One Hour Compo - Round 726 (OHC726)

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Sep 08, 2022 Arcana
  1. Haunted House
  2. Vertigo
  3. Vertigo Shot

super cool style and that meter change Dex.

Meistr nice sound quality and arrangement idea.

IO: cool short chops and almost gated beats, very snappy and tight

Sep 08, 2022 InvisibleObserver
  1. eight glasses
  2. Misperception
  3. Looks Safe To Me


Sep 08, 2022 Meistr
  1. Unzoom
  2. Vertigo
  3. Highs and Lows

Sep 09, 2022 JH Sounds
  1. RIP HM Queen Elizabeth 1926 to 2022
  2. Highs and Lows
  3. Odd Sense of Freedom


Sep 15, 2022 ethansight
  1. Misperception
  2. eight glasses
  3. Vertigo

1 Misael.K - Started out with a jammin beat, but as it went on morphed into even deeper and more technical very clean 

2 coloradoweeks - Super tight track all

3 Meister - Big drop! Nice snare and shiny basses

ThaTaskmasta - Happy progression mini hardcore

TheVideoGamer - Very chaotic piece, really liked the random time changes, favorite loop was at 2:50, very big

cotmm - barely constrained terror 

DarkShadow - Metroidy

elbobbo - Happy skip down the death hallway

obScene - Lots of crunchy tension, vibrato on lead was great

Barley - Vibey, distant sorta feel

Nukage - Hype old school trap

Treyt - Sorta bigroom vaporwave, liked the bell

DDRKirby - Spook level for sure

Dex - Loved the sustain fadeaways

 around, solid beat and you nailed the vocal performance!

handknit - Fun warehouse jam at the end 

eva - Kinda dissonant, like walking down the hall on mooshies

Arcana - Sideways!

DJohn - Slappy kick, nice guitar work and beautiful pads!

InvisibleObserver - Groovy house with lots of variety 

Sep 15, 2022 Misael.K
  1. Haunted House
  2. Rickety Dickety Dock
  3. eight glasses

Dex: beautiful piece!

ethansight: hauntingly awesome.

coloradoweeks: great chill beats.

awesum: coloradoweeks, DDRKirby(ISQ), Dex, DJohn, elbobbo_music, ethansight, Meistr, nukage, obScene, Treyt.
good: Arcana, Barley, cotmm68030, DarkShadow, eva, handknit, InvisibleObserver, Lyra_183, TheVideoGamer.

Sep 15, 2022 TheVideoGamer
  1. Rickety Dickety Dock
  2. eight glasses
  3. Looks Safe To Me

@Treyt - I didn't know that it was considered loud for you guys lol. I mean it's far from quiet, but i wasn't expecting it to be that loud?

@Misael.K - Man one man's quietness is another man's loudness i guess XD.

@Meistr - Correct, it's exactly right.

@CotMM - Haha that's perfect!

@Misael.K - Yeah in all seriousness that was a proper tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. Although American's might consider her more of a historical figure, to us it means a lot, because she was really there throughout so many of our darkest times. 70 years is apparently 30 percent of the whole of the US history, which really surprised me. She meant a lot to quite a lot of British people (Including me), so i felt it was right to do the tribute.

@Everyone - Not many people realized that this is actually a Beatles Cover/Remix. It's called Her Majesty, and is a hidden track in the Abbey Road album. After 14 seconds of silence it unexpectedly comes on. This track wasn't meant to be on the album. It started off to fill the gaps between Mean Mr. Mustard and Polythene Pam, but that didn't work so the band decided to veto it. However George Martin was given strict instructions to never throw anything out they recorded, so this got used as a little ending piece. It's also where you can hear the final chord of the Mustard piece, and the hard cut which signifies Polythene Pam is about to start. I picked this for obvious reasons, but also it's a fun thing to kick of in the Party. It was also the easiest and time saving to cover.

Next up is my real entry that follows. I managed to submit early this time, but that was probably down to my entry not being too complex. It's mostly an experiment in Tempo automation to capture the feeling of dizziness.

@Misael.K - Looks like i still haven't learnt my lesson lol. To be fair it sort of fits the theme right?

@Meistr - We're only on the 2nd one lol.

@Suzums - Cheep Cheep.

