One Hour Compo - Round 765 (OHC765)

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Jun 08, 2023 Koekepan
  1. Pink Ripples on the Horizon
  2. Rising City
  3. Punch It In (We're Driving Through)
In descending synthwave order. Random-storykeeper really nailed it, with voider. in very close second position; just a little weak on the close.
Jun 08, 2023 Arcana
  1. extremely topical ohc entry
  2. Synthy Sunset Cruise
  3. Rising City

nice work you all. keep at it everyone!

Jun 09, 2023 JH Sounds
  1. Synthy Sunset Cruise
  2. Punch It In (We're Driving Through)
  3. Rising City

Sittin' down by the side of the flood... and just let it play.

Jun 13, 2023 voider.
  1. Moonrise and Moonshine
  2. Pink Ripples on the Horizon
  3. Sunset Boulevard

what a nice week of music!

Everone's works all impress me a lot!

Jun 13, 2023 TheVideoGamer
  1. Moonrise and Moonshine
  2. Punch It In (We're Driving Through)
  3. Pink Ripples on the Horizon

@Arcana - I guess this is Sonic the Hedgehog tempo lol

@Coloradoweeks - What is mixing anyways haha.

@Random-storykeeper - It's definately not a slow tune lol

@CotMM - Except it's actually a Sonic the Hedgehog speed haha.

@CotMM - Ah there goes that Jenova comparison again lol

@Random-storykeeper - Thanks! It's full of everyone's favourite 7th's and 9th's.

@CotMM - I've already done pieces using the Benny Hill theme, Spanish Flea, Babies Crying, so this is nothing to me lol.

@CotMM - The result of shoehorning in an ending haha.

@Coloradoweeks - I'm glad you got something out of it ;)

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words!

Now then...

TheVideoGamer - This track is basically Synthwave played by a 90's Trance DJ, more specifically a Hard Trance DJ, where the music goes above 140 and into the 160-170bpm range. The chords are mostly in the Major key to accompany the bright hazy like retro images. Although it seems to be about flooding, the style and feel just gives it a more calming presence, than a standard retro styled image. The drums were originally going to be a full on synthwave Linndrum backing, but it felt a little flat to me, and so i decided to add some punch to the sound. For most of the track, we go through different sections with different modulations, starting with a nice simple but catchy melody and some syncopated chords, then following into a more arpeggiated section with a Giorgio Moroder sample. After a slight breakdown, we slowly shift down a semitone until we return back to the original key of F# Major, since this section was in B Flat Major or A Sharp major. From there we continue the melody from the start, before we breakdown again into the shoehorned ending. I had 10 minutes on the dot, so i quickly copied and pasted an improvised ending, so it wouldn't just stop (And also i could fill in extra time lol). Not the best ending, but it's good enough for the time i had. It's a pretty good track to be honest, i really like it. I hope you do too!

DarkShadow - No Lyra? What kind of sorcery is this!? You are the master of making some pretty aggressive saw waves. It's like trance music on steroids. This one is actually more than trance music on steroids. Any louder, and it's a Merzbow track haha. Maybe a bit too chaotic for my liking (And i love me some gabber), but i still got a lot of fun out of it, it sounded nice. Good job!

Wassup Thunder - We have Wassup but no Souperion. This is a bit cryptic oo lol. This is a lovely haunting string section. The theme is very retro 80's styled, and you ended up making it more like some horror soundtrack, but of the more accessible kind. The dynamics are lovely in this, you are starting off super quiet, but slowly and subtlety, building it up into something. Even though it's not aggressive dynamics, the little things just make this into something pretty. There is a lot of drone like structures in this, made up mostly of strings and choir like pads. The drums were kind of unexpected in this, i was leaning into the orchestral vibe, but you ended up taking me into a more industrial sound. Honestly it's very textural, and works like a lovely soundscape. I love this, Awesome work!

Voider - So this is a remake of the first electronic piece you've ever made? As far as i'm aware you've only done 2 pieces so far, not counting this one. When the drums come in though, i am immediately recognised of the first entry. I don't think i gave that a well done i'm sorry. In the nicest way possible, i have standards lol. I can tell you've upgraded a lot of things in this. For one thing, the chords are super pronounced compared to last time, where it was mostly pad like sounds. Secondly, you've managed to really up your melody game, this is quite a catchy melody. You've also managed to keep it melodically rich throughout, where in the first submission, it was mostly just minimalistic sounds weaving in and out. I do think it does need a bit more....finishing touches (Mix wise). I know i blag on about mixing, and yet here i am, submitting a piece for this compo that isn't even mixed lol. To be fair, the only things that matter that greatly affect the listening experience is loudness, how the sounds work with each other, and whether there's anything in the track, that i feel wasn't meant to be there. I've already talked for way too long so, and relistening to it again, i ended up leaning towards giving it to you. So well done!

