One Hour Compo - Round 634 (OHC634)

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Dec 03, 2020 Suzumebachi
  1. marooned
  2. Approaching Zero Kelvin
  3. Blank Canvas
i am a huge sucker for them wooshy tekken sounds
many many good songers why can't i vote for more?
Dec 03, 2020 Arcana
  1. Forlorn Radiance
  2. Just Another Damn Winter
  3. Approaching Zero Kelvin
Souperion: I liked the ambience and the simplicity and the overall mood here. You had good sounds and a really nice development.

obScene: Crunchy. lovely melody with cool rhythmic elements.

MisaelK: More ambience, but it had some cool fake-out sections, a lot of good sound design, and was generally very interesting to listen to.

Lots of other great songs this week, including:

JH Sounds
Wassup Thunder
Dec 03, 2020 JH Sounds
  1. Crystalline
  2. marooned
  3. Emerging from the Shadow Of the Moon
Low temperature
Dec 04, 2020 johnfn
  1. marooned
  2. frozen rave
  3. Just Another Damn Winter
starla crushed this compo lol. what an awesome song

Lunacy has really good melody and song structure. just make everything chiptune and then i would vote it first :D

obScene - lovely piano (and other stuff)

I also liked (in order ish):

Atmospherium - for generally being awesome

nukage - massive song

Souperion - really nice stuff, good piano melodies

DDRKirby - for the gated pads. and general sound design blah blah blaahhh

NickC - for the gameboy vibes. it was good.

darkshadow - really cool idea though too short!! >:(
Dec 04, 2020 Wassup Thunder
  1. Forlorn Radiance
  2. Snowflakes and Starbursts
    JH Sounds
  3. Blank Canvas
Based off sound quality and how well the song tied in the themes.
Dec 10, 2020 TheVideoGamer
  1. Glacial Suspension
  2. Blank Canvas
  3. Forlorn Radiance
@Arcana - Only the best for the OHC crew lol.

@JH Sounds - Yes it's a triplet, trying something unique this week.

@LunacyEcho - Discord Call in the middle of a track? Blasphemy haha....

@Atmospherium - This image is one of my favourites ever. I love pretty pictures like this, with a luscious range of colours, and bright landscapes...

@obScene - When the image is cute, so is the music lol. I want more ethereal landscapes photos, it's makes for fun music sessions!

@LunacyEcho - The melody is actually what took me the longest, since i was trying to decide between ambience, or well...grooves.

@Suzums - Lol chordies...

@LunacyEcho - It is in triplet meter. It's what they call a shuffle groove. So 4/4 beats, but not quite a 4/4 time signature (3/4). Always find ways to surprise you lot lol.

@Everyone - Thanks for the oh so kind words!

Now then...

TheVideoGamer - You've already seen me plaster it around, these parts, but the message is very clear. This is my favourite image in OHC history, or at least so far. I love stuff like this, it's soo pretty, and ethereal. Such a extremely pretty range of colours! I need more of these please. Anyways, i started with a distorted kick, but not like in hardcore, but more like a rock kick or something, topped with delay. I used a shuffle groove, which wasn't my intention to begin with, but as i make tracks, new cool ideas pop into my head. Besides, shuffle grooves sound awesome, when done right. So i added that in, of course with some super dense ambience, because you know....the image is just so good, i love making music to these kinds of images. Add a melody, and a bassline and it's good to go.

DarkShadow - Squarewaves everywhere!! lol

Canamla - Ooh this is an experience, i love the textures here. I need for it to be longer though, i really feel this could be developed. Well done though!

thesocialcontract - Add a Linn beat on here, and we are rocking the 80's retro wave man lol. Seriously, i can totally imagine a Linn drum on here, kick up the 80's. Good job!

nukage - HUUUUGEEEEE. This is soooo heavy, and sick. Well done dude!!

