One of many classic endings.

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words!

Now then......

TheVideoGamer - This track as you guys have guessed, is a heavy and hard trance number, complete with phased rich dense pads, intense bass lines, with a lot of rumble to them, a pulsating kick drum and hi-hat combo as well as the synth chords, that prevail the middle section, which follow along some intricate syncopation. The ending is just the same as the first part. Very much a simple track, and that's also why i didn't feel it was substantial enough. I felt like i needed more, hence part 2 below.

ThaTaskmasta - Part 2 is a slower number this time, that both carry similar elements from the previous track, but with a lot of new spins to it. The tempo has reduced drastically from 160bpm to 130bpm, and the ambience has kicked in a lot. For the most part, white noise filtering takes centre stage, kind of like an earthquake. The pad chords are also more open wide than before, and instead of single chords, we have progressions. It takes a brief detour into a mallet riff before it returns to the chords. I like this one, it feels like a nice closer to part 1. I did this not just because part 1 was substantial enough, but also because i felt like having a similar idea, in a different light. It was just experimenting really. Glad you liked them anyways!

Lyra_183 - This made me laugh more than it did scare me if i have to be honest. It's so nice to see you learning and improving everyday. You really have come a long way since your first entry. Keep at it! Good job!

cotmm68030 - Why does this work more than it should? It really seems to fit the theme very well. To be honest, this is your strongest suit, you are very good at dark ambient, your pieces are so spacious but also has a lovely contrast between calming and tense. I shouldn't relax to this, but yet i do lol. The melodic ideas here, were just lovely. Well done!

DarkShadow - Had any of your tracks been in 4/4 yet lol. Usually if i want to get a feel of how loud the compo will be, i just listen to your entrant haha. In all seriousness though, this is actually pretty dope. I really like the dubstep influences in this one. Not my favourite but nice one. Good job!

Koekepan - Really nice and simple melodies here. Fits the Koekepan sound easily. I do like the bassline in this one, it sounds like a fart (In a good way lol). The bells are very nicely decayed. Long story short, nice work. Well done!

Misael.K - That deep rumble is very reminiscent of the Zimmer brass. I love the deep drum work here, it's very much sounds like an earthquake. I also love how it fits with the intense synths too. Now even though i said i love the drum work, i feel it's a bit too intense on the low end, which in turns cuts out a lot of the melody ideas, but i only have this problem at the start of the track. By the middle things pick up, and everything is balanced in a good way. Although i complex feelings on this one, i'll give you it, because the idea was super cool, and the melodies were actually really good. Well done!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - Woah these are some cool chords, and time signatures. It's definately not a 4/4 track. I think it's in 5? Man that is a crazy time signature, it's soo different, i love it. The chords are also super unique as well, it's not a common progression i often hear. It's such a cool creative idea, and the mix is super strong in this one. Lovely work, well done!

Nukage - Nuke is really starting to bring out his trap game. A lot of your tracks lately have been influences by this sound. Also unlike the previous tracks, this one seems to have less DnB breaks than before, which isn't a big issue for me, just more of a interesting observation. Lovely trap vibes, and great mixing! Well done!

Barley - I actually really like this guitar tone this week, it's very aggressive, and has a lot of bite. One of my favourite guitar tones from you so far. The vocals are very coherent and nicely sung too. I'd probably still bring up the vox, and maybe the drums too, since they are pretty quiet, but as a whole this is really good stuff. I'd also say my personal favourite vocal track from you to date, even if it needs a few adjustments. Good job though!

adibabidan - Really nice delay on that square, your style is kind of a hybrid's of Koekepan. I love the minimalistic vibes, the drums are super funky. The melodies are also very fitting too. This track could maybe benefit from a clap and some hi-hats to seal the deal and maybe one or more counter melodies, but for your first entry, seriously good stuff! I had a lot of fun listening to this. Good job!

Starla - Wow that is a very nice sounding 80's synth. The stereo panning on it is insane. The drums are super nicely mixed, and the vocals are amazing as always. Everything about this track is super nicely mixed. Amazing work!

Dex - I haven't heard an electronic styled composition from you in ages, so this is actually pretty much a breath of new air. All your other tracks have been awesome, however it's nice to try something new. The synths are seriously good, i love the way it bridges the gap between soothing and groovy. The rock drums are also very big as well, making it more like synthpop. I love this a lot, amazingly funky, well done!