@Treyt - I've scared everyone into lowering their volume to like 1/4 of the system haha.

@Misael.K - I don't have the time signature craziness he has, so not really close in my eyes lol.

@Treyt - Thanks, i'm glad to hear it hehe.

@Handknit - Let's all agree that there will be a few dense waveforms in compo. I mean it happens every week right?

@Treyt - Let's just make a compo round, where the task is to make the loudest thing possible XD Oh hey i know of one such idea ;). I wonder where that idea comes from? Did someone say Community Compo? 

 @Coloradoweeks - Unchill? What? XD

@Misael.K - This is always a good reminder to tell you. My description explains everything! So if you don't understand my process, my description will likely do it for you. Just a heads up.

@Suzums - Everything in life has pads lol.

@Meistr - The description doesn't lie haha. This is absolutely a strange listen.

@CotMM - They never do when i'm around smh......

@Treyt - Yay i did something right for once!

@Coloradoweeks - It's Psychedelic without the Psychedelic if you get me...


@Treyt - It's only fun if you put your imagination to it lol.

@Misael.K - It's kind of therapeutic isn't it? And also.......unstable haha.

@Handknit - I don't even know if there is a key lol.

@CotMM - As i've said, It's Psychedelic without the Psychedelic if you get me...

@Treyt - Not for long...

@Misael.K - This is a literal interpretation of Vertigo/Brain Distortion. It messes with your brain, and makes you feel very uncomfortable (And of course sick).

@DJohn - What does Bajingerz even mean lol.

@Treyt - I know it's pretty funny haha.

@Meistr - Suddenly everything XD.

@Suzums - It has everything but the kitchen sink ;)

@Treyt - You tell me lol.

@Everyone - I'm laughing a lot this week, i don't know why, you're comments are pretty funny....


@InvisibleObserver - Ya think the Queen was a Harry Potter fan?

@Meistr - It's actually more underwhelming than you probably don't realize. Like the automation gives the impression that there is a lot of editing going on, when all it's really doing is making the waveform go faster, that's all. It's far from what you would consider complex, and i actually got done faster than normal, so much so, i ended up being "first". I don't count the tribute, that's not exactly a real entry, just this one.

@Arcana - Just because it sounds complex does not mean it actually is...

@Treyt - Lol, that's accurate.

@Coloradoweeks - What is the meaning of life.....

@Arcana - It's almost a different kind of looping lol.

@CotMM - Must CODE, Must CODE, Must CODE!

@Misael.K - Oh now you've just noticed the bells!? 

@Meistr - Now you get it! Congratulations!


@Suzums - Someone's freaked out eh?

@Treyt - That's only the Radio Edit. Wait until you hear the club mix haha.

@Everyone - Thanks for the kind words. I replied to so many tonight, and laughed at so many comments.

 Now then....

ThaTaskmasta - You know what i've written above is kind of really on the money in regards to what i did for this. The only thing left to add is this. I made the backing from scratch, i didn't use any MIDI (Because there was no point, i was only really transcribing the chords into a Ska like rhythm), and i ripped the vocals from the original piece (Using AI). It's not meant to be taken seriously, it's just a slightly touching piece of music for our monarch of 70 years, who we all grew up with. 

TheVideoGamer - The main bulk of this piece involves a tempo automation that starts from around 40bpm and goes up to like 250bpm. The point with this, is to invoke the Vertigo feeling when you see something in front of you, or around you. It makes you confused, it makes you trip out, and it can also make you feel very unwell. Although this is nothing like that, the effect is very similar nonetheless. The bulk of the drum work is mainly breakbeats from Amen Breaks and Skull Snaps. They're also 3 distinct sections of the piece, with it's own set of ideas. The first is the random tempo automations on the Amen Breaks, accompanied by some fast and slow laser sounds. The 2nd is a more Traditional styled TVG beat, complete with thick pads and choirs and a lead melody. The last is a looped scary sample with a distorted techno/hardcore beat. It's not the most friendliest of listens, however it is a fun experiment with lots of strange ideas, so i'm glad you got something out of it.

