One Hour Compo - Round 600 (OHC600)

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Apr 09, 2020 Suzumebachi
  1. be slapping water like
  2. H20: Purified Water Cup Cult
  3. We all need water
very hydrated
Apr 09, 2020 LunacyEcho
  1. The Ecstasy of Life 2020
  2. Starla's High Budget Italian Water Store
  3. Hydroelectrique
gotta pay my respects to the og ecstasy of life. but honestly this was an incredible compo, and i feel so fortunate to have been a part of it <3 wish i could vote for everyonee
Apr 09, 2020 Arcana
  1. Hydratorater
  2. thirsty
  3. H20: Purified Water Cup Cult
Oh man OHC600. I don't do reviews often but I thought I'd do it for this one and leave a few words on each entry.

TheVideoGamer: I love the acid sound. I thought the kick was a little heavy but as the song got going it worked really well with the resonant bass.

animatrix1490: Love seeing you explore sounds. I really like the subtle melody at the beginning. I'd add more reverb and dial back one of the crunchy snares. Love hearing you improve every week and explore.

DarkShadow: Your songs are so intense and insane, I can't even wrap my head around them much of the time. You should post a making of video. Off time signatures, intense sounds, super huge frequency spectrum, odd grooves. Your music is strange and satisfying.

Koekepan: Excellent pad with just enough development to keep it moving. Good bass sound, I REALLY liked that last note. Send me that kick sample some time if you ever see this, it's great.

Suzu: Great beat and pads. The alto lead is mesmerizing.

bo0m3r31337: Production on this is insane. Everything's so lush and intense. The dynamics are great, really adds to the intensity. DESERVES THE CAPS YOU KNOW

sci: DnB, panning, there's so much going on and yet it's so coherent and interesting. Best part was the subtle underwater-ish effect.

A2Z: The beat is great, that kick really punches through. Great melody + lead choice, so pleasant and satisfying.

ashka: The bass in this song is so good, especially when opening the filter. Great vocal fx placement and high chimes fill everything out.

nukage: There's so much going on in this song, it's crazy good. Great drop, lots of intense bass and effects. Great attention to detail. Gating very effective here. That vocal is awesome.

CJ: you are a meme master. Come back and post more.

coral: Oh man I can't handle ASMR sounds but your song is also so groovy and energetic.

MisaelK: I love the memery in here. Super reverb. Intense drums and guitar here as well. I'd be curious to hear the song with less reverb honestly

Fusion2004: This is a great beat. Could rap over this, it's solid.

Xanthos: There's so much development going on here, the sound design is so rich and diverse and lots of changeups. The sounds are lush and interesting. This is great.

IO: I love how wide and thick the hits are on this one compared to the rest of the track. You do such great drum design here. This could be dropped straight into an atmospheric video game.

ethansight: this is drivin'. The sounds are creative and the song is thick.

jarski: Bring on the dub. Love the vibrato on that bassy lead.

DDRKirby: This is a classic take on a classic. So many changeups variations! I was kind of hoping that you'd do more focus on the Verse part honestly in the second half, haha

koboldskeep: I like the dry synths and overall mood for this. It's very eerie. Mood captured so well.

RSK: Your singing is great! The vocal delivery melts so well into the harmonies. It's very evocative. Glad you were able to come out!

starla: This is such a sweet song. The harmonies and vocals and especially that high vocoded accent is excellent. Great lyric writing! I love the diversity of songs that you are capable of doing.

NickC: I really enjoyed the drop. Also the FF6 throwback. Not too long ago I listened to some Church Organ arrangement of Dancing Mad. I admire your ambition so much here.

johnfn: I love how all of your recent songs tell a great story. This is super cute from the bouncy percussion to the "snap" of the can opening at the end.

LunacyEcho: This has so much. Great lyrics. Delivery great. Even the spoken part was awesome. Everything's so on point.

GreyHooves: The sounds work really well together in this and when the bass comes in it's so satisfying. It's fugue-like. It's mysterious and eerie. The midrange panned synth is a good idea. I hope you keep doing more like this and building on these ideas, you've improved so much.

mcmmiag: I actually wonder how I can do more stuff like this - epic vocals, processed, and presented as a part of a song.

WoodBlock: This is really cute. The lead melody is nice, the arps are good, and the water drop sound effect is super fitting.

A-zu-ra: Can't think of a better way to finish off this listening party. Your sounds are so bright and cheery and rich. I'm going to have to catch more of your stuff.

