One Hour Compo - Round 243 (OHC243)

Votes (6)

Jun 06, 2013 JH Sounds
  1. The 11th Secret
  2. Aynchent sanctuary
  3. lost lands
Jun 06, 2013 iKo
  1. The Carvings
  2. Cathedral
  3. lost lands
Carving mainly because it has a acultural feel, 42 because I am a huge fan of this type of piano work, Lost lands is awesome, just awesome.
Jun 06, 2013 Arcana
  1. The Carvings
  2. Town Search
  3. Temple Run
There was a lot of good work this week.

mv: This is epic all around. Great development, buildup, and all of that stuff. I don't know what else to say. It's full and rich, there's lots of stuff going on and yet it never feels crowded. Very movie score.

DarkShadow: I really liked this, from the Medieval beginning to the hard dance party. Great gating. I especially loved the glitch transition.

blastron: I liked the chords, and the bass was really good. Each element is very unified and makes for a very satisfying whole. It's a traditional but very good song structure. If you want to make stuff louder, try throwing the limiter on it and boosting it to +3.0 gain; alternately throw compressors on individual tracks and set the Auto Gain to +0dB then adjust the gain from there. But maybe you already knew that!!

Also liked but could not vote for: johnfn, easynam, Bren, DDRKirby(ISQ), Forty-Two, DacksUnlimited, Acuity, Transcient.
Jun 07, 2013 johnfn
  1. The Carvings
  2. lets have a stupid party in this cave
  3. The 11th Secret
There was a lot of good stuff this time like

- Trancient
- A-zu-ra
- sci
- Arcana
- 42
- mv
- ddr
- easynam
- crap i left this here without finishing it and now im too tired to write better reasoning
- cya next week

Jun 13, 2013 Misael.K
  1. K.K.'s Lost City
  2. The Carvings
  3. Of Shattered Myth
Duosis: this is so cool! I completeleteletely love this.

mv: very polished and cinematic, great job.

seventhelement: ancient tomb with a touch of modern science. Very nice.

What I Liked A Lot:
DDRKirby(ISQ); Duosis; easynam; Forty-Two; mv; sci; seventhelement.

What I Also Liked:
A-zu-ra; Acuity; blastron; Bren; DarkShadow; iKo; johnfn; Trancient.
Jun 13, 2013 DarkShadow
  1. temple taste
  2. Exhibition to Legend Isles
  3. The Monster Within
sci - this has a somewhat temple influence, it sounds like(maybe because of the koto). the vocal samples add an interesting touch also.
Trancient - interesting synth instrument, nice pianos.
Acuity/StatusKuo - nice piano and violin collaboration work.
A-zu-ra - amazing work, great atmosphere. interesting lead instrument also, generates a relatively calm feel overall.