Lyra_183 - Hey your famous now! lol. You are the subject to so many remixes, it's almost like you could be a vocalist for so many records haha. The singing is great here, no wonder it works in these records. The beats i haven't heard yet (Because i do it in track order), but from what i've glanced so far, i have a feeling it sounds better in that context. Your singing always works well in a beat. Good job!

cotmm68030 - Bang on 6 minutes, complete with all of the textures i'd expect from you. Now i want to know....why do you have an audio recording of a school fight? Is this from a YouTube video, or did you actually record some audio in a school? I don't know, but from what i'm hearing i dig it a lot. I should do more sample based stuff, it's more of a rarity for me, as i usually combine it with synth stuff, to account for it being a bit....flat, but you do it much better than me. Now the way you've manipulated the audio does give a hint to what they might be saying, like i don't think there is significant change to differentiate from the original, however all the same this is seriously dope, with lots of cool manipulations, effects, and a whole host of cool feedback. I had a lot of fun with this one, well done!

DarkShadow - Bang Bang Bang Bang Untz Untz. Always with the hard and fast kickdrums. I like the cool strings in this, although sadly it's short and could do with a few mixing touches for my liking. Sorry, but good job!

elbobbo_music - Oh hey you're from the 2hts crew, wassup! This is some cute music, very happy and uplifting, which concerns me for the image lol. I didn't think the photos would provoke this kind of feeling haha. That admittedly puts me off in regards to critique, however in terms of the melodies it's beautiful. The mix is great, although some of the instruments are unrealistic and mechanical. Still though, it's really nice to listen to, just not fitting to the theme. Good job though!

obScene - These are some really cool bitcrushed beats, makes it very dramatic, but in a way that is more for like a cyberpunk film. The string work is undoubtedly obScene, and the lead melodies is vibrant as always. More industrial than your normal pieces, but still has that powerful punch and cinema experience feel. I mean what's to say, i can't find anything wrong, it's just awesome stuff, Amazing work!

Meistr - Intense saw chords and some very....trippy beats. The intro was all sorts of mind trickery lol. When it does drop though, that is some seriously awesome house music! It's very happy go fun time, but i guess my association of the theme is not the same. The only thing i really consider theme fitting is the super trippy tempo Automations for each of drops you present, however the track itself was amazingly fire, and the music was just so good, enough for me to save it from the Good Job section. Well done!

Barley - 1 minute entry les goo. Loving that weird time signature change. Apparently that's a common technique from you. I unfortunately cannot decipher the vocals, they are buried a bit in the mix. The rest of the track is very well mixed, you've come such a long way since i've first met you. Lots of potential here, good job!

Nukage - That intro riff reminds me of something, but i don't know. The female vocals in this really add a slight bit of sombreness to the sound. Trap beats are punchy as always. You know it's mixed well, when the kick hits you in the face, but the bassline is side-lined a little bit, like it's pushed aside. Now the snare in this one is actually strangely too quiet. It's almost like the kick is the star, which in these kinds of genres, yes that is a must, however it must harmonize with the rest of the elements, which in this case the snare feels left out. It's also under 2 minutes, and also has a lot of potential. Looking at the waveform properly, i can see why. It's kind of a quiet waveform. This one was hard, because the idea and melodic content was pretty awesome, however i can't just always ignore mixing if it takes away some of the details it needs. So while it was super close in regards to the awesome category, i'm afraid i'm painfully putting this in the Good Job section, even though it was a really nice beat. Good job though!

Treyt - I sense a tail. Likewise you've also went for the tempo automations. A common theme i see in compo (Which some people have pointed out i'm over- analysing, however these similarities are important to realize, as it can enforce a bit of bias). I've talked too much about the Tempo automation that the track is over, and i've not even gotten to the music lol. The track itself is pretty awesome, and definately theme fitting. I love the sounds of the ticking clock in the beginning, and then the weird FX into the Synthwave drop. Like Synthwave was the last genre i was expecting from you, but damn it works soo well, it's pretty awesome. I've also noticed (But it could be my brain tricking me, which if so, you've succeeded at not only fitting the theme, but also making the theme something experienced in reality lol), that there is some very subtle tempo automations when the beat drops, where it speeds up by about 20bpm and then goes back down. Ending was also very cool texturally. I'm writing some very long ass descriptions, so i'll end with an awesome work from me!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - Is this another soundtrack? No wait it's all one waveform, so it can't be. I can never understand why we call it 9-bit? Is the extra bit the addition of drums? Like 1 extra bit of audio wouldn't really include the drums, as they are too high quality for the liking lol. I do ramble on the small nitpicky details don't i? In all seriousness this is an extremely dope composition with a lot of that amazing Castlevania like melodies, but in a more of a electronic sheen. It's like you took the EDM vibes of contra, with the melodies and tempo of Castlevania. It's a lovely piece, with lots of amazing synths in this. Awesome work!

