One Hour Compo - Round 760 (OHC760)

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May 04, 2023 Koekepan
  1. In Gesture
  2. World Crisis (The End!)
  3. collapsing horizons
Random-storykeeper's sound design was on point, delivery a synthwave approach to a sort of retrofuture sound.

HarlemHeat360 has a lovely, developing sound. Thoroughly approved.

Cotmm68030 brought a good soundscape, although with less compositional complexity.
May 04, 2023 Arcana
  1. Distant Signals
  2. Resonate
  3. Starship Sortie

there were a lot of nice songs this week though since space themes rule OHC

May 04, 2023 Dex
  1. Starship Sortie
  2. Daring the Breathless Skies
    Wassup Thunder
  3. Resonate

May 05, 2023 voider.
  1. Horizon Star
  2. Starship Sortie
  3. Burn and let me watch

May 06, 2023 Destalta
  1. World Crisis (The End!)
  2. collapsing horizons
  3. Horizon Star

the beginning of world crisis was really good

May 08, 2023 JH Sounds
  1. many moons
  2. i'm ready
  3. Message Queue Alone

I voted

May 10, 2023 TheVideoGamer
  1. Dawn Of Alienkind
  2. World Crisis (The End!)
  3. collapsing horizons

@H36T - I tried to combine a rather melancholic mood with a bid of a dreamy atmosphere. I've added drums to sort of bridge the gap between the parts, but if that's not your thing, i have a beatless version in the sharing off.

@Wassup Thunder - Even though it's not actually trance music lol. It does make you want to drift off.

@Misael.K - Thanks.

@Suzums - The Arps say Thank you lol.

@Souperion - Satisfying ain't it?

@Misael.K - I'm now known for my basslines? Damn you guys are good XD

@H36T - Are you a robot lol

@Souperion - It's like it want's to be chill, but the drums are preventing it from doing so lol.

@NickC - I might have to relisten to it again, because i'm 99 percent sure it's just a breakbeat underneath the kick.

@Random-storykeeper - It is kind of cute to be honest, although i was aiming more towards a "Sad, Lonely" kind of vibe based off the images.

@Dex - You really think so? I guess it is a little too happy....

@Arcana - Thanks. The beats do make it a little energetic, i think looking back i should have just kept it pure ambient....

@Souperion - I'm not sure if there's such a thing as too happy lol.

@Suzums - Always the unexpected sounds that get you huh?

@Misael.K - All tied together by one thick kickdrum ;) I'm actually really glad it's not overblown out of proportion. A lot of times when i make tracks with dense beats in them, it ends up being either a bit loud, a bit too aggressive, or it contains a little bit of a shrill melody, so for once it's actually very well balanced, i'm glad.

@Suzums - It's the first in a long time i've used Labs again. Sometimes i gravitate towards synths, as kind of a favourite, which causes me to forget the old ones i should be using. Then again i have to do it sometimes, so i don't waste time when making these tracks in a time limit.

@Wassup Thunder - Thanks, i liked what i've done here too.

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words!

Now then....

TheVideoGamer - This track started off as a nice simple but lush pad progression, designed to be both melancholic, sad but also with a bit of a calming edge. It's breath-taking, but you feel alone and isolated. Nobody is there with you, it's just yourself and that's it. The pad is playing a sort of distinctive chord sequence/motif that is topped off by the addition of quite the few arp layers, mallets as well as a piano layer. The other important elements involve a semi house groove, as well as a bassline playing on the off beats. The drums were kind of there to fill in some of the gaps, as a fair bit would be just silence. I did an ambient version, where in place of the drums, i added a little bit more melodies to fill it in, whilst also replacing the off-beat bassline with a sub bass. It's a nice alternative that you can find in the Sharing Off channel. All in all, this is quite the emotional piece, i'm really happy what i've done here, glad you liked it!

Lyra_183 - Great singing! Really liking the occasional percussive hits, adds a bit of a gap between each breath. Would really like to hear a beat one day. I might have to sample you and make it happen, i talk the talk, but not walk the walk. You've come a long way since i first heard you, keep at it! Good job!

cotmm68030 - Man your dark ambient pieces always rattle in my headphones it's just great. Although this has a fair bit of tonal melodic ideas in this, it's not all soundscapes. It actually has a bit of deep faded in SFX like textures, but mixed in these really beautiful pads. It's got the faint bit of emotion in all of the long drawn sound designed synth work and audio sources. It's just very pretty, despite it being more subtle, instead of overt. Honestly i can't say anything else, this is a very beautiful sound designed piece, absolutely deserving of the 3rd spot on the list! Incredible work!

