One Hour Compo - Round 757 (OHC757)

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Apr 13, 2023 Koekepan
  1. Uneasy Decline
  2. Untitled Cave Journey Song
  3. colorful caverns
Misael.K did the best job of conveying the claustrophobia, combined with the echoing, deep space.
Apr 13, 2023 Suzumebachi
  1. Cobalt Crag
  2. Uneasy Decline
  3. Untitled Cave Journey Song

great cool caverns week everyone! nice work!

Apr 13, 2023 Arcana
  1. Cobalt Crag
  2. Exploring the Crystal Mines
  3. Chill Caves

Huge congrats to Lyra for doing 99 OHCs with us.

Apr 15, 2023 TheVideoGamer
  1. Chill Caves
  2. Cobalt Crag
  3. Uneasy Decline

@Misael.K - Another one of my Mobius Loop type experiments. I personally don't love this, but don't hate it either. It has potential...

@Suzums - Well the images are bright and somewhat colourful, i consider that enough of a justification to my happy piece lol.

@Misael.K - I mean if they're pretty who doesn't lol.

Next up is ThaTaskmasta:

@Suzums - Yep, it's an arpy piece lol.

@Misael.K - Glad were in agreement XD

@Suzums - Were slowly melting lol.

@NickC - Probably like your past entries amirite? XD

@Misael.K - There was a strong protest in this track, over the concept of being very sparkly lol.

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind (And humorous) words! Not many to reply this week, and not many entries in total either lol. Oh well...

Now then...

TheVideoGamer - I wanted to do a track where you start from nothing, and build up into a full climax, but around 1 minute into the track (Not producing time, the track length), the idea fell apart, so i tried leaning into a Mobius Loop kind of vibe, where we resolve from a 5 to a 1 using a key change, thus keeping the same progression but in a different key. Throughout more stuff is added, before we finally finish on a breakbeat and a semi climatic ending, whilst we fade for the ending. I personally don't like this, or at least felt like i didn't use my time as much as i could, so i was determined to make a part 2. Oh well, this is a learning experience. I need to try one day to make a track that doesn't involve loud leads, intense synth work, or drums in general. I want to make it as calm and relaxing as possible. Next week i might try it. Oh well, thanks anyways!

ThaTaskmasta - This track is a synth and a piano. Trying to rectify the unfortunately poor ideas i provided in part 1. I only had 20 minutes for this. There's also a speed up and a slow down for some cool effects. The pitch warp is apart of the plugin, not deliberate. It's ok i guess. Definately worthy of expansion.

Koekepan - Ok first up is Koekepan for a change. I dig the drones in this, and the nice bell sounds. Feels like the classic Koekepan sound but with a different texture than usual. I do feel the melody is a little random, and a bit too upfront, but they don't ruin the track. I also feel like adding in a few chord changes to make it a little less on the drone side, add some developments here and there, however though it was a lot of fun, great idea with lots of potential, good job!

THEGREATTDESTROYER22 - Nice synths and textures, really great bass notes, very juicy and electronic. These kinds of drums were not expected for this bass synth, but i dig it a lot, very old school drum machine aesthetic. I like how you introduce a lot of ambient parts, to really amp up the spacey feel. It both increases the volume into something climatic, but also makes it more calming and dreamy, even though it's mostly in a spooky minor key. I do feel like this is another repetitive number, which i apologise if it sounds abrupt, but i feel there is little in terms of full on dynamics. Yes you add a lot of sounds and all that, but it just sounds like a sudden volume increase, instead of a build and a release. I feel if your gonna have it at a consistent rate, then there needs to be enough for me to sustain that interest. It's not repetitive in the sense of it being a looping track, but in the context of dynamics. I do like the industrial parts a lot, it's a lovely piece, even if it's considered loud, i love it. It just has a lot of potential for expansion, don't be discouraged, it's an awesome idea. Good job!

DarkShadow - Shortest DarkShadow entry yet lol. 28 seconds of super synth heavy and cutting, with little melody or chords. Sorry dude, good job!

Suzumebachi - Now that is some sweet synth chords. This is Bill Withers type of music for me, super funky chords, amazing melody. You are the master of harmony, holy hell this is soo good. The drums and the bass, everything is just fire! Oh man i love this (As i do), In fact no, i adore this, this is going on the top spot, hot damn! Incredible work!

Lyra_183 - You know if you don't submit, it doesn't mean you've lost out on the chance to make round 100. Because not submitting doesn't add to your stats lol. Lovely singing, quite funny actually haha. I could learn a lot from this message :). It be interesting to see your acapellas in the context of a beat, you have such a lovely idea. Both because i'm generous, and because you've gone so far since your first compo (And improved a lot), i'm giving you this, so you're on the awesome category. Well done!

