One Hour Compo - Round 759 (OHC759)

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Apr 27, 2023 Koekepan
  1. Nature's Kiss
  2. weathering
  3. Fear of a Future Washed Away
Three very different bangers in the lead.

Meistr brought the pop wubs. I could see Katy Perry doing this.

Starla found her inner Tori Amos, and it works.

Treyt sounds like a studio floor snippet from Baptizm of Fire by Glenn Tipton.
Apr 27, 2023 Arcana
  1. Fear of a Future Washed Away
  2. Umbrellas don't protect you from Thunder
    Wassup Thunder
  3. taking the last train home

Lots of really nice songs today

Apr 27, 2023 A2Z
  1. taking the last train home
  2. Seeking Petrichor
  3. Forecast: Wet

rain rain

May 03, 2023 TheVideoGamer
  1. gentle downpour
  2. Forecast: Wet
  3. taking the last train home

@Misael.K - Or maybe rain is just not fun in general lol. There are footsteps in some of the rain samples here.

@Souperion - Lo-Fi beats to?

@Treyt - I don't care if i get hurt. I'm not leaving until i groove out to the sound of the sick beats lol.

@JH Sounds - That gif is actually pretty accurate lol

@Misael.K - Free with any download of a rain sample of your choosing!

@Misael.K - I hope you're having a good time listening to TheVideoGamer's mixtape, live broadcasted at 156.8 TVG FM lol

@A2Z - Thanks. I feel some of these could even be fully fleshed out tracks someday :)

@Wassup Thunder - I aim to please haha.

@Misael.K - No it's not. It's missing the Hellfire sample XD

@Arcana - Not once did i specify this was ambient. Misael.K is just turning one of my many accidental one liners into a recurring meme lol.

@Misael.K - Details, details. I mean in my mind at the time, it was extremely epic and grand, and almost powerful, so i felt if you took away the drums, it would be kind of closer to ambient. So that's why i said "Mostly ambient". You know at 3am when it's close to submitting, i don't write the most elegant descriptions. It's a rush job you know? This is also why i don't have the best spelling in these descriptions lol.

@Arcana - DDR has been around longer, and is a professional Video Game composer, so you know who the winner is already haha.

@Misael.K - Gotta stay relevant to the theme bro lol.

@A2Z - Heavily appreciate the love my dude :)

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words!

Now then...

TheVideoGamer - This theme was absolutely the right one for me to cash in on the Lo-Fi chill genre. I mean look at the images, do you not see yourself walking in the rain, maybe home from work, with this on? It just seems obvious, but perhaps also cliched too lol. It's also good, because i wasn't gonna rely on the same genres, or the same ideas. And since it was a beat tape of mostly 1 minute pieces, i could finesse each beat with the need to worry about melodies. Normally i'd be bashing out a lot of melodies and chords, but because these are 1 minute Hip-Hop pieces, i could get away with 1-2 bar phrases looped throughout. This allowed me to do a little more mixing than normal, since i don't have that much for actual mixing in a normal given compo, and i just try and get a good composition down, before i even thinking of mixing. I originally planned on 6 beats, a minute a beat, but some ended up going to like 1:30, so i ended up doing 4, both for time reasons, and space. The first is a bit melancholic, sounding more like you're coming home from a tiring days work. The 2nd is more calming and perhaps sparkly, done in a 6/8 style. The 3rd is more uplifting and optimistic, almost like having a cup of tea on the sofa watching the rain. The last is more dark and serious, like you're in the alleyways or something. All in all, these have potential to be expanded upon. Glad you liked it!

