One Hour Compo - Round 696 (OHC696)

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Feb 10, 2022 Arcana
  1. Roaming About the Stray Notion
  2. Night or Day, Sleep or Play
  3. Squid Man

Great all.

Feb 10, 2022 coloradoweeks
  1. mostly ambient
  2. Different Options
  3. Anarch Arachind Stage Theme
    Wassup Thunder

great entries everyone! you all really helped with the meat sweats :)

  1. mostly ambient - you had me at playable window creak! it never ceases to amaze me how creative you are with your sounds
  2. Different Options - so smooth! loved the drums and the vaporwave vibe of this
  3. Anarch Arachnid Stage Theme - you had me at slap bass. c:

Feb 11, 2022 JH Sounds
  1. Night or Day, Sleep or Play
  2. Highway of Death
  3. baby metal, dad rock (feat. i.s. weeks)

I didn't forget to vote.

Feb 16, 2022 TheVideoGamer
  1. Different Options
  2. mostly ambient
  3. Night or Day, Sleep or Play

Everyone seemed to respond positivity to my fun little challenge, which is good. I won't be marking or scoring these, because it's not really a competition, just an optional fun exercise to do, if you like. Surprisingly you guys did a whole lot better than last time, which could be because of the beat and bass combo, instead of simply one. Most people could also recognise the artist and song, which was a rarity for me. Normally it's one or the other lol. So let's commence with the answer. They're also on discord if you wish. Last time people got restless in regards to waiting a week for the answers, so i've decided to do what i did before and just submit them on discord the day after, as well as here. In terms of actual answers, there was one song, nobody even managed to identify. Another where only one person almost got the name of the song, but missed slightly and lastly only one person got the artist, but didn't get the song. So in total, on average 7 out of 10 for this round. The rest were pretty much spot on. Usually one person got it, or 3-4 people got it. Baring in mind these are famous songs, being stripped down and recreated by me, using my own sounds. Congrats to those who participated (Or was in the OHC round) and also congrats to those who got the answers. It was a fun game for sure, and when more free rounds come up, i might do some other stuff, in a similar manner.

I've waffled on for quite some time now, so here's the answers, in the order as presented on the Mp3. Also available on discord as well, just scroll up until you see it. So the answers are:

  1. Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
  2. The Beatles - Taxman
  3. Motorhead - Ace of Spades
  4. New Order - Blue Monday
  5. Daft Punk - Around the World
  6. Nirvana - Come as You Are
  7. The Doors - Light my Fire
  8. Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Give it Away
  9. Queen/David Bowie - Under Pressure (Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby is also accepted)
  10. Queen - Another One Bites the Dust

That's all of them! Hope you had fun, because i sure did. Time to move on to other entries now.

TheVideoGamer - I've already said what i've needed to say above, so moving on....

Lyra_183 - Acapella let's gooooo. Makes such a difference, a clean voice, no more background noise. I hear you're a huge Twenty One Pilots fan ;) I would totally imagine hearing this with the original backing, good job!

Souperion - Lovely pad sounds, very ethereal, seems fitting to a space vibe. Super cool eastern instrumentation, very intricate contrast. Asian styles with electronic music. Very cool, lovely melodies. The synth basses are very juicy, it seems like something different from, yet it has a lot of familiarities to your production. The switch into more eurobeat vibes was interesting also, but if i have to be honest, i prefer the first half more. The second half get's a bit close to the threshold as well. I'll still give you this, because the melodies were seriously strong, however it was close and i did think about this one. Well done!

DarkShadow - That is a signature DarkShadow bass sound for sure. Kicks are very clicky today, not sure how i feel about that. I would describe this as 5/4 laser music lol. Good job!

cotmm68030 - Oooh this is some cool beats. Weird industrial leanings, with some very dub like effects. Maybe illbient haha. No but seriously the delay effects are seriously cool, this is some very unerving ambience. I love it. The beats seem like they are processed in the same way breakcore/idm does. A loop, that is glitched out. Speaking of glitched out, what the hell is saxophone doing!? lol. It's soo trippy, i'm a big fan of this, awesome work!

Wassup Thunder - SNES Soundfont music les gooo. Loving the melodies in this, very suited to a F-Zero type video game. Always nice to set yourself limitations like this. There's nothing really bad to say about this, i enjoyed the whole thing, well done!

Coloradoweeks - Babymetal? Oh god lol, they have a reputation. Is this your father's voice? Or did you manipulate him to sound like the band? Nonetheless i laughed so freaking hard, so thumbs up from me, well done!

