One Hour Compo - Round 798 (OHC798)

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Jan 25, 2024 Koekepan
  1. Reality Breaking Down
  2. Scratched Disc
  3. Brothers
Very difficult vote tonight.

Garian's subtle disjointedness carried a similar message to DDRKirby's glitching, but in a more complete way.
Jan 25, 2024 Arcana
  1. Duplicated
  2. art is hard
  3. Scratched Disc

TVG I think this wins #1 by virtue of it being the most memorable track of the night. It was a little strange, somewhat odd, but really, really memorable.

Jan 25, 2024 A2Z
  1. Duplicated
  2. art is hard
  3. Darling!

unique new york

Jan 28, 2024 TheVideoGamer
  1. Scratched Disc
  2. art is hard
  3. imperfect copy

All comments are replied to on discord, so onto the voting!

TheVideoGamer - When i encountered this theme i was kind of like WTF lol. But after someone had pointed out that it could be twins, i sort of pieced together a kind of connection based on the fact the two elderly gentlemen in the first one were wearing identical coats, and so i rolled with that. Because of how unusual the theme was i decided to have some fun by making a light-hearted styled track, instead of my normal slightly serious affair. Basically it was just fun and perhaps goofy music, that you can dance to. I started with a swung bass loop done in a blues style, that is then paired up with a 90's organ patch and a few small layered embellishments to make it full. The bassline is all FM. I then decided to make it into more of a chord progression by the virtue of adding in a piano and a synth, so it sounds bluesy and funky. After i had my main riff, it was merely a matter of expanding it, by adding in drum layers, synth changes in order to keep it funky, whilst adding in new ideas, as well as some texture changes to. I wasn't trying to make it fancy or anything, the 2 bar loop is the star, that is accompanied by various additions, from 303 basslines to pad chords and rave stabs and the like. The breakdown in the middle was my way of alleviating repetition, but in the end it didn't work so i said sod it, and brought all the main elements back again (I even did a tongue in cheek reference before we resume things). All in all it is a little bit repetitive, maybe even brick walled, but i cannot deny it was a ton of fun, both to make and to listen to. But it's not up to me, it's up to you. Glad you liked it anyways!

LillyMeadows - I'm really liking that wide bass, it kind of gives me that 90's rave feel. The kick was not what i was expecting to be honest, i assumed this was gonna be a 90's styled hardcore track, but the kick was more in line for like synthpop or something. The buildup was cool, but it didn't really feel too much like a buildup, more like a rising kick pattern into what is kind of close to IDM. I don't know if i call it breakcore, because there isn't really any breaks in this, just mostly drum machines and processed cymbals. It is quite short, do any meat usually happens towards the end. The ides is very dope though, it's not often you hear music like this in compo, so i am very welcoming. The chords at the end feel a little thin, i think the drums are the star here, and not so much the melodies, which are usually a background element in this case. I sense a lot of potential, it was different, and had a lot of great ideas. Good job!

cotmm68030 - The 6 minute man is back, i hope you had a great time in Magfest dude! I am a UK lad, so the chances of me ever going is basically impossible lol. But onto the track, this is definately your classic Dark Ambient chops, lots of really great rumbles and spacey reverb. This one reminds me almost of 2 settings. Both an abandoned factory, and a spaceship. I like the soft arpeggiated synths in the background, were creeping in Koekepan territory lol. Lots of cool intricate hits, maybe drops of water being reverbed to death. I also really love how as we listen, we slowly get introduced into a bit of a chord progression, and a soft arching beat. So maybe less ambient, and more funky if you will. This one is more of a subtle changing piece, you're not gonna find a lot of major section changes here, but rather slowly morphing sounds. When the rhythmical parts do come in, it distorts a bit of the melody, so it can make it more harder to identify, but that's not a bad thing, as i wasn't expecting melody in this one anyways. Honestly i really like this one, theres a lot more to like than i was assuming, it's kind of chill, yet it's not, it's just a really interesting piece, i like it. It was so good I decided to put in on the third spot, amazing work!

DarkShadow - That waveform is....not loud wow. This is actually not overblown too, i'm really impressed. This doesn't mean it's a quiet track far from it, if anything this sounds like semi-gabber, but with a lot of laser type sounds. There is some really cool electro things going on, if quite chaotic. The melody is a....little all over the place, which i expect from DarkShadow, but honestly this one was kind of cool, i can see some potential here. Good job! 