Treyt - Sick bass and kicks. Already were going into some full on Flux Pavilion mode. You even managed to sneak in a retro inspired melody, so it's like Synthwave in the eyes of a Dubstep producer. Sick melody, and synth wubs. No time to waste, you try to maximise as much melody content as you can fit within 1:42. The waveform is perhaps a little quiet, i felt you probably went too hard on the compression, however i consider this more of a nitpick, because damn that is one catchy melody. So catchy, that it was the reason why you are 2nd on the list. Amazing work!

cotmm68030 - Oh i haven't heard you singing in a while, so this should be really interesting. Already straight into the distortion, not even a second to waste. It's like Dark Ambient but created by Merzbow. It's very distorted, but almost like granular distortion if you get me. The vocals are very ethereal, so they don't sound like you are singing lyrics persay (Or if you are, i can't really hear them), but more so like you are a solo choir or something. There is a nice sense of rhythm here, that reminds me of a ticking clock. It's a bit of a drone style, but it doesn't feel repetitive, or boring. It has a lot to sustain for it's runtime, and i really loved the sound design in this one, it was quite unique. Awesome work!

Koekepan - That is a nice gated reverb and delay sound, it sounds like a trampoline or a spring. Bounces up and down. Lots of really nice deep basslines here. Yes they are super subtle in parts, but they a lot of nice thick bass to an already syncopated track. The slow evolving pad chords were really lovely. Sounds like Blade Runner, which is accurate since this is very retro 80's. There is a lovely soft melody that plays throughout the whole of the piece. I do like how things evolve too, it's not just a full on repetitive piece, it's actually got a lovely sense of dynamics to the sound. It was just great, well done!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - The only one so far who went full on synthwave. Was i surprised? Absolutely not, it's what the theme would have wanted lol. Now these are some sexy chords, lots of very moody jazz inspired licks. Really digging the modern approach to the 80's sound. Mixing is amazing as always, you do such lovely mixes in your tracks. I'm also shocked how you managed to turn 2 chords into something magical, although by the 2nd half, you really turn it into a more 4-5 chord experience. Really the whole thing is just lovely and catchy. In fact it was so lovely and catchy, i ended up putting you on the top spot. Incredible work!

THEGREATDESTROYER22 - Hotline Miami? Ok this should be interesting. Really digging the electronica drums and bassline, it sounds like 80's EBM but slowed down a tad, and more gritty. I digging the phat drums in this, it's quite hard hitting. I do feel this is very underdeveloped. For the most of 3 minutes, it's mostly a bassline, some occasional synth effects, and a very static beat (With very little changes to the drums). I get what you're going for, but perhaps i'm not the target audience for this (I don't want to be dismissive, or come across as rude or ignorant.). The ending does kick things up a notch with a nice synth ostinato, that adds a nice bit of flare, so again it's not bad. The whole thing is lovely, i love the idea, i just feel like it might need a bit more, even if it's subtle. Also it suddenly stops without an ending, i'm not too into abrupt ends as such. Still though, don't feel bad it was a lovely idea. Good job!

Coloradoweeks - You know for a round that is overtly 80's Neon inspired, there doesn't seem to be many synthwave pieces. Yeah there is a lot of 80's sounds in some of the tracks, but they come across as more....inspired or borrowed, than a full on synthwave piece. Oh well, i guess Synthwave might be a bit obvious lol. Anyways on to this track. Already digging the chords, has that really nice groove. It sounds like a summer track, even though the image isn't explicitly mentioning summer. I'm not gonna talk about the singing, because it's always incredible. I love the way the chords build up, from something mellow into a full on electric piano noodle. You know it's a Coloradoweeks type beat, when there is the signature delay ending that gets cut off after like a second lol. You stop the beat, hearing nothing but the delay processing on the vocals, and then even then, you just abruptly end it haha. It's not a big issue to me, i just find it amusing. Anyways, The vocals just work so well with the beat, i couldn't really think of anything that needs to be worked on. Sure it could do with a light polish, but really that's being very nitpicky (And i could say that to any track on here, especially mine lol). Honestly, it was lovely, definately voting worthy. Awesome work!