LOVE YOU ALL. I mean it! This has kept me doing music and creating stuff and doing things I'd never thought I'd be able to do with music. It's super rewarding to listen to all of your work and to be a part of One Hour Compo.
Apr 10, 2020 TheVideoGamer
  1. We all need water
  2. Starla's High Budget Italian Water Store
  3. Calm Before the Drink
TheVideoGamer - First time I've exceeded the 3 minute mark on here. I don't know, i finally found a theme i can get inspired at. In this case, i went for a 9 minute trance epic, with heavy thumping drums playing consistently throughout, and a 303 synth. Large pad chords power for most of it's journey, while the 303 and beats stay consistent. They are the only ones that really start and end, while the others come in and out. Quite proud of this one, especially for it's simplicity.

animatrix1490 - Nice retro sounds! Melody was a bit painful for me, high-pitched square-waves needs to be use sparingly to avoid hurting my ears lol. Good effort though it was nice!

DarkShadow - It won't seem to sit still! It's soo wacky. For once i appreciate how it ends properly, than simply cutting off. Good job though!

Koekepan - Nice bells here, really lovely atmosphere. Towards the end, i get a bit tired, because your mainly using 3 sounds throughout, playing the same thing, so the repetition was a bit much. Also some timing issues in the way you play the melody. Despite that, this was nice so good job!

Suzumebachi - This was lovely. Great chordal material in the music-box sounds, this was a nice dark atmosphere! Well done!

bo0m3r31337 - Daam Boomer! All from scratch? It sounds soo...complete. As usual i always love your intense hardcore journeys. Well done!

Sci - Good attempt, but the mix is soo of balance, i can't tell what i should be listening to. Drums were nice, so something good came out of it (Especially the change-up into DnB towards the end). Good job!

A2Z - I really enjoyed this. Love the nice soothing warm synths use, and the melodic elements solidified that. Very chill. Well done!

Ashka - This is dooooppeee!!! I love the acid synths, and the chordal material. This is such a rave! Absolutely amazing!

Nukage - All in 1 hour? This style is complex, so i don't how you can do it in an hour. Dubstep usually takes weeks to master, and here you are showcasing your chops for 1 solid hour. Well done dude this was great!

CJthemusicdude - Good job, but i found this very basic. The melody doesn't really kick in, until 20 seconds in, out of a solid minutes worth of work. Still though, it was nice, so good work!

Coral - Is that really your kitchen sink? It seems a bit...slimy. Must be me lol. Oh well i enjoyed this. Really like the use of the 90's styled rave stabs, and the nice off-beat crashes that happen. That was probably the one aspect that drew me into your track. (I'm ignoring the sudden vocal drop at the end, even though that could be a contender) Well done!

Misael.K - This was good, but at the same time, very loud. Shame really the chords are really something, best bit about the composition. This was just extremely loud sorry. Good effort though, it was nice!

Fusion2004 - This was dope! Love the melodies here, and the trappy beats. Some parts of the melody feel slightly off, but other than that, it was great! Well done!

Xanthos - Great 7 minute journey dude! So much happing for 7 minutes, and definitely didn't bore me! Great build ups too, this was just nicely produced! Well done!

InvisibleObserver - Sounds nice, but the beats overpower most of the composition, if anything...i mostly hear beats, and a extremely faint pad in the background. Good job!

ethansight - Really funky dude. Great use of synths, and melodies! Well done!

Jarski - Not sure if i call this dub, because it's quite fast, and quite heavy in the square bass. Also the beats are too electronic, must dub i know off, is on an acoustic kit. Anyways enough rambling, this was a good composition. Get's a bit mundane towards the end, but the idea was great so good job!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - Really nice arrangement of your previous work! There seems to be a purpose with using old tracks, since you consistently remix this a lot of past OHC's. I'm not sure what to think, since it's a remix, but as a stand-alone composition it was great! Really enjoyed this one!

koboldskeep - Sounds very Video Game-ish. I like this. You've looped this composition to play twice, which is ok, but not very necessary. I could tell, with the hard clip in the middle. Again it's ok, but it...just adds filler. Still though i enjoyed it, so good job!

Random-storykeeper - Your description is kind on the money. It was recorded with a headphone mic, so i sensed the quality. The backing-track was great though, if a bit repetitive. Good job!

Arcana - Unfortunately it's a bit loud and uneven in parts, and quite long for the setup, but i really enjoyed the synths, so good job!

starla - Vocals need to be brought up a bit, to match the backing-beat. Other than that, it was nice. The vocals on it's own, really was the star. The Backing Beat felt empowering to the vocals. Still though, great job!

NickC - Soo much dissonance dude. I want to like it, but it get's grating, especially with the loud mix towards the end. Sorry, but good attempt!

johnfn - Dude this was whimsical and a barrel of fun! Such a cute array of sounds! Awesome work dude!

LunacyEcho - A fully fleshed out song in 5 minutes? Wow that's a challenge, especially when everything is recorded! I don't call this rushed, it sounds great! Only gripe, is the ending. It felt, to use the minor chord, instead of the major chord. Other than that though, it was pretty great so, well done!

