One Hour Compo - Round 749 (OHC749)

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Feb 16, 2023 A2Z
  1. Viginti Tres Circuitus
  2. Cyber Dimension
  3. Speed: Subluminal
    Wassup Thunder


Feb 16, 2023 JH Sounds
  1. technically viable: NO
  2. For Mankind
  3. through the wormhole

I missed the voting deadline, so I went back in time to vote before it closed.

Feb 16, 2023 Arcana
  1. Into the Infinite
  2. through the wormhole
  3. Cyber Dimension

DDRKirby: It's the PWM brass that got me, but also the very, very smooth transitions as you transition from phrase to phrase. The thick and echoy analog sounds were a real treat.

NickC: This had a real vibe. Ambient and laid back, but yet the kick hit hard and the sidechain on it was really really good.

meistr: Nice production and voice and lyrical content, it sounded really hot.

Short words about other tracks:

Lyra: Nice to hear you work at the piano, it sounded good even if you don't play. It's surprising sometimes how it doesn't take much for piano to sound nice.

Souperion: Tense ship-travel music, nailed that emotional note for me.

Darkshadow: Huge contrast between the initial time signature and the frantic section. The really distorted sound effects were rad. Sounds super FM.

cotmm: Slooooooooooooooooow and steaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaady

Wassup Thunder: All of the Eurobeat stuff from you getting better each time. It really gives me tracker music vibes from modplug and S3M.

A2Z: The reverb was really good on this one, it added a good sense of space and ambience.

Xanthos: Really great production and sound design, the glitch percussion was really good. Everything was clear and separated.

coloradoweeks: It sounded nice, it's so bright and cheery. The backing track was too loud compared to the voice but you got the fun sound down and the air horn at the end haha

Dex: proving that you don't need awesome equipment to make good music, only talent and experience.

MisaelK: nice EP sound and vinyl backing noise and whistling. This was really uplifting. Gives me floating around vibes.

TVG: nice fast beats. again this would be a pretty killer live set. My favorite part was the break, it is a great contrast to the rest of the song and added a lot of melodic content.

JH Sounds: Good work looking back 10 years ago. Going from experimenting with voice to being a real singer, you've come a long way.

Feb 16, 2023 Xanthos
  1. Cyber Dimension
  2. Into the Infinite
  3. Viginti Tres Circuitus

Meistr - This one hit me right off the bat! Amazing production, super intense energy, great transitions, and lots of surprises! I only wish it were longer!

DDRKirby - Definitely nailed the spacey nature of the theme(as I pictured it). A lot of variation, beautifully crafted, took me on a musical journey the entire way!

TheVideoGamer - Explosive cosmic energy in this one! Wasn't bored for one second of the entire 6 minutes, another great track that really took me on an audial trip. Great work with some of those classic sounds!

Runners up:

Coloradoweeks - This was such a positive and uplifting track, and having your vocals pop in during the second half was a great surprise! Very professional, clean sound. Great work!

JH Sounds - Had the opposite tone of Colorado, but was no less great! Very somber and chill track, and I have to say (again) that the lyrics really resonated with me on a deep level. Everything came together and worked really well. Awesome composition!

To everyone else, great job all around! Really enjoyed this compo from start to finish. A lot of amazing work shown by all of you!

Feb 22, 2023 TheVideoGamer
  1. Into the Infinite
  2. through the wormhole
  3. Cyber Dimension

@Arcana - Yeah Trance can get a bit on the aggressive side sometimes.

@Souperion - Is that like your catchphrase lol, you say it a lot in the comments of my track.

@Misael.K - I'm sure you can right? I saw a video ages ago about it, but have forgotten the process lol.

@Xanthos - It is actually amazing lol.

@Suzums - I actually needed that chill section, otherwise it would just be tiring throughout, and i know that's not necessarily mine or anyone's cup of tea.

@Arcana - I have made a lot of intense sidechain pieces, but then again it's usually the genre, not necessarily my style. But let's be real, if i had just kept the trance part continuous, people would likely switch off after 3 minutes XD.

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words! Not many to reply to this time.

Now then...

TheVideoGamer - This track is basically a journey through space. We begin with a no holds bar intro, with thick droning synth pads (Both atmospheric but also pretty in your face. 90's samples for the win), before we build into the beat. This is a hard trance piece written at 150bpm. The bulk of the melodic ideas come from the basslines, the acid synths and the occasional atmospheric bell or piano that comes in. Layering of the pads is important to maintain that very airy and weird chordal flow. After 3 minutes we rise up into the breakdown for 2 minutes, where we introduce a full on melody and chord progression, in comparison to the single chord used in the first 3 minutes. The melody was made to be as reverberant as possible to up the atmosphere. For the next 2 minutes, we are slowly adding in sounds to build it up for the final build-up into a full scale climatic ending, which is the same as the beginning, but now with the main melody included. The piece then fades out, almost abruptly as i have to follow a 6 minute limit. All in all, rather proud of this one, very creative and unique stuff, glad you enjoyed it!