DarkShadow - Wow that waveform is not loud. What have you done with the real DarkShadow!? Granted it's still manic and fast, and quite the journey through multiple keys, but there is not extreme distortion in this wow. It's not my personal favourite from you, i can be a little....random if i have to be honest. But maybe others get it, who knows. I still had fun with this one though, good job!

Souperion - Even when you're short on time, you still manage to pull out some very beautiful orchestrations. This one is a semi mix of Orchestral and Synth work, it's pretty cool. Maybe Star Wars inspired. The synth work and the orchestra can be a bit disjointed. I feel you need to lean into one or the other, because both don't seem to want to be there. Dynamics are there, it's really good, but i do feel we have potential here for more finesse. You also introduce a killer melody at the end, when the piece is....more or less finished. It's still great though, i love the chords and especially the synths. Good job!

Meistr - More amazing singing, you seriously picked well with that vocalist! The buildup and drop is amazing as usual, although this one feels a bit...too compressed perhaps, it does feel a bit too brick walled. Once again these amazing tracks only end up lasting a minute. I'm all hyped up for what is an amazing drop that lasts for 20 seconds, and ends just...suddenly. I know 1hr 30 minutes is way too short for a lot of people to even get an idea down, but i'm literally ok with even just copying and pasting. That way i can process the drop before we move on to the ending. I still don't hate this, it's just i need more if you get me. Good job though!

DDRKirby(ISQ) (First Entry) - Ahh you made two entries? Great minds think alike lol. This has some epic chill synthwave pads, very pretty chords, amazing mallets. Sick drum and bass, that drop totally got me hyped. The fade in and out styled melody was also killer. I don't know why this idea failed, it's amazing for expansion. Yeah minor mixing touches could propel this further, but at this point i'm nit-picking, it's a lovely DnB styled piece. I so wanted this to be on, it's an incredible DnB vibe, but i can only pick 3. Which is quite infuriating to be honest lol. Incredible work!

DDRKirby(ISQ) (Second Entry) - And is this the NES version? I don't know, but once again you have such catchy melodies and chords. The down side to not just that it's a minute, but the fact that i feel this could have easily integrated to the first piece, either using the same instruments, or the NES styled instruments from before, but fitted to the tempo. The piece is not the problem here, so don't think of this as a negative, because nothing is. I just feel these ideas could blend as one, but i suppose that's just me. I'm still gonna give you this regardless of my viewpoints, because it's such a god damn great piece, with a lovely hummable melody. Out of the two i prefer the first one, simple because that fits the theme more. Still though, well done!

HarlemHeat360 - Fancy seeing you here! I'm used to your VGM remixes. Didn't expect original music now? I hope you stick around, would love more original music. This is amazing, lovely and vibrant vocal melodies, and amazing optimistic orchestration. Lovely mix of synths and strings. It builds up nicely, fitting for a documentary. Although i love the vocals, i can tell it's from some kind of VST/Kontakt synth. They aren't that natural lol (If i'm wrong, i'm sorry). It's a lovely piece, that evolves over time, from a simple piano/string/vocal combo, into a full choir explosion. I loved your VGM remixes from your stint at PRC/MnP, but this....really showcases your amazing ability at composing original music, i loved this a lot, absolutely beautiful, in fact it was so incredible, i selected it for the 2nd spot! My god this was soo good! Outstanding work!

Wassup Thunder - Digging the timpani's and synth work. I feel more like were in the Doom landscape for some reason, than Mass Effect. Maybe it's me who knows. Great chords and synths, it really feels very futuristic. I don't like the mixing in the synths and orchestra personally, can be a little Not loud or shrill, but rather the synths feel a little too crispy for the sounds we have. I'd also blend it a bit more too, so it doesn't get too in your face, make it more dynamically varied to a degree. However the idea was absolutely sick, especially in terms of the way you created the melodies, it's just a lovely melody, and great chords. So there's nothing wrong with the baseline composition, just the mixing needs a bit of touching, and more blending of the sounds. Good job!

