One Hour Compo - Round 599 (OHC599)

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Apr 02, 2020 Arcana
  1. racoon dog
  2. Tanuki Dance Evolution
  3. Sun-Dappled Woods
Okay there were a lot of really good songs this week.

LunacyEcho for many reasons, like good lyrics and vocal performance, the completeness of the song, and many more.

DDRKirby for the sheer interestingness of the track, especially the transition.

Xanthos for the really awesome sound design, there's a lot going on that sounds so cool, the soundscape's so wide and diverse and it sounds great.

Some additional random comments:

DarkShadow: Really twisty and strange with really creative sound design. The kick was a bit too loud for me though.

animatrix: I like the ideas in this one, like the sneaky lead synth. Bass being a little more rounded (more attack, more release) would have added to the smoothness. I like the idea and I love hearing your improvement week to week.

sci: Welcome back! love this kind of crazy stuff. Acid go.

TheVideoGamer: Super dancy and funky. the scratch a bit loud. Everything's super bouncing though and it was good.

Silverpool64: Welcome glad to see you here! I really liked the string pads. The bassline was intense and driving and the lead was super cute.


koboldskeep: It's lovely. hope to hear more of this type from you.

ashka: I really liked the drum work. The bass was a little intense. The synth melody was great as well. A little meandering in a good way, really invokes the jazz feeling.

boomer31337: THIS IS CRAZY WTF. props to you for such intensity. The epic ness here is not to be understated, I might listen to this a few times just to learn how to make things sound more epic and intense.

coral: This progresses so well. It's minimal but yet so interesting how that lead sequence evolves and changes during the entire song

Dex: Really cool anthem guitars. Super loud though. I really liked the shredding 2/3s through.

MisaelK: Everything's so spacey and psychedelic. I think I almost wanted the lead to be spacey as well, it was a little upfront for me given the expansiveness of the backing track. It was strangely relaxing.

obScene: Great harmony. Even though the song has a lot of distortion it was really adorable. There's a feeling here of coming home.

starla: I like the downtempo melody and the dry vocals here I think add impact since they're so close-sounding.

johnfn: I almost voted this third, I love the storytelling overall. so creative.

GreyHooves: I really loved the backing drum track and the koto. I would have liked to hear a bit more of a transition and some more progression, like a huge bass drum hit, a silence, and then more intensity with rimshots that you might hear in traditional Dragon Dance, for example. Nice work!

Apr 02, 2020 LunacyEcho
  1. racoon shows up to band practice on the first day
  2. Tanuki Dance Evolution
  3. Fox Dance
wow i'm always so impressed w everyone and TWENTY ENTRIES is insane, can't wait for next week!
Apr 03, 2020 Xanthos
  1. Tanukage
  2. The Tanuki Answer
  3. borrow time
nukage - This song is so good, I've listened to it a couple times now. Very energetic, the drop was a good surprise, and great transitions. Very spacey, which I always approve of.

bo0mer - Great composition. Very creepy vibe, with some epic buildups. Loved those leads, also some of those vocal backings. It was like a futuristic horror movie.

starla - Very smooth! Great vocals and great recording quality, also liked the chill background track. Would make a great full-length song!
Apr 03, 2020 TheVideoGamer
  1. racoon shows up to band practice on the first day
  2. racoon dog
  3. Emotional Support Raccoon Dog
TheVideoGamer - Although i am good at working fast, i don't always find it easy with animals, particularly this weird thing lol. Turns out it's a Raccoon, even though i put fox in the title *facepalm*. Anyways, i tried basic Jazz House or something like that. I Could have done better, but i love the chords, bass, and beats. Oh well.

DarkShadow - It's trying to be gabber, but yet....the time signatures changes and pauses makes it....not i guess. Good effort, it was really something!

animatrix1490 - Really like this, has a nice funky vibe to it. A bit dry though, and the synth can be a bit loud. Good job!

Sci - This could totally work in a racing game! Ridge Racer or something like that, or Wipeout! Really like the acid synths and brass! Well done!

Silverpool64 - For your first attempt, this is solid! Not sure about the melodic elements, the polytonality isn't doing it for me. Still though, good job!

Nukage - Great dubs and wubs dude! Nice clean production, especially for one hour! Well done!

koboldskeep - Love this piano composition, it works really well. The timing issues brought it down sadly, but i still enjoyed this.

Ashka - Might be the synths you used, but it strangely feels so hollow. In terms of composition though. this was great! I still really enjoyed this, so well done!

bo0m3r31337 - 5 minute Boomer symphony as usual. Not as intense today, which isn't a bad thing, but for your style distortion is a good thing! Still enjoyed this a lot though, so well done!

coral - Good attempt, but a bit basic for tastes. But i got some enjoyment out of it, so good job!

Xanthos - Nice range of melodic and rhythmic elements, showcased some great ideas. Not sure about the direction of the melodic elements, the occasional polytonality can get a bit....much i guess. Still though good job!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - This feels more video gamer-ish than say a rave. Which is a good thing, not a bad one. Love the melodic elements here, and the nice production. Well done!

Dex - This rocks big time. Really like the guitars, the tones were nice. Needs a solo though, it was all chords and drums. Great job though!

Misael.K - In terms of composition, this was lovely! Great chords and melody. However though it feels too compressed, and the drums could be louder. Still love the melodies though, so good job!

obScene - The lead synth is a bit aggressive sure, but it works surprisingly well with the extremely cute elements. It's a composition that surprisingly works well, despite how the elements clash. Awesome work!!

Arcana - A bit uneven for me sorry, but i enjoyed the synths. Good job!

Starla - Sounds nice, but somehow it feels unfinished. Also the vocals could be brought up a bit. Still enjoyed it, so good job!

LunacyEcho - The comical value kind of outweighs the overall composition, but even then this was just...dope. It's like some comical punk band from the mid 2000's, sort of like the song Stacy's Mom. Well done!

Johnfn - This is strangely satisfying despite it sounding oddly lo-fi. I don't know what to describe it, it sounds so beautiful, but so...out of sync. This was just...weirdly awesome i love it! Amazing dude!

GreyHooves - This has a rather ethnic quality to it, interesting. Not sure where the melody is going, but it was interesting so good job!

Top 3 - Johnfn, LunacyEcho, obScene

Awesome - Sci, Nukage, Ashka, bo0m3r31337, DDRKirby(ISQ), Dex, obScene, LunacyEchno, Johnfn

Needs Work - DarkShadow, animatrix1490, Silverpool64, koboldskeep, Coral, Xanthos, Misael.K, Arcana, Starla, GreyHooves.
Apr 09, 2020 GreyHooves
  1. Ta-Sneak-i
  2. Back Home
  3. Tanuki Dance Evolution
Of the many good entries, I feel like these ones captured the theme the best :D
Apr 09, 2020 Misael.K
  1. Tanuki Dance Evolution
  2. racoon shows up to band practice on the first day
  3. Fox Dance
DDRKirby(ISQ): great melodies in a very fun entry.

johnfn: telling stories in a OHC? that's illegal.

TheVideoGamer: great dancey tunes in a cool entry.

I wanted to vote for many other vote-worthy entries...

awesum: ashka, coral, DDRKirby(ISQ), johnfn, koboldskeep, LunacyEcho, nukage, obScene, sci, starla, TheVideoGamer, Xanthos.
good: animatrix1490, Arcana, DarkShadow, Dex, GreyHooves.