One Hour Compo - Round 770 (OHC770)

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Jul 13, 2023 bjkmenu
  1. Bite You Back
  2. Exit Outer Shell
  3. baby snake

Jul 13, 2023 Koekepan
  1. Snake Eggs
  2. Into the Eyes of Madness
  3. baby snake
Nukages chuggalyrics won my metalhead heart.

But obScene and NickC somehow captured some of the swing of the new baby creatures' motions in ways that I found very evocative.
Jul 13, 2023 Arcana
  1. Snake Eggs
  2. Predator and Prey - The First Dance
  3. Knock Knock

Feels like nukage nailed it with the rock-pop intense vibe here. I liked the long ambience and slow evolution of Koekepan and the overall quirkiness and fun of MisaelK's.

Jul 13, 2023 JH Sounds
  1. Snake Eggs
  2. Blackbirds (Turning Beatles into Birb Synthwave)
  3. Bite You Back

Jul 14, 2023 TheVideoGamer
  1. Knock Knock
  2. Into the Eyes of Madness
  3. Breaking Free

@CotMM - I'd better surrender to the morality police then XD

@CotMM - Blackbird fly, blackbird fly.

@JH Sounds - Perfectly fitting since the band is called Paul McCartney and Wings lol

@CotMM - There is a lot of semi-tone steps in the original, that might be why.

@Misael.K - Possibly.

@JH Sounds - It took me 1 minute and 48 seconds to reply to you lol

@Misael.K - Oh it's a very Beatles thing. You'd be surprised how many Beatles songs use this technique.

@CotMM - Is that your favourite composition or something? Because you always quote it for my tracks lol

@Misael.K - That's actually an awesome idea , except mine was a little simpler haha. I copied MIDI channels into a fresh track, and replaced it with my own synths. Then added a kick and snare, and boom the first 2-3 minutes done. Then i just broke it down and messed about lol.

@JH Sounds - lol

@CotMM - I can just imagine you growling to "Into the light of the dark black night" lol

@NickC - That's actually a good point. It didn't start off as a cover, but then it morphed into one. I didn't just feel like doing just guitar or guitar and drums. I wanted to expand upon a nice feel good tune.

@Misael.K - More specifically "Blackbirds singing in the dead of night" lol.

@CotMM - Or a Grindcore cover of Rocky Racoon called "Fur Hunting" lol

@Misael.K - Why thank you!

@JH Sounds - I dunno....did you infringe my copyright or something lol. In all seriousness, yours in D Major, so no i think you might be imagining things.

@Arcana - I guess me and JH both bond over the excessive covers of the Beatles we do lol.


Here come the Children, He come with the Dark Ambience

He got old equipment, he one sound designer

He got all the recordings.

Got to be a music man, he just do what he please!

@JH Sounds - All music is stolen from other works until proven otherwise lol

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words!

Now then...

TheVideoGamer - Already people know the original, so i don't really need to say much about what piece it is. So i'll explain what i've done differently. Everything is more or less Synthwave to a degree, with a lot of 80's style synths and drum machines. The drums were deliberately kept simple to allow for massive pockets of space so the melodies can shine. The melodies themselves were completely kept from the original. The time where we get original material is ay 3 minutes in. I wanted to keep the whole thing basically. I also wanted to do lyrics, but it's 2am, so i guess not lol. The track itself build-ups with more sounds like piano and strings, to propel the simple guitar and vocal combo of the original (Simple, not simplistic). At 3 minutes a breakdown ensures and we continue with the bassline before eventually new arps, pianos and melody lines come in. Only at the end, do we see a call-back to the beginning to end the piece. The drums are continuous, but they are so sparse, it doesn't become obtrusive. All in all i actually like what i've done here, i didn't just do a MIDI rip or a simple sound change, i actually added my own elements and touches to this, to expand on what is a 2 minute piece. Hope you like it too!

THEGREATDESTROYER22 - Nice deep sounds, almost like a hi-pass filter has been applied to the whole mix. It's quite unsettling almost. Lots of new rumbly sounds keep getting added as we listen, making it almost like it belongs to some experimental movie. Now i will say, this is a little too much minimalism for me. This is not something that i can sit and listen to, and pay attention. I need to lay back and forget about it to get a lot of mileage out of it. I like it don't get me wrong, it's just quite heavy on the low end, and could benefit from more high end (Filtering wise, not in terms of volume). Also there is no ending, it just stops without warning. Still though, it's a lot of fun, good job!

