One Hour Compo - Round 358 (OHC358)

Votes (5)

Aug 20, 2015 Arcana
  1. OHC 358 Cavey Thing
  2. Afterwards
  3. Avalanche!
Also Crimewave.
Aug 20, 2015 Lucinate
  1. OHC 358 Cavey Thing
  2. the refrost button
  3. Chase of the North
i just love the harmonies on cavey thing

sci's refrost button is right up my alley for the most part.

arcana nailed the vibe
Aug 20, 2015 Patashu
  1. Wonk tnod I
  2. Chase of the North
  3. Afterwards
also wanted to vote for sci, Koekepan, Lucinate, Forty-Two too lol
Aug 20, 2015 Koekepan
  1. Cold Travels
  2. Afterwards
  3. Crimewave & Paquinox Garcia - Nostalgia (feat. Igi)
Lucinate really caught a feeling with his piece.

Afterwards is a narrative piece with an interesting twist.

The theme seems to call for smoother sounds, which discourages me from voting for the chip tracks, and dance also seems a little strange, but Nostalgia seems to be a well-assembled track. I hope that they will return.
Aug 27, 2015 Random-storykeeper
  1. I feel so warm
  2. Chase of the North
  3. Winter Drive
"I feel so warm" does an awesome job at capturing a single moment - for me, it was like a moment before death. You were really spot on with the atmosphere imo.

"Chase of the North" - When it hit the 0:31 mark I was in love. It just really gives a chilling feeling for me; I don't know.

"Winter Drive" captures the theme of the images in a happier light. It suits the second image more for me. It feels like a piece about waiting for something better to happen.

I also would have wanted to vote for "OHC 358 Cavey Thing" because I like the introduction. I feel like it could have built up more; it felt mostly uniform throughout. But it's still nicely composed.