One Hour Compo - Round 711 (OHC711)

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May 26, 2022 Arcana
  1. "My Immortal: Chapter 1" by Tara Gilesbie (XXXbloodyrists666XXX
  2. The Story of FSD (Clean Version)
  3. Hear These Tales Again

Like how are you all so good at this!!!!

May 26, 2022 JH Sounds
  1. We Drove All Night
  2. "My Immortal: Chapter 1" by Tara Gilesbie (XXXbloodyrists666XXX
  3. story time

I still can't find my socks.

May 26, 2022 coloradoweeks
  1. Where's My Socks?
    JH Sounds
  2. Back in the day.
  3. The Story of FSD (Clean Version)

great entries everyone! was a real whale of a tale.

honorable mentions go to TVG's, animatrix1490's, CotMM's and Arcana's entries!

May 26, 2022 Koekepan
  1. Bygone Longing
  2. We Drove All Night
  3. The Story of FSD (Clean Version)
Souperion's work was brief, but beautifully coherent with a clear musical narrative.

Nukage was a solid production, on-theme for the story.

DDRKirby(ISQ) managed to meld both themes. I wasn't quite on board with the delivery, but other than that it was solid.

Coloradoweeks will suffer horribly for what she has done. She knows why.
Jun 02, 2022 TheVideoGamer
  1. Exposition Screen
  2. The Story of FSD (Clean Version)
  3. Cloud 17

@JH Sounds - Right, but i was referring to this song in particular, i'm not familiar with it, that's why it sounds interesting.

@Misael.K - A good ol' British classic. ;)

@Souperion - If we have another story time theme, i might do ;)

@Coloradoweeks - So have i XD. Believe it or not, i've not made real fish and chips before, this was made from memory, based on past research. Hot oil scares me, that's why....

@automat1cjack - Salt and Vinegar is what should be on the fish and chips, no question about it.

@Atmospherium - I mean i do that anyways lol, but in this case my text to speech went up to 5:40 in the recording. I just added a jingle to boost it up to time.

@Suzums - I'll confess. They're all snippets of previous compo submissions. I ran out of time to actually make a beat for it ;-;. The script for the show took the most time, so i only had time to make a jingle for the beginning and end.

@Arcana - I apologise if my text to speech butchers any words throughout the show. (Which is the limitation of the system, not any spelling errors...) I don't have the ability to record my voice at 2am....

@BJK - Not quite a filet-o-fish lol.

@CotMM - I know, text to speech needs English lessons....

@Misael.K - God lol, is this what people are more concerned about?

@Coloradoweeks - The idea is, the more the batter is cold, the more it allows the fish to stick to the batter and be even more crispier.

@JH Sounds - I did use a British voice for this one, so that might be why...

@Coloradoweeks - So i'm British as people might have recognised, and what we do is weigh out our ingredients. People say it allows for accuracy and precision. Others say it's because we mostly use scales than cups. There are also an influx of British people who also do it with cups, but it's not as common in my area. I prefer measuring because there's a less likely chance you'll make a mistake. Also because i'm British, i use the Imperial system, than the Metric system, which is what the US use. I'll admit this is a UK focused recipe, so all of my units are in UK measurements, but for the most part 225 grams of flour is equal to one cup. It's also worth noting that they're name differences. In the UK we have Plain Flour and Self-Raising Flour, whereas in America you call it All-Purpose Flour and Self-Rising Flour, which i kind of mention in the script. I'm not sure for the name, and why it's different, but i believe all-purpose is based on it's versatility. Self-Raising Flour has it's name based on the fact that baking powder is already added to the product. This is why if you don't have self-raising flour, you add baking powder to the all purpose flour. Now i said baking soda in the original, which i don't know why i said it, because it's wrong lol. It's meant to say baking powder, i'm a dumbass. Just add 1-2 teaspoons of baking powder and you have self-rising flour pretty much. Hope that clears some things. I might have made some wording mistakes here (Thankfully not spelling mistakes). However i am here replying to comments to correct them.

@CotMM - That's 1 cup lol.

@Misael.K - Cups are for wimps. Only the real bros use weighing scales lol.

@Atmospherium - Haha

@Souperion - I forgot everyone is American lol

@Automat1c - That's why i'm British. I had to google that XD

@Arcana - That's about right. It depends on what measurements you are using. Normally we convert grams to ounces, to determine what a cup is. In this case yes, 1 cup is around 250ml. A can of lager usually contains around 500ml.