Dex - Doesn't matter. If you see synthwave in the photo, then by god were doing synthwave lol. To me though this reminds me of Nintendocore for some reason. The synths are very chiptune inspired, and the pad chords feel like were in some Sega Genesis game. I don't know if it's me, but it feels like were speeding up, even though were in the same tempo. It's kind of a weird brain perception thing. The melodies are lovely, you created a lovely violin solo, that works super well in the track, and a really nice rock guitar part that is just super dirty, without it being intruding. Although i call this Nintendocore from my personal observations, i still cannot deny it was a lovely piece, with a really lovely well produced melody. Well done!

Random-storykeeper - Ooh you also did happy chords. The pads are very oldschool, but has a nice modern feel to it. Anything with 7th's is an automatic win for me lol. The arp's are super pretty, this is a really nice calming yet energetic chord sequence. The melodies sound kind of Video Game like, it's pretty beautiful. It has a bit of a techno structure, with the way everything is processed and arranged. Even with only 3 chords in total, you still made it very beautiful and expressive, i loved it. It was soo good, i went and placed you on the third spot. Amazing work!

Arcana - Nice electric piano melodies in this. Great intro, you managed to really capture a lovely drum groove in this! (Edit: Turns out it was all Logic's doing lol. Still though, you utilised the drummer function very well.) Even the fills are pretty dope! You even managed to capture a lovely set of dynamics in the track. Great chords, and nice rhythms in your vocals! Damn i'm impressed! This is not only a lovely mixed Arcana track, you even managed to keep a really nice chord progression and vocal melody! I'd say my new favourite Arcana vocal track from you, it was super dope! Even if you fluctuate a little towards the end, you managed to remain in tune throughout the whole piece. I'm impressed how far you've actually gone since i first heard you sing, this was lovely, definately voting worthy, Awesome work!

JH Sounds - Although this can't be voted on, (You yourself even say it's a bonus), i'll still give this the benefit of the doubt, because i'm nice. The Daft Punk influence is really over here. Almost like you were tipped to compose a track for the Random Access Memories album. That might be your favourite album of all time lol. This is one lovely chord progression though, and you managed to create a lovely melody for these sets of chords. A ton of fun, with a lot of nice sections, well done!

Top 3 - DDRKirby(ISQ), Treyt, Random-storykeeper.

My top 3 this week kind of leant more towards the Synthwave aesthetic, or more of what i would consider theme accurate.

These tracks are amazing and deserves a place on the list:

Wassup Thunder


Coloradoweeks (This one especially deserves a spot. Choosing 3 is hard you know...)

Arcana (Your best track to date. This has so much voting potential!)

Awesome - Wassup Thunder, Voider, Treyt, cotmm68030, Koekepan, DDRKirby(ISQ), Coloradoweeks, Dex, Random-storykeeper, Arcana, JH Sounds.

Needs Work - DarkShadow, THEGREATDESTROYER22.

Jun 14, 2023 ethansight
  1. Pink Ripples on the Horizon
  2. Punch It In (We're Driving Through)
  3. Moonrise and Moonshine

DarkShadow - Like the progression, and the big saws. Wish they were wider

Wassup Thunder - Reverb kick! The sun is setting and it got very dark

voider - Happy melody, very synthwavey sounds

2 Treyt - Woo this is awesome! Huge drums, the hat payoff at the end is fantastic. Love the synthwork, big basses and nice high leads

cotmm - What a shifty smooth background for those vocals from waaayy afar to sit on

Koekepan - Lovely EP and the delay is so crazy, snare turnes into a kick!

3 DDRKirby - There's a colorful wall of plucky wavy arpy curtains!

coloradoweeks - Wow there's crazy delays all around this week! Smooth beat and crisp vocals

Dex - Fun mix of sounds, Laid back swing

1 RSK - Aaaah this takes me back to Owl City, whimsy melody and happy arpies I love it!

Arcana - Bouncy vocal melody, and I like the quick big strings

TheVideoGamer - Very urgent, hopeful tune. Favorite synth is the light flutish lead, 2nd to the slappy bass

Everyone grabbed at least a good portion of the theme, lovely songs everyone!

Jun 15, 2023 Misael.K
  1. Lost With You
  2. Sunset Boulevard
  3. extremely topical ohc entry

Arcana: love to hear you getting better!

TheVideoGamer: lots of energy, very uplifting.

coloradoweeks: lovely and groovy.

Random-storykeeper: chill and cute.

awesum: DarkShadow, Wassup Thunder, voider., Koekepan, DDRKirby(ISQ), THEGREATDESTROYER22, coloradoweeks, Random-storykeeper, Arcana, TheVideoGamer.
good: cotmm68030, Dex.

Jun 15, 2023 cotmm68030
  1. Synthfloodwave
  2. Moonrise and Moonshine
  3. Jacket