DarkShadow - It's rare to hear a full on build-up from DarkShadow, so not expecting that. I mean you do have build-ups in your pieces, but this is the first time where it's very much an integral part of the composition. The ending is pretty....loud. I know you make loud and crazy entries, but this is actually pretty...overtly distorted. It's practically clipping. Sorry dude, good job!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - The return of Found Sound Kirby! It's been a while since i've heard you use pots and pans to make something funky. Lots of cool textures in each of the effects constructed from sounds. I love the build-ups to the melodies. Lots of false promises, that hype me up, and then boom, your into the heart of the piece. The melodies in this case are more....percussive than say...hummable (I'm talking groovy wise, so don't take it as a negative), if anything this piece is insane. Not once do we get a straightforward section. Every 5 seconds you always give me something new, it's actually hard to comment on a particular moment, because it doesn't last so long lol. It's soo incredible detailed, i'm like actually impressed. And it's not like IDM where it's glitchy, and it's also not like different melodies or anything, it all works super well in the context of a whole, but it's not a single discernible groove, instead it's lots of multiple grooves all flowing as one, i love it. Lovely stuff, definately worthy of a vote (Even if i can only pick 3), amazing work!

cotmm68030 - I missed your regular 6 minute appearances man lol. That vocal sound is ghoulie. I have the comparison in my head, but i don't know the name of the band, because it's hard to describe, and if i google it, i'll just be met with something else. The pad sounds were a little unexpected, but it really makes it more warm, and smooth. A little bit of calmness in the mist of a very thick ghostly piece. Although last time i said the vocals are a little hard to decipher because of how masked they are in the context of the piece, in this case it actually works better, because the whispering, really amps up the unnerving nature of it all, to where i think it's better not worse. Honestly, i love this one, well done!

Lyra_183 - It's ok, i've submitted utter tripe too. I'd rather you submit something, than nothing, even if people like it or not. At the end of the day, you'll get there, even if it takes a while. The rhythmical ideas in this are really good, so don't beat yourself up about it. It's got some nice wording choices here, you do singing better than me. Lots of potential, keep at it! Good job!

Nukage - Already no intro, straight into kicks and arps. This one reminds me of Digital Metal (Not a real genre, but something i came up with). That's Metal music with EDM production techniques, which to be fair, is not far off from any of your Metal pieces. But Digital metal specifically refers to more of a chopped up build-up style, so more of a mechanical metal style, than a acoustic one. What i mean by that is that, your track in particular has a lot of synth sounds, lots of EDM like drum grooves, and a more chopped up build-up and drop. I'm probably not explaining myself well, especially considering you might think i sound negative. I'm saying this all in a very positive light. You are very good at Metal, and this track is very dope as hell, so again it's all compliments. The mix in this one, unlike last time is perfect. Absolutely perfect, with a wonderful dynamic range. Sometimes you slam the gain too hard, resulting in clipping, but this is wonderful. To stop me from waffling, and because i love this track, i'm gonna end on an awesome work!

Koekepan - The Koekepan deep texture train is here, transporting me into space by the sounds of it. I really like the mallet sounds you use, it reminds me of glass bottles or something. The pads are slow evolvers in this, feels like were on the moon. Lots of slow but effective chord changes, quite peaceful. I do also love how you make it more uplifting as you progressive, to where it's were in a lake or something. It's not a full on listen, it's a nice laid back background number for sleeping or just resting in general. Lovely stuff, awesome work!

Misael.K - Damn there is a lot of long ones this week. This is also quite cute, but like very cute compared to Koekepan semi-cuteness. It's got a very nice mix of PMW kind of synths, and nice plucky melodies. Intro is long, but when we get into the melody, it's very satisfying. That is a wonderful melody, that sounds like a duck lol. Seriously it does sound like a duck. Drums really solidify this super weird time signature craziness. It's like one continuous polyrhythm. I am also huge on the idea of making a track using one chord. I've done it before, but the entry i did, is not nearly as exciting as yours. I just love the pauses in the drums, that stop and start. The pad chords at the end, really make it climatic and epic, more so than just drums and synth. So many cool drum blips, maybe...psychedelic almost? So far honestly this is one of my favourites from you. And i think it has to do with the both the creativity, and the way you morph the sounds over time. One could argue it runs on a little too long, but truthfully, i listen to Steve Reich and Philip Glass, so sometimes it can be justified. You see i don't really like forced repetition, where it's goes on for the sake of going on. Tracks like these, allow you to explore more ideas, without feeling like your overstaying your welcome. This is an insanely long paragraph, so i'll just end on a well done! In fact i relistened to it again, and it was an even better listen, it's a lovely unique concept that i really like gravitating towards, and that more people could try. So awesome it was my top spot pick. Incredible work!