Coloradoweeks - I knew you'd do synthwave lol. It's just a style i was kind of expecting from you, maybe it's me just being predictable. The chords and drums are absolutely fire, totally feels like i'm being teleported to the 80's. I feel like you put your gain up a little too high when recording vocals, as sometimes (Including this week), you can sing pretty loud, causing mild clipping. Now in this case, clipping is nowhere to be found, which is great, but it's a little...close to being loud so just be careful. That being said, none of this negates any of the good points of the piece. I'm still giving it's duly deserved awesome rating, for just how good you are as a singer, and how well produced and catchy that beat is. It was enough for me to be a contender for the list. Awesome work!

Misael.K - 6 minute Misael, let's go! Already off to a strong start with it's fire square wave chords, amazing downtempo beat, and a lovely use of reverb. Not far off my entry, but more sparkly, and the beat is less electronic, and more acoustic. Your synth choices are beautiful in this, very ethereal and lush. Like i did with my track, i'm wondering what a pure ambient version would sound like, because i can totally see this happening. I'm not saying it's better without drums, it's more of a general curiosity. Honestly, this is theme accurate, and just absolutely wonderful and calming. I kept on listening to this, and it just gets better and better. This is absolutely one of your finest entries, enough for the top spot, it's just that good wow. You guys are absolutely knocking it out of the park. Outstanding work!

Random-storykeeper - Woah i haven't seen you in ages, it's been a long time since i've heard an entry from you. Granted i don't do the OHC chat as i'm asleep after upload, but it's been ages listening to this. Hope all is well. This is some lush chords and a really lovely synth arp. A perfect mix of science fiction and alien like music almost. Of course were not abducted by aliens, but the chords kind of make us feel like we are. I love the different bass layers in this and the way it blends with the chords. This is fire as hell. I'm almost expecting some drum beat to finish it off, this is a really lovely journey. I feel like if we speed this to 170bpm it immediately sounds like Soichi Terada. You see, even i can do Soichi comparisons lol. The track is beautiful, with a lovely melody, and a lovely chord progression and synth arps. A beat could top it into really groovy territories, but this is merely suggestions, as the track still remains tight as ever. Damn so many of you are smashing it out of the park this week, amazing stuff all around. This is an amazing comeback entry, absolutely worth going on the list, even if alas i could only pick 3. Amazing stuff!

Starla - Great chords, lots of cool seasonings in this. Singing is amazing as always. I don't even know why i need to comment on it, i can't even sing have as good as you lot. Bass work is great, it feels almost orchestral in parts, even though it's mostly synths. Way too short, i'm left longing for more, like a lot more, however this doesn't change my awesome rating, because it was done exceptionally well, and when it does hit, you at least sustain it for 40 seconds. Awesome work!

Koekepan - There is a lot of space chords in this. I just found out also, this was set up on the 4th of may lol. No wonders everyone has amplified the space chord aesthetic. There is some beautiful textures in this, lots of great chord changes, feels very airy but also very synth leady, in a good way. It feels like there is a lot of changing textures and timbres throughout the listening experience. It's not the typical chord change, you really subvert my expectations, this is great. If you want some critique, i'll say this is not my favourite, i do feel it could be less synth leady, and more atmospheric, but that is a very minor nitpick, this was lovely. Awesome work!

NickC - Now this is definately theme accurate, those are some serious space chords. Super moody, slightly cold sounding, but has a lot of atmosphere to them. The drums were unexpected, but i'm not complaining, it's a very distinctive beat i love it. Industrial sounding, lots of great additions, including some lovely strings. It sounds quite depressing, even though it's more of the augmented chord variety, it's super pretty. Honestly, this is just theme accurate, super groovy, lots of fun. Another entry just crying for the list, but again i can only choose 3, it's soo annoying! Amazing work!

Dex - Now that is one sick punk rock vibe. Reminds me of a sonic stage. More specifically from Heroes and or Adventure. That melody whilst odd at first listen, it immediately grew on me, especially in this track. It's quite close to full on space rock. Great fills and switchups, super tight, well done!

Suzumebachi - Omg that is a lovely beat. You guys are killing it with some of your best submissions ever. This is an amazing chord progression and melody. Very detuned yes, but it's such a lovely 80's inspired synth and chord progression. The Suzumebachi harmony is in full swing here, i can never pick chords as good as you woow. This is amazing, as expected from a guy as good as you, even with the abrupt ending. It is an absolute tragedy that i had to deny this absolutely incredible piece of music off the list. I am super upset by it, because the melodies and harmonies are just beyond wow. You guys are just killing it. I am crying knowing this won't make the list. If there was a 4th place, no question you would be straight on it. Incredible work!