NickC - Has a very funky latin feel, uncharacteristic of NickC. Really liking the beats, very deep. The melodies were seriously good in this. Seriously loving the ending, really like that contrast from Latin to synth ambience. It does need a bit of touchup in areas, however the idea was soo good, i'm giving you this one. Well done!

coloradoweeks - This sounds a lot like soul music, and i'm all for it. I really don't know why i keep comparing you to Starla, maybe it's the fact both of your voice sound incredible. The drums are amazing in this one, how do you make such short music sound soo good! Like it just reaches 1 minute, which is short yet it keeps me invested throughout. Awesome work!

Suzumebachi - Trance music? You betcha we going into trance music. Does not sound far of from what i've done to be honest, except yours sounds a lot nicer than mine lol. This actually sounds like an Ethansight type beat, especially in the mixing and vibes, and oh boy what a vibe this was. I could not stop grooving, this is amazing! If i really had to give something, i would probably opt for a bigger fuller kick, but i'm really just nit-picking, The synths are juicy and soo nicely mixed. Another awesome piece of music, amazing work!

Ashka - I've been longing for your return, so that i can automatically put you first everytime lol. No but seriously i don't do it out of bias, you seriously make tunes even the best of my tracks could not compete with. Seriously your harmony and chords are....out of this world. Like this is a genuine reaction, i'm not joking. Like seriously this is some incredible stuff, the chords man....wooow. I won't say anything else, immediately on the top 3, no question. YOU ARE JUST LEGIT SOO GOOD EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!

Djohn - Woah synths? You now producing electronica? If so, man that's definately really good. (I mean i've heard you produce before, but to me this is your first fully fleshed out electronica piece, before it was mostly acoustic guitar playing or strings). The ambient pads are very nice and rich, and the vocals are very spacious almost like angel voices (You sing soo well). The melodies are beautiful, very haunting, and the second half is a super funky listen, loving the drums in that one! This is very enjoyable to listen to. Well done!!!

Eva - Spacious guitar, very psychedelic. I like weird guitar effects. Really liking the vocals a lot. I feel the background guitar ambience, vs the actual playing gets conflicted. It could work one or the other, but not as 2 simultaneous effects, it feels clustered as a result. The idea is very good though, great work on this. Good job!

Christopian - Deep plucks, very spacious low end. Loving the kick, really makes it into a lovely polyrhythm. The kick and bass is soo good on my ears, very rattily. The melodies are also seriously good, i love how things slowly build-up into something soft yet epic. Really great sidechaining, really nicely done here. The main solo melody, is very distorted, and only seems to work when the instruments are doing a crescendo into a climax, however when it does, it's amazing. It might be a bit too distorted, but i'll give you this, because the rest of the elements were seriously really good. Well done!

JH Sounds - Ok that's a cool chord change. B Major into Gb Major? That's uncommon. I really like the mixing here, very much a funky electronic tune. The reverse parts were jarring of to me, and the more i listen, the more i'm not a fan. Maybe it's more of an experimental vibe who knows, but i felt it could have done without. I don't mind if the whole track is reversed, but in this case i'm not feeling it, sorry. The rest is super nice though, good job!

Arcana - Arcana bringing the electronic vibes, which is expected for a theme of this calibre. I was kind of surprised to hear real electric guitar in there though, that's not something i was anticipating for an electronic tune. The vocals are a little hard to decipher, the electric guitar is a bit too aggressive, and in front, while the saw synths are also powering. If anything i would get rid of the guitar as a whole. It sort of ruins a bit of the mix for me, and takes down what could potentially be a awesome track. Maybe it's not for me, i'm sorry. Good job though!

kboldskeep - Yay for you actually managing to get it uploaded! I know it can be hard sometimes. Super lovely chiptune styled melodies, and reverb piano, really nice addition. The piano seems to be the star here, and at times can get a bit loud. Same with the lead synth, but i think it's the reverb used. Really nice idea, just needs a bit of polish, good job!

Top 3 - Ashka, Suzumebachi, Starla.

Voting for 3, has become impossible now ;-;. These entries need to be on the list:





Awesome - cotmm68030, Koekepan, Misael.K, DDRKirby(ISQ), Nukage, Starla, Dex, NickC, coloradoweeks, Suzumebachi, Ashka, Djohn, Christopian.

Needs Work - Lyra_183, DarkShadow, Barley, adibabidan, Eva, JH Sounds, Arcana, kboldskeep.

Sep 23, 2021 obScene
  1. Tragic Reflects
  2. mirror
  3. Left And Right

Great stuff.

Sep 23, 2021 DDRKirby(ISQ)
  1. Shiny Refleverberecho Room

Oh man this one really brought me back. Nice one.