One Hour Compo - Round 728 (OHC728)

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Sep 22, 2022 InvisibleObserver
  1. Song of the Desert
  2. Quiet Before the Storm
  3. Not darude sandstorm but that would have been cool

Sep 22, 2022 Arcana
  1. Mad Fax
  2. Not darude sandstorm but that would have been cool
  3. darude - sandstorm

Considered also in top 3:

DJohn DDRKirby MisaelK and TheVideoGamer

Also enjoyed:

Dex, Treyt, eibobo

Sep 28, 2022 TheVideoGamer
  1. Mad Fax
  2. Hashep Oasis
  3. Song of the Desert


@Starla - I reversed the image, that's why i trolled you guys with The Avengers meme after the Sandstorm intro lol. I wasn't interested in the storm itself to be honest, but more so the impact it has on cities and human lives. Like it's engulfing a nation to smithereens. That's also why i went for noisy Gabba.

@Misael.K - I should have put a volume warning in there XD

@CotMM - lol

@Coloradoweeks - Sorry haha.

@Misael.K - Who says it's sand lol. It could be dirt or dust. But in all seriousness, i actually don't like sand, it get's everywhere. So technically the truth.

@Misael.K+CotMM - Yep....

@DJohn - What, give you ear damage every week? XD

@Nukage -'s an actual music genre. I wasn't expecting that lol.

@Misael.K - Is that....Star Wars?

@DJohn - Oh come on, that's just the fun part...

@Nukage - lol

@DJohn - Ok, see ya XD

@Misael.K - This would be considered a light snack for Zovi haha


@Coloradoweeks - What, angry?

@CotMM - What the hell is that lol.

@Misael.K - When in doubt, check the description XD

@Arcana - Oh crap, i knew i forgotten the fart noises haha!

@Everyone - Help me, i can't stop laughing haha

@DJohn - Unless you're me, where i try to be as anti music as i can haha.

@Coloradoweeks - I can't believe this is what goes on during your day lol. I'm impressed you guys are putting up so well with such a loud monstrosity.

@Misael.K - Just don't collapse from all the exhaustion haha.

@Handknit - There's more meat than just kicks you know lol.

Ok so i assaulted your ears for 5 minutes. Let's use the remaining minute to calm yourselves down. I felt i needed to give you a bit of respite before the next entry.


@Coloradoweeks - Yep, this is pure ear bleach....

@Misael.K - Relax, i'm not gonna pull any tricks up my sleeves lol.

@Handknit - Thank you! It's nothing more than a sample pitched down slightly and soaked in reverb, finished with a fade in and out.

@Misael.K - That is correct, this is important for those who don't know.

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words!

Now then....

TheVideoGamer - If a dust storm has the power to engulf an entire city and kill a person, then so does this track. Ok it doesn't actually kill you, but it is loud enough to essentially make you go deaf. It starts of all promising with Darude, then it cuts out and BAM we have industrial noisy hardcore. From here on, it's nothing but screechy noise. Kick drums of varying proportions, metal guitar loops, baby crying, choir and movie samples among others. It's a full on assault from start to finish. If you like your diet to be ear pain, then you are in for a treat. If not, i'm glad you at least listened to it, nonetheless.

ThaTaskmasta - After the utter insanity that lasted 5 minutes, and practically left you all basically deaf from the extreme loudness, I felt like i had to give you guys a break. The last of my 6 minutes allotted time is spent on a looped sample drenched in reverb, and faded in and out. The reverb also fades in as the sample fades in. Fun stuff.

Lyra_183 - That microphone is just a great investment. So clean sounding. Your acapellas just need a beat! Someone should get on it lol. Great singing, good job!

DarkShadow - Of course it's gonna be loud lol. I mean you've never made anything quiet haha. Those squarewaves are going into overdrive! It's crazy lol. Not my favourite from you, but good job!

cotmm68030 - Deep rumbling textures, a signature from you. Loving those crackly sounds, makes you very nervous. It reminds me of a packet of crisps/chips. The filtering and effects are just super cool. It reminds me of experimental wind. The developments can be slow in cases like this, but when it comes, it becomes a huge change that really adds something to the piece. I love the experimentation you guys provide. It's nice to find music outside the realm of pop music. This is just super lovely and weird stuff. It ended up being number 2 on the list. Amazing work!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - White noise for the win! So simple and theme effective. Except this is formed into rhythms, combined with the classic chiptune melodies that we all love. It's just lovely stuff, what can go wrong. Maybe a bit more experimental than your others (That's a compliment), but it's still pretty beautiful stuff, especially the pads. Awesome work!

elbobbo_music - These are some very autechre styled beats. Liking the soft melodies in this. A cool mix of synth design, and light trance like ideas. It's hard describe the music, but it sound really great. The acid parts were killer, definately makes the composition. Fitting to the theme too, giving you this one, lovely stuff Awesome work!

Dex - Symphony RAWWWKK. Strings and triplets for the win! Loving the spiccato on the strings. It's got a cool cinematic feel. The melodies feel more dissonant, but yet it works well. I'm surprised it's mostly Arachno SF, as it sounds different, especially in the drums. I'm actually into this a lot, even if it's a bit weird melodically (Reminds me of Stravinsky in the melodies), it was pretty groovy. Well done!

Coloradoweeks - 1 minute les gooo. Can't believe you actually did it lol. I'm not surprised there would be a lot memes in this. Amazing how you turned a simple trance song into a fire banger. I also spotted the ol' Rickroll tom. Your lyrical additions are awesome! It really adds something to the piece. Ending was abrupt, but besides that, well done!