Koekepan - I like that melody, and the slight delay effects on it, it's kind of a mix between a keyboard sound and a mallet. The reverb also adds a bit of a ethereal sound to the track, even if it's very deep and minimal. I like the pad here, it prevents it from being too minimal, and makes it kind of melancholic. The pad sounds themselves are also kind of psychedelic too. I just like the way it flows, it's essentially the dub version, adding reverb and delay as you go. I do think the main melody is too front and centre for my liking, i want to hear a little more pad stuff, but honestly it's more expansive than i thought. It's actually kind of pretty. I would see more blending here, to make the mallet not too upfront, especially because the pad sounds really make this piece. Lots of potential, good job!

Garian - Ok that was unexpected, at least give me an intro first lol, i need to process that intense 80's vibe. You just give me drums synths and melody without even considering an intro haha. I do like this though, even though it has your signature 80's synth, and a cool brass melody, it's all done in a semi-IDM style, which i understand because you saw the name GlitchInTheMatrix and went with it, which is fine, nobody even knows what the theme is anyways. I've never thought about 80's styled IDM, but you guys do pull a lot of surprises on me, so i do have to expect it at some point. The melody is a little bit loud in this, i would have gone for a less aggressive brass like instrument, but it's definately cool though, the changes are sudden, but kind of anticipated. I can see you went for a more loosely defined track, which is great from a style point of view, but the un-structed feel does take me out a little. Towards the end, the melody does get a little weird for me, i think some of the notes are off, but i think it's all live performance. The ending was abrupt, if anything non existent, but i suppose it adds to it's charm. Yeah this was quite an interesting one, as evident by the amount i've written here. I wouldn't say it's my favourite, lots of weird moments that i wasn't expecting, but it has a lot of potential, so don't be discouraged. Good job!

Dex - Nice piano licks here, it has a Mega Man style for some reason. I do like the rawness of the piano, although i do think it's a bit too upfront, resulting in the rest of the instruments being drowned out. The tempo change was a really lovely addition, kind of makes it more human, although in this case i would go for some more dynamics in the piano to make it less static and mechanical but that's just me. There is some really cool stuff melodically towards the end though, i kind of dig that. I think there is a bit of a copy and paste thing going on, as the 2nd half sounds like just a straight repeat of the first half. Still though, it's not bad at all i really like it, as a lot of potential. Good job!

A2Z - I love me some ambient les goo. Lots of great sus chords here, kind of chill, but feels otherworldly. I assumed it was a straight major, but you keep it very ambiguous towards the middle, i don't know what key it's in, but it sounds like G pentatonic. Loving the constant additions, it's very space themed. Some parts are very boomy though, i don't know if it's a sub bass or not, but it's quite...loud. Which is a shame, because the rest of the elements are honestly beautiful. The whole thing is not complex, we sort continue with the same chord progression throughout, but the slow additions really do make a difference, i don't feel like i'm hearing the same thing over. If there wasn't really a boomy bass sound in this, i could definately see myself voting for this, it's the only small thing that took me out of it. Still though, props for the really cool sounds, and great melodies i loved it. Nice ending by the way! Good job!

BJKMenu - That's some cool EP melodies. That guitar is a bit unusual melody wise, i wasn't assuming it was gonna go in that direction. Some of the drums seem to bit randomly articulated in velocity, which doesn't seem realistic in terms of drumming, but the sound is really good either way. The guitar work is sick though, i do like the cool intricate melodies in this. Towards the middle it does get a little weird, i'm not hearing a strong defined progression here, but more so a bit of a weird series of augmented chords. It's hard to describe, because it's a bit...different. Don't get me wrong i like it, but it's a bit hard to follow. The middle part i really like, because we sort of get a bit grounded with a familiar idea, but it suddenly fades out in favourite of a straight G power chord. I don't know, i really like the sounds here, it's got a great funk to it, but i don't know, it's a little weird and sort of offputting in a nice way. Maybe i'm not used to it. Still though don't be discouraged you make some lovely stuff, good job! 

DDRKirby(ISQ) - Ooh that's an intricate idea from you. Basically Jazzy like chords and saxophone, but being fed through some glitch machine it's different. It's especially different when you go for the Funky Drummer break, instead of semi-chiptune kick and snare that i usually hear from you. The scratches are....amazing, i don't know what you are using for the scratching, whether it's a VST or a samples or what, but i absolutely loved it. There is so many new DDRKirby ideas that i was not expecting you would do here that i just love. The glitches are a lot, but they don't take over the track, and the melody at the end, was just incredible. I don't know what style this is precisely, but you need to do more of this i absolutely loved it. Absolutely amazing stuff, so amazing I immediately put you on the top spot, incredible work!

