One Hour Compo - Round 802 (OHC802)

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Feb 22, 2024 ncrecc
  1. elevated confessional
  2. Rooftop Cocktails
  3. Guy Who's Got It All

Feb 22, 2024 coolgreenapple
  1. Luminosity
  2. How Much I Love You
  3. Skylines

DDRKirby: gorgeous synths, amazing mix, melodies, and dynamics

Misael.K: perhaps the cheesiest, most perfect love song ever written

Lyra: has potential to be an actual smash hit

Feb 22, 2024 Arcana
  1. table with a view
  2. elevated confessional
  3. How Much I Love You

hell yeah

Feb 22, 2024 Dex
  1. melodies
  2. Sunset Scrapers
    Wassup Thunder
  3. her light

I found lunarice's entry really compelling for some reason.

Feb 24, 2024 TheVideoGamer
  1. table with a view
  2. her light
  3. Luminosity

All comments are replied to on Discord. On to the voting!

TheVideoGamer - This theme is just amazing, i love these kinds of pretty images. Not so much because of bias, but because it brings out the most musical in me, instead of relying too much on just noise, which i like don't get me wrong, but eventually i get bored of it, so it's nice when stuff like this comes along. However saying that there is such a thing as too good of an image, where the overwhelming beauty of it can stifle creativity because you feel like you've not done enough. Anyways, in terms of the music i went for a house track because that's the kind of music you might often hear in these places, more specifically a sort of lo-fi chill house where it's smooth and there is little in terms of lead synths, with more focus and pads and jazzy chords etc. I do wish i went a little more jazzy here, as instead mine is mostly straight up chill, but ultimately you do somewhat get the feeling of relaxing with a drink. Majority of the drums are just house beats, with a bit of a retro flair, and the chords stay mostly in around B Major 7th and E Major 7th, (Or at least to some degree, there's a lot of space in the chords for this track). The bassline is deliberately syncopated for a bit of a groove, and a 303 is added to keep it from being boring, as are the occasional instrument effect flairs, such as a vibraphone, marimba and other pad oddities, since this is a loop based piece. Towards the end, the chords fade out for a breakdown before we finish with them. All in all, not a complex piece, not so much a statement, but it definately makes you feel chill, and it does have a cool groove i will say. Glad you liked it anyways!

DarkShadow - Gotta that have sawtooth bass to be properly DarkShadow. I wasn't expecting it to be harsh on the sidechain this week, but i am listening to DarkShadow. The sawtooth bass is quite....hard on the ears, and i really like me some gabber. The chords and bass is actually weighing the drums down. Normally it's the drums that are hard hitting, but in this case it's the opposite. The chords are cool this week, not too dissonant, kind of interesting, but i sense a lot of potential here, especially since that saw bassline might be...overpowering. Good job though!

Ncrecc - I'm not sure i've heard your music, or at least i don't remember, so i'll just say welcome. I like the percussion here, it's kind of like a book tapping sound effect. I feel majority of this piece is mostly found sound stuff, which is always a treat, as it results in some cool experimental stuff. The chords and bass are definately not in key. You are really pulling some Luigi's Mansion type spookiness in this, it's hard to tell what melody it is, with such an unusual choice of notes. The percussion just suddenly appearing was kind of a Jumpscare, not gonna lie. I wouldn't say loud, but it can overpower the rest of the track a little. It's got a lot Autechre IDM rolls going on, this is definately a very abstract piece. Hats off for you going all out with the experimental vibes. I like it when people go out of the normal zone when it comes to music. I will say this is sick, definately really into idea, but it feels a little too harsh for the theme if you get me. I get your replicating a construction site, next to a bar, but i don't know, i find this more spooky, than a construction environment. Lots of intense drums that kind of scared me first time around. It's hard to pinpoint my feelings with this track, because it's....quite different. I sense there is a lot of potential here, to smooth out the distortion, and to maybe add one or two more melodic ideas to make it more atmospheric. Still though, i do dig this a lot, it's definately very cool, good job!

cotmm68030 - Lots of thick drums here, especially from a dude who mostly is known for atmospheric cuts. Surprised at the 5 minute length, no 6 minutes this week? Your vocals are kind of angelic, even though this is closer to a NIN style piece. This is a very hard hitting piece, despite the airy styled pads (Playing mostly single note phrases). It's not the most chill piece, but it has a lot of great soft vocal moments, and the mix on the vocals is super great! Very clear, not muffling, and it fits super well with the drums. I'd argue it's not the most theme fitting, because it's not my idea of relaxing whilst having a cocktail lol, but man it's a very well done piece, with some sick vocal work! Well done!