GreyHooves - Interesting composition, but sadly feels lost. Liked the sounds though.

mcmiagblackmanisgod - Bruce Lee get's my seal of approval.

WoodBlockP - Sadly everything is so hollow, extreme use of the mids. Also drums need to be fuller, to combat all these intense sounds (As well as the abrupt end) Great use of melodies though. Good job!

A-zu-ra - Let's be honest, any time you have, you would come up with something Kawaii. I mean if this isn't a theme to some modern day Anime, then what is it? I loved this, amazing melodic elements!

Top 3 - Ashka, Johnfn, A-zu-ra

Awesome - Suzumebachi, bo0m3r31337, A2Z, Ashka, Nukage, Coral, Fusion2004, Xanthos, ethansight, DDRKirby(ISQ), johnfn, LunacyEcho, A-zu-ra.

Needs Work - animatrix1490, DarkShadow, Koekepan, Sci, CJthemusicdude, Misael.K, InvisibleObserver, Jarski, koboldskeep, Random-storykeeper, Arcana, Starla, Nick C, GreyHooves, mcmiagblackmanisgod, WoodBlockP
Apr 10, 2020 johnfn
  1. thirsty
  2. Hydratorater
  3. Calm Before the Drink
starla: amazing song, you really brought it for OHC600!!!

xanthos: YES i LOVE the LONG PLAY. fantastic attention to detail here, amazing transitions, what an adventure!!! cant believe you got so much done in an hour.

a-zu-ra: so pretty :)))

also liked (no order):

suzum: very cool stuff, moody

ethansight: catchy AF

lunacyecho: how the F do you do so much in an hour? i think in terms of getting content done this is even more impressive than xanthos somehow. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE??? also those progressions are DOPE

DDRKirby: I should mashup remix all the times you've remixed ecstasy of life and remake the original song LOL. love this remix, it's like i'm on a cloud!

nukage: just ridiculous lol amazing stutters

InvisibleObserver: great sound design!! how does HE DO IT
Apr 14, 2020 DDRKirby(ISQ)
  1. Hydratorater
  2. Starla's High Budget Italian Water Store
  3. thirsty
WE DEED IT! good job everyone, excellent compo
Apr 15, 2020 ethansight
  1. Hydratorater
  2. Starla's High Budget Italian Water Store
  3. Hydroelectrique
johnfn you have a pretty great store
Lunacy you had a good groove and it was a good time
nukage I dig the hard water
Xanthos Wonderful atmosphere and psy-vibes
Invisible you had the most technical drums A+
Apr 15, 2020 GreyHooves
  1. The Ecstasy of Life 2020
  2. Station Hydration
  3. Water Cup
Apr 16, 2020 Misael.K
  2. Hydroelectrique
  3. Holy Water
coral: wettest entry. Moist. I'm perfectly hydrated now.

nukage: extremely wet entry. Tight. No longer thirsty.

NickC: exceedingly wet entry. Intense. My mouth is content.

Special hydrations: A-zu-ra (very wet), jarski (number one wet), LunacyEcho (wet), sci (wet), RandomStoryKeeper (wet), starla (very wet), Suzumebachi (wet), Xanthos (wet).

awesum: A-zu-ra, ashka, bo0m3r31337, coral, DarkShadow, DDRKirby(ISQ), ethansight, Fusion2004, InvisibleObserver, jarski, LunacyEcho, NickC, nukage, Random-storykeeper, sci, starla, Suzumebachi, Xanthos.
good: A2Z, Arcana, CJthemusicdude, GreyHooves, johnfn, koboldskeep, Koekepan, TheVideoGamer, WoodBlockP.�
Apr 16, 2020 Random-storykeeper
  1. thirsty
  2. stay thirsty yall
Shoutout to the two vocal entries and to coral for sampling a kitchen sink in a rather enjoyable way. jarski #1 OHC forever
Apr 16, 2020 ashka
  1. stay thirsty yall
  2. Hydratorater
  3. be slapping water like
stay thirsty yall - this is so fun
Hydratorater - super cool sound design and arps, digging it!
be slapping water like - awesome pitch method on samples sounds super good
Apr 16, 2020 Xanthos
  1. The Ecstasy of Life 2020
  2. Hydroelectrique
  3. Try The Drink
DDRKirby - This song was the pinnacle of the compo for me! Maybe it's because I was really high... but I really vibed with this one. Intense, powerful beats and synths. Some great rollercoaster moments too. Loved every minute of it.

nukage - Another awesome trancy track, loved the variety of sounds going on here.

Arcana - A very peaceful, crisp sound! Nailed the theme, enjoyed the very relaxing yet energetic sound of this one.