One Hour Compo - Round 679 (OHC679)

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Oct 14, 2021 Suzumebachi
  1. succumbing to an enveloping stagnant embrace
  2. Come to my Bed
  3. It Dwells Here
    Wassup Thunder

lots of neat spooky songs

excellent job everybody

Oct 14, 2021 nomadd
  1. Wasteland
  2. away in the distance
  3. Monochromatic Movement

Oct 14, 2021 Koekepan
  1. Shrouded
  2. Tread Not That Dark Place
  3. Muddy Mire
Tough voting.

First: toss out all the people who were late. Rules are rules.

Second: check for thematic consistency. I mean, I have to.

Third: rank in order of musicality.

Fourth: have a drink.
Oct 14, 2021 Arcana
  1. Wasteland
  2. Muck
  3. What Was Left In The Swamp

nice work all. creepy compo sounds

Oct 15, 2021 JH Sounds
  1. At Which Time Again Can We See The Light
  2. somewhere only we know
  3. Muck

Arcana gets first place for having a title that could easily be split into two titles

coloradoweeks and Barley are cool too

Oct 15, 2021 Atmospherium
  1. Monochromatic Movement
  2. succumbing to an enveloping stagnant embrace
  3. The Marsh Of Oblivion

Missed the listening party, so I'm voting for the first time in forever to leave comments for everyone:

@Lyra_183 - Your voice keeps getting stronger. And you definitely nailed the vibe from the pictures. Keep it up!

@TheVideoGamer - This vibed hard. The automated panning and overall soundscape definitely gave the impression of paranoia.

@cotmm68030 - Ok, now I'm sitting in the swamps in the pictures. Things are very wrong. But yeah, this is excellent, nice subtle touches of melody and percussion.

@Wassup Thunder - This is unsettling in very satisfying ways. Feels very cinematic.

@adibabidan - I like the play between the filter bass and the piano a lot. Tons of depth and space while still feeling very sparse. Really nice take on this.

@DarkShadow - Love the sevens on the floor. This almost felt chill by your standards while still having all the things I love about your tracks.

@Souperion - I'll try not to tread here. Nice use of contrasting elements playing off each other. It really felt like several different voices all calling out through the fog.

@DDRKirby(ISQ) - Feels grounded and ethereal at the same time. Love how hard this grooves and how well it switches it up. Plus your excellent lead lines and chord choices.

@Barley - REALLY cool use of voice to build texture. The processing could have made this sound super digital, but it still felt super organic. Great mood.

@Koekepan - Fits the tone of the images perfectly, just in a more melancholic instead of distressing way. Those low rumbles were killer.

@Suzumebachi - Hitting those RPG vibes hard. Great use of unexpected melodies and progressions. Really nailed the unsettling vibe.

@nukage - Exciting to hear you lean into the metal. Nice and spacious, great layering of the different guitar lines.

@coloradoweeks - Love your vocals. Great textures as well, everything feels old and new at the same time. And sad and hopeful. This just feels really well balanced between extremes.

@nomad - Welcome aboard. This track feels very mystical to me. Lots of nice subtle percussive bits that the melodies can play against and it feels very well orchestrated.

@JH Sounds - And here come the jams. Killer chorus, as expected. I don't know what to say about this that I don't say about all your tracks. Except that I'm sad there's no whistling.

@NickC - Love the ominous chords with the differently ominous bass hitting underneath. Really cool combination of textures.

@Arcana - Holy lyrics, Batman. Great textures and subtle glitchiness. I think this is the most ambitious you've gotten with vocals. There were some rough spots, but I absolutely want to hear more stuff like this from you cause you're close to cracking it.

@Misael.K - This built SO well. Unsettling, but quirky, but sparse, but full. Killer way to end the compo.

Oct 21, 2021 cotmm68030
  1. Come to my Bed
  2. Wasteland
  3. somewhere only we know

its dangerous to go out alone. take these tracks.

Oct 21, 2021 adibabidan
  1. Wasteland
  2. They're Out to Get Me
  3. somewhere only we know

Wasteland was so good............ those chords man. I'm really surprised that this one ended up at the top of my list cuz I'm usually not a fan of the heavy guitar sound, but regardless, I was so very into this one. Great work!