Garian - Damn you really didn't give me much this week. I take it, you probably weren't feeling it this week, but 20 seconds is really short. I wasn't sure of the title and description, but after your explanation in chat, i find it very wholesome. The track itself is very nice, kind of like lo-fi Daft Punk, with an 80's touch to it, pretty cool. Lots to be had in honesty, but it's nice that you at least entered. Good job!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - Space pads woo! My god that is a beautiful synth! I know you make some amazing pad sounds with some beautiful chords, but my god this takes the cake, it's soo pretty and chill. The chords may not be uplifting, but damn i just want to relax. The drums however are pretty high energy, despite it's BPM, so i guess i'm running and chilling at the same time haha. It's Space Synthwave all over. Some of the risers really let me know this is gonna be a dancey one, but it's actually more chill. Those chords, and that synth, my god. I know your chord game is on point, but this one is especially good. That chiptune breakdown was sick too, unexpected change of direction, i'm all for unexpected stuff! This is just incredible stuff wow. I just loved how despite it's thick chords, the mix is still really good! So good i decided to place it 3rd, i loved it. Incredible work!

A2Z - More amazing chords wow! That is one funky beat, i wasn't expecting it to swing hard. This is definately some RnB influence here, those chords are also amazing. It's nice to hear some good ol' C, F and G major and all, but man this is a progression that i love. I like it when people present me with some unique chord progressions, with all the seasonings i love. The piano line was very sick too, it really feels like you put in your all, when it came to the solo. The string lines feel very artificial, even more so than what RnB might contain, and i do feel a lot more reverb in parts would make it a lot less dry, and maybe even more natural and maybe even more chill at the same time. But still, this does not diminish the awesomeness provided with the track, as my god i love that chord sequence, melody and drum work. This is very sick, awesome work!

Lyra_183 - Lovely singing as always, you really are getting better and better throughout. The only thing i would suggest, is that is in some parts i feel you're rushing a little. If you aren't concerned about following a tempo that's fine, but this could be something to consider if you are. Still though, that doesn't change how good the singing is, keep at it! Good job!

Wassup Thunder - Hyper energetic music for a calm bar setting. Only Wassup could pull it off. The melodies are fire, and the piano melody work adds a slight emotional edge to it, although i do feel some parts are quite harsh. Mostly in terms of loudness, not in terms of sound. The different chords and synths though really make this one hell of an epic piece. I feel like saving the world, not chilling on a seat having a cocktail. I mean if i'm assessing it on melody alone, this is lovely. The different progressions are awesome. But if i'm factoring overall mix, and theme accuracy, i feel this doesn't belong to the image. Mix is great, but a little loud at parts, but the fact that this is what comes to mind when you see a rooftop bar, is kind of amusing to me. I mean it's great stuff, but definately feel this was suited for a different theme. Don't be discouraged though, it was very sick stuff, good job!

Coolgreenapple - Calm guitar, with some seriously great chords, that feel kind of happy. The tone is perfect for this, it makes me feel like i just want to sink into the seat and watch the beautiful views. Lovely playing, and your voice is soo good. To make it better, and this is just my personal taste, i think a bit of reverb could really add something to this. Not a lot, just a little to add to the atmosphere. It's not that the track is dry, it's not that all, it's mostly for the theme. Still though, everything else is perfect. Your voice is beautiful, and the guitar playing was also top notch. Really lovely stuff, so lovely that i felt it was enough for the 2nd spot, it just fits the theme perfectly. Incredible work!

LillyMeadows - Woah a 3 minute Lilly song, that's a first. I'm also amazed at that progression. But then again i do love me a good 7th chord progression. Those synths are super pretty! I love me some semi-dreamy chords and you nailed it. The bassline is very 80's inspired, i can tell what sounds you are going for. The mixing on the drums are really great too! You really are improving i love it! You say the vocals are cringe, but really i don't hear any cringe, largely because i don't really hear them at all lol. I mean i do to be serious about it, but the way you've mixed them, it makes it hard to decipher what you are saying, without the lyrics being written. Still though there's nothing to be ashamed in your voice, as what i've heard so far, sounds very good! If you don't want to show it, that's ok you don't have to, but i don't think it's cringe. Mixing wise there is potential, but that's mostly the vocal work, the actual track itself is pretty great! Truthfully i sense a lot of potential here, but it's mostly small stuff (And really, i try and not to be too bothered about mixing here, unless the mix itself drastically impacts the listening), really this is the best you've ever done to date. I'm gonna give you the awesome section for this one, you deserve it! Well done!

Lunarice - Nice music box melodies here, i feel like i've transcended in space, even though the theme is more inline with a calming bar experience. The pad is pretty, it adds a nice soothing element to the track. I feel the track is slowly getting quieter as we listening, i think this might have been accidental. I do sense like we are slowly getting some drums, or some basslines going, but it never happens, i feel like we at the stage where were not done, but yet the piece ends. Still though, don't be discouraged it's one of your stronger ones for sure! The melody ideas are really cool, it has a lot of potential. Good job!