Dex - RAWWWKKK. Totally has the dissonance on point. My entry's melodic content was fairly normal, compared to some of you guys lol. I mean this in terms of the chords, not in terms of the sound. The chords in this one are lovely, just has more dissonant employed in very tasteful ways (Although all dissonance is good dissonance if used right). The breakdown into single chords and sweet bell like sounds, just really makes this into a vibrant journey. So many time signature changes and timbres, it's a great catchy piece. Awesome work!

Ethansight - Cartoony Pizzicato i love it. Totally wouldn't sound out of place in a Mickey Mouse cartoon (This is a big compliment by the way). String work is....honestly amazing. Like the melodies are awesome sure, but the way you've programmed the strings, it sounds very dynamic. Speaking of dynamic, that melody is just incredible also. Personally i'd say this is one of my favourites from you, it's and bouncy. The melodies and mixing is just incredible. Incredible work!

Coloradoweeks - Lot of experimental textures in this, but with the pop music vocals. I was gonna say pop music chords, but this is nowhere near the chords used in pop music. The closest thing i can compare it to, is maybe Bjork with a mix of Kate Bush and Lorde? I also get comparisons to Nene Cherry and Four Tet? I don't know this is such a weird and wonderful piece, with an absolutely killer groove, and awesome singing. I love these kinds of tracks, where there is a framework of common ideas, mixed in with very experimental touches. So filtering some kind of pop song in a meat grinder or something, i don't know. Long story short it was incredible music, Incredible work!

Handknit - You say you've also broken the sound barrier, but truth be told, apart from that one section of the waveform, for the most part it's super quiet. Now this round does pave way for some experimental tunes, so i have to remember that when listening sometimes, however they're are moments where it can get a bit....too experimental. Like where i don't understand what goal you are trying to achieve, or what purpose are these instruments serving. So while it was a fun experiment, i couldn't really take much from this, because it was just all over the place, both mix and melodies. However don't be discouraged, i had a lot of fun on this, however in terms of the long run, it wasn't really my cup of tea. Good job though!

Misael.K - That is some cool bass work here. Really dig the the drums, it's like a mix of standard rock, with an IDM tinge to it. Like you went to Venetian Snare's house and asked for some samples lol. The organ is also a lovely touch, it seems like you've taken something experimental, and the topped it with a more acoustic/pop approach to it, and i love it. The melodies are awesome as always, and the chords are really cool. I love how this is closer to something i would make lol. Like no joke, this kind of manic drum programming is something people expect from me. The ending wasn't satisfying for me, but i put this down to it being only 3 minutes. It feels like it needs to be like a 5-6 minute piece. Usually clicky kicks kind of bug me, however in this context, it actually helps the piece more than takes away, like it was needed. I write so much in these descriptions, so i'll just end and say this was an amazing piece of music, so much groove to it. I wanted this to be on the list so bad, but i can only choose 3. Deciding between you and Ethansight was very painful. I wish this was on the list, it's incredible. Awesome work!

Eva - Another sad case where i can't decipher and hear your vocals. I dig the guitar work in this, probably the most coolest blend of chords i've heard from your tracks. The background textures also really gives it sparkle. The vocals are buried, which puts me off a little when voting, and the abrupt end makes it feel unfinished, however i was drawn into the chords a lot. It has a lot of potential in this one, good job!

Arcana - Modular? Definately sounds like it. I like the triplets in this one, kind of comes to a close approximation to some kind of pirate song or something lol. I guess our experimental mindsets are to blame for that haha. In all seriousness this is some seriously cool synth noodles here, and a lot of cool live jamming. You advertise lyrics in your description, but yet i don't hear it. I only hear live modular effects and melodies. I mean i don't know how would you mixed the vocals in this, because the tempo automations are crazy, and the synth work is very....weird. Turns out there is lyrics. Right towards the end of the piece lol. The vocals are loud man, i'm sorry. I was actually really digging this idea, so much so i could give it a well done, but sadly the loud vocals sets it back, so i'm sorry. Good job though!