NickC - Deep wind noises! Lots of people went for a few experimental touches, whereas i did an normal piece lol (Ok a cover to be more exact). That ostinato that creeps in is really nice, it's got a bit of a East Asian flair. I really dig the rhythms it's playing. There is white noise synth in this that is very out of tune with the rest. I like me some NickC melody craziness, it's what i usually praise you for, but there are moments where it's a little too weird lol. I also notice towards the end it gets faster? It's the one NickC entry where the weirdness didn't detract from the listening experience. Sometimes you make melodies that are too...weird and then it ends up taking away from the experience, but in this case, no it's still a really nice piece. It's the textural elements that save this piece from being a good job. I really felt the atmospheric parts more, because it feels like some spooky castle. Interesting direction for the theme, i dig it. Honestly more to like than dislike, well done!

Dex - Straight into Pop Punk, lots of bright melodies, and a full on happy go lucky lifestyle. Bring on Bowling for Soup or Blink-182 or even Avril Lavigne! It's quite cute, and has a great guitar melody and piano line. Breakdown was lovely. This is absolutely dope, so dope it was the 3rd pick for the list. Amazing work!

obScene - Someone doesn't like snakes lol. For some reason that chord progression is what i called the "Amy Winehouse Progression". The drums felt pretty loud at first in comparison, but then the melodies come in, making the mix more finely balanced. The whole thing sounds latin inspired. the ObScene tango lol. Although this is more rhythmical aligned to like a Flamenco piece. The flute melody is pretty awesome in this, and the changes were very satisfying. Another piece i really love from you, so good that i put it on the 2nd spot on the list. Incredible work!

JH Sounds - Cute piano melodies, loving the trinkles in this. Quite cute, lots of great acoustic sounds. Your piano upgrades have really shown in the music you are making. Your quality has substantially improved a lot! This is a lovely cute piece, with lots of great piano, strings and drums. Awesome work!

Arcana - Ooh there is a continuous square tone in this, and it does not sit right with me, i'm sorry. The kick does mask some of it, but ultimately the sound is the same. The grooves are super tight in this one, it's got a great chord progression. If you honestly removed that tone, i would actually consider this a strong contender for the awesome section, maybe even for voting. The kick is strong, but it works very well in this. Lots of lovely potential, good job!

Draconiator - lol i wasn't expecting a sudden audio submission here. I nearly passed over it, because it's not really created for the round (Unless i'm mistaken), but i decided oh sod it, i'll review it. Now i can't really give you an awesome vote, unless you rep the good ol' BBQ sauce. Because that's my favourite sauce. Praise be to the lady who pronounced Worcestershire correctly! Nobody gets it right, and most brits just laugh it off (Although a lot of us can't even say it, lord help us lol). This was quite funny, we should do a collab together, so i can show off my sauce collection too lol. I'm partial to a good ol' Honey Mustard myself. A Nice sweet BBQ, and who cannot forget the classic Mayonnaise haha. Anyways, i'm getting carried away, well done!

BJKmenu - I'm super chuffed you actually managed to share your entry, despite the frustrations. I heard there was a bit of bother submitting your entry to ThaSauce, even though playing both files from you and Misael.K, works like a charm. It's a bit weird, as some people might not have properly encoded their MP3's, who knows. Now on to the music, lots of lovely guitar work, and electric piano melodies. Very funky, almost like a mix of Disco and Rock n Roll from the 70's. The old-style 60's drum machine is a nice touch, but i would probably have preferred a more LinnDrum type beat, something stronger and more prominent. The melodies are pretty nice, even if a lot of the sounds are fighting each other. Still though, there is potential here, it could even have been voted on. Well done!

Top 3 - Misael.K, obScene, Dex.

These entries also deserved to be on the list:

DDRKirby(ISQ) (Amazing stuff, definately voting worthy)

Nukage (Amazing stuff, definately voting worthy)

Koekepan (Super chill, lots of voting potential here)

JH Sounds (Lovely cute entry, also deserves to be voted upon)

Awesome - DDRKirby(ISQ), cotmm68030, Nukage, Koekepan, Misael.K, NickC, Dex, obScene, JH Sounds, Draconiator, BJKmenu.

Needs Work - THEGREATDESTROYER22, DarkShadow, Lyra_183, Arcana.

Jul 20, 2023 NickC
  1. Snake Eggs
  2. Knock Knock
  3. Into the Eyes of Madness