@Misael.K - I love text to speech, because little titbits get pointed out in chat lol.

@Suzums - Moisechaa.....

@Souperion - The salt will be absorbed into the fish, so if we only season the fish, the batter will be dry.

@CotMM - I stupidly forgot to mention that the fish should be preskinned and sliced. You can leave the tail on if you wish, it's optional, and is more of a flavour and appearance preference. It is possible to batter with the skin on (Minus the head of course), and i've tasted with skin on, however i prefer no skin, as it's just a better flavour for me, and safer to work with. It's up to you, not all approaches are the same. Most fish you buy, will likely be preskinned anyways, all ready and waiting. I'm only going by what is supposedly the norm...

@Arcana - Yep, that's about right.

@CotMM - As long as the fish is safely cleaned and filleted, it should be acceptable to use any whitefish, skin on or not.

@JH Sounds - Isn't that a Buck Owens song?

@Coloradoweeks - Shit, did i really say that XD. I was meant to say 275 Fahrenheit. Celsius would likely set the place on fire. It's 2am, go easy on me lol. 275 Fahrenheit is 135 Celsius. I can't believe i wrote that in, how dumb am i lol.

@Misael.K - 500 degrees Fahrenheit is enough to send you to the hospital, it's that hot lol. IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE 275 FAHRENHEIT NOT CELSIUS, FORGIVE MY STUPIDITY.

@Arcana - Both works. Basting it allows for both sides to be cooked. In this one, i think i also said to turn it over and let it cook for like 5 minutes, i might have to relisten to it again...

@Suzums - It's what we call sort of a mesh ladle. It's used to fish out things in oil, as a safe way without spilling hot oil onto you. Again, hot oil is not fun...

@Misael.K - I though UK minutes and US minutes are the same no?

@Suzums - TIL you did a TIL...

@Automat1c - Chips is basically what we call fries. Some people call it a specific type of fries, but for us, we really just refer to any fries as chips. The reason there is a specific term for it, is that a lot of chips are just really thick versions of the standard fries you might be used to. Almost like a large rectangle. Nobody singles out a type of fries as chips anymore. We just call fries, chips. I hope people get that. Also do you guys remember the whole Freedom Fries schtick?

@CotMM - Yep, it's why i often call it a mesh ladle, because that's kind of what it looks like to me....

@Arcana - Yep. Not many know what it is...

@Automat1ic - Chips is UK. Fries is US. 

@Misael.K - Text to Speech does not appreciate you guys mocking his tone lol. He might end up going on a protest for TTS rights! Haha...

@Souperion - They're are 2 kinds. Starchy potatoes and Waxy potatoes. Starchy potatoes are used in Mashed Potatoes, Deep Fried foods and Jacket Potatoes. Waxy potatoes are used in Salads, Gratin, and Roasting. This is a lighter potato, so it doesn't stand as well during frying and baking. Not all potatoes have a lot of starch on them, so it's good to check. Maris Piper and Russet are known for it's great starch content.

@JH Sounds - Are you getting chippy with me lol

@Atmospherium - XD

@Misael.K - I'm talking an ordinary stationary ruler. You know, the ones that we use with pencils. Were not making McDonald's fries here, which are skinny, but thick fries, which are different...

@CotMM - Even correct spellings get messed up by the bot :/

@Souperion - Steak Fries are actually the size you sort of want. A little thicker than normal skinny fries.

@Suzums - Damn, i'm getting so much details thrown at me. It was just a comparison to the shape of a ruler, not the size XD.


@Automat1c - Show em' you mean business.

@CotMM - You make the batter for the fish, as well as blanch the fries the night before, so when it comes time to make the dish proper, the preparations are done, and you don't have to worry about time or delay's. It's suppose to make it cold, allowing for a really crispy set of fries.

@Atomospherium - If i had a working brain at 2am, a lot of the mistakes in some of the words would have been fixed by now lol.

@BJK - Good, because this is an actual working recipe.

@CotMM - Is that the Black version of Salt Bae?

@Misael.K - Hmm, i must have missed that. I don't think i hear it. Maybe i'll need to relisten to it again...

@Souperion - Of course not, it takes like 2 days haha.

@Arcana - Wonderful news, i hope you enjoyed them :)

@JH Sounds - They've now become Super Chips lol.

@Atmospherium - Not gonna lie, that's pretty wholesome....

@Misael.K - Apparently that's true for any deep frying in oil. If it floats, it means it's cooked. You usually have it sink to the bottom when you first plop it in. Now that's for when it is cooked, not when it is ready (I.E not raw....)