DJohn - This is some amazing string and piano work in this. It's very much a music video kind of vibe, just from the singing. I sadly don't know the original, so i'm judging this as if i was judging an original. The mixing is tight as always, i love the blend of electronic vibes and rock vibes, whilst retaining an orchestral edge to the feel. It's a perfect blend of styles. Your voice is amazing as always, and the arrangement is just wow. It's no surprised this is just very professionally produced. I mean if i had to, there are somethings that i would touch upon, but it's still a pretty awesomely produced cover. Awesome work!

InvisibleObserver - All the dubs and all the wubs, let's goooo. No hesitation, you just drop us right into the beat. I dig the cycle of different claps and snares in this. Has the space like chords with the super cool spices sprinkled in. In terms of the dubstep stuff, it's pretty great, lots of cool syncopated rhythms and sound design (Your like the kind of sound design lol). In terms of the chords/melody....they're a bit buried for my liking, which is a little sad, because the actual chords themselves are amazing. it sounds like you've mixed the drums a little too loud for this piece, the waveform addresses it a bit, i can see the spikes in the waveform, for where the kick hits. This one has a lot of potential, but right now i'm afraid it's a good job.

JH Sounds - This is not apart of the OHC round, but i'm nice enough to give it a listen and comment on it. There is a cool bitcrush effect on the intro bell, it's cool. Your singing is great as always, and i must always comment your lyric writing, it's always a fun to listen to. Chord work is classic JH Sounds, has a lot of common chords, mixed with some very unexpected spicier chords for a bit of cool seasoning. Ton of fun, well done!

BONUS - Lyra Mashups/Remixes:

I won't go into too much depth with these, as this is not part of OHC, and are more of a fun challenge/experiment outside of OHC hours, but i'll talk about them, because there were a lot of submissions, and they were all based of remixing an OHC entries. It's just fun stuff to check out during the voting ok? Obviously these don't count towards the voting.

Treyt - I don't know how i am really gonna critique these, but here goes lol. Some great trap vibes, although it lends itself to more EDM like genres. The voices are weirdly autotuned, which i'm not sure if i'm a fan. You spent 5 hours that is some dedication. Not fan of the drums In the first half (The drums in the second half are awesome.) and autotune personally, but other than that, i enjoyed the idea and dedication, well done!

Meistr - You've done 2 uploads. The first seems unmixed, likely a demo or an experiment of some sort. The 2nd one is the one i'll listen to. This one seems to be some orchestral arrangement, which i'm super impressed. I usually consider you an EDM guy. You know this should be a series. Someone sends an accapella/melody line, and we build a track out of that. You know what, i might do it. I mean the community compo idea gets thrown around a lot, but in this case a compo of just this could work super well! I might talk about it more in discord. Loving the vocals and chords in this, well done!

Coloradoweeks - I don't really listen to MÃ¥neskin, but i gotta admit, this works amazingly well, wow.

DJohn - You also sent 2 submissions lol. So let me get this straight. Treyt made a piece out of Lyra's vocals, you then did your own. And then Meistr added to your idea. The vocals are loud and powerful in this one, but also a ton of fun. Well done!

Top 3 - Ethansight, Coloradoweeks, obScene.

Note: My comments for the Lyra remixes will not be counted in the 2 sections below.

Choosing between Ethansight and Misael.K for the list was honestly just painful :( So many of you guys make incredible music....

These people deserved to be on the list also:


DDRKirby(ISQ) (I'm annoying this can't be on the list, it was absolutely amazing!)


Misael.K (This was incredible, why couldn't it be on the list!)

DJohn (Another incredible entry denied the spot on the list)

Awesome - cotmm68030, obScene, Meistr, Treyt, DDRKirby(ISQ), Dex, Ethansight, Coloradoweeks, Misael.K, DJohn, JH Sounds.

Needs Work - Lyra_183, DarkShadow, elbobbo_music, Barley, Nukage, Handknit, Eva, Arcana, InvisibleObserver.