NickC - Very cold synths i love it. Super fitting, lots of great attacks and fades. Kind of jazzy in parts, even though not explicitly using these kinds of harmony. You always surprise me with the most weird of chords and sound design. This is one part pretty, one part dissonant. It's great, because it has the attitude of being lonely and isolated, with the sparse openness of the sound design. Won't be a NickC track if we don't have the insanely fast Aphex Twin type drum work. It's hard to categorize this, as it's very weird in parts, and this is why i love it. You never cease to make tracks that i should hate, but end up loving. This cool combo kept growing on me with repeat listens, if there was a 4th place this would be it, awesome work!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - Now that is a very cool metallic synth, goes great with the piano. I wasn't expecting trap drums in this, kind of out of sorts for a producer of mostly chiptune, especially with all these chill sounds, but it works much better than it sounds. The melody is amazing as always, and it works super well with the chill images. Kind of trancey too, to say this is mostly Trap beats. Long story short, this is another on of your fine entries, lovely sounds, so much so, i picked it for the 2nd spot! Amazing work!

obScene - Chill guitar, very much reminds me of Animal Crossing meets Pokemon (I'm not good at comparisons lol). That guitar is super pretty, really goes nicely with the Asian styled flutes. Very cinematic, very dark, but has a lovely melody in this. My only slight criticism is that the flute is perhaps a little loud in this, kind of drowns out the rest of the sounds. The transition to the final climax was awesome, shame it ends when it does, it's an amazing transition. The whole thing is still lovely, definately a great melody, Awesome work!

Misael.K - Nice Steel Drum like sounds, kind of makes it exotic sounding. The chords are pretty in this, loving the attack usage here. If it took 35 minutes to put something down, then it was well worth the wait. I love how you take a simple idea, but you keep expanding upon it, really stretching something so simple into something super epic. The 2nd half is an amazing variation on the first, changes the rhythm and sound into a more music box kind of feel, very nostalgic and kind of upbeat. Ending was also awesome too, great switchup in the chords. Whilst not as cold as some of the other entries, and maybe missing that satisfying final chord, i still loved it a lot, beautiful melodies and lovely synths in this one, so much so i picked it for the third spot, amazing work!

Dex - Rock Dex returns to our ears! That is a lovely chord you have there in that progression, before the loop. The final chord before it loops, is a nice touch. Very epic, lots of great piano and string work, super satisfying. The guitar work is banging also. I feel like there is room for maybe more chord changes and mixing touches, but what i'm hearing is lovely, especially the fire melody, wasn't really enough to absolve it of the awesome category, so i'll give you this one. Well done!

Arcana - Cool bassline, nice cold synths. The vocals are nice and clean, lovely reverb. So far a bit on the upfront side, but when the other synths come in, it slowly brings it up to a nice mix. The drums are very soft, but there is a change in dynamics, which happens towards the end. We switch into an Orchestral part, with a lot of great epic synths and piano, and a nice dynamic drum groove. A bit almost like 2 parts in one. Vocals feel a little on the distorted side, like with a lot of things, polish could really take this far, as it has a lot of potential. Don't feel bad, my submissions weren't great either, i felt they were a bit crap (With potential to expand). The main point of call is maybe the vocals, more refinement will propel this into the awesome section. Still though, good job!

Top 3 - Suzumebachi, DDRKirby(ISQ), Misael.K.

These entries also deserve to be on the list. They were amazing!

NickC (I so wanted this to be on, but i felt it was too weird for the theme, sorry. )

obScene (Again this is just amazing, but i could only choose 3...)

Awesome - Suzumebachi, Lyra_183, NickC, DDRKirby(ISQ), obScene, Misael.K, Dex.

Needs Work - Koekepan, THEGREATTDESTROYER22, DarkShadow, Arcana.

Apr 20, 2023 Misael.K
  1. Cobalt Crag
  2. Lost in Beauty
  3. Untitled Cave Journey Song

DDRKirby(ISQ): beautiful exploration vibes.

Koekepan: cool cool textures.

obScene: interesting journey.

awesum: DDRKirby(ISQ), Dex, Koekepan, obScene, Suzumebachi, ThaTaskmasta, THEGREATDESTROYER22, TheVideoGamer.
good: Arcana, DarkShadow, Lyra_183, NickC.

Apr 20, 2023 NickC
  1. I am Home
  2. Uneasy Decline
  3. Cobalt Crag