Souperion - Sure i think it needs a bit of low end, especially for 5 minutes, but i cannot argue and say the melodies and atmosphere are awesome! Yeah, i picked the tracks that are the most accurate, this being one of them. Awesome work dude!

NickC - Why does this remind me of Bubble Bobble......

Arcana - Nice job here, very much some nice sounds here. A bit clustered, could space things a bit, but as a whole good job!

Suzumebachi - Ok come on! Why do you pick tracks that are the most accurate...If this wasn't some bonus, you would be in the top 3. Dude, are you a mind reader? Every cheat track you pick, is always relating to the theme....

obScene - The bitcrushed beats, and lead melody, are not really doing it for me, however i can definitely get down with the rest. I'd probably make this more atmospheric if it was me, but so far good job!

Wassup Thunder - Cinematic....oooo. I can totally see this in a movie, which is awesome. More nuance is needed (It's a little dry for me), but as a whole i like this, good job!

Atmospherium - Since when can you rap oo, i love this! It's very much the opposite of the theme, it's like the farthest thing to fitting (But that's based on my definitions of what constitutes as fitting) but i cannot lie and say, i didn't dig this. Well done!

DDRKirby(ISQ) - Not only is yours the most theme accurate, but it's also the most well balanced, and well thought out arrangement. It's just what i think off, when i look at the pictures. Even ignoring that, it's just soo well produced, and soo...just amazing!

Starla - I love the chords, the harmonies are super nice. The track is just well produced. Well done!

JH Sounds - I'm digging the beat, it's pretty cool. I like how nice the voice works with the harmony. Good job!

Dex - Headbanging eeeeee. Lovely guitars and all, but very energetic for the theme. I was expecting something more calmer and atmospheric, but still it works well. Well done!

Misael.K - I don't know what to think on this track, on the one hand, the strange chords of this worlds (Pun not intended). Like seriously, the pads are amazing! However though, it's very mismatched, too many ideas make it hard to latch on to anything. Theme on point though, and this was only really a small complaint. Well done!

LunacyEcho - Unts, unts, unts, unts, unts......Man this is a bop. Well done!

johnfn - I didn't know what to think of this...i had to listen a few times to get why i love this so much. First listen, i liked the melodies extremely well, but felt it needed more, it was way to basic. However i kept listening, and i ended up being drawn to it more and more. The latter end of the track, is kind of what solidifies it, into one awesome experience, this is just...too good! Beautiful work!

Top 3 - DDRKirby(ISQ), Johnfn, Souperion.

Awesome - Canamla, Nukage, Souperion, Suzumebachi, Atmospherium, DDRKirby(ISQ), Starla, Dex, Misael.K, LunacyEcho, Johnfn.

Needs Work - DarkShadow, theosocialcontract, NickC, Arcana, obScene, Wassup Thunder, JH Sounds.
Dec 10, 2020 ethansight
  1. Emerging from the Shadow Of the Moon
  2. Ice Crystal Stabs You
  3. Approaching Zero Kelvin
nukage| crisp
Arcana| fantastic articulations, love the new strings
TheVideoGamer| great track and i'd only give this a quarter ambient
starla| nice groove and chord movement
Misael.K| pleasing phaser filters, ending pad section was fantastic
LunacyEcho| I see you've been training under a Eurobeat master
johnfn| lots of smooth synths and arps
Dec 10, 2020 Misael.K
  1. Emerging from the Shadow Of the Moon
  2. Crystalline
  3. Forlorn Radiance
Arcana: this is one of your best entries in a while, great job!

Atmospherium: absurdly good, probably illegal.

Souperion: while a bit long, I like how well this represents the theme.

awesum: Arcana, Atmospherium, canamla, DDRKirby(ISQ), Dex, JH Sounds, johnfn, LunacyEcho, nukage, obScene, Souperion, starla, thesocialcontract, TheVideoGamer.
good: DarkShadow, NickC, Wassup Thunder.