@Arcana - Can't have fish and chips without Mushy Peas. Every British person should know this.

@Automat1c - Why not both? ;) Tartar Sauce and Vinegar are both worthy additions in my book. It's awesome.

@CotMM - Lol is the bot really that bad at english?

@Arcana - Oh damn really? That's really neat. Store bought Heinz Tartar seems to have a completely different flavour to the homemade stuff, and not in a good way. Still tastes pretty good, but maybe a tad bit inferior. Homemade/Restaurant style is the way to go.

@Souperion - Please do. Hopefully i don't poison you, and you actually have something you enjoy lol.

@Suzums - Exactly!

@Coloradoweeks - Dude, curry sauce is just...amazing. Non brits are kind of missing out, as it's more rare overseas. It's almost like a sweet gravy like sauce, and it works so well on fish and chips. You can mix and match between Tartar and curry, or have both. You won't regret it lol.

@Suzums - I might trademark that as the TVG jingle.

@CotMM - Hopefully their Fish and Chips matches what i spent 6 minutes rambling about. Please do enjoy your Fish and Chips, when you do decide to get some. I've made most people in the chat quite hungry lol.

@Atmospherium - If you don't vinegar your Fish and Chips, then what are you? A monster?

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words! Because i did a cooking tutorial, i ended up with a lot of comments to reply to. Like a shitload of comments. Thanks for the feedback anyways!

Now then...

TheVideoGamer - As you might have guessed (Well, nobody needs to guess, it's obvious lol) this is a cooking show, where i teach you how to make fish and chips, using a really bad robot voice lol. The recipe is legit, however you will need to read my comments above, for some corrections as i made quite the few mistakes. It's 2am when i do compo, and also because i don't have a lot of time, i end up writing things that shouldn't be written. Now i won't write down the whole recipe here, as i've already taken up so much room replying to comments, but i will put down some important corrections/guidelines for your safety, and for the sake of flavour. So here we go:

  1. First off all the temperature markings are meant to be in Fahrenheit, not Celsius. 385 Celsius would pretty much melt the metal/china, and also likely send you in the hospital for 3rd degree burns. So please for the love of good, it's 135 Celsius, not 385. I'M NOT RESPONSABLE FOR ANY ACCIDENTS CAUSED BY MY RECIPE.
  2. I was meant to say baking powder not baking soda. Baking Soda (Or Bicarbonate of Soda), is used for something completely different. We add around 1 teaspoon to plain flour to make it Self-Raising.
  3. We make the batter as well as blanch the chips the night before. The idea is both, the chips will be crispier as well as the fish. Just putting that out there, in case of confusion.
  4. All of my measurements are sadly UK measurements. I was not intending to make it like that, it just happens because i'm UK origin. See above comments, for some conversions. At this stage all you kind of really need to know is that 225g flour is one cup. 
  5. I mean this shouldn't really need saying, as most fish you'd buy would likely be preskinned and/or fileted. If not, this is something that needs to be done, to get rid of bones, as well as all of the inedible bits, like the head (Assuming you are getting a whole raw fish). Also make sure it's thoroughly cleaned, to avoid splashes of blood in your dish. It happens if you are using a full fish, than a presliced, if you get me.
  6. HOT OIL IS NOT FUN. Health and safety warning out there.
  7. The chips in fish and chips are different to a McDonald's fry. Thought i'd point that out.
  8. Make sure your fish is cooked, please try and not poison yourself.....
  9. Not all Fish and Chips will be the same. Don't panic.

 10. ENJOY THEM. I hope they turn out tasty for you. Now i have to review some music, not waffle about fish and chips!

AutomaticJack - Nice beat, feels like some RnB record or something. Great effects, adds that dub like sheen to the whole thing. I love the build-up of the chords, really great. Some of the effects are a little too intense, i'm feeling a more minimal vibe for this track, but i can't deny it was super cool, very groovy and a lot of fun, good job!

Eva - Very cool lo-fi guitar. The chords are interesting, i can't tell what they are, because of the unusual detune. Drums are sadly off by a beats, not on pulse, however the guitar sounds are very fascinating and cool. I can't tell what the chords are, which makes it all the more interesting. Nice one. Good job!

cotmm68030 - Your compositional techniques are so unique, i don't think i was expecting you to use guitar pedals in this way lol. It's like half-way between Noise and Dark Ambient. Your voice drones in a kind of creepy way, like a horror movie. This is very tense and nerve racking (And maybe weird lol), i really love this, really fits the spooky story aesthetic. I’d say yours is the most theme accurate out of all the entries I’ve heard. Awesome work!