Handknit - You win the award for the quietest waveform ever lol. That is a nice piano lick, really great runs. Very loose but also very live sounding. This is good, but very repetitive, very underdeveloped, and feels like the start of something. I did enjoy when the synths come in on top of the piano, and the singing was a breath of fresh air (Although i felt there was a bit of audio chopping, might be how you've recorded it), so it's not all lost. Potential is to be had here, it was nice. I still enjoyed it, it's a lot of fun, good job!

Nukage - Nukage metal, my favourite! Amazing intro, perfect texture and sound design. The vocals are unexpected, there isn't really a anticipation into the sound, but i love it nonetheless. The drop is absolutely fire, totally feel like i want to rock out. Mixing touches are to be had here, but i don't let that dictate how a track should be run persay, unless it's super noticeable or brings the quality down a touch. In this case, none of this ruins the track, it's just potential things that you could do to polish it and make it a release worthy track. I still absolutely loved it though, lovely sounds, great metal, awesome work!

Arcana - You do like your EP sounds don't you? Really liking the vocals in this, although i do feel they can drown a little of the chords out. The vocals also seem to be a little out of tune in parts. I know making music in a time limit isn't easy, as composition is just as important as vocals. The idea was lovely, it just needs more vocal tuning, and blending for me to really give this it's awesome rating. Don't ever think you are bad, or this is bad, this is just advice to take it to the next level. Sometimes i suck too. But this was a lovely idea, i love your lyric writing in this, good job!

Top 3 - Misael.K, HarlemHeat60, cotmm68030.

I had to whittle it down from a whopping 11 total entries. 11 entries that all deserved to be on the list, wow. This was insanely hard, you are all just amazing! This could have gone any day, this is what i was feeling at the time.

Brace yourselves, there is going to be a long list of amazing entries coming up here that deserve to be on the list. A testament to just how god damn amazing producers you are:

DDRKirby(ISQ) (First Entry) (Ugh this DnB vibe is sooo good, why can i only pick 3....)

Coloradoweeks (Even with the minor gripes about volume control, this is a fantastic contender for the list)

Random-storykeeper (This one was just lovely. Another amazing contender for the list)



NickC (This is amazingly unique, and has an absolutely sick melody. I soo wanted this to be on)

Suzumebachi (I've never cried so much over the prospect of denying this it's rightful spot on the top 3. This is just another incredible entry. If there was a 4th place, no question this would be it)

Nukage (Amazing metal dude....)

Awesome - cotmm68030, DDRKirby(ISQ) (Both Entries), HarlemHeat360, Coloradoweeks, Misael.K, Random-storykeeper, Starla, Koekepan, NickC, Dex, Suzumebachi, Nukage.

Needs Work - Lyra_183, DarkShadow, Souperion, Meistr, Wassup Thunder, Handknit, Arcana.

May 11, 2023 Random-storykeeper
  1. Another World Another Light
  2. Stones in a Vacuum
  3. many moons

I have pretty much no time to vote, so these are ranked off of lasting impressions and my own personal enjoyment with some nods to the theme.

Honourable mentions:

  • starla
  • HarlemHeat360
  • Dex
  • Koekepan
  • Misael.K

It's so great hearing lots of vocal entries coming back into an OHC. I'm thankful for this compo and I do miss doing these challenges with the community.

May 11, 2023 HarlemHeat360
  1. Another World Another Light
  2. Horizon Star
  3. To the Stars

i lost my critique >:( I'll try and get it back up and rewritten as soon as i can

May 11, 2023 Misael.K
  1. Resonate
  2. Roche Limit
  3. In Gesture

Meistr: tight as hell.

NickC: solid entry, tense and spacey.

Random-storykeeper: good spacey vibes.

Suzumebachi: delicious chords.

awesum: Arcana, coloradoweeks, cotmm68030, DDRKirby(ISQ), DDRKirbyISQ, Dex, Meistr, NickC, nukage, Random-storykeeper, starla, Suzumebachi, TheVideoGamer.
good: DarkShadow, handknit, HarlemHeat360, Koekepan, Lyra_183, Souperion, Wassup Thunder.

May 11, 2023 NickC
  1. In Gesture
  2. Dawn Of Alienkind
  3. collapsing horizons