Meistr - I don't think i could listen to 18 entries of Sandstorm lol. This is some seriously fire piano work. Very reverby, lots of great impact. Really feels fitting for the desert. String and brass work was also really fire, i get obScene vibes from you. Get's a little close to the threshold, watch your levels, so they don't clip, but besides that, i dig it a lot. Loving the arrangements, really cinematic. Well done!

Nukage - More deep textures! This is some seriously good synth work. Very atmospheric, and kind of beautiful. Loving the build-up and drop. Classic Nukage production, with that fire sidechain. The melodies are just fire! Nothing else to say, awesome work!

Treyt - Oh god more Darude lol. Is this all it's gonna be for this round? Loving the toms, very trailer music like. The dubstep/complex part was also fire. Very sci-fi like. Mix is a bit off for me. When the drop hits, the kick and snare is pushed super hard by the bass work. It's almost buried, like it has an extreme sidechain limiter on it. The sound design is super fire though, especially the ending. You could have almost had that awesome spot, if it wasn't for the odd mix. Sorry, but good job!

Ethansight - Everyone is going for the saw synths today. Dubstep is rife this week lol. Loving the intro, both atmospheric and race inducing. That kick is.....absolutely delicious. I say this not just as a techno fan, but also as a distortion fan. That is one hell of a groove. This deserves to be a 5 minute piece, the grooves were so infectious, i could not stop. The fire grooves, immediately places you in the awesome category. In fact no, listening again, it immediately places you number one on the list. It was soo catchy. Incredible work!

DJohn - Emotional chords. Very Adele sounding. Like instead of Adele we have Adam haha. Your singing is incredible as always, and the simplicity of the piano is also really great. String work adds a lovely touch. There is a little clipping at the end, but besides that, well done!

Handknit - Lots of random clapping and cool sound effects. Kind of creepy and psychedelic sounding. Very cool stuff. Waveform is super quiet, and there seems to be minimal melodies in favour for weird textures. The guitar riff that came in, and the disappeared, was pretty awesome. Shame you didn't use more of it. Totally feels like it was setting up for the end. Great grooves at the end, that last for like 10 seconds, out of a 2 minute piece lol. A bit random, i feel all of these parts could be expanded upon, but i can't deny it was a ton of fun, a very unique idea, good job!

Arcana - I probably failed compo too lol. This seems to be a sequal to one of your compo songs about compo. This is definately some experimental stuff, feels like you started late, and rushed this. Or you had something, but hated it and so you started over. Sorry it didn't work out, but it was a nice 55 seconds. Good job!

Misael.K - Pirate music lol. It totally feels like were in some adventure movie/video game. Has a really nice brass melody, it's got a lovely swing to it. Lovely chords, great production. It's totally got a hint of Pirates of Caribbean in it, even though this is more Synth Rock. This ended up on the third spot on my list. It's just lovely stuff, amazing work!

InvisibleObserver - Cool sound design stuff, that synth sounds like it's talking. Very scary waveform. It sounds like we get unexpected loud burst of Dubstep material. Like it does actually give me a bit of a Jumpscare. Totally sounds like an Intro to some DnB/Dubstep album. Very experimental and weird, has a lot of very cool moments. Long reverb tail. The loudness is a bit much personally, i feel there is more to explore here (Look at me saying it's loud, when i made a 5 minute non stop assault piece lol). It's still good though, i had a lot of fun with it, good job!

Top 3 - Ethansight, cotmm68030, Misael.K.

These entries were also fire. I wish i could put them on the list:






Awesome - cotmm68030 , DDRKirby(ISQ), elbobbo_music, Dex, Coloradoweeks, Meistr, Nukage, Ethansight, DJohn, Misael.K.

Needs Work - Lyra_183, DarkShadow, Treyt, Handknit, Arcana, InvisibleObserver.

Sep 29, 2022 Misael.K
  1. Mad Fax
  2. Engulfed
  3. The Dust Will Consume Us

ethansight: incoming storm.

Dex: storm sounds.

InvisibleObserver: dusty sounds.

awesum: coloradoweeks, DarkShadow, DDRKirby(ISQ), Dex, DJohn, ethansight, handknit, InvisibleObserver, Meistr, nukage, ThaTaskmasta, Treyt.
good: Arcana, cotmm68030, elbobbo_music, Lyra_183.

Sep 29, 2022 ethansight
  1. Song of the Desert
  2. windblown
  3. The Dust Will Consume Us

1 MisaelK - Amazing horns, like the compression you're using on them. Ending B section almost has a pirate vibe

2 handknit - Love the psychedelic guitar! Fun little groove at the end

3 InvisibleObserver - Huge and spooky, that ending wash is incredible

4 TheTaskmasta - Lovely pad wash

cotmm - the crackling sounds like the storm in super slow motion

TheVideoGamer - Very subtle delicate techno from the far lands of Sandstormia

DDRKirby - Lots of windy noisy sounds, this settlement is obviously use to weathering storms!

elbobbo - Fun jumpy lead lines

Dex - Hints of mystery and dread

coloradoweeks - Fuun crossover

Meistr - Very grand, nice reverb on the strings

nukage - That big detune drop lead is kinda a throwback! Big energy

Treyt - Like the glitchy cuts, kick is a little weak

DJohn - Plodding and dramatic

Arcana - RIP house