Lyra_183 - Great vocals. Really nice lyrics, not expecting an old timey setting in the lyrics, that was neat. Good job!

DarkShadow - Bring on the loud waveforms! Really sick synth design in this, slight hint of 80's within all the time signature craziness. Lot of 4 on the floor in this, and some cool square synths going on. Not my favourite from you personally, but it was a ton of fun, good job!

Souperion - Sending well wishes dude, hope you make a good recovery! Really digging the emotional piano, even with it's loose ends and timing. The piano has a lovely reverb to it, makes it sound like we are in a concert hall. The strings while not too loud, do add some extra sparkle to the whole composition. It's actually pretty lovely, definately worth retuning too. Well done!

Koekepan - Really moody pads, lots of filtering and slow attacks going on. Kind of dynamic. Really feels like an intro to DJ Set or album, it's very relaxing. It feels less like a story telling piece, but more like a journey through fields and forests, it works super well for that kind of approach. So yeah, while sadly not theme accurate, it's very relaxing, and has a lot of lovely synth sounds. Well done!

JH Sounds - Ahh yes i remember the round so well :/. And it's not for the theme, but rather a certain someone's ability to push buttons. Anyways, let's talk about the track. I can totally hear the JH Sounds type production, from the chords to the beats. Really liking the lyrical content, it's pretty funny. I mean Dirty Socks isn't exactly a serious theme haha. Super fun, loved this one, well done!

animatrix1490 - Cool notes here, really makes it seem almost science fiction like. Has a light almost techy vibe to the mix. It's very minimal....maybe too minimal for me personally. Maybe add some pads and some stronger beats. The waveform is quiet maybe that might be why, but even then i feel this has so much potential, it sounds great. Good job!

Nukage - Alright time for the Dubs n Wubs master. Some cool drum work here, definately sounds like a mix of modern electronic elements, mixed with some hip-hop and trap beats. Loving the pads and bass synths, it's not what i was expecting from Nukage, i love when you go into completely different directions, subvert my expectations. This is lovely, not too aggressive for the style, but yet it works so well. The vocal work is also soo good, the robot effects just adds soo much depth. Solo is killer. Amazing vibes, Awesome work!

coloradoweeks - Fanfiction.....dam it's been a while lol. Is this a live reading of a fanfiction or something? I don't know much fanfiction, because a lot of it got a bit.....weird lol. Piano work is fire, it kind of makes it dramatic. It does sound vaguely familiar. Is that Evanescence - My Immortal? Basically nothing here is original lol. Dam, i don't know if i'm allowed to vote on this, because nothing was really composed. The voice work at the end was outstanding though. For all it's absurdity, this is actually extremely great. Well done!

IncredibleTout - This is some smooth RnB stuff going on here. Kind of chill and relaxing, some seriously cool chords. Very light, it's great. Almost like your playing a synth live to a beat. Some notes were spicy, in parts where it shouldn't be spicy. I dig that synth a lot, it's very good. Not sure of it's direction, but to say it's your first entry, it's really nice. Good job!

Barley - The signature Barley chorus guitar makes a return. Some cool chugging going on. Sadly the quiet drums also makes a return. Some of your tracks, i can't even tell you have drums going on, yet you explicitly imply there is drums in it. I do like the switching between guitar tones, it's almost like your experimenting. The guitar effects are super weird, and super cool i like it a lot. Vocal work is weirdly amusing, in a non offensive way. Very interesting, good job!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - DDR rap eh? Les goo, it's not often i hear you spit some bars. It reminds me of Arcana's One Hour Compo song, for round 667 (In a weird coincidence the time is exactly the same as your entry lol). The groove is awesome! It's such a funky beat, it's amazing. Your rapping for all it's humour, was just amazing. Amazing production, amazing ideas. Loved it, incredible work!

Suzumebachi - Sega Genesis les goo. This totally reminds me of some American Gems type composition. These chords are.....making me speechless lol. You are always just soo good at harmony! Outstanding harmony. Especially when it transitions from this mystic vibe into the warm jazz, oof. Incredible work!

IsolinearMoogle - Another quiet waveform. This sounds like a mix of NES sounds, and warm synth pads from the 80's lol. Limahl would like a word with you haha. I was not expecting this as a cover, but i'm kind of mad nobody had thought of this early. So glad you filled the void. Sad thing is i want to vote for it, because you sing soo well, but yet the beat is a bit basic for my liking. I'm not huge on the NES rhythms, and the synth pad is a little lifeless. I'm sorry. Singing was lovely though, good job! 

