One Hour Compo - Round 789 (OHC789)

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Nov 23, 2023 Arcana
  1. The Failed Design 2 Electric Boogaloo
  2. Schlocky song about being thankful and stuff
  3. 30

THEGREATDESTROYER22 really nailed it this week with the coherence and the sound design, it was a really good package overall this week.

Nov 23, 2023 Koekepan
  1. The Failed Design 2 Electric Boogaloo
  2. Wobble Style
  3. the freedom to be oppressed
Deepstep is now a genre. THEGREATDESTROYER22 created it. DarkShadow excelled today with a well-structured wobbly experience.
Nov 23, 2023 JH Sounds
  1. 30
  2. The Failed Design 2 Electric Boogaloo
  3. A Thanks For One Hour Compo

Nov 24, 2023 TheVideoGamer
  1. Schlocky song about being thankful and stuff
  2. Alive To See Another Day
  3. title missing

I've replied to all comments on Discord, so this section is irrelevant. On to the voting!

TheVideoGamer - So everyone has probably already picked up from the comments, that this is a sample game. It's my 4th one i've done from recollection, and it usually happens on a free round, since i'm not setting music to a theme. Unlike the prior ones, where i was taking random OHC artists, more specifically entries from like the last 10 rounds, this one involved just a single artist. So were talking one OHC person (Veteran or not), with 8 entries being sampled all from this person. In this case, it was Koekepan, who i took essentially snippets of his tracks, to make a new one. Just like how The Avalanches took snippets of samples to make an entire album lol. The only thing that was my own, was really a small part of the drums. This includes the rimshot, the snare, a hi-hat loop, a cymbal riser as well as one open hat hit. So yeah, even the kick and hi-hat patterns are sampled from him (There's a few hi-hat stuff here). I also managed to make a bassline out of his stuff as well, so definately more than there meets the eye. I do really like this one, it's actually chill and not loud lol. Hope you like it too!

Koekepan - Warm electric piano melodies here, lots of cluster chords here. It kind of sounds similar to last weeks theme, in that it has a raindrop quality to it. Mostly from the theme, not the track itself. Whenever i see fading strings i always assume C418, it's kind of funny lol. I do love the rhythm changes here, it goes from a soft free-flowing piece, into a sort of off-beat chord progression. Love how light it is, even from all the basslines. This is just one lovely piece of slow developing music. Great strumming effects, definately voting worthy, awesome work!

DarkShadow - Ooh that is a cool snare drum wow! This is very cool, it has a really cool glitchy electro feel to it. It's still DarkShadow fast and manic, but it also has some dub elements. I don't know but i find this one very cool! Not my favourite you've ever done (Drums are a little weirdly mixed for me, i don't know...), but it's probably my favourite of yours in the last few months. It's definately different. Good job!

THEGREATDESTROYER22 - Interesting sounds there, feels like a live recording of an Escalator. Loving those intense kicks, really feels deep in my headphones. Loving those soundscapes in the back. It's quite the slow developer, it's very minimal at first, but eventually more is added, to where it sounds like electro-industrial. The real meat of this track is towards the end, it does feel a bit too long in the first part, probably because i feel it's a bit too minimal for my taste. The ending is great though, loving the drop, when new exciting drums come in. Shame you didn't get to record vocals, but this was very nice nonetheless. Good job!

cotmm68030 - Were getting to a stage where there is the dynamic 3, posting 6 minute entries in this compo. Me, You and Koekepan lol. This is very great stuff though, but i wasn't expecting those rhythmical ideas. You set me up for a straight up ambient piece, but then you hit me with the drums. It does dilute the calmness a bit, but i'm not complaining, because the rhythms are really dope, and the textures are very cool! It sounds like you have it set to a modulator, because every so often there is some change, that makes it sound like it's being pitch-shift or distorted. It's some dynamic shift for sure. The drumloop in the back was also not expected. Not expecting the directions of this piece for sure. I still kind of feel like you want this to be ambient like, but yet the drums are so in your face, you make it borderline impossible. So if i was feeling in an ambient mood, this wouldn't be it. However you did excel at the other stuff, and i found a lot more to like than dislike, so i'll give you this one. Well done!