Dex - Lovely Orchestral Practice there, super into the strings, melodies were tight. The only thing i'll say is there seems to be a bit of stiffness in the sound. Needs a bit of dynamics and articulations. Also watch your levels, can get a bit close to loud. Still sounds nice. Good job though!

Barley - That is a very thick guitar sound. So much so, while i love it, it's very rumbly, and can cause the other sounds to be pushed in the background. The vocals were awesome here, because they were in a lovely volume range. Drums are a bit quiet here, but i suppose with a bit of polish an awesome idea, can become an incredible idea. Good job!

animatrix1490 - Time signature changes for the win! Big fan of the chords, really VGM RPG like. Lovely drum work. I feel like we need more in this one, a bit of expansion. While the melodies are lovely, i'm only hearing 2 instruments, with the chords being too reliant on the bass register. Maybe also a bit of dynamic variation on the drums too, it's mostly playing a simple 1 bar phrase. Rest sounds lovely though, nice work, good job!

koboldskeep - Gabber? HELL YEEEEE. Now i might be partially biased to gabber (Even if i have the moments where i'm sick of it.), but even if i wasn't it's still a great tune. Kind of sounds like you're imitating DarkShadow almost lol. Very short, and to a degree you are right, it's mostly 1 loop, but i cannot deny and say i did not enjoy it. Good job!

Lenticels - Sweet piano intro, digging these chords. Loving the transitions and build-ups, really goes hard in the drop, sounds like Nukage lol (Me and my comparisons eh?). Admittedly although i said it goes hard, i feel it could a lot harder. I'm missing some sidechain here, especially on the synths, the drums get pushed down by the synths, and the vocals were......interesting. Not sure what you are doing with them, but i guess i don't know the vocal style well enough.(Also note i do have strongly worded feelings on Vocaloid style vocals. I don't hate it when people use them, i just hate them in general. Oh well.) Anyways good job!

DJohn - These are some seriously good vocal effects. Sounds like a mix of a voccoder and a real voice. Very nice creepy intro. Sets the mood that we are going for, super lovely beats, great trap. It's very minimalistic in parts, which i'm drawn to a lot. When the pad comes in, it's very chilly and cold, but when the pad drops, it's very spacious. I like the clash of the g minor with the g major chord, very different. Ton of fun, very unique, yeah nothing bad to say about this, Awesome work!

Arcana - Modular Arcana returns? (I think) I love how your making a drone out of the synth, in the same realm as like Indian Classical Music. I would have loved some thick reverb on your voice, really sells the idea. When the drums come in, it almost sounds like marching soldiers, it's a cool rhythm. Effects were also sweet. Would totally love to hear a bassline in this, it feels flat without it. Personally it's just polish for me. (I know OHC is a short compo, so i take that into account) A bit of clean-up really takes this a long way into super awesome territories. Still sounds really nice though, good job!

Misael.K - Daam that is one funky break. Very head-bopping. Loving the chords a lot, very spicy but very chill (When you bring on the complex harmony, i melt immediately, i'm a huge sucker for it). Pads are excellent, the vibe is a mix between funky and chill. I love the chords soo much. Very spacious, almost reminds me of Ashka (Again with the comparisons haha). Nothing else to say....excellent work!

JH Sounds - I enjoyed your bonus, great singing, and lyric writing as always. Also loved your 3 chord experiment. I can see why it took so long. Well done!

Top 3 - Misael.K, cotmm68030, DJohn.

Coloradoweeks was also a huge highlight as well XD

Awesome - Souperion, cotmm68030, Wassup Thunder, Coloradoweeks, DJohn, Misael.K.

Needs Work - Lyra_183, DarkShadow, Dex, Barley, Animtrix1490, koboldskeep, Lenticels, Arcana.

Feb 17, 2022 Misael.K
  1. mostly ambient
  2. baby metal, dad rock (feat. i.s. weeks)
  3. Night or Day, Sleep or Play

cotmm68030: greatest ambient ever.

coloradoweeks: greatest baby ever.

DJohn: tight, aight.

awesum: Barley, coloradoweeks, cotmm68030, DarkShadow, Dex, DJohn, Lenticels, Souperion, TheVideoGamer, Wassup Thunder.
good: animatrix1490, Arcana, koboldskeep, Lyra_183.

Feb 17, 2022 cotmm68030
  1. baby metal, dad rock (feat. i.s. weeks)
  2. Highway of Death
  3. Anarch Arachind Stage Theme
    Wassup Thunder

babies, highways, and spiders. sounds dangerous.