Lyra_183 - Wait you didn't play piano? CotMM sampled you playing some stuff, so i'm lost lol. I don't know your piano skills to be honest, in fact i didn't even know you owned a piano, my house isn't even big enough for any instruments lol. I don't know what to describe this, but it reminds me of Stravinsky and Messiaen (If you don't know who they are, they're 2 modern classical composers. Google is your friend lol). I can hear the sounds of cooking and cleaning in the background, almost as a stand-in for vinyl crackle. This is weirdly soothing, even if in my opinion it doesn't make much sense lol. I'm sorry if i sound abrasive with that comment. It was a lot of fun though, good job!

Souperion - Synthwave les goo. Great synth strings in this, it's very science fiction like. The drums are insanely quiet in this, even by Souperion's standards. The synth work was delightful, however the mixing is evident here, in that it could with some work (Taste is personal). You probably didn't have a lot of time for compo maybe. The melodies here were absolutely lovely, and in the grand scheme of things, could be expanded into so much more. Good job!

DarkShadow - Yep that is loud alright. Gotta lower it before i can review this. This is the most overtly dubstep DarkShadow entry i've heard. It's soo much dirty textures in this, it's Don't know if this is my thing per-say, and it's very short, but it was a ton of fun. Good job!

cotmm68030 - So Lyra made a beat, and then you made it into Dark Ambient. If that is not a Father Daughter relationship, then what is lol. Now i've heard a lot of your tracks, in this style and it's pretty awesome. Lots of great ambient tension. However the tracks you do, usually involve a lot of intricate details and textures, made out of splicing and arranging. In this case, no offense (Although at this point, one of these days i'll probably will end up offending lol), it seems like you just took a sample and slowed it down, and maybe reduced the bitrate. So while the results are lovely, and you did explain you only had 15 minutes (Trying to be understanding here), you didn't really do much music production, you more or less played with a single sample. I apologise if it comes across as rude or snobby, but i feel like more could be done with this, than simply slowing it down. It has potential, if i were to be nice about it. It's the start of something lovely. Good job though!

Meistr - That is one aggressive waveform lol. The vocals are weird, i don't know what they're saying XD. The melody and sound of the vocals are lovely however, amazing work in that department. The production is fire here, super amazing dubstep stuff. Nukage has some serious competition, this goes insanely hard. Mix is amazing too, lovely stuff. So lovely, it's on the 3rd spot, amazing work!

Wassup Thunder - Euro Thunder strikes for another round of fast guitar and twangy leads. There's literally nothing bad to say about your Eurobeat entries, you do it so well, with such array of sing-able melodies. I do like the chords and acid stuff creeping in, really tries to set itself apart from the other Euro stuff you've done. Honestly, it's just great. Well done!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - Oof these are some cool 9th like chords. I love it when people push the envelope with these chord progressions. It sounds simple, but it's really not...far from it. The chord modulations are insane, probably my favourite chord progression you've ever made. I love when people subdue expectations and give me some super intricate chords. When the beat came in i was like Synthwave Trap? Hell yeah, but then you decided for funzies to add a EDM kick in there as well, so it becomes house music lol. The melodies are insanely good in this, you went all out on the atmosphere and melodies. This is just beyond incredible stuff (Enough for the top spot, for sure), Incredible work!

A2Z - Some deep pads in this, very downtempo like. The kick was not expected, but i instantly grew attached to it. Grooves are fire, simple but lots of great developments. Not expecting this type of kick, now that i look back, but still fire. This one takes some time to get into, it can feel like we have a long way to go before we reach it's peak. When we do, it sounds pretty. Lots of cool chord changes, and drum changes. It builds in texture, whilst still retaining the simple melody ideas. I still maintain that this is a bit on the simpler side, it has potential for a lot more stuff to be added in, however this is a lovely start, with a very cool unique idea, huge fan of the chords also. None of my opinions here reduces it's awesomeness. Awesome work!

Xanthos - Longplay les goo. Loving the bass in this, rattles my brain. The sudden texture changes do play with my brain a little, and i really like that a lot. It's got one half IDM and one half Techno. Very mechanical and industrial sounding. This is just a full on texture experiment, and i love it. I can totally see this as an intro for some really thick melody ideas, but the textures in this is very satisfying, this is not something i could do in such a short amount of time. To me this does not sound like a loop either, so this is impressive (If it is, then i apologise). What i also love about your pieces is that when i've think i've heard enough, you move straight into a next section unanticipated, as to stop it from being too repetitive. This could work as background music, or as analytical music. Both work wonders. Long story short, i loved this, awesome work!