Lyra_183 - Congrats on your 100th compo! It's been soo long since i first heard you, man i feel old lol. It's literally been so many rounds! I know the Muffin Man, but i don't know this version. I do think someone should get on these acapellas and made beats from it. I could do it, but i'm not specialised in this kind of music, so i feel it's best to let someone else have a crack at it. Because it's you're 100th, and because you've improved so much from you're first entry, and i'm feeling generous, i'll give you this one. Well done!

cotmm68030 - Our weekly 6 minute man returns to our screens with more chill, slightly unsettling ambience. The only difference is that this is far from unsettling. It doesn't help that i'm voting at like 3am this week, because it really makes me want to go to sleep, this is super dreamy. It's very spacious too, beautiful etherealism. The chords just flow beautifully, lots of psychedelic textures. Nothing wrong to say, it's just beautiful. In fact this is my favourite entry you've ever made to this date, it was amazingly dreamy. So good, i picked it for the top spot. Outstanding work!

DarkShadow - 2 minutes of hardcore DarkShadow les goo. This one is a little more tamer than last week, but still fast and intense. Has no shortage of basslines, nor frantic melodies. Oh and the classic dubstep sounds too. I feel in the nicest way possible, i get a bit drained after a minute of your music. Your tracks are awesome, but this is perhaps a little too long. I'm used to a pause or a dynamic shift, but this is consistent throughout. I'm sorry, good job!

Meistr - Oh my that is some amazing vocals. Praise be to your vocalist! The build-up and drop is amazing, the vibes are super sick. It's such a shame it's only a minute, i can't be left to dry like that. I need more, another breakdown and buildup to a 2nd drop, bro. IT'S OVER TOO SOON. I like how you sound more and more like Nukage everytime lol. You even ripped off his tag, but with a live vocal, not a robot. Anyways, this be lovely. If it wasn't short, i might even put it on the list, but alas it is. Still though, this just amazing production in this, amazing work!

Souperion - Very medieval, lots of great drums and flute work. Flute is quite short and stabby, but it seems very deliberate. Maybe not what i think in a modern New York City kind of scenario walking in the rain, but it does fit the rain aesthetic quite a bit. Lots of beautiful melodies, great drum work, and a lovely dynamic range. Quite epic actually, loved this a lot, has the potential to be on the list. Amazing work!

Wassup Thunder - THIS YOU!? This is the farthest thing from a Wassup Thunder beat. Ok the drums scream Wassup, but nothing is from you. It sounds like a different artist all together. This is some lovely piano work! I dig it a lot, especially with the beat. It reminds me of some kind of slow Eurobeat thing, with a piano. DDR but with more piano. The guitar work is not the star in this, but it adds a lovely bit of intensity. The Euro Leads are also in the back, in favour of the piano. In terms of composition, this is lovely! But alas the mix does need some work, the piano can be a little loud, as well as some of the synths. But the idea still remains awesome, amazing melodies, so it's not enough to absolve it of it's awesome rating. One of my favourite entries from you, in recent years. Amazing work!

Treyt - Nice cool arps. I really dig how you've managed to blur the lines between rock and electronic. Of course this is mainly Hard Rock/Metal, but there is a lot of Electronic sheen sprinkled throughout. The drop goes insanely hard....for like 20 seconds. Short music is just hard to critique, because i'm getting little to no substance. I want to love this, because the vocals and drop are is excellent, the mix is great, and it slaps hard in the metal department, but it doesn't even reach a single minute, which is not enough for me to get something out of. i'm sorry. Good job though!

Handknit - Great percussion in this, both drums and mallets. It's kind of weirdly Lo-Fi hip hop inspired. I dig the 707 work in this, the melodies are the signature Handknit quirkiness i expect. Not my thing, but understandable why you went this route. Idea is great, but once again it's way too short, so i couldn't get any substance out of it. This is more of a me thing, than a generic thing. When you make a track that is longer than a minute i get more to look forward to. It gives opportunity to create a build-up, some tension, maybe even switch it up into a different vibe altogether. It's really hard to replicate that in a 38 second piece, i'm sorry. Good job though!