Misael.K - Sweet piano licks, it feels very authentic. Loving the chord choices here, and arp usage, you keep it to major chords sure, but you use these super cool seasonings, like Add 9's and Sus 2's. It's soo spicy but in a different way i love it. I also love the addition of strings and flutes, not the staples of a Misael.K track at all, and yet i love it. So many wonderful chord changes, it's soo unusual in the direction. Again, wasn't expecting drums, but i welcome them so much! It just keeps on building. This was just lovely, and definately a strong one from you. My vote is based on how well it captures Thanksgiving, and this was definately a good representation of it. It was so good i placed it on the 2nd spot Incredible work!

Arcana - An Ode to OHC, how sweet. Loving the swing feel in this, and the vocal work is very strong. The chords are a bit...weird if i have to be honest, which i understand is a strong word, but taste is personal. The chords are quite...dissonant in areas. The drums are very quiet, but not hard to identify. This has soo much potential i love the idea, it's definately got charm. Good job!

Coloradoweeks - I know this was like 1 day ago, but Happy Birthday! Is the title your age? Or is this a random number? I'm shocked, at how young i am, when i find out everyone's age. It's kind of weird, but i suppose it's the nature of ThaSauce i guess. Look at that, i haven't even gotten to the music, and the piece is over. That's what 1 minute does to you lol. This is some lovely electronic disco here. Really juicy bassline and nice spicy chords, and a lovely melody. Singing is wonderful as usual, and the 2nd half was a lovely switchup, to keep it from being too repetitive. This was just lovely. Damn shame i couldn't vote on it, but i can only choose 3. My vote was based on how well it captured Thanksgiving (Especially if you look at the date). Still voting worthy though, awesome work!

NickC - Thick bass. So deep it becomes this rumbly tone. Loving the slow fading in each pad hit, it really makes for a swell sound. Sounds like CotMM style, with a lot of industrial like distortion. It's been a while since i've heard Drill and Bass on here. Especially from you, but i'll take any amen abuse any day. Surprisingly there is some melodic elements in this madness. That really make it quite warm, and semi-wholesome. It's not just a full on distorted scare-fest, it's very Aphex Twin in melodies too, the ending was actually....gorgeous. If you gave me another minute of that, holy hell i would absolutely love it. I wanted this to be higher on the list, than 3rd placement because of how unique it was, but i ended up choosing based on how well it captured the spirit of Thanksgiving. So it was hard to accept this decision, but in the end i had to come to a consensus. Still though it was so good i placed it 3rd. Incredible work!

obScene - Aww more cute melodies! Damn this is even more playful than the last one you did. This is full on microtonal music, i don't think i even know how to make this. Some parts are deliberately mechanical to fit that aesthetic, and i love it. The chiptune melody here fits more than last week's melody. Drum work was different, but nothing out of the blue. This was just amazing, absolutely love this, it was soo good i placed in on the top spot! (I was basing my vote on how well it captured the spirit of Thanksgiving). Incredible work!

Top 3 - obScene, Misael.K, NickC.

I was actually finding this one difficult to choose, but in the end i went based on how well it captured the Thanksgiving spirit (Even if this was a free round) NickC being my 3rd choice was a little hard to accept, because he had such a unique idea, but i digress, i had to settle on something.

These 2 also deserve to be on the list:


Coloradoweeks (Once again, an amazing song that cannot be voted on. It's getting hard these days)

Awesome - Koekepan, cotmm68030, Misael.K, Coloradoweeks, NickC, obScene.

Needs Work - DarkShadow, THEGREATDESTROYER22, Arcana.

Nov 30, 2023 Misael.K
  1. Not Free but Affordable
  2. Find The Samples Vol 4 - Solo Edition
  3. Schlocky song about being thankful and stuff

Voting Koekepan #1. And #2, more or less. But no, obScene is #3.

awesum: coloradoweeks, cotmm68030, DarkShadow, Koekepan, NickC, obScene, THEGREATDESTROYER22, TheVideoGamer.
good: Arcana.