Coloradoweeks - Most ridiculous? Pffff i've done worse lol. This is one....hell of a loud waveform. Jesus i needed to lower my volume on this. The idea is actually insanely good, from the lovely unique chords, great arps, amazing vocals, sick techno grooves....and er...maybe the loud volume. It's practically clipping, like the limiter is maxed out clipping. This is such a shame, because i love the idea, like really really (Like it's a beyond awesome idea), but i cannot vote for a waveform that nearly deafened me on first listen lol, sorry. Good job though!

NickC - Nice vibes here, one hell of a juicy bassline. This is a piece that does not mess around with conventional 12 tone scales. It's both calming and...weirdly dissonant? That's the one thing i love and hate about you lol You make some of the most beautiful and weird melodies out there, and i don't know if it works or not, it's kind of infuriating haha. I love it, but don't. The techno vibes in this are infectious, and the actually also weird too. You've distorted it in a way, that i assume it's a mixing flaw, but then i'm like no i love it also. Dammit you just make this super weird tracks that i know i'm not supposed to like, but i fall in love with anyways (Why am i in love with this, when it's telling me not to like it...). Your stupid experimental melodic antics caused me to place you on the 2nd spot, god dammit! Amazing work!

Dex - Why did i not see the text when i initially made my track lol. Everyone seems to made it a meme, and i'm out of the loop haha. Now this is one hell of a rock vibe, and in my opinion compared to last time (Although i enjoyed that one a lot), this is a huge step up in terms of sound. You've clearly utilized the soundfont here much better. It's got a really catchy melody, great groove, and a nice semi science fiction aesthetic to the sound. Now you say it's low quality, and while granted it does need a bit of mixing work, but you also say it's thanks to 20 dollar speakers, and that is also a bit true. However even with all that i still found it a lovely piece of music, that had a better understanding of the instruments used. So whilst not the highest quality, professional sounding studio recording, i felt it was enough for you to at least get an Awesome ranking, i found more to enjoy than not to enjoy, if you get me. Well done!

Arcana - So you've admitted to making randomness lol. This is a space theme, so i'll allow it haha. Drums are tight, and the bassline is cool. The vocals take centre stage, so much so it's closer to an acapella. However it does build throughout, so it becomes more vibrant, with lots of great...chords. The piano stuff, is very weird, dissonant and out of place, but the rest is cool. If this wasn't so random, and we had bit more...structure then this could well be on it's way to an awesome vote. This has a lot of potential, great start, good job!

Misael.K - These FM EP sounds remind of Super Mario 64. Really loving the 3/4 feel here, i love it when people go into unique time signatures. The chords/guitar work seem to be tad bit overpowering compared to the rest, but that's just me. The whole idea is beautiful though, digging the chords, very pretty melody, the idea is perfect, the mixing just needs finetuning, so it the synth guitar parts don't sound so in your face. Very close to getting an Awesome vote, but the dynamics was notable enough for me to sway my opinion, sorry. But i still loved it though, good job!

JH Sounds - Reupdating a classic for the modern era eh? Not heard of the original, as i was more of a recent arrival, however i do resonate with the lyrics, very relatable. You are just a really great songwriter. Chords are great, whole thing is a ton of fun, well done!

Top 3 - DDRKirby(ISQ), NickC, Meistr

These 2 also deserve to be on the list:

Xanthos (This one was awesome, so gutted i can't be on the list)


Awesome - Meistr, Wassup Thunder, DDRKirby(ISQ), A2Z, Xanthos, NickC, Dex, JH Sounds.

Needs Work - Lyra_183, Souperion, DarkShadow, cotmm68030, Coloradoweeks, Arcana, Misael.K

Feb 23, 2023 Misael.K
  1. Into the Infinite
  2. Cyber Dimension
  3. Viginti Tres Circuitus

DDRKirby(ISQ): a lovely adventure in space.

Meistr: an emotional adventure in space.

TheVideoGamer: an ambient (lol) adventure in space.

awesum: A2Z, coloradoweeks, cotmm68030, DDRKirby(ISQ), JH Sounds, Meistr, TheVideoGamer, Xanthos.
good: Arcana, Dex, Lyra_183, NickC, Souperion, Wassup Thunder.

Feb 23, 2023 NickC
  1. Cyber Dimension
  2. Speed: Subluminal
    Wassup Thunder
  3. technically viable: NO