Coloradoweeks - Those be some Daft Punk drums, combined with some Inner City stabs. Good Life, Good Life! Damn the 90's is strong in this (Although Good Life was released in 1989), i love the idea, and that rap vocals that really dominated the 90's house crazy, is awesome and cheesy, exactly as 90's hip-house should be. I just love the stabs and the drum work, and the vocals are beautiful, both mix and in terms of singing (Which you always sing amazingly anyways). Yeah no this one was an absolute bop, that's probably gonna stay in my brain for quite some time. It's addicting lol. This was so amazing I picked you 2nd, incredible work!

Misael.K - Those be some thiccc guitars. Rock Misael is always a delight. The drums are again unexpected. You guys always have your signature style, but you just throw a curveball that makes it not what i was thinking. I was expecting some thick and slow drums, but nope, you decided to give me a breakbeat today. That melody is pretty, it's got that mix of wailing guitar and airy square wave, it's pretty catchy. I do love the chords here, i thought it was gonna be weird, but nope it's quite mysterious. It is only 2 chords, but surprisingly the amount of changes you go through is quite a lot, so it makes it more interesting that repetitive. After saying all that though, you do end up giving me more chords, and it's quite a lot of chords too. It is a bit on the thick side overall, not loud but i feel with this kind of track, a mild break here could really work wonders. However though, despite all that, after relistening i found there really was a certain charm to the sound, so there's more to like than dislike, so i will give you this one. Well done!

Arcana - You didn't sequence the chords? Did a module do this for you, i'm a little lost by what you mean. I do love the chords, it's kind of peaceful, definately a fan. The drums and vocals however, are sadly really in my face. The drums are not too much of a problem, because you went for more of a softer style of drum, although it is pretty loud. The vocals however are very distorted and clipped. In terms of melody though, this is very pretty. Really the only thing that needs to be changed is the overall mix, the really loud vocal and drums just make the track a bit on the loud side. It has a lot of potential, the chord progression at the end was actually amazing, it's soo beautiful. Such a shame really, there is a lot of cool moments in this, i can see a lot in this track. Great stuff though, good job!

mcmiagblackmanisgod - Nice of you to enter again, your beats are always dope! I really dig these percussion loops on top of that thick breakbeat. Your hip hop stuff just feels so authentic, like were in the 90's playing with a sampler. I dig the vocal sample here, not sure where it was taken from, but it's pretty great. I do love the sample chops here, it's pretty cool. I do think it gets a bit repetitive towards the end, i feel we could add a few scratches or breaks, but aside from that i do like that you have returned, and that beat is pretty fire. I really like this, good job! 

Top 3 - DDRKirby (ISQ), Coloradoweeks, cotmm68030.

Sadly there isn’t much tracks that could potentially be voted on I’m sorry. None of my votes are intending to be negative, you guys are awesome producers. It’s just honest critique based on things I pick up on. Still though I loved your music either way, let’s hope next round is more forgiving. Thanks all!

Awesome - cotmm68030, DDRKirby(ISQ), Coloradoweeks, Misael.K.

Needs Work - LillyMeadows, DarkShadow, Koekepan, Garian, Dex, A2Z, BJKMenu, Arcana, mcmiagblackmanisgod.

Damn there is a lot in the Needs Work section. Just want to point out this is nothing to do with your music producing abilities. You are amazing producers, i guess this is just how I feel. Some of the best tracks have come from you guys, so it’s not on you. I can sense a lot of potential here. Awesome work anyways, let’s hope the next round is more positive. Thanks all!

Feb 01, 2024 Misael.K
  1. Duplicated
  2. Scratched Disc
  3. art is hard

TheVideoGamer: this is insanely fun.

DDRKirby(ISQ): nice production values. Very smooth.

coloradoweeks: 90s here we gooooooo!

awesum: A2Z, coloradoweeks, cotmm68030, DarkShadow, DDRKirby(ISQ), Dex, TheVideoGamer.
good: Arcana, bjkmenu, Garian, Koekepan, LillyMeadows, mcmiagblackmanisgod.