Dex - Nice string and piano combo, it's definately uplifting. I wasn't expecting the bassline to be played at such a high register, but it's not annoying or anything. The piano work is pretty great, i feel like i'm in the countryside. Lots of great chord changes, it's really cool. The drop was surprisingly great also! That flute melody is really nice, especially with some of it's slides. Acoustic guitar is a treat here, especially for a track like this. That high pitched bassline is something, i would have lowered it down an octave, but really that's the only thing i could find in this, it's a pretty great piece. More to like than dislike, well done!

Coloradoweeks - Of course Jazz was gonna make an appearance here, although i'm surprised it took so many tracks to get there (Minus A2Z's track). The rest were either experimental, or Synthwave. Either way we have Compo's own Nora Jones here, and i love it. Awesome chords, and some incredible singing (Which come on, why do i need to keep complimenting your singing, i know you are amazing). It's not the most complex in terms of Jazz harmony (It's nowhere as crazy as a late Miles Davis album), but i really could not care less. Even a simple C Major 7th chord already gets me going, i love this spicy harmony. I really could talk about other things in regards to the piece, but realistically i'm not gonna, because i'm already immediately giving this the awesome section, i absolutely loved it. Honestly i didn't even need to delegate much, i felt this was definately worthy of the top spot, it's so theme accurate. Incredible work!

Misael.K - Before i even play this track, those lyrics are pretty...sick actually. I mean, it's not like super poetic, but honestly you know your lyric abilities i must say, wow. Some lyrics can be cringe i know, but this is pretty great, and i've not even got to the music yet! Of course i was gonna get that Misael.K harmony, it is such a classic oldschool progression i love it! Your singing is soo good in this, it really fits the vibe, lovely melody ideas. I'm totally reminded of some oldschool 90's RnB hit. The only thing i will say, is that the mix is your face and a little compressed. Don't get me wrong it's awesome, the drums are huge, and the piano and vocal work is awesome too, but it just feels like the whole thing is being weighed down by a brick, it's a little upfront. Not distorted, just a bit...loud without it being loud. Still though everything else makes up for it. Vocal work is sick, especially the lyric writing, and i love the chords. It's just a lovely piece, even with all of my critiques. Awesome work!

Arcana - Nice electric piano chords, really smooth for a slightly uplifting piece. Your singing here is soo different, i feel you've truly embraced the crooner style vocals, or at least made a great attempt. The mixing is pretty great here, minus the end, which in my opinion you went hard on the gain. It results in the vocals destroying everything else about the track, but damn the grooves are great, and the melodies are really good! Also that ending was lul. Gotta have that one guy who flexes on you, whilst your stuck in a never ending hellhole of a job. Basically Ned Flanders but it's not about religion. I thought about this, and based on the humour here, that pushed me to give you this one. But also the track itself was surprisingly really good! Well done!

NickC -  Smooth piano vibes. Very chill, feels like i'm ready for sleepy time. Even though the waveform looks normal, it feels very deliberately distorted and crunchy. I'm not even bothered by the dissonance in some parts, as it's basically normal from you, however the distortion did get me. The high pitched tremelo synth, was a bit...interesting. Because it's soo high pitched, i can't see it adding much musically, however you redeem it at the end, with a faint but beautiful melody, that i really wish was amplified, as it makes the track just work so well. Ending was very abrupt, i guess music budget ran out lol. This is one of those tracks, i really want to like more than i should, because the melody ideas are very pretty, but unique (Which is a staple of all your tracks), but i feel the track is a bit too crunchy for my liking (It's not the distortion in general that i think is the problem, it's the amount. I think it's a little too much). Still though, this one is really great stuff, lots of potential, good job!

Top 3 - Coloradoweeks, coolgreenapple, DDRKirby(ISQ).

These 2 deserve to be on the list also:

A2Z (Such a good chord progression and beat, man this deserves to be on!)

Misael.K (This was such a bop, i loved the lyrics and chords. Also deserves to be on!)

Awesome - cotmm68030, DDRKirby(ISQ), A2Z, Coolgreenapple, LillyMeadows, Dex. Coloradoweeks. Misael.K, Arcana.

Needs Work - DarkShadow, Ncrecc, Garian, Lyra_183, Wassup Thunder, Lunarice, NickC.

Feb 29, 2024 Misael.K
  1. her light
  2. table with a view
  3. Luminosity

coolgreenapple: maximum chill with a lot of magic.

coloradoweeks: super chill with a lot of loveliness.

DDRKirby(ISQ): very chill with a lot of suspense.

awesum: A2Z, coloradoweeks, coolgreenapple, DarkShadow, DDRKirby(ISQ), Dex, LillyMeadows, lunarice, NickC, TheVideoGamer.
good: Arcana, cotmm68030, Garian, Lyra_183, ncrecc, Wassup Thunder.

Feb 29, 2024 NickC
  1. table with a view
  2. Luminosity
  3. Rooftop Cocktails