They're Out to Get Me was really interesting - a lot of people went for the less musical take this OHC and I really like this one in particular. That ever-present drum line gives a really good feeling of tension. Good job!

Colorado, your vocals are always so stunning. Big fan of this song like all your other entries, great job again!

Oct 21, 2021 Misael.K
  1. Shrouded
  2. Monochromatic Movement
  3. A Specter Within
    JH Sounds

adibabidan: hauntingly beautiful.

DDRKirby(ISQ): both dark and hopeful.

JH_Sounds: this is giving me uplift Silent Hill vibes.

awesum: adibabidan, Barley, coloradoweeks, DarkShadow, DDRKirby(ISQ), JH Sounds, NickC, nukage, Souperion, Suzumebachi, Wassup Thunder.
good: Arcana, Atmospherium, cotmm68030, Koekepan, Lyra_183, nomadd, TheVideoGamer.

Oct 21, 2021 TheVideoGamer
  1. succumbing to an enveloping stagnant embrace
  2. Muddy Mire
  3. It Dwells Here
    Wassup Thunder

@Souperion - It's a rare treat to hear soundscape music from me lol

@Suzums - lol

@CotMM - Or maybe it was a coincidence brought upon by the theme.

@Coloradoweeks - Dam, that's kind of scary then. I think my inspiration for this description came from a recent movie i watched (That i sadly cannot remember the name to lol). Really amplifying the scary mood.

@Misael.K - With these images, yeah, we gonna die.

@Arcana - The main percussive loop, is mostly a velocity fade on each hit. It's kind of like custom delay in a way. I was original going to have this full on non-rhythmic, but then the idea for the loop suddenly came half-way making it, and it changed the whole course of the track. Honestly, even if i like what i've done, i'm nowhere near as good as you guys. Some of the tracks i've heard, i can nowhere near compete, so really your being far too kind. I have fun here though, learning and growing.

@Souperion - This is going to be in every submission i make now isn't it...

@CotMM - I mean there's nothing wrong with anything to be honest. Even the wrong music, can be the right music, in the right hands.

@Misael.K - Haha.

@Coloradoweeks - Why not? These professors could be introduced to some cool music lol.

@Nomadd - Honestly i don't watch any streams, in terms of music production. The only music related stream i can think of is The8-BitDrummer, but even then it's on YouTube as a past-time. The only streams i can recommend are the ones who compo here. So Arcana, Starla, CotMM etc. That's all i can really say.

@CotMM - Why didn't i think of that haha. That would have totally been awesome.

@Misael.K - It's actually a call-back to a really old OHC entry i did.

@Suzums - Mainly because i don't make anything too complex. I hear something, i like it, then i copy and paste it, until i'm ready for a change haha.

@CotMM - Exactly lol. I'm usually the most repetitive here.

@Nomadd - We are in a dark forest after all.

@Arcana - It's kind of funny how i do a 6 minute track, then CotMM does a 6 minute track straight after. 12 minute back-to-backs lol.

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words!

Now then...

TheVideoGamer - As you may have guessed this is pretty much Dark Ambient music, the kind that provokes fear and tension, with mostly sound effects and drones powering through. Not much melodies going on, if any at all, and there is very little in terms of rhythm. I wasn't even planning on adding a percussive loop, but as the tracks evolves, i felt it helped eased some of the boring patches, helps move things along and also it felt right at the time. Everything else is mostly soundscapes, done on Massive, while the rest are sound effects pitch-shifted and soaked in reverb. There is also a voice snipped from an old OHC, that got repurposed here, mainly because i had it on hand. Since it's an hour to make music, i don't really have time to flick through every sound, so i pick the ones that are the most useful for the time. All in all, very fitting to the theme, and i like what i've done. Hope you do too!

Lyra_183 - Is that a fire alarm? Wait no it's an alarm clock haha, very cool idea. Of course there is a haunting piano. This kind of feels like the theme for you. Very nicely done, keep on growing. Good job!

cotmm68030 - This could essentially be the second part to to my entry lol, it's almost such a perfectly timed coincidence. Very spacious sounds, very fitting to the theme, although i have to argue and say, you do a way better job at Dark Ambient than i would ever do. I think i might just stick to violent gabber haha. The way it build-ups and retracts on my headphones is just soo good. Like i'm actually imagining this as a soundtrack, if this was to ever happen in real life. Beautiful stuff, incredible work!

Wassup Thunder - And now part 3? Man this is the style of choice for this theme tonight, i guess it just works so well. Again, very spacious sounds, lots of creaky noises, sounds like a metal door being swung open. Big fan of the crash cymbal swells, makes it sound like it's an orchestral rendition or something. Also very fitting to the theme, it gives me a sense of anxiety. The speed up effects were also very cool, long story short i love this. Well done!

Adibabidan - Very deep bass synths, really moody. Liking the simplistic movement, especially when it's doubled with that piano, it's very haunting. It's almost like your alone, because of how sparse it sounds, i really like the idea. Some might say, too minimal, maybe it needs more to it, but in this theme, i feel like it's very appropriate for the images. Long story short, well done!

DarkShadow - Very interesting 808 like beats this time. Not that much different from the normal DarkShadow, but has a lot of new qualities to this one. I'm kind of warming up to this one. It's hard to pinpoint whether i like this or not, because a part of me feels, it's a bit too simple, but another part thinks it's very unique and nicely done. I'll give you this one, but it varies on the listen, so well done!

Souperion - Very chilly, i might call this one part 4, because it also follows along the same Dark Ambient style, from mine, CotMM and Wassup's. Lovely strings and guitar in the background, it really beings forward the cinematic horror vibe. The ostinato's really do exemplify the whole creepy aesthetic. Very fitting to the theme, well done!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - Great sound effects, really sets the mood, for what's about to come. Kind of melancholic, but also weirdly soothing. Too soothing, to the point where the juxtaposition is a bit jarring for me. I'm a huge sucker for the melodies sure, and the grooves are awesome as always, but this is kind of almost, uplifting. I could see the case to be made for image 2, but other than that, as awesome as it is, it's not fitting to the theme. The second part does rectify it, and makes it more spooky that needs be, which is a good thing, but i don't know i still feel like it's very relaxing. Maybe it's me. I was very close to making this a Needs Work, but Section B makes a stronger case than Section A, in regards to the images, so i'll give you it. Well done!

Barley - The vocals remind me of Throat Singing, but with a lot of spooky effects. Loving the idea, it's very distant, almost like ghosts floating around, very cool idea. It's like a balance between CotMM's ambience, and noise, it's a lovely creative idea. The syncopated humming does put me off a bit, because it feels so weirdly comforting in a wall of loud drone like singing. Also the ending was super abrupt, i was like "Wait, we done?". Awesome idea, but i feel it needs expanding upon. (I mean it is a minute) Good job though!

Koekepan - Lovely bird noises, really setting the mood, for the Dark Forest. Great drones, lots of full bodied bass. Your compositions work well for this kind of theme. Great synth string work, really liking the pacing of the melody. Slowly fades in and out so satisfying. The bird calls were unnescary to me, as they were loud, and in the way. The synth work to me, sets a lot of the ambience, so sound FX isn't required in this sense. Since the synths are so rich, the rest would be more like subtle articulations. The ambience is beautiful, but the bird calls, they were this close to dropping it to Needs Work. However the ambience won me over, so well done!

Atmospherium - This is not a Sungazer inspired track is it? Because that would be soo cool if so, all them weird rhythms could be explored. On actual listening, i think this is the case. It's such a cool wonky groove, with a whole host of a cool time signatures. It sounds like some kind of metal outline, with a heavy electronic finish. I don't know my exact thoughts, because i kind of feel like some topline could fill the void. I'm missing vocals, or a melody to complete it. However i still love the idea, it's very cool. The more i listen though, the more i do think the topline makes the difference, so i'm afraid it's not awesome, sorry. Good job though!

Suzumebachi - I can sense a Final Fantasy inspired composition going on. SNES soundfonts for the win. Great drones for a SNES, it's not that easy to do. Towards the end, it gets a little hopeful, almost as if it's trying to break into a major key, but the chord progression prevents that from happening. Love the rhythm change in the latter half, this is very beautifully done, and theme accurate, while still retaining a VGM edge. Awesome work!

Nukage - The return of the Nuke rock. I already heard it in 2hts, so i'm curious how you'll approach it here. In this case, i feel the kick is a bit too loud, and the snare is too quiet. I also feel the guitars should be stronger. Maybe you didn't have a lot of time to mix, who knows (I mean let's be real, OHC compo isn't a lot of time). The idea is extremely good though, if this was polished, i would totally headbang to this, it's soo good. Like the idea was actually amazing. Good job though!

Coloradoweeks - Very nice sus chords on the piano, this is very spacious and atmospheric, while still retaining that cinematic pop edge. Strangely i can't hear the voice well in this, but i don't know if this is intentional. I can't seem to decipher the lyrics. The backing track is amazing, so really, i did leave the track, with loads of merit to be given. If the voice was boosted up, this would be awesome. Sorry, but good job though!

Nomadd - Welcome new person! For your first entry, this very pretty. Farthest thing from what i would consider scary unfortunately, but extremely beautiful nonetheless. Lovely melody ideas, and definately lovely ambience. It's very sparkly, kind of owes itself to a theme park ride lol. Yeah, i don't know if this is theme fitting to me, it's way too soothing, but the track was very fun to listen to, lovely melodies. The ending was way too sudden. Almost like an incomplete track lol. As much as it was a ton of fun, it's not really scary to me, sorry. Good job though!

JH Sounds - Nice keyboard sounds, this is the JH i know, but with suitable stylistic changes to keep things interesting. Lots of fun, definately owes itself to a Halloween record, akin to something like Thriller. Dancing with the skeletons lol. Well done!

NickC - Detuned bells, very spooky and haunting. Because of the detune, it sounds like some melodic is coming through, but fails. Interesting bass sound there, it's almost functioning as a Kick and a Bassline. Very FM like. Lots of sudden parts, that personally get a bit loud, but i can't deny the idea is very fitting, very spooky, and did scare me a bit. I mean with this theme, you are not required to make a fully fleshed out melody. Sound effects and soundscapes can be the goal. The idea was super cool, but i feel it needs a bit of work to be awesome. Good job though!

Arcana - Very spacious piano, sounds like were going underwater in a theme about swamps lol. So much so, it feels like your making a track for a different theme. It really does feel like it's for the wrong images haha. The idea is beautiful, i will admit, the piano soaked in reverb really hits the right spot for me. It does need a bit of polish, specifically in the hits, they can be sharp and sudden, however the rest was really good. The vocals were in tune and not too upfront. All in all, polish really is the goal. Good job!

Misael.K - The last track of the compo, and we end on a surprisingly John Carpenter influence piano piece, with lots of cool spacious sound effects. If you were hired to write the Halloween theme lol. Kind of has a bit of that child-like innocence to it, actually works better than expected. The piano is very dry for my tastes, i would do with some reverb in this piece, especially for the images were are been given. The bassline works super well though, such a lovely sound. Towards the end, it gets a bit too crazy in dynamics, but that might be a tension thing. Again, the idea is beautiful, amazing melodies, just polish that it needs, a reverb on the piano, could really take this to life. Good job though!

Top 3 - cotmm68030, Suzumebachi, Wassup Thunder

I'd also add Souperion to the mix, as well. I mean both Wassup's and Soup's kind of feed off one or another stylistically, so any of these could be the 3rd spot.

Awesome - cotmm68030, Wassup Thunder, Adibabidan, DarkShadow, Souperion, DDRKirby(ISQ), Koekepan, Suzumebachi, JH Sounds.

Needs Work - Lyra_183, Barley, Atmospherium, Nukage, Coloradoweeks, Nomadd, NickC, Arcana, Misael.K.