Atmospherium - METALL. Of course you'd be making metal lol. I hear some electronic synths in this, carefully disguised in the metal guitars and basslines. That's both a cool touch, and really adds to the raw gritty nature of the piece. Lovely lyrics, and awesome singing. This is just a lovely piece, nothing bad to say, well done!

Arcana - Ooh a custom story nice. Really digging the guitar mixed with the synths. Your voice in this seems a little...hollow. It's like you've toned down a lot of the hi-ends in a more lo-fi recording type of vibe. It's cool, but it makes the waveform quiet. I kind would like a bass and some chords in the second half, it feels a little...flat. However your lyric writing and singing is lovely, definately the highlight for me. It has a lot of potential. Good job!

Ethansight - Accordion? That's unexpected. Now this is a groove, this is some hardcore shit right here. That is one fire bassline and synth. Loving the synth work, awesome effects. This is just fire stuff, i'm loving the effects. I can hear Ethansight chord progression coming in, this is some groovy stuff. Love how it builds up in the end, this is awesome. The solo lead at the end seals the deal form, this is amazing. Awesome work!

Misael.K - lovely synth intro, really has that space. Some sick techno vibes, I love how the kick also kind of follows the bassline, it’s great. Some really cool kind of humorous synth work, super into it. Maybe needs a clap and some percussion, but the chords are super cool, and the grooves are super strong. Awesome work!

Top 3 - Suzumebachi, DDKirby(ISQ), Ethansight.

Voting just 3 entries is super difficult now. These entries deserved a spot on the list :(



Coloradoweeks (Awesome cover, but not sure if I can vote for it, as it’s not really original…)

Misael.K (Shame this is late…)



Awesome - cotmm68030, Souperion, Koekepan, JH Sounds, Nukage, Colaradoweeks, DDRKirby(ISQ), Suzumebachi, Atmospherium, Ethansight, Misael.K

Needs Work - AutomaticJack, Eva, Lyra_183, DarkShadow, animatrix1490, IncredibleTout, Barley, IsolinearMoogle, Arcana. 

Jun 02, 2022 Misael.K
  1. Hear These Tales Again
  2. We Drove All Night
  3. "My Immortal: Chapter 1" by Tara Gilesbie (XXXbloodyrists666XXX

Holy awesome entries, Batman! I need more than three votes.

Atmospherium: tight and awesome.

nukage: great vocals and great production.

coloradoweeks: I laughed, I cried, I voted.

JH Sounds: super fun and catchy.

Souperion: beautiful piano!

awesum: Atmospherium, AutomaticJack, Barley, coloradoweeks, DDRKirby(ISQ), ethansight, JH Sounds, nukage, Souperion, Suzumebachi.
good: animatrix1490, Arcana, cotmm68030, DarkShadow, eva, InedibleTrout, IsolinearMoogle, Koekepan, Lyra_183, TheVideoGamer.

Jun 02, 2022 Suzumebachi
  1. Hear These Tales Again
  2. We Drove All Night
  3. Cloud 17

excellent story time week everybody! great job!

Jun 02, 2022 ethansight
  1. The Story of FSD (Clean Version)
  2. Where's My Socks?
    JH Sounds
  3. We Drove All Night

1 DDR - This is absolutely fantastic quite the roller coaster and the dramatic theme reading at the end was very relatable

2 JH Sounds - Very serious song, wonderful melody and backing chords!

3 Nukage - Really like the vox, reminds me of an obscure artist H3_seed. Dark moody beat

4 Suzumebachi - Wobbly elevator music

AutomaticJack - I like all the robotic ambiance around the simple clean beat

eva - Perfect for the theme

cotmm - Spooky truthy

Lyra - Nice melody and rhymes, feels perfect for a soaring orchestral pop backing track! 

Souperion - Sadish story!

Koekepan - Smooth movement

coloradoweeks - Vampire witch!!

InedibleTrout - Delicate sounds, welcome welcome!

Barley - Liked the clean delay guitar, and got a little unhinged at the end!

IsolinearMoogle - Rainbow story! Welcome welcome

TheVideoGamer - FLOWER IS THE GLUE. I can't get over the voice haha

Atmospherium - Dramatic story! Like the crunchy guitar and searing saw combo

Arcana - Hindsight 2020 story