Starla - I know the feeling lol. I often run out of time to make a good ending in my pieces, so it sounds half-assed. Incredible vocals as always, but this is especially incredible with the way you added so much velocity changes to the voice. I really feel the passion in the singing. The effects are kind of weird (In a really good way), but maybe i've been fed a diet of just pure voice. This is very robotic, kind of alien maybe. This is not a negative at all, this is merely stylistic choices. It's a Daft Punk vs Duran Duran type voice. One is deliberately robotic but still has the emotion, whilst the other also has emotion, but mostly sticks to reverb/mild compression. At this point i feel like i'm rambling, and maybe coming across a bit abrasive. I intended it to be a compliment, but it went wrong. Long story short, lovely voice with all the effects, great selection of chords, production is super tight and beautiful, Amazing work!

A2Z - Piano with all the effects, very nice and simple melodies. There is a lot of rawness in this, compared to your other entries, which is mostly electronica. I'm thinking it starts of nice and light, maybe simple, but then you really change up the chords, into something very emotional, great colours you've painted here. It does feel clustered a tad, mostly due to the strings, and the high-pitched triangle. It's obvious to me this was approached with a very heavy EDM lens, as it does sound more compressed than i thought, but nonetheless still beautiful. It is a minute, and whilst i have my comments about short tracks, this still provided me with something, so it wasn't all bad even if i think it could be a tad bit longer. I know it's 1:20, so it is a little bit more nitpicky. Ending scared the crap out of me, you obviously wanted to go out with a bang, and succeeded lol. In all honesty, after a few relistens, i'm giving you this, because the whole thing was quite beautiful, lots of great colours, well done!

NickC - Super deep textures. It's practically so low, it rattles in my headphones. Gotta have the classic rain sample in. The mallets in this, sound very much like a Gamelan, but i'm not sure. It seems very fitting to that style of music. There is so much harmonics in this, it makes it hard to tell what melody is playing, but the idea is quite unique....which is expected for Nick. You always have the most wackiest ideas, that i should hate, but instead i fall in love. The kick really amps up the sub level, quite a bit, almost like some fuzz. The snare part disguises itself as a melodic idea, but then turns into a percussive element, that was some very deceptive processing there. I personally think the drums ruin a kind of peaceful experience for me. I was chilling in some deep but very soft textures, then bam, the drums come in and it makes it very aggressive, to the point where it masks all of the melodies. Idea was lovely, but this is sadly a big critique i have for this track, sorry. Good job though!

Koekepan - Nice chords, kind of fitting for that slow driving car scene in an Action movie of some sorts. Where you know something's about to go down, but you don't know what. Digging the dynamics of the white noise, perfect emulation of rain. Drums are kind of reggae inspired, and the mallets are very Koekepan. Loving the attack on the strings. It can be a little....monotone in sound. I try to be open minded, but i also try to be honest, and sometimes honesty can sting a little. I love the idea, but this is perhaps a bit too minimal. I feel like if you just added a little more, it would really make this more suitable for a longer development. This is more music to forget about in the background, than to make it the forefront. It's telling me to listen, but yet i can't find anything. This is a lovely idea though, just has the potential for expansion, good job!

Coloradoweeks - I'm in love with that drum beat. Amazingly funky, perfect blend between Amy Winehouse and Adele, in style. The vocal mixing is perfect in this, i'm congratulating you on how well it blends! I mean you sing incredibly well, i always bang on about how amazing of a singer you are, but this is especially an excellent vocal mix. The chords are amazing, the drums work is funky as always, and the vocal just blends so well. Jazzy, funky, there is nothing that i don't like, it's awesome. I could have picked it for the top spot, it was that good, but i went more towards theme accuracy. It's still awesome though, so awesome i picked it for the 3rd spot! Incredible work!

Dex - Awesome fill there, really hyped me into the track. Nice square melody, not my first choice of melody, but it really works amazingly well with the drums and bass. Kind of mild country sounding. Lots of great developments, lovely mix in this, it's actually not loud or over the top, it's just very lovely. The lead synth is not as overused as you might expect me to believe, because you always add stuff to keep it interesting, so it becomes less repetitive. I really love this, well done!

Misael.K - Very pretty licks here, extremely cute and almost uplifting. I love it when people make happy music, it's for some weird reason my weakness. This has a lovely swing beat, soft and subtle, but goes amazingly well with the extremely pretty melodies. Kind of sounds like were in a concert hall. I wasn't expecting those stab chords to come in, but they don't take me out of the experience, if anything it adds to the 80's aesthetic. The 2nd beat is also a lovely addition, really adds more umph to the sound. The only thing that would make this a completed product is the addition of pad chords (More specifically stronger pads in the beat sections), and a dynamic melody, but this is more so, potential additions. It's not due to it being bad or anything, it's just ways to take it further. I still absolutely loved this, the melodies were amazing, vibes were a plenty. It's just soo...cute and happy, really puts a smile on my face. Incredible melodies and grooves, it was enough for me to put you on the 2nd spot, incredible work!

Arcana - Arcana going Samba/Funk? It sounds very much a mix of Funk and Latin. I wasn't expecting such a thicc beat, you are usually known for quieter beats, so it's nice to hear a thick beat in this. Chords are lovely in this actually, i really dig the harmony you've chosen for this. I do think the vocals could do with more fine tuning, and it's very short, i had to listen to this 4 times to get proper thoughts down. Again this is not you, but rather what i say to any track a minute or less. I love short music, but it's hard to critique when you have so little of it, no substance. Probably your best mixed track so far in the last couple of months, keep at it! Good job!

InvisibleObserver - Man so many 1 minute tracks this week, i wasn't aware this was a difficult theme. Kick is super punchy, i was headbanging like crazy. Drop was unexpected, but very catchy, really digging those cutting synths, and percussion, it's so god damn groovy....and also sadly...short. When you give me the drop, i'm already hyped up, i'm dancing like crazy, and when i am just locked in the zone, you decide now is a good time to end it, leaving longing for me. Short music is hard to critique again, when i have so little of it. This reason actually makes it hard to decide it's placement. The mix is actually...amazing. The kick is punchy, but not overbearing, the bass synths are wonderfully juicy, the synths are very cutting, but without it eating the mix, and it's just soo god damn funky. The length was the least of my worries, when i relistened to it again. Yes it could be a bit longer, but this was very catchy enough not to put it on the Awesome section. In fact i ended up putting it on my potential for the top 3 list, it's that good! Awesome work!

JH Sounds - Reinvention of a classic lol. I dig the bassline in this, it's very deep, and funky. Melody is really nice and catchy, and the chords are great. There's nothing else to say, this was a ton of fun, really great developments. Well done!

Top 3 - cotmm68030, Misael.K, Coloradoweeks.

I listened to the top 3 a few times, and in the end, i went with theme accuracy overall.

They're an insane amount of awesome entries that deserve to be on the list tonight, this was an exceptionally top class round. Awesome work people!

These are the ones that need to be on the list:

Meistr (Excellent entry, it's just soo short...)

Starla (This was one that i soo wanted to be on, but i can only choose 4...)

Souperion (Lovely entry!)

Wassup Thunder (My favourite entry you've done in ages, i love the arps in this!)

InvisibleObserver (Super short, but super catchy...)

Awesome - Lyra_183, cotmm68030, Meistr, Souperion, Wassup Thunder, Starla, A2Z, Coloradoweeks, Dex, Misael.K, InvisibleObserver, Dex.

Needs Work - DarkShadow, Treyt, Handknit, NickC, Koekepan, Arcana.

May 04, 2023 cotmm68030
  1. taking the last train home
  2. weathering
  3. Forecast: Wet


May 04, 2023 NickC
  1. gentle downpour
  2. weathering
  3. taking the last train home

way too hard to narrow it down to